Citizen science and Smart cities, the evolution of GIS

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Citizen science and Smart cities, the evolution of GIS
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So far the SDIs are portals where a group of authoritative experts publish data of public interest. However, with the advent of smartphones and the multiplication of sensors in our environment, there is a demand to publish collaborative data on these platforms. Is it possible to combine both systems? Will these collaborative data be useful? How can we ensure that the data have enough quality? So many questions to answer within a research project from the European Commision: Cobweb. Cobweb tries to build a solution for smart cities and citizen science (also smart rural). Focused on the usecase of research around Biosphere Reserves and endangered species, we are combining different technologies to ensure not only that arbitrary data can be easily collected on the field but also that there is a conflation and quality assurance process where data is classified and prepared for later use. Security and privacy of personal details are also part of the project.
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and what I'm going to talk about is related to the 2 prayers the presentations we have today here um the 2 modes of the citizen science from the data that it's about science smartcities grow that how can we and get all these data I and you see fit the on the right way and the how not to use data on their on their way through a say done being able to use it so then will be to me you have to go there if you want to participate but it's then well probably there's nothing important in that place well a I money I would produce an which he said that the Dutch company that they're mostly works with what you see on the right side of things scream and we worked mostly with unit want but we'll so what we give 7 sediment and that of inspire posteriors there's a half that reading if you are interested in knowing what's this area we have to stand on their we have both of them well the and so we participate their own and the European research project and this predicts that it because there we don't use that there's a note of classical and is the I pass collects data and and a government so they are becoming stations use these data and the and and the flow of the Dyson very strict when due and they're they down on i it's there well-formed it said you have to check that it's trying to take the possible quality it's only data that has been collected for a 1 only and you can do you see for battle but right now there's a lot of different sources I know that you the or a friend he associated near like the Internet of Things that expression I didn't I don't like it you there but it's true that there's some part of speech there we have lost matt for you or yes we have smartphones we have led cars that have sensors mobsters recently where we have uh a lot of different sources for data right now and then the state that esa being uploaded on the cloud and we want to use it we don't to just the the forum for adopting the cloud so the 1st thing is said people that the field around the throne sort sensors and collect the debt and the optimal delay that and that they want to well share the state but they don't care about is well-formed leave it has several crossed or maybe they care about the but they use different format that you're expecting we also have M people applauding date that they don't know it's a reality that can be used that people that we talk about that I have seen that car accident on this road the I have a demo signifier and fleeing from a fire so this is also the we it will make what if we can reuse it and I will be a sum of of these open data movement that these but the data openstreetmap is that very big example but we have more examples there's a other the movement of people collecting data on the format that this and sometimes is not and sometimes it's it has from all the time so this and have a format so that we have data that comes from who knows where it just appears there and we want to use it so on these the European research project called the pub where you can see below on the left and we try to create a free software and framework that then tries to and interact with all the source this extract data that also we have our own lives channel to collect data easy to use for users that are not very technicolor not expect but we can collect that data and process it's 2 years later so as mean demining DAC is 1 do want to collect some kind of data so you'll status arranges a do whilst on up or down and say OK I want to collect the data about them butterflies because they like butterflies and they want to know what kind of butterflies we have on this area or a 1 to we see a that's me great thing also or I want to and that we focused only in because the data but it can be used to anything you can think of being a one-to-one link they doubt that can accidents also so people can collect the state now we also get the data from different sensors from the 10 in a social network we for us is that they don't make sure that the place right moralists we classified who we conflated with different sources so we have we generate data sets these datasets can be an obvious for denote propose or maybe it's not it's sensitive data like it with endangered species as so it's not published for the general public but only for people who asked for actors for these datasets I also think the fixed you use these they that is going to research and this also these sermon these said datasets can be reused to create new servers for example if you are and iconic they doubt about there's some endangered species and you notice that there is they have disappeared from some area they should be there to the stuff collecting data about what is happening in that area where they are not there
anymore so when I explain this disease this looks very simple but a when we try to make this on them freely open source said framework it's not that easy to yeah to deal and tool at the page for dinner work was not for a test I use case the incomplete also I don't know I want to mention that I don't know why people on these from France talk about open source we should talk about free source orally the source because open source is not free as in freedom open source it's just you have to go but may be developed for use it developed modified Free Software be called is what this would in this case because you can use it you and adapted you plan the essence of not simply the anyway and these was the general idea so we start developing it yeah we have a lot of different components this is a very abstract and Gennady and diagram of what would be is because this is a much more detailed down Friday of answers here I don't know exactly when a 0 on Friday afternoon I think we have another type of work there that is going to focus on their mobile part of the the CAP I'm like that often include bad so I'm going to talk about that list and the so the idea is that mostly what I have uh talk we have an