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QGIS Plugins - From Must-Haves to insider tips

Video in TIB AV-Portal: QGIS Plugins - From Must-Haves to insider tips

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QGIS Plugins - From Must-Haves to insider tips
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Seoul, South Korea

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One major strenght of QGIS is its easy but comprehensive extensibility with Python plugins. This talk shows a selection of more than 25 plugins covering many areas of use. Included are Must-Haves like the well known Open Layer plugin, less known core plugins like offline editing and insider tips like the Remote debugging plugin for developers.
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both nodding yeah they how to you to
this set 1st session the short session before lunch this through talks 1st one about q chess and the 2nd 1 modern etc. the 1st talk is about q chess block and so it's introduction into about 30 plug-ins to show what you should uh have a look at when you use the futurists a few words about the money is been called that I'm looking for source pole located in it's and our company's doing q chest development and we providing services and support for q j and 2 the open source Julius development it I guess everyone knows cute yes it's a full-featured that's the who supports many formats it's expensive and that's the reason I can give this talk a little of C prospect Parkinson pipework ends and white begins on partition and and so that many not height bargains customizable supports also as being is over so you can operate you choose as a and provides and Dublin oceanology services and the supervision of hints and macros
and it's open source but uh and you can write your own buttons as a sets and its many partners are published and the public repositories but instead congested AUC and better finds 500 but it's uh for different uh different
topics the it's losing you search them and to install your abundance within duties half this buttons menu and mention instead problems and there you have a list of blocking uh feeding Europe Russian but sometimes a topic because the costs usually uh releases of Q chess per year so that might be when you operate that a certain is not available Q gestation motion it's not a good another version and not that person that you want so a non did I can give you those to to use their LTR version of q to s so the current of the operation is 2 . 8 which is maintained for 1 year and the others more have a shorter list life there so that's the bottom matches and you can see a part of the name into the search field and you get a list of matching buttons and console and update them all on so so that's very easy
and block instead Q gested activities a uh a list sorted by downloads and so I start with this list so the type downloads softer
non-call competencies non-random Open stock in he we see quite screen drops that was when I presented to it the 1st time in the Q chess user groups its lands that it was the 2 thousand and 10 tests for 160 thousand dollar votes and shows school maps been and OpenStreetMap like ground maps so it's it's very handy couldn't this kind of image all the
download the number 2 of the most downloaded the seconds rank is the table miniature it's quite don't blogging it many of its functionalities now included in the integers core as well but it's still uh useful if you want to modify table structures of of many of shape priors and number
3 was this M and curator US that's the MM is from Michael mean that all too often off this problem and it's it's a big collection of algorithms for processing analysis and so on the same story many of these in uh organs are now also included processing Claire plug-ins but they're still useful organisms which are under here the the
1st topic I want attaches
digitizing for time uh C. A. T. you like uh digitizing and needed bargains and the CAD tools blocking loss runtime favorites was not a wonderful runtime and there's another 1 CAD digitized but since 2 . 0 there is this associated he liked digitizing integrated the so it seems it's a clear that in uh now I've been
here at some component helpless for me 1 of the most important things is uh at each location search and that's all the time and there are many different I preferred could find a blocking the main reason is that it's it's very model program so you can extend you can add your own and search providers and search uh evidence it supports OpenStreetMap and and tools was providers for now but it's really easy to extend if you know it was a bit of Python then there are the alternative source and search is a good 1 geocoding the enter even
more the other way and it's being used the time Netscape in which gives you another wave of background maps it's different technically different from that 1st plugin but DOS similar since uh but it doesn't really get diversity that it gets stuck the times from the provider and to reason that openly gotten so exists is that this is not allowed for uh some providers like of the maps you not allowed to go to tie statically so you have to do that to with the and web clients like over the years and for other providers that it's better to use it to like that at the time that escape in all the tyre you plug in which a signal is a signal on and here you can add your own data sources supporting ties and next
help dockable neural net not so well known and uh it gives you the ability to have more than 1 natural at the same time you can synchronize his nephews so this example shows rectum map and the synchronized uh also to filter uh and showing the same area and you can have more even when maps so views the is quite new similar up to every window and just sort the also coming in that the when he said that the so maybe this picture means better you have to Canoga posts and compare them I like to spend very
much the and not in is time manager it's quite well known uh it's for visualizing temporal data so if you have the difference among the 1 time uh well known temporal considered better and went to automate that happen it can even make a movie out of the out of that so this is the
problem of you 10 have you plug ins for
doing research appropriate to work with Justice to provide to this term it's a very good in it gives you the possibility to regulation provides we can compare those uh you can experts provides so that's really a handy tool and you work this this kind of data the another 1 is
the roster to analyze this blood in which is at the core of the in the in the blast you can do many things 1st 200 can have slopes as spectral change we live doctors index and it's really uh customizable so you can choose called colors for uh he generating and it has really good algorithms shades and otherwise the
