An open source GIS application for scientific national park management

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: An open source GIS application for scientific national park management

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An open source GIS application for scientific national park management
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Seoul, South Korea

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This presentation introduces application cases of open source GIS for scientific national park management in Korea. Korea National Park Service (KNPS) is a public organization that manages almost all domestic national parks. GIS is a core technology for the park management, but the cost of commercial software had been limited the diffusion of GIS. Now, park rangers of KNPS are using QGIS that is a representative open source geospatial software, and they make themselves various GIS and remote sensing-based maps. For this, KNPS launched a QGIS education program for employee training. As a result, they started making maps using QGIS and many useful plugins, including Animove for QGIS, Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP), and Oceancolor Data Downloader. A variety of natural resources maps can be made from GPS field data, and time-series satellite images can be processed into climate change effect maps such as forest health, sea surface temperature (SST). Moreover, a graphical modeler feature of QGIS enables an automatic data processing. The Drone Flight Simulator called Park Air System, is also being developed using open source geospatial libraries. Using QGIS, KNPS makes all geospatial data like a trail, facility, and natural resources and is opening to the public freely. KNPS won the President's Prize in 2014 for the hard work.
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but the again the second-place entation is
over me the rm introduce my several game my name is coming and you Chris member my name my name is very easy because my last they vary Lamy's you so please call me mister you it's very easy um I now I'm looking at the coronation of the services self public organization that manages protected aerial Korea and I a much I I'm in charge of the GIS at the organization I'm a public official In this time I want to share our application a application cases although poses a GIS for all the of Pokémon each month so my title is on OpenSSL suggests application for scientific national park management In fact in Correa I did that this presentation several times but their so I have 1 other copy about the opens a suggest application but I want to share about this because I'm I'm sure JSC is solution for the good governance the local public evaluation the
my presentation there is right this 1st time will introduce about our organization what combination of Park Service is and secondary and I will explain briefly why I Institute the Open Source GIS in our organization and the last time I assure you some application cases uh Warhol processor gyrus a representative of true Justice Cory and
National Park area this yellow line means the protected area the Korea in Korea the National Park area is a covariance we . 9 % or about 1 of the reasons and look at this beautiful picture this is a combination of past cluster year type mowing type and history could type the 21 national passing clear and OK we have
people believe that is true hiking the mounting I don't know why that page 1 year of over 37 million people out In this case the National Park continuously is very interesting item in Korea Korean hobby the and the 20 100
the people around them using this protected area and the recall of our jobs as park rangers including me I'm wearing this nice hat and remains in the protected area in Korea
In this put it to the area we do barriers walks so that the park management like this picture and also in this work we can collect various geospatial data like this picture for example we can collect trailer park the shuttle danger area in any information in many things we can collect and really have a chance to a convert to do so location to the GIS data is so-called data of our organization but their true J. surpass and in our organization including me I'm 1 of them so I'm all I was always busy all of them I was always busy so I concerned about the confusion which ideas in our organization so my cousin was and what is the best adjacent to further a park ranges and I selected the 11 the data in the process which i s up to a universe of Q j carriages was very fantastic solution for us the but I had a
pair of points about the user because of such ideas and sort of afraid the employed population there's can do that equating of which I stated and only can open up public data to the public and private enterprises alike and the birth where down neighbor down is like a quality and the company and then the or created the time maps and and I can help you make time at any yeah if this proponent will be success and so I a study that too many coach congested swinging manual for our employee and so I have studied I tried to make of education courses for open such ideas the and the readers was successful at the 1st
time I send it to make a tutorial for OQ gyrus rectus PDF a built and it was just a traffic to afford every indication for employee and actually I studied the 2 key
child Our Pokémon just improperly like this picture the injury did the GPS surveying an open source such as up to and uh and the standard to make the various maps about the park management by using tree js put and successfully
a really it registered our education program as official of a popular singer education course in the ministry of environment but it is pictures for
