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Dynamic dashboards with D3.js and CartoDB

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this thing is called but I can't jump columns such channels speaker have a small company UK States resellers essentially unlisted database programmer and but I'm going to present on to justify these cuts the terms use this and it's got to be good and the suggests which together combination and show you can use to make some interesting visualization so I spend all my time doing with the data which is having a lot of people were data is messy a lot has been of time training at all using 1 of the favorite tools see that it's actually horrifying how bad they tell me I had a tree said recently Richard trees that grow thousands told and on which is true number little-known tested so of for this demonstration much initially so crime data from the UK this is freely available and and it looks like this and you have basically you have an ID which is ridiculously long and half the time doesn't exist anyway I you have latitude and longitude fear of this state of London qualities data was in France and Scotland was things that come to us and then you have the outcomes of those things in the suspected and fight sadly very common in and is about 20 different common types of everything from and search behavior to a 3 to 1 of the things that paintings like his bicycle theft and and as you see this is not so there's a lot of time and so the what I did was I to all this
data into our and process and runs and runs queries the details which are not really interesting but essentially and spatial joins that waiting across regions waiting somewhat by the population but the neighborhoods because they try and anonymous crime some what's it's not black moths and they too much and what came out after running this query In this is 1 crime site
just the London 5 years 369 thousand words in itself nasty that you think my colleague says that's the almost have to be carried out in in the consent that's just the road these numbers so the what I did each of these these numbers here is a postcode particularly bad UK system involving numbers and letters which again is another schools huge error prompted to design a system uses codes much better 5 numbers you can't go wrong so this post I did join importanti John tree and so the article about the market then loaded into college to be managed to get a look at so before I
show you constantly so why no 1 is
constantly couple to like it was what is the point where it's cloud-based becomes stressed how important this means if a you don't have to you uploaded data and it's there you have a console you can run queries against it like you would on a desktop you don't have to have a post insulation you make a change its life on onto the waiting for still this this month with 1 of work in which is a nightmare the we went from a grant year served we get Francis sudden essentially and I know work with a lot of other developers munching 1 line of code it might take 3 days to get life avoids all of that posters under the hood which is great on news visualization options which ocean moment that case this on on the server side it's such a w mass of the images that come back part of their masses is really important that you have of the data about sublots many megabytes and the trend so that client and unit the client the communities and the image files the browser which is going to whereas because of the actually generates them on the servants in the back of the mass so it makes by responsive and finally there are many others that its extended would constitute the JS which is a wraparound leaflet and that's pullback visualization and do interesting I think that in the browser
and finally before he gets because this is what my data looks like now i've got some a crime type some some number signal actually means it's a crime indicated that area is postcode and and year so years repeated the he that's what that means is when you have the geometry the geometry of the repeated multiple times which is the system that the and you need to have unit of each column B a separate category and you know geometry once otherwise you're uploading megabytes date you get annoying rest because you think is a great to plan because this the free version and then this paper versions more megabytes you be storm on the service model charges for which is which is paramount so in order to actually gets cut know so because he be looks like this this is the data to the data and maps that port so these are the datasets and look at 1 of these this is essentially just a few of our of a sequel table and so here we have this 1 is actually a bird bird tracking roots and this is something called talk which is 1 of the car to be about the visualization type this was pretty showing dynamic meeting data and this has become really popular tunes logical crowd because now the consumption those finding that well so we have a bird named here is that these adjunction column at point and at a time on the right here is the the cut in the batch of essentially the can the becomes seekers in and then if I get a map is that it seems 1 maps
and now we have these results the so I need to find views on the data in the case of talk In the Time column the time and burden which the categories that you see help Eric nickel and some of these seagulls flying around and go to the iterates for straightforward and you know it's it's not real-time demo and unfortunately micron which is not like this going back to that's what I did was to get
it from columns which he has this year's lens custom query and and went through across the present posters From Table function so they see what this does is it pivots on the year got generates is done here and the base layer that's here is in gym at once so having done that and
go back to constantly did you
consider my crimes so I know no mine are not for by customer 3 times in London but think it's cool of reported is pointless anyway so there go by put 3 kinds of antisocial years burglary and we see the geometry just as polygonal of the natural this disjunction behind and then this wonderful perspective here so if I go to Matthew a case that we have it
come back to with its this subsidy for chloroplast map which is mapping a when intensity some event in this case crime to a color and you have various clustering techniques chances when the the the separation that you want to calculate the quantile if I change that you see it will it will regenerate on the
fly and you can change buckets 7 is more interesting is you get
more and see also that the legend of changes and then finally eschews different antisocial behavior for
example the comes back not recover this central London this challenge and those the few few things go in there so an approach to show
this is this generally is a double the mass you go and you see the physical action generated
is the task generative and service that's what means that you can display huge amounts of data very quickly like this so that's all well and good
and what if you want to have something more of the dynamics what did
was are generated you can generate you can add
extra layers in here on which of the 4 z Add layers you can save
show cry for 40 years and catch and then you can visualize and it will
