New opensource geospatial software stack from NextGIS

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New opensource geospatial software stack from NextGIS
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Seoul, South Korea

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NextGIS has been busy working on a new stack of geospatial software for the past few years and we're finally ready to present what we've accomplished. Our stack consists of 4 major components: web (NextGIS Web), mobile (NextGIS Mobile), desktop (NextGIS QGIS) and data management (NextGIS Manager). Three of those components are brand new, developed by NextGIS alone and were released just recently. For the fourth component, we participate in QGIS development since 2008 and use its codebase for our desktop component. The main focus of the stack is tight integration, ease of use and modularity. New stack features unique features, to name just the few: plugable renderers for NextGIS Web, multi-layer support for NextGIS Mobile, super-fast rendering and great formats support for NextGIS Manager and all-around integration with NextGIS QGIS. The presentation will provide an overview and will look at general architecture, use cases and plans for future development.
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of then from EU nations like men is axiom I been doing spatial florists developed since so make this my 1st time actually managed to visit of course the this the 1st time and also we are presenting our whatever we've been working on for about
2 years to have years are from the company which sold measures a few words about jazz was founded in southern Lebanon and it is all developers we like to joke that even the accountant and a lawyer
in organization have to come would have to push to be hard to do various things are you corporate members of regional
and partridges so for meters and our tribe is C + + Python and we delivered of Java applets only on Android and that sort of defines whatever ecosystem we are trying to build a right there is the softer and on showing that today's so 3 of 4 components written by us so it's overseas saying shoulder the giants using all kinds a components from outside art but but so the the the packages are are eaten by us and this is not just wrappers but the sort of majors things whether that's our goal is the company is a set of reflect back to whatever question was before we are trying to provide a come other companies ways missus on stack which they can use to build their own applications this all the components is not a the uh some some service and in fact this is the full set of components and server mobile and the stuff that
I just rainy wouldn't had become a quite few clients which already using it so this is not just our ideas this all and
implemented and of course the predominantly in the country where from Bodley's have some international classes well that why we
do what we did that because at some point really
got and so as it is a company for is doing to our custom development you keep running into different like packages different libraries and he tries using the trans that and some fed up is that any ascending building something on your own and some people sort of stick to whatever area of projects there are some people go their own way and we want to live in our own way officials scanner typical for our country I am from the
everybody likes to build their own bicycle of right so we we actually talking i'm actual talking about a platform of platforms so think so every every piece of every component of delta we sort of see it not as a as a final piece of the final product but but something which can be used to eat it and he used by us in an increasing divide by as people to build their own applications so it's it's there is a core platform which I'm going to talk about the 4 components as a lot of additional softer which those sort of helps is this difference eID sinks and we we are involved in all this and we also of writing extension tolls cities and if you use to dress you in most cases In many cases you might ran across 1 of 2 plug-ins that we've rolled
and use so the idea behind this integrated platform is that your company you want you have a server you want to store some data on the server and they want to access in all kinds of possible ways from the or whatever clients you have from the desktop from from that clients and from mobile clients and things like that so we we sort of have this blond but like this to to have a servant and surrounded by clients and then and make everything sort of the interior related of in like balls ways in some some places these areas don't make much sense but but so the idea is sort of to make a bold sort of interior of related to currently it looks a little bit like this so some bears a still missing some some areas are just 1 direction of and their on the this is this is the way so it has a 1st the core product we sort of we building it's called lectures that measures that business area back-end application out plus integrated client is built in Python pyramid art uses back apologists for the scale as as a as the basis of a back-end and in the in the front end is the low-budget of using layers it's instability to it's mainly for storage management and an axis of geodata what I and I'm going to go few from few things on the forum just spilled up and it goes exploits its so everything have as is the is resource so we have our our vector layers thrust about maps was just connections layers groups of resources and all kinds of things you you would expect from a from a server to have right as other sources a hierarchical for FIFA gamble vector layer will will include our such resources us as a style OK it's not even here in the ways but but but it's it's a it's a hierarchy so 1 vector waking can have met multiple resource the resource extendable is important for us because all the time flies wants to some some specific resources to behaviours so you can extend it I just and have your own properties and behaviors animals have that capability so all the sources of it'll due to each other and find out what this research is doing what it's able to provide the of
course of the images of hasn't API and you can do things like I get a list of features in a resource dinner with the resources I get all the permissions of the sources that have and and do some kind of a a request on them boasting deleting there all kinds of things