they coordinate us we started they people that are in charge of creating new surveys With the site moralists what kind of data they want to collect so we said them the tools we have created and we have come away from navigation which in Japan identity come away from applications which you can't say OK I'm going to use this survey so he downloads have fallen the co-ordinator has created and this forum is very easy to use for users of have not expert because it guides you what kind of data you want to collect what kind of they you want to when may be at fault or maybe you want to check something and then the state that gets uploaded you can access all of the state that goes through our conflation processing to uh quality assurance the quality assurance in is important here because uh well and we have a we have to make sure because a user-centered expert so we have to make sure they they got this makes sense and just simply a thing there was a warship that also talks about the mean exactly which 1 was but then I the thing is that we are talking about people that they are collecting data protein data that may not say they know exactly what they are doing so we have to make sure it's right we have to compare with their what other people are uploading of the same as haven't or area and we also want to conflate the than process it with sensors other external sources and I tonight we already added the trick terrorist social networks but in any case the idea is to get from other sources so would you compare and check if a you series and telling what he has to those and then uh the DataEase offered by the OGC services which is centered on the it can be realized also bearing the state that we are offering it there and if you know all these 5 stars of Open Data an open that essays that the quality of your data and can be measured in these 5 stars 1st Lebanese have to be done that way we already published the later and that this man machine readable way we readable data so it's also the will make because we use ontologies we use of services also it has to be a man entropy data format only seeing services a DFS and that's a hand unit will them on their given by on well ahead just a matter of principle for this then did they tell J. J. Sun and the the room of the the white on there finally linked to area where this is not finished but uh but least we have floor of the 5 stars for a share on data so let me remind you that this is uh a framework that these resource so it can be reused if you're interested in something like this you can go of you have search for a public I think the name is Bob work a minister you so ticket it on the tree you I well uh this can be used there we focused on environment that allows the data but this can be reused for any kind of data that you want to do it make people as yeah a paroled and then Japan and reuse data for anything you want so an this is very an EC tool the out to anything you want to do so what that it signed this year because this is not just connecting are few of the Friends existing software at pieces of software we have developed a in for example the what this is going to tell you mn Friday these new almost new development about this in a moment from that allows you to create that was custom forms but no data
also then they capital had to be adapted to because uh unit which is what we are used to what we are using it said focused on people that that know what they are doing but the Bob what these focus to people that doesn't know what they are doing or Anderson and experts on their collecting data also the day die analysis is also a big part of what we have been doing here because they they quality assurance make sure that the big that is right is important in confirmation of the date that with all the sources also is very important and I want assurances entered the data protection and security restriction also is very important because and at least in Europe we have very strong privacy laws so for example and if someone uploads data you cannot publish it on our way out the all the people can relate that they that with their region of the sun and less bit what load the once that other people know sit so am we have to make sure that we relate the data to the person who has uploaded it but we have to make sure that extend model fit but the people cannot make that relationship but also we find that in the very you have black 1 was very complex from the user and we have to simplify because again we have no about non-expert people and their what we get trying to do now is adding semantics adding stronger ontologies and semantic so we can link to all the sources so we can then make people that in when that they take the date that the guy and then linked to the ontologies and then you know exactly what we are talking about also in we have to make sure because we have a lot of that audience so we have to make sure on the quality assurance that what people upload is not just what they want to the is true all and that this what we are looking for this is the area of up until you this is that bottle the beside units modified and I'm not going to show part of the uh of them away from because I'm just going to read but it we already have for users that uploading things here and then you and then you can search the portal and search what kind of uh things is they are being you know that if you I invested in them maybe doing summer collectors on the down somewhere we are open preparations always OK I close and you will close it the generally I think it's fine also so the gene this is few and on the and the use of this this factor graph 1 is the there is a kind of privacy issues the 1 is protect their all there's privacy so many yeah because if there's someone in any usually goes so on the weekends to somewhere to collect data that you don't want to know all that because then someone can enter the home or something so that's 1 and the other 1 is if you're collecting a delegate the that like on the endangered species they didn't want people to know where some endangered species because then they will there who knows so that's the 2 main points on privacy here and those hired a public with public yeah yes you can and give privileges to especially rule of uh both local today that or a and unload the access their users services well be a few out now special and survey due 1 not able to see what other people have happened uploaded on the same in the same kind of data so just see what you have uploaded while the cells and then we must use cases where the dual don't have inside you can see almost anything on a private survey but and if you have not been to concede urine data that you can see what other people have uploaded so joylessly see what you already know so I that maybe a summer rules but uh if you mentioned throw some of mobile applications to give special data uh what applications add them all applications and but is there say hi he's going to be a valid token Friday so if you look on there I didn't want to like that that's why I focus on the back for if you're going to explain it because you're going to talk about that right yeah