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MapServer Status Report
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Seoul, South Korea

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MapServer version 7.0 is being released in 2015. This presentation will summarise the new and notable features that have been added in this major version, along with some insights as to what's coming up in future releases.
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and those benefits from France 11 the present in an debates about the natural projects and the slaves were prepared by myself and by us defend myself was in Austria and that memory search from Canada who work and make it to foster leadership the and in s 1st that beginning in introduction history about the types of products were actually the 2015 is map service 20th is that they and then I'll go through their features that were introduced in and then maps 7 . 0 that was released a few weeks or months ago
and then get some updates about what to expect in the conclusions the so 1st and it's maximum so it's open source and it's for publishing the data over the Web at the publishing to over the web it's a MIT style license from completely source and runs in platforms and and the reason it always stupid to since 2006 the beginning so a brief history and something with the way a long time ago so is the beginning of the when Edward itself with the 1990 and then in 1994 was the 1st to of the maps of the projects initiated by Steve line in which the in 1995 the interests of projects so that's
20 years ago and 1994 and 95 for them and influence Franklin that releases the ship products which what was the past and should pose a mountain ranges 6 release of the GDD Imaging Library so we should be close you become such a new maps of 1997 was the 1st public release limited public release and 1998 is the 2 proto sphere VF and that's and that in 1993 proto here the UN University of maps of all In 2000 other collaborators that to the in and memory sets and who brings in enough for support and also brings in and then we show the distributed development tools so the uh CDs but still wikis and to thousands of contributors starts here the fuel issue actually recognize that person in the foreground is where you might say the in so much for tube support
also in 2000 uh 2001 that's supposed to supports also in their faces and then in 2002 and conferences need of steps begin to occur address Users Conference in front In 2003 the server you conferences to 2005 also sold Nepalese without monopolies again 2005 book about what
mapping and based on that so the bipedal Mitchell and then in 2006 and the foundation of the was due community itself and the maps of what is 1 of the 8 founding products to take part in the always Stewart that from the beginning and now some of presented in own cost you destroyed so 1 of these conferences here since 2006 and so on in Switzerland for the 1st time in 2006 and then true too soon to make and we also have a manual will meet up between the developers and a week week long hard-coding sessions and that's happened in Toronto when you are island would do well in Seattle Boston did Philadelphia this year and the media next good this is a great place to where a books get fixin let's all that gets gets done the and no recent history a have a 6 . 0 release in 2011 4 years ago already and 2012 the tool by the products of integrated under the maps and then that was tiny audible years following fall the office from both posters and not cash which is a set of 4 7 titles 2013 6 . 4 release in 2014 Washington's is the revenues but here the merchants it's true if it was last year this year actually was a 7 0 beta release and in the that that distance and took a long time and 2015 July 2015 was the release of final maps of 7 . 0 a just a few statistics and and 15 the and governors of codes both of them connects of around 100 contributors meaningless which are originally the active the and the products that units the international and not tied to a single company 113 RFCs the I so now that the features from maps of a 7 . 0 and many new features which are going to more details now on it supports so before the bureaucrats 2 . 0 uh heat maps can density maps and not strips so clever script that integration within some of and the work on unification of filtering and geometry matches the level composite thing and reflected the text of the to support smaller than that and languages and removal of The when the rest of the class labels removed the support for the encoding of multiple encodings from different data sources and the easiest to context of 1st future principle so that's a specification that map x for known as the valves and so having rovers over over images it was implemented actually in 2 years ago now I think for a global of course of its 1st and as the 7 Greece took sometimes it's officially supported since the students and so do it's supported by operators and that is different than the in terms of applications and the was actually extended so you supports interprets its aren't styled a WFS 2 . 0 supports the light is rather short so I don't know much about WFS and even less about the 1st 2 . 0 and that's yeah we support it's known in it is mostly then for a and instead support so for the European Donald services an JavaScript's uh mask of support so integration of deviates JavaScript and so actually what the desert kinds of hand and kinds of features at training time to any JavaScript code which you can interact with and then outputs friend JavaScript's blocks of map files and text it's been used for entering the specific syntax and so the example here is basically you get the absolute name and depending on the depending on the size of that of that and of the instrument used to to use a smaller than all the default of it you can do much more from that this just like in any that focal and and they have a much lower and at
the the unification of attributes and geometry filtering that's the big the big addition of maps of 7 . 0 would work from a essentially Steve Lyman makes this will you from on the current key features when you're doing filtering was done by maps of so all the data was pulled down from the trees are back ends and then filtering is done by maps of account with you new filtering in place let's of the filtering offsets over to the spatial databases and since we want to do that very well very efficiently so Mr. that data back and have less data to return to that level yeah this significant performance gains to be expected especially for WFS queries were well filtering occurs when a client can ask for a specific filtering but so so simple to use because you on the left to right so much so filtering syntax then translated to and what about the back and the surface using 1 it's Oracle posters and that was the year the blocking item for a single police so now it's and would WCS 2 . 0 compliance officially compliance and actually maps over 6 . 2 is the reference implementation for OTC for the easiest way to call people will of and nutritional content version is Mexico's into to what works in a 2nd part of the next 7 7 point always as compliant it's just it's not complicated to be officially certified in the region and and um we added support for in heat maps and keep recreation so basically take vector data and new outputs data that interpolates the vectorial data and it does automatic scaling of the data and you can worry against against attributes or expressions that arise in much of syntax and this support so several times and so you can seamlessly that's it that's 1 after this generated that continuous from and I have to the other and solutions and of the outputs uh those 0 2 is is images of using exactly the same the same data as input and just depending on how how eating each front you end up with a different images in different domains um the tableau just showing the density so no waiting for much matches and you can also it wasn't talking about fixed scaling for Thailand and of an we introduced layer blending models so in the usual blending from 1 layer onto the resulting map is usually done during the composite operations and then you can choose to have multiplied the head In addition to the basically not against Iran's that's mostly using its last 3 less looking for shading losses is here
