Using the latest ISO standard for geographic information (ISO19115-1:2014)

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Using the latest ISO standard for geographic information (ISO19115-1:2014)
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Seoul, South Korea

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Release in April 2014, this talk will introduce the major changes of the new standard for metadata on geographic information and what are the benefits for the data managers. It will be illustrated by its implementation in the latest GeoNetwork 3 version and with examples on how the Wallonia Region in Belgium migrated to it.
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thap OK so the idea is to get an overview of uh the new standard me to the middle don't geographic information and the eighties or so to our highlight that's the wisest on odds are you would be even if it's a another set of often and there it seems quite important to corroborate on Sundance onto or so of open source implementation so in this case we of the boats implementation of
me that some nouns are so in the you have to so and so there was different initiatives talking about the director of the in the US in Australia and New Zealand Europe and into the India to those industry as a physician either 1 9 1 1 sigh was the and this is this the command was uh the Monday and then 4 years Azevedo we add to the the way of of doing good and the Canada and doing this lapse of this time not as I was already addition type implementation made by the median difference of 2 halves and and so after that I there was some new Izabel flight treaty based on uh semantic communities of open trees to crystallize in the basement of has done the answer to the needs for example a inspiring Europe's eyes invent a of American community profile uh you have Chris summary bulletins on from those a new prophase Baden-Soellingen of Sundance uh 2 restaurants are started walking will be interested to Ubuntu to walk on the beach additional Pfizer a 1 9 1 1 5 visual and this was published last year in April uh antibodies as a nasal announced and I'm going to
show bunches of overseas numbers so now it's getting and it's easier and so we have this 1 for me that that that's true for imagery uh 1 9 1 1 0 4 feature at the of and and 1 5 7 4 that they're pretty and always those are combined uh as implementation relating ISO 1 9 1 1 sigh industry and once in next to and so this 1 is implementation a it's the ongoing In this situation it's in walking an
associated list on other I would mean and this 1 uh sorts on the issue of for example in the water no region and it take it so we did that mentioned the days onto date of the time announced on that you can more easily identify me that at every college the are you can have a good point of to affiliates we show me that because it's obviously than others but in a way that of and so on but you still have the capability to get back to the original 1 uh which is quite important for example this was made into 9 community profile uh and it is now here in the comments on are you a different type of resources so for example in water and you we have to get out of maps with the get the applications so it it's not only that as it stands in the so all the types of the source of energy to them and it's much more easier to track Lysaker and there was some discussion about that said sagacity by another 1 uh all deprecated and it's quite important for and you don't know what is this appearance that you that sets and this is no much much easier to do and uh you can manage our in the middle of the the amount you have to use it to that that's that's this is the basis of and the main news age but then you have to use all of the company's between 2 different types of uh document shapes uh strong uh specifications of undoing style of into a city for employers to to normalize the weight on the that of insulin license so this is much more easier to do that in this new version of for example if you datasets about drunk you want your is this stating to right to dress number 1 uses coral and so on so you can uh Lynch and describes this in middle technical get their of use information about their tributes definitions David is still very useful for example in this past of other said there is a pizza right you which is in danger of these which describe a roll-call cycles and so on so no this is much easier as you can Bharati embed this description in the middle of the columns and through the GIS application using these 2 disparate already birds and definitions I when you query objectives
the depending on the type of of documents as we have seen before and this is using so the concept of
obligations you can assume only he describes as a constraints that the bright with that as it's and this the and describes a license a in which to which type of uh of organization at the price of what appeared to be authority can access to the data set with no restrictions on the private company needs a license and to is that as it so this is much more fixing in the previous direction in which the that equity 2
years so I so what I the 1 9 1 1 1 6 1 5 7 uh and we're still be used are to describe in more data point you for that as it and for example this is used uh on the Mitzi project which is projects in Europe around the Mediterranean area and so this is a modern so
the the change is a major changes made in the in this new version of this town of and the implementations the means of implementation of the ISO 1 9 1 1 5 that's really which is described all to 1 produce information in
its and uh so since June 2 so and 14 the mother was uh I was really is enough for at us yeah so just after the hour is a working will be decided to publish as implementation well understood and as such it was quite early in the process of a universal people would look to this work and make contribution they want and this was made of from the wizard previews where we add 4 years of we don't you know all too well and good disinformation uh which leads to a different implementation projections so this is a 4 months my point of view matched that of course uh so in the implementation you of the HTS is used for example the system of for the different that part of the ideas on that which are much more more model so you can much more easy to take what features for your application shows this needs on you when your on your own causal description and so on and so you just you know as describe all 2 as information it's it's a menu of merging words came utterance so for any was at a meeting in addition and French and you the conditions of diagrams and there was quite some defaulters so to keep compatibility with or without water uh existing content made using the musicians always a 1 9 1 3 9 so uh that is situated in working book poets transformation formed by the 1 9 1 2 9 and so back to either 1 9 1 3 9 uh so you can still use the newest on in your letter of for British whether there's some specific needs and this sort of an issue and you really uh for example the main compatible we at of as you have the confirmation by plays a one-dimensional even even we you may lose some information but not that much as so for example in europe it's quite important as for the interplay of their reduced Member States as to trace aren't that there's a uh we value 1 9 1 3 9 so you have to remain compatible with script uh so the 1 sign and I is there in the dead of so those days of demise Morris uh finalize really reached end on the i is a website and understand as the eyes of the of the United the attribute FIL Fisher nationally it's is the uh so the project in
1 ear stuff to the beginning of 2014 uh and there was some