and now we are making our national park maps by our steps by using tree Jason like this picture he this map shows do
our maps what we need now we are creating by ourselves by using
inclusions yes and as a result of
the study the tumor make various maps um by using true journalists and but I did find that this application cases as a park JS so the by using q j as our pocket US politics was a studied he I will show you some application cases arbitrageur ideas for our park management the
Main representative replication case is to map natural resources distribution is derived this picture this this map shows so wide appears in the area in national park or by using it that problem we can a map the distribution area although wild animals like this picture the and
there are also useful problem for the park management in a GIS about using any of the problem we can map inhabitation brains of wild animals like this picture the the
and also the changes can be used to to conscious of the key that park rangers we have no best point to a national park area and and there are many uh this in that the area and but by analyzing the data we can map the accident of location distribution map like this picture and owned by
using trajectory as we study the 2 . 0 data and still aren't you taking a stand out you can use be by using Joe
taking part and the probing and we can still on our part to data based on GPS location and we now we are managing the porta later based on GPS location and opening this data to date to the private enterprises like neighbor were down company and there are many
useful congest problem for park management to like untrained profile on issues providing he and the
Twitter visualization right congested region problems and
sometimes I am using when that service probing of 3 radius program as you know
and by using 2 GAS similar analyzing the satellite to data like these picture sometimes we need to analyze the and the surface temperature about by using open data I convinced that was but data and a true jealousy is a very useful tool for analyzing this this is a simple energy over the analysis a little that a face temperature in non-initial paths he he
the and the presentation has sentences is being analyzed by using q Jason Open Data are like a spot the station time series and
nowadays we also use the q jails for the peak the tanneries like this picture this now that means that the this the density and we analyze them be steered Mr. density by using the peak data like telecommunication information to the global information and accounting washing station statistics data and
only a public annotations so all of our mission 1 of our mission is to share our public data to the other a public initiation like I Xinhua U N so earlier unloading our public and GIS data to the global project like this for protected a primate we also using them by alone real also using tree js for the works the he nowadays we
also you got using can Joseph that demand technology in our organization we have a certain ones there are
2 types but this picture fixed window on the he and retrieving
alone this that this is evident
in his you over of demand in each hand only need to analyze and this to an image data specifically for the park management like crust cation wanna change detection and now we're using the Q journalists stopped there
he to and I would pendulum is
also good to the full data processing about the 10 data
it the and now inquiry uh common government to have about the future of open data policy in the name of it is policy of the Government of 3 point at your common governmental a public organization people all know about the government of 3 point is your data policy and we have a good going to 3 point at your data the policy and there are some projects like this picture the I want the government to sleep antigen project is national season seeing the map service by using this map service you can use our feed-forward national publication as your destination by using your product and by using your under the limitation on but
this picture by using this act you
can you can select from
various additional publication as your destination and can and then you can
use this a destination like 0 conidiation like this picture
and the 2nd project is a national park of freedom is service a disservice was developed the weak Palestinian data can go up to the pick up the mountain so uh we we want to test power my bachelor taking experience for weak patterns 3 an and the project is very similar is costly to be performed so look at this
picture it like this picture our population disease a survey the please be data by using this very heavy command the
he here the this is
a simple video about our nation apart the
3 dB a service the by using this sort
of this and other food abuse so this you can feel our nation beautiful past the you anytime anywhere it is based on the the use of open-source suggests up to rare q j s we also have
the smart application for the park visitors the title of the variable that dis add this National Park High King information and PHI at I we developed is the part that we developed distance service for the public of acidity and convenience by using this and
you can use 3rd time evolution is like a conidiation and the tracking and are many functions
you can enjoy many years for National Park functions and in this navigation distribution is based on the open-source J. is technology the so as a region of only
organization that receives the president price as 2 years it was the government of 3 . contribution using an important of suggest he for 0
my presentation is ended as a result of a public official I think about it also suggests a user group paradigm for our own good governance like and did our organization thank you