semi automatic classification but in so that because they needed further uh so if you have prosody diamond to do classification then you should have a good this but in which you can see screen job this quiet uh has quot many features many dialogs and so on in many settings but as soon as you're really into classication then this this problem have to look at this on you
know most of the fuel and once georeferencing within Q chess uses this uh carbon with this that that your friends block in which this referencing and resampling of prosody it's quite handy for culture friends in in images
trends in database and I look at the court organist the DB Manager I mentioned that 1 because uh hi AfD impression that it's not this used as much as it should be because it's really at the very useful and and a plug-in gives you a quick insight into the spatial database you can look into the tables you can edit stating the tables you can alter that a tables you can see the spatial data in the tables so you have a preview for the 3 here and the tool and for many purposes it replaces the specialized the the administration tools like like so it can most of the things you have to do you can do with the given at itself and you can drag and drop those from you into curious
thing the than a standard hidden is also a core part in it's not so well known In the units when it does is it extracts a local a copy of your database posters database it does offline copy into spatial light into specialized databases which you can edit offline and if you're online again you can realizes to master database and this can be done in parallel so now because of the 10 we have an offline database AD dates and How generalizing this to Mossad the base if you want to have seems like conflict detection you have to uh diversion on the database and what is this it is in use and store you can be done with direct database ride forest on
the 1st tee there are many plug-ins but
so there's that export obviously blogging which helps you to create the opening screen that so if you already have state-tying Q which is and want to have a skeleton for numerous applications you can use to and
those who not 1 is to just leave which has decisions informing flat then in the meantime there is always a uh the combination of the which that's produced had been checked that 1 yet I don't want it has the full functionality of those but that it would be interesting I mean there are always limits here that you can do so in this way but it's sometimes handy to have the starting point for
with replication you just clout it's uh somewhat related to that with that but in you can publish list of maps in on the cloud server you upload data and you upload to map and that's she Services WMS ends and that fewer and the mobile map and more
and I'm not arise q Trieste to the chief J. S feature as is a charged to apply we the visualization and this plugin helps you to uh work creates original its files visualizing URI local data so you can do with a 3 year was elucidation was speech US based on your don't tell miscue curious
know about OGC services futures supports the blue and that of the mass of the festival team that US and government yes and I guess but it doesn't support call standard POS uh where processing service and here this uh the W P is client blocking available so if you want to have a client for representing processing services the then there is to talk to peers client blocking and the knowledge of the approach is he
catalog so this is to make the search at the client which is all in the meantime adequate in so it's included about this term most of his copper consumer have to activate the ovary but undergoing skewed US but they're not Lieutenant optimal to it's and when you start skewed US the 1st time so you have to to it I said to
just has the little support that but it's only the artifice bonded to and if you need it but the 1st 2 . 0 clients than this the WFS client plug in thank you which gives you will the client for the special services like as prepare to queries restored communities which WFS service can provide
but the and and the next chapter is
about constant solutions that it's not for everyone but only to give an impression what is possible with 2 chairs and to show a fuel big block in search on there like applications and not plot against the most talking this is 1 of the is it is for the land use changes and a lot of time on analyzing and modeling and simulating land use changes and it's rather sophisticated Logan and it's written in
Japan but in a safe is another plug in which is more like an application itself it's for response planning of natural hazards impact scenarios so for flooding and so on and you can which arise from scenarios and the words as seen on response planning on top of another
week blocking is Kybernetes mortar observation information system written by these are the Europeans Bayesian agency if the project religious was mentioned in Africa and this that and different types of image processing no satellite data and there are many more currents uh in this elections so often or few of them are published on log instead futures that ABC because not the for general use really a very special topic usually about this and you can find on the internet and you can install them
anyway you only have to to answer from uh blocking our to to copy the block in in 2 were not in selected a few tips for plug the
robbers the 1 after missing persons against the this is the probability which called the and universities play and is now based on plates so you can not only generate man type of in but you can select it and right now 3 types of so it's processing blocking or dialog example which gives a starting point for your own the having the then and
another must have it is deployed in the if you doing development and it's changing code you don't want to be reassert q all the time and that's a drop of blood in the the which can be viewed of blood in the running to Gs and then lost in
this remote adopt which at its inability to set break points and so on and interfaces a debugger counter the pi difficult environments and the 1 thing can't member the and that the really last is this you ll QA applies that the political and which is a collection of AP rise and has integrated its they plan reference searchable reference for pugilist pilot interference and those are the pilot cues documentation and those are the pilot and the conditions of so
so from the menus it look at the planet's fugitive development work on the phone of interest to and check if you want to check about in look at the incident mark has it be operated recently as its tickets and to have an idea where to apply is currently
uh maintained or not of that was my what you want to just quadrants and may have some time left for questions any questions number of you know it's it's really local data like database yeah I know uh which which identities are not on the central part and and in so it's for locally on the Net or questions and thank you much and thank you thank