discussion about what we want to get their own maps we want to get out of the application services that as its so we are going to create IU wondering which 9 4 5 2 or more precisely describe our own uh each type of resources and uh instead of doing it brings that way we are due to the ongoing work on this iterative and and we decided to to move to this new aggression and as such implement enjoyment of our and
project which was use of the in the water of region the so this is a very
diverse as a pregnant so for enjoyment operative on different types of a strong answer so you can review the induced on the answer in a federal so it's not a lot of genital 3 uh that you can add it back and as a Procmon after installation so it's it's a support Morris order of the future supported in the like the 1 9 1 3 9 so
once you have the breeding reduced from the administration of the newest on that are used to it as a concept of comprehensive when you create an Internet everybody stuff from something uh which is already contains the Ford information so far for example you have complete format for that that's it is uh and then you can use this and as a start to create your own discrete to describe the of set of resources so the spreading
of support or at a different section of the star that equity imagery uh and to check uh as it is you know many the invasion of France the it is for of the translated in english and french from the uh and the Prejean is a provision middle there was 1 1 which is the goal of Italy from each of the for and mainly related to gender 4 Conclusion uh it was quite nice to see uh is so this way off walking at value as we even people or not the workings of process that could great only uh this using implementations discussed on all the scene was done final this it's uh and try to implement it uh and it was quite interesting to implement this in genital area which so since will contribute may a were regions that people from just 2 and uh if male sort of universities unit in the US and people from doing of the means and the i at John Gray thank you are there any questions yeah the the but I think you're much i think that i saw son ourselves from 1 complex spatially their conceptual 1 at at that's why most people that the decision must confess this may get an how implementation in Europe for as I think implementing the thunder touch someone cough so would you share your experience in under just implementing the standards thank you yes uh slavery was the eyes of a strong that's on the that I often weights huge and you can do a quite a it's on the should concentrate on the main passed are for example in in in Europe you we had inspire these which describe again and so you have on Member States as to just concentrate on many describing the results which is quite simple uh and then always means to access the resource on and issue for use uh then you can the uh stuff talking on the of the for example the in the water in a region of they want to mean create new for flights to describe in more detail you would you to define the relation between the different notions of data sets that will aid more information about all the that batteries would use words you the that that teach steps and so on and so in this case for that the manager of a for the people you are more and consent of both ordered that the prediction of steps and Grady are you can find the audience in the summer so this is the so for instance we can do a simple description uh and enjoy the talk we interventions really we tried to work on consists of the Gabor to 1 itself for but we made in spite of you as we're looking to fuse the scores of the fields of information you have 1 of you to propagate and you can create a system uh in utility function depending on the qualifies for the the and when you start creating a that sets that up with you so we take care of part of the metadata records and you we want to us so that the political forces and under other people refuse that according section and then you want to reserve that as its and and that that provision take proteins of information the uh so enjoyment of we had some kind of mechanism to be able to demise did it to facilitate the useful and and thank you are there any more questions the and so so but and
Edson so that what you said and analytical levels of work on them all the Lord too much of this I have had of a product as staff of that love that but I think what would the developers are doing is is really implementing that complicated sounded so that people like maybe uh and and many other users can connect to use it relatively simple and most of the development now is making sure that implementation is very correct at the same time simplifying the user interfaces more more simplification in the user interface more more helping you told me feel L the 5 fields of maybe 10 fields you know but so I said the process In the implementation is very complex but for the end user in the end it will be relatively simple while it's very versatile you can do very very many things because of that stuff so we don't restrict ourselves by uh only having been fields and and then running into complications when you have to describe specific type of data so that's why the ISO standard is cool but then at so the user In the end the result should be better quality and also ease of use but it's a big a big thing in our community so if you wanna implement you're very welcome this and and and you know work and work with the developers and and bring your knowledge that if you only want to use then use the software and and suggest things that you think could be improving usability but don't let their XML standard such scary because there is a reason for that and there's a reason for a project like this existing going quite strong the OK thank you for your comment
on that are there any more questions from Commons it because I have 1 question for you um you show this and that and the form to fill in the metadata and that it has some default values and for use points view and is data getting better describes because the fulfill use maybe not the the right values so it's quality of metadata better do you know something about it you mean by employees for the values when you have a could be them as I take it from that steadily you have the fulfilling here that there may be 2 now dates so there is if a user does not fill in another date that it might be the wrong data so the in what way does this contributes to the better quality metadata more complete because acting still and let's is portal that do not to have an experience that at some they usually we don't 2 different at for each year for example you only have uh creation duplication and review and who are interested in those 3 information but don't always yield information because it affords uh but then in the so we try to for example a year ago used to a visible commanded very useful to try to guide users to easily diffuse information and major information into different forgot them all using a common set of values so they don't you will be able to to make energy statistics on that and in the genital rather so a mechanism for right suggestions and well we it's uh and the rise what the user of setting the at that I recall and suggest to use resources to improve the contents of the descriptions for example you added to the U. S services and suggests that we can uh data bonding books of the middle of using the services are automatically so you don't have to just hold and extend that don't mean exactly the coordinates on uh so this kind of we sounds all suggestions would so it's a way to look at end user in population thank good thank you any more questions or comments you still have some minutes but otherwise I want to thank you for your presentation again at the thank


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