right so it's all are ruled by some of how that base administrative interface so you can add layers Our upload layers and disease and is that in the in the browser also organization can have multiple lasers Siobhan's from projects are it also really they're very we put a lot of effort into doing like a comprehensive operation system so you can do for are very many things with permission so for example you can have a have opposes connection and then there's uh some tables opposites tables and added to your to your arms applications and then there was a connection and just tables can have different permission set so the person who is have access to administrative interface you would not be able to actually sees that the parameters of this connection but we'll with 2 2 axes of a different and then there are all kinds of other things they can propagate are so we can have a group or resources and then assign the permissions to them so I don't know if it's visible but there's a lot of stuff here are going on in terms of different
and there's so as I said it has integrated out of that mapping kind of client are we don't puts are too much effort on it the but it it it does have an event that the goal of this client is to have like that that's OK so you a loaded you always of different kinds and then you put a web map on and and you sort of I'll show it to user you can you can have as many not but that's as you as you want or that it's not super sort of fancy walking up because we think that the most of the was allowed to that of most
our replies and people using it actually not using is that medication but they want something on the wrong using only just up to the back and it is just as an example that I you know you can see it's using the same back-end same of knowledge of the arms of libraries to building this front and that is completely different looking different instrument different staff and it can get by
increasingly complex of it looks much better string sorry about that so all kinds things people are putting in onto it and you know that seems to be working fine but 1 of particular
feature results also agree exact excited about this bottle renders so that is our it doesn't have we don't go into rendering stuff but we don't we don't write renders because there's so many of them now we have much server you have mapped make you have to JS you have a Jew servers server so I among the 1 the name we we can plug in 3 different the different that renders so you can have a layered rendered by me much server it and at the same time have Larry map of rendered by q j s and and and the same time Havel around the ended by mapping at the same time on 1 on 1 sort of men of that that bill that gives you a lot of flexibility because styling is always a pain you you want your styles to be sort of a transfer but it's not a working at the set of that at this moment I not working well this
but I'm switching to welcome about mobile as necessary focus of our I'd say it's Android mainly in its for visualization and data collection there's 3 of a surprising architectures is a library for mapping IUI and application built on top of it i've a on
the right are built on top of it and so did the work so functionality it it does hold multiple layers which is kind of which can spend a unique because I know that people prefer to have 1 labelled and corporate settings there is many same in case you want to have more on the best of our editing capabilities have personal importance and it integrates a nexus with so just have a
delightful dark I just to have you so there's sort of a look how how it looks so that example it on the multiple layers of the vector laser us to realize you can turn them on and off and you can do of seeing some mobile beaches sort of get used to doing on but
test right so you can also edit stuff the most polygons and lines and finds you can edit the attributes of here and the this gets synchronized about instance if you have a connector that if you if you had something in the end of this thing it'll to get on a loaded are back on Tuesday on to the server and also does offline editing so you can actually get disconnected and then added something and get back to the Internet and you'll get a
chance to back back conserved so 1 feature we rely like can work uh quite well and it is a customizable for because again the all the clients all the people they have their own they're all in I wishes to what from should look like and then so we have this special application called form builder of each sort of gives you a all components and you build a form and then it gets rendered on the flight by a bimetal about additional programming needed just really a form imported data is data-driven Fonseca import data will you form make it nice are pulled the whole packages have baggage of all the vendors to our mobile and here you go your applications now rendering off for cat cat cat you know what tracking tigerish or doing some models some some sales or whatever you know and we don't really sort of impose any restrictions here but a very broad
feature is integration you know the site is everything should be entered the integration go what's exists you have you have your about elections that instance and you can and you can create your account I in right in about tication sort of go into the sentence and then you have all the layers and of course as you can have arrested vector layers so this is 1 was just where also connected you have you can uh that we must clients and so when you hear what are you can load it up as vector if you wanna edited looking and get synchronized those that you can loaded up as as a rustic if you just want to say that if you just want to see the data and you just want to sort of of the able to see the styles the creator of the of these wary service wants you to see and at the loads of it's just some topographic maps of from from
all types of jets you GIS we've been working on as I said from the sounds made and this is this is the cost for us are you all know what it is soldiers go quick now us to speed it up a little bit
but we need our own to jazz because we work a lot and actually and know reading own build of q j ust exposed to have all this the functionality from G delta we added as there are so recently the just among some recent developments we are able to connect to i servers native I that service is now also so you can look at of course if the ideas publishers w Mr. W has you can connect no problem in any kitchen but if it's if it's published sort of natively ended that exposed as entirely or something like that so now it is possible to connect and argued that in we
