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Technical introduction to Oskari - A Modular web mapping application framework!

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Technical introduction to Oskari - A Modular web mapping application framework!

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Technical introduction to Oskari - A Modular web mapping application framework!
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Seoul, South Korea

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Developing a web mapping application? Why to reinvent the wheel while there is a framework that offers all the web mapping functionalities adaptable for your needs! Oskari is a modular map application framework for easily building varied web mapping applications. Applications can be composed by selecting functionalities from existing components, and custom extensions can be created and attached to applications easily. The existing components range from basics like layer selection and location search to more advanced functionalities like thematic maps and analysis. This presentation enables you to package your code to be part of Oskari, speed up your development by using ready-made tools and easily add server-side functionality to the existing implementation. Techstack includes Javascript, OpenLayers 2/3, Java, Geotools, Geoserver, PostgreSQL with PostGIS. Oskari is used in a wide range of different national and international web mapping services and it is continuously developed to better serve the changing requirements both by adding functionalities and perfecting the existing ones. Come and join the fast-growing group of Oskari Developers!
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through if you if you want the define a centrosome strike sample Yosa are dense dad niece shed Jacques ction understand then access ditch end functionality cheese depending on barytes so heuristics are open architecture so there's front-end which is implemented in JavaScript and there back then the yellow box in the middle of and then there is approximately in front-end and back-end and Australia's response create SQL database and GeoServer there front-end is implemented as a collection of reusable bundles so each functionality is a bundle and you can build your application as a possible to finger bundles you want and in but don't and there are 3 different that up so there is all scurry map which includes the main functionality and transport which serves the but this service and also print out and analyzed on my presence and user layers used to your server there and user management based on database and you can easily extend each however you want and the back end is also releasing he extendable so you can add custom IX endpoints return-action wrote in offspring so why you should use all scoring well because you can it's open source and freely exploit voidable it enables control the extensibility so you can use that different functionalities there and there are many ready-made functionalities form of mapping applications and you can connect the standard OTC data sources and idea on data
about of career development national and serving as the main developer and coordinator of all staring at work which was established in 2014 to develop or scurrying cooperation and if you want to know more about this you can go on Friday to Grand Ballroom tourism presentation of Yunnan commander about how to develop other mapping obligation incorporation you can use they start to
develop your own Oscar application just plot download all scary as 1 file you can see that page here on this documentation page modify database properties to demand those you want to use and then just start to develop your own Austria this application the tip includes everything you need front and back and tears are there are many users of all scoring it's being used in European Location Framework an Arctic SDI projects you can they don't go on the holders obligations look like but it's it's international also honored used only in Finland and there are many Finnish cities that use it on also obvious transportation agency
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coming up we are going to 0 upgrade of scurry to use open data stream we are currently working on the and we are calling to make immediate maps responsive and add up the you can also extend Remote Procedure Call functionality and Future interim service where it's a search results and of web map service time series supports they're coming up under development right now I'm not going to make upgrading process easier for developers and of course there will be money more many more features developed by other parties for developing all scoring and of course we hope that the features are integrated through always made version of is so that the new features are available for all OK thank you and do you have any questions about this great enough propagation framework it so can we have a question on whether or not these when you get the microphone covers your name and organizes and you are representing my name is Daniel and from company injury public working in Japan and the like a question is on hold as your community look like many which but this is just not on how large a source gynecologist community who contributes when is it something that was only from the project is run on from Monday to Friday words it's like a little volunteers that contributed or what what happens when the when the funding stops there is root is yet the single have thought I shall answer Afghanistan Meinedo ranked according and on but we have that's all scarring at work and there are many different companies and organize sense for anti-doping was very and it's still cost Guerinot rocket still somehow under development and we are going to give it up it's fair to say done to get all sky to be i except for data and how all the times of that like it here and they sent so long to make expected something Baker and stable yeah so maybe I can say a few words about all staring at the because you either have here 1 of the wrong way we on the other like on us that we have a a number of companies already have capabilities and in developing a little scary on developing new features was scoring and under we have so many use the lessons already that they will continue to exist and and meet support and so we don't have so many volunteers developing Oscar for the moment because this is started as kind of yeah the the government organizes some projects but this growing going that way we are for instance planning at some point to the goal for almost 2 into prison process it any other questions what selected if there's more other Christian so yeah but but yeah good morning many thousands of reaction from the final thrown and my question is is a little bit technical but and is interested when you see the deadliest using them yet there's a lot of in this unit in the earth ball a copy of the data for you just all the computation of the cities you had then the is yeah and then tho the data and then each time when user wants that that layer to demand the aqui next to the service so we don't have to store order although they are actually like hundred of players they're available so we don't have to start in an emeritus of connected and OK and another question is the new shared those maps to the I mean that there is a lot indication involved or I could just distribute the distributed you are acting that he you you can be supported anybody OK so that's not authentication involved that can be in a controlled site in Kowloon tools was ├ľkologie greek in thinking