and know a select its immediate less visible the Baggins and and in the fall of putting text on the map so before and it has duplicated across the trend there quite difficult to maintain and I was integrating the half plans library which is the year of becoming a de-facto standard for handling non Latin texts and so it supports languages with complex text layouts and here's an example with the Arabic and so the so stored in the database is a sequence of of characters and uh in the semantic content the have to reverse that because because right to left language and then we will actually have slightly the layouts which radically changes the year of what's what's actually printed compared to what's store and so as I said it's never not very visible to the user hopefully is not visible at all if using Latin texts that it will allow more precisely the place and so if you want to do well I mean centering of texts and also allows you to select have selects which font is going to be used if using multiple languages so you can choose to use 1 from for that and will use another friend for American in the world for Korean and leptin as a he was also some nice performance enhancements uh in red you can see the rendering time they can to process the available cash and the detection of collisions between labels um depending on the number of labeling points that were added to the map notice those are log scales on both here so basically which used if you are having lots of labels which shouldn't always be doing that it sometimes happens half a 2nd for 7 . 0 the following seconds for In previous work the the some examples of that complex Dexter layouts that having here so this is the man in Melanie in the complex complexity characters being in in the was also very complex in which it's 2 2 of which you hopefully collects for all the languages and other multiple things in the in the surface of an old removal of the G here and there that is faithfully that since 1995 it was becoming too too complex to to support this automatic fullbacks to the neuron the rest and remove the support for bit-mapped labels so not everything is done with them to the front and we actually in bed now default True Type on so you don't have to set up in front list if you're only using the default font um support lower-level encoding which means you can use data sources that have different encoding mixed encodings in this implies that and not found now must be encoded in UTF-8 that's how the the processing is the little and everything output by maps and I will be UTF-8 also and coming in and explosions and in we have better placement of legal texts when the full labels of the lines so as you can see where all of our here when the shape and those in the in the roles I did you can sort of to completely describe the label and say OK here it's to shop well you could all you could end up with the labels that with the overlap and that's something that's not readable for the new then check to if we encounter such a sharp angles on text data display so that the top angle itself falls on the break between words if you have more enables the plot and the added to the map and and the brakes are some word makes the labeled xx readable and we also want to add linear filters so applying pixel operations to Lotus before and so you can see it's used to apply the self shadow around the buildings to give single community that's the filter that be added fast but techniques can be extended to change colors enough to black and white so once see what's what kind of users can come with that and future in the very near future also support for vector tiles from the the netbook specifications would go and and the history of the geometry features and pass them to the client so the vectors themselves a student I wasn't the rendering is offsets to the clients which supports now from and my posthumous openly 3 I think as to support for its this is put the leaflets also so the stronger explicitly addressing the method of reduction and this event burdensome accelerants supports other projections and not limited to to the radical and the city the best WFS query to an observer and having the fact that I know it's from that and that and that this essentially loyalists uh useless for the client-side along with these kinds of murals which you plug in delegation from the that to distorted the output of from this stuff and expose the addressing scheme and the updates then to the documentation that with the letter what they're and translations and we have Transifex set up a website set up to translate the documentation strings from the website the whole thing to attractor for the languages and people from doing translations we also added the continuous integration so each time there is a commits was all square if someone proposes a pull request but this you to run the minus 2000 functional test to check that's everything is nothing was broken by the comics and them by trying to CI phone units and know that they are set up for Windows the and so federal final that's had to contributes 1 was looking for people to help test out there and that better than the release candidates reporting this if you encounter them is important if we don't know about that but we won't fix them and have them documentation if something's not can documentation and just at the few that allows for the other users by answering questions and you in the media so so and and from developers while providing fixes inventions themselves new features the and the units of different platforms and thank you for your attention so just like in the presentation is available online at the level of in in summer creative Commons license so pretty use With release here not up
the but the it I was going to come from Africa African region the the what we can and hagio fighting you in a uh my question the user we paint I did 190 we our databases structuralist trees whose generous and central maps and the while we notice tonight GDP is the fact that we have now we handle lot of logically from that forced to spend but not surveys no experience you have a lot of polygons multiple and multiple agencies multiple equals minus sometimes not so it because you have too many on because the in the this but it's not an issue and 1 of in the tree the I don't have that information but I think I can that for all the way to do the that way and this was really just started about 2 years and we have constant and working on on the integration in Canada but I can't give each epoch to you that you guys have you ever the evidence Hazlitt is provided and secondly the the heatmap how he's nappies has been hand generated you know from most times when I see the need map generated from the long was this week so I wrote to me lot and they see I have to use of lack I steady it's not be generated along you rules know the light and equally at and try understand the question the along yeah uh I a space that's you should do fine with is that we find charter time because oftentimes or it might be some chance at time should be some moons people and viewed as the I and the in here so only work on points so if you give it to you if you get a line is a work on the points from the line but not from the line itself now and you for your points along the line we have where it the net called points that has the practice that in a good idea in you you generate the plants themselves on the database side with the weighting attributes to give you the travel time and then create data from that book in you the