can do it in our own up and version another thing we worked a lot on is is a new network model which is also based on G Dalin it's a it's an abstraction layer over all kinds of possible network model so you can have from PG routing and and the all was aremany and things like that so it tries to away and sort of give you on yeah of all all all all all functionalities of the usual networking is doing
likened to channel-specific that we also do support custom-built serve as a client can say I want your and installation look the systems that has ended up uploaded to do this build managerial 2 2 0 servants and it gets in Q and then it builds up an insulation filed is all the needed plug-ins schools all that sort of customizations she wants and basically sort of distributed of part again very important integration there's a remaining features we actually added that you can you can actually sent directly from mobile to from q j through here of 2 mobile with to just mobile to mobile is is a is a point and then they can also probably formulas TUDelft you just the renders of tiles stuff from Q just project for that are there is a connection tool and they ceased may just that we can actually see the whole structure OK manager is is this a last piece about these last diesel puzzle for for managing all these and it does losses in the lady I'm
handing out the time the manager is something you might uh seeing if you use the work presented as catalog linkages browser this alluded more full-featured all you can do the a lot of things and you can also introduce reduced with your instance again you can connect you can see all the layers you can do what our search all on on the day that it's a server based search but you sending there is to use the API and a given things
this and that of many other things as well on the status of a major 1st web is called only but if you ask us we can give you the instance actually to track of mobile is out to 2 point 1 just go to google and in search of 2 . 2 is actually due to next week we are looking for better debate the taste testers if you want to we can give you a lot that is this thing so is fully kind of full-featured stuff how about website and then there's the there are more more more
links is the plans we plan to do everything basically what can I'm I'm going to questions that because I don't want to sort of spending time on uh on 4 on the other side FIL B the and question under on the on the mobile so that would that be possible earlier uh with would it be possible to use uh 2 years you know the libraries to field an all so we know which I have for instance that I'm I'm going to go and fueled and create some some some some geodata just and there is an unsettled and even when you don't have to program for it 2nd because they're customizable forms there there was like you can hold your data from wherever it without any additional from the beginning and provenance about their this array will be possible offline with all the mass of balls as I said offline editing supportive online edition is supported by a and the last the last part of the question but other than the make data will not be available offline it well it's a best but it's completely it's it's it's it's built to work offline I into everything you know including are having also mapping date ofcourse limited by by size the device and whatever you know you don't want to hold a like millions of points on it of course so you have to optimize that's is not Provera questions just and so yes you will have your old your data man arrested sent back to we have our a new versions of all the this this little dialog with you you will just say she's area I'm going to get all the dutch you get all the files in cash them a locally on mobile phone you can't sort of plug into lot of a server you like 2 instances you have already set up and some isn't it get everything you want on the formed and that's it we'll have to be connected of that's that's great if you're in like it did the it sounded like you have for futures and the have any plans to bring those changes back he had some cool features with integration of origin there's a error are it's not itself for work of huge Julia sets of the actually all the changes to make our art are going upstream this is the future is built on top of g all to this is not for of digits so we need to we need our own version just to expose all this functionality we so in G . in and you know it's already upstream all everything I showed this already upstream so everyone can sort of a do a few tricks and sort of build their own future some functional tool and have this functionality available to them as well so it's not this problem where we have 4 which is sort of the which is certified in real for that we don't really call it for because it's the same key jails but the some of the some of the surroundings here children's blend tend to solve this problem it it this set thank you I have I have another 1 year some additional lot of licenses and some and I'm here I can find the but some of the licenses well where where where GPL in new higher thinking of some kind of dual licensing policy here that's going to is to use this commercially here and on like and not necessarily year from now open our called as as GPL years will you thought the about naturally of costs a lot but but but that 1 of the reasons we actually moved from we used a lot as yet exists OK for for front and the 1 of the things we moved from it is that because at this dual Ising got so complicated in a way where you can actually we're trying to explain something to up to you to your client was asking you questions like how can I use a shared exteriors in this sort of saying sorry that's the thing that the question is the answer from them is always by commercialized by commercialized by commercial as and we sort of want to sort of stay away from it for for a while that's why was sort decided that may be a little bit less sort of a business sound the approach but it might change in in the future but but can also so it's this would be difficult fancy but yes we we thought about it there is nothing like that yeah if you want it we can talk about it thank you and