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Geodata for Everyone - Model-driven development and an example of INSPIRE WFS service

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Geodata for Everyone - Model-driven development and an example of INSPIRE WFS service
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In denmark the public authorities register various core information about individuals, businesses, real properties, buildings, addresses, ect.. This information is re-used throughout the public sector. It is a challenge for public authorities to re-use data from different providers to perform their tasks properly and efficiently across units, administrations and sectors. Therefore all the authoritative basic data should be defined and standardized according to the same methods. Danish Geodata agency as Denmark's central public source of geographic data has established a set of guidelines for future modelling of spatial data for distributing them as open geographic data. Based on the guidelines a model-driven process has also been established. It starts from the data modelling in UML to the end where data are distributed through WFS services and download services. One INSPIRE WFS service will be used as a concrete example.
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good without window welcome to my confusion you data fall 11 on the 1st there the on to sound in a so team error Denmark has got a wonderful new year present freed you data from the Danish government it means error when came use reuse and redistribute that your graphical data published by the Finnish student agency that finished you data agencies as state older into interesting it's responsible for all serving mapping and then name registering at all of Denmark bring and there'll Iceland into the waters associated with these my naming them a sample from the Danish student agency where I'm working as a system architecture in the data distribution department the overall goal of our organization needed to be sure in supply air away in the banishes society has access to their reliable and accurate maps it you graphically informations and all of them are in an accident minutes 1st and then
I would like to to be give you all of you of the vesicle they'd program it is at Danish infrastructure model for their free-public-beta half yes I will give you uh the square and I was describing the model agreement that process if all adjudicated distribution and after that then I will show you an example of how we implemented in spite of the states with using their additional data and validated Willis out there will be some for questions fregio
they have in the past and the best the program which was launched into a sun and a trio as part of their countries the government the uh eGovernment strategy for 2020 i.e. given to 2002 15 and the problem
what the program defines the best that they have physical information about individuals In this is a real problem and you want the animal this should be updated at 1 place distributed at by a common that distributed and I use the by everyone by releasing the topic of the best of a that the public sector wants to remove the barriers of using public of that sector best In probably infor any feature a creative roles and a new that you know to innovate you and digital solicitous tha the weight will access open easy to access a higher-quality best data involves 5 processes and they all have become best could free L. when he's afraid to use public sector best data for promotion and as well as if all non-commercial purposes 1 was of all happy Kandahar enhance the quality of the data and the info and involved their coherence in different data registers technical harmonization insurer that data complement to technical requirements a common back and public data distributed this definition of a single common and distribution system falling falling said beta distribution and in the beginning of 2016 you will add the path and the public of common data distributed we'll begin will begin to distribute uh maps cadastral maps and some other geographical information In the governance the establish and across institutions institutional national border and 2 will ensure efficient Figure 2 and the coordinated the coordinated the development and the use of the data the the best candidate program
you cries all the best that should have been defined a standardized according to this semester therefore the Danish due data agency and there Denmark's central path because cells due graphical data has established as it had to guide the 9th of all future modeling and the data distribution based on the guidelines a model-driven development process has also been established it is that's from that they er modern evil and mailed to the end and where the data are distributed over the WFS services and found all the services shape change easy use that as operates between that data modeling and that the distribution I guess some of you already mitosis you change how many of you already know should change OK good so that so I have to mention that is changing it is a Java based at all and that takes ISO on 19 cell 109 uh U. M. L. applications in there and that transmits 2 R G M male applications to not only that need to have a closer look at the look at the process the I will be doing is a
system is described by you and male being prize activator the that best that they had her committed committing has provided a mode or document welcome motorists and the common Betacam metadata at abuse and I find ET as requirement and that our work and to graphical data should also follows a model rows have the necessary and make it a to B with respect to the ISO indicted in that inspired specifications the constraints in the UML model I defined the object Constraint language shift change supports is parsing there are constraints to where which I find by OCA only in which the document and the data specification document for the end user is it exploded as dynamic Inokuchi and male right and price active full communion have browsing and the site this is how we get to the documentation the the thing that the way ship change easy use that would generate a energy ML applications schemas value and male she change users as it out of the bank including Rosa took a mode of G M M or go to add at you and me of water to add GML Application Schema which computation of that yet uh which combination of encoding Ross is used depends on which the motion of the year male and these items and their output by default the change you will generate a T and L C . 2 at which he's also use that you inspire application schema that the ML applications can now will be used in the later uh and in the face of our other forest tool distributed all read in the data the the the yeah you can see that on this side is our national object administrator in many this is arrogant administrative boundaries that is described in EU and mail model and act we use shiftings emotion and he's converted into our X. M. L. complex type it is our properties is that you and I model Alcamo jeder tool elements in their and complex type III XML Schema and the data types in the U. and male model also converge EDA tools corresponding x and male data types the the as you can see a proper case in the U. and L class sometimes use are there the future types it is here that I don't know if this the uh the complex type which she is defined at another place the resulting could their structure can be quite complex and which may catered difficult tool come out data into formats that's to lot support this complexity as you change a poor rights our flattened functionally case to flattens out complex-type tool a simple type as you can see here we can use our that impacts the tool converge at the next type of tools tool and similar types the colonies it also happened to our simple Austrian type XML schema the J. change these also use
that to generate a database schema value ML model the our system would koito due bank it we're still as a container for their they the the the database schema that is generated by a set of SQL could division in which instructions and said they are divided by l derived of phone and you MMO model by a shift change you ought to achieve a single type similar structure of demos and also in order to cope with the potential complexity of the applications in there as a kind of flattening rules had to be excluded as it preprocesing the general principles that we use the mapping of object oriented u m m tool and relational database are at each can create class the motor tool its own table as the relationships between objects are converted AP implemented by primary key and foreign key that the and that each prompt a user converted to a column in the database after the databases can make that has been generated and we also need the sometimes performance tuning such as the buildings and necessary or effect you indexes the now the data from production quota master data can be loaded into the database is a matter of weeks as of mapping an event and rules with data in the database and applications game at scheme as a generator divisive change now we can distributed data but different uh and 10 hours so we can use goal published WFS ended you select a set up but that the efforts to services and distributed in the that the services the the internal so that can use GIS a tourists to accede to the access to the database got today the families use that would generate a predefined downloaded as stated in different formats they can be downloaded of flow our workshop
he example I probably at best so which it distributes the information gain issues window to but I this includes is quite interesting because we have a lot of the wind to rise seen Denmark the and vowel which
show where you can download graphic data in different formats and it's as simple as you all by itself it's on their workshop so error 1 can use all this data are inspired by inspired free the course this is some of your Idaho Nevada inspired and they should be collected on the West should be easier to find than there are available at your verify the easier it collected you data from different sources and a shared you don't have before between the that many use users and users laughter but a lot of these that should be easier to read it used to be you'd agree used to implement spy services the now I'm going to show
you how we reuse their national data produced by the model driven develop a processor to implement in a in spite of the efforts so this we don't take our national model and administrative boundaries as the example it is the intent EDA tool for fileservers inspires the specifications of all administrative URI seem to make the data rating
database of all implementing that in spite of its we created view which should derives and the restructured uh restructures data er national that's with the database view we tried it created there are so states which match their inspire output as closely as possible that gender we created a part mean view and cheesecloth their the MLE at the you know and inspiring applications can make you know these are mandatory and executed in an inspired and future so it's suppose that will be mapped into DNA lead III by applications can map go published this company the use that to
map the data in database tools that are experts in a tumor tree of the inspire applications the because the the provides error comprehensive graphic alright user interface with z a pointer and a click of functionally tape for mapping it generates alkyl population stably offensive what file which can be deployed as a web service in the published did have to be that the efforts so it's go cavities stoppered excess so they support stably efforts and that's uh 1 . 0 and 1 . 1 and point of Europe it also looks and suppose the energy MAO stable and point true encodings and complex objects such as the inspire objects the to ensure the mapping from our national data to inscribe it is efficient and lossless we started our national data and inspired specifications and and identified the four-man worlds as excuse and some actors in that inspired applications can never can be mapped directly from our national data sets and decided to use the can be mapped into constant and value the end of this so the world and they can be enacted to a fixed for example uh of to fix the errors and sit there and they Tuyen by for example the company's also there are some excuse that know we don't have a good measure of data to map uh for example it they're not the ball at B was we can adjust the phi as the is you know you and to chew and there are a set of proper part of proper and no reason as venue we
access so that we have so this wizard at the FST tool . 0 0 extension tool cookies scenes that could use it in the order of purely at that manifested comprehend suppose on a couple yeah that's the 1 . 0 0 and
you can see here there are still some challenges for the OGI as a client to to read to the complex the energy and there's 3 . 2 2 complex type for example are structures are not reflected in the our reactant that interpretable and the gun and code lists are not accessible and there is some S experiences as a now reason that you to reach estimation and the content of the honest accessible in fact due to table so destined to run
the talk of needs now and look at the benefits but we achieved by adopting the same model-driven develop mental process it's also my sister process of modeling tool distribution it reduces the time take keen to implement a new product it ensures consistency between their various implementations scheme for example is our applications in and their uh their basis came as they are generated a from the CMU and male model so that avoid menu layer create and avoid a manually created by different developers also into compliance tool in model and then maximise the reuse of our leadership national data for an implementing into spies overseas the and but the but a lot of the improves the efficiency is and the consistency in different data is at best the data decorated registers the by using our common process so thank you for your and attention and the interest has anyone have any questions yes but that is 1 of the and you were use all I mean gated against some dataset we change maybe the 2 more often there are the good fit for example that addresses maybe you change the the tilt of the country that so it depends on what kind of data set of yes yes yes no All the things very yes yes yeah this that's why it's very consistent so that kind of a problem making different difference between different applications in a and this is making out can be avoided by this tonight you have Sam static point so yes among Christians if there is no amorphous challenges in since you're getting ended yeah you are welcome to look at these 2 websites because our data Euphrates so you are welcome to try and see how they look like and you know if because