create a map and and once you've done this much of the work trick
published in this section gives you 3 options it gives you link which you someone in good you just see much more interesting what I mean so it is getting cut DJs essentially Jason filed the the
great that because the information about the the less just generated sorry putting that
into this jobs with page patients this and now publicly camera natural just
switch between these predefined views different
colors to make more of this of so that gives you it would be nice limit of a year and I II on crime category different drop dense additional them but then of this 3 of them which pre pre-canned just this is incredibly
simple you create a a map since you see leaflets essentially on and then you add in this is there URL which is just politician and then you have the you call back this what's bad it and you can do this is done this dumb thank you can you can read much work this less descent search box you want to certainly post going to take you on and that's essentially that that's what's
what's necessary to get the so this wonderful that's great but cover get an idea of some transit time so for that looked its quite the things that came up with
the TJs which is phenomenon library and not familiar with and using again it's incredible I put all sorts of formats but what's great about is data-driven and to basically you and it manipulates assume elements for you and you just states added in it redraws once you once you to find a view of so it it covers spaces well and you can do top-left maps quite easily and suggest again when you do you make megabytes of data as the case here it is such a great thing since the browser i discovery beautiful style that functional
unchainable every method that since this just chained together with social 2nd so
how we get data how we get data back from 1 images that K chemists electrical 1 of these from his post going to send that data based on junction sections and this is essentially what the because the job script API looks like us so the collect of it's like you can I use or an AJAX get Jason reduced adjacency so you basically and that's my my URL the key and this is crystalline selects bunch crime types that's going to be here for particular contract whichever 1 i've chosen analysis and that states and our life uncommon that whatever
was on the large so now
electric 1 composed nasty yeah right so now we go you trends so we can see actually that area has been really bad form and social value for forever the and that's some people do in you carriages drink way too much and then got shouts in the street and fighting them so this central London and sees the model that going on the
vehicle same thing but if they could
left perjury in the same again OK so you get the time trend along with you get a spatial view of how the postcode looks like relates to the ones around it and you get a temporal trend of what's happened upon uh so 1 more 1 more thing show is this is not
forgive the British please that's of crime clear-up rates and I'm gonna the pie chart another look at query coming so now
you can think
of it as there is now when all of this is going to do a call back cool data from course to be again and draw pie chart showing the care
right non unfortunately is the commonest Gatsby that means distant ends and think about about this crime just nothing happened all if you're really lucky not bright red OK cool red-handed so that's charged In some level non and not prosecutes PCR crumpets section in London is not some involved in the grade great and in in so you can a laptop and cafe engulfed 2 hours and still be that the not 1 of the so what this looks like on
the because the states that is it's got
3 rows coming back you need to find out that the if we go back to 3 D 3 words
essentially by we defined it finds dimensions and you have y and x axis which based in the range of the dimensions of the charter and the main the values that have been banned from adjacent back from the secret the call so that you have this anonymous in function just returns the value in this case which is the better the crimes and the key here is this year bringing and so that creates an x and y axes and that rituals In this this puts on the labels kind than the actual elements themselves 83 3 works is you basically you have a difficult if you this TGT set size and group transform it put it in place and then because we're talking pot shots in the head rectangle in the x and y again dysfunctions and on the key value that's where the place and written the height at the height minus the values that define it as the mouse over which calls the critical point and and sorry thing at different heights of is also in Korea and the rates Jason Ray Edwards Jason that takes us the bunch rows which the crime outside numbers and types of bonds into 1 into 1 mostly due to the through the keys and values the and quite shocked by similar correctness element but this time he's you find states to the Pi function and what is pi function because by traces reply function-based calculates the Hogwarts dates and indicates a past and the STT path element and again of function color which is based on the data on legend the legend is simply an additional table and so that's but that's essentially how on homage to show you
the trees generated elements to the chart you have time to the chart you can see there's a good chance but with the group and energy policies class with Annex aligned with the high that's the
apply basically saying this the legend no and they go this cost which is 1 of these each 1 of these is part of elements OK right and this is my time up so any questions the and so on and another just programs and this is a work in progress about that take you know these people the norm of probably have more of our more security commission Europe showings the and I'm I'm sorry hang of encodes if we you have no I'm not a security experts but you were showing of the source code of the HTML and I saw there are a couple things 1st you have the SQL query and then we have that's what string concatenation there's this co-injection is you have to have an array of followed escrow API including the API key again and I'm looking at that and I'm thinking OK our mn well that's not that's nice to play with the a if you're holding it 1st SelfLets hallway going to put something like this and production of you can't secure tables and people with a logging connectors your your culture the account I was hoping you just have to give me yet so this it'll ejection thing is not an issue uh the reason it's called the sequel API is because you're allowed to handle handle and sequel to it and we run it at a permission level that makes sense uh it's a read-only permission level by default if you provided the I Q then you get a higher level commission effect so the panda this injection the palm is the API key yet you don't put your API key India cos people can see it is basically a shorter than your password which then allows them to do right operations and a table that you don't want thank you for this was a demo and that was the 1 question was that there would be off of the world on that into the graphic but thank you pull we yeah we started using parity beta visualize some of fire department responses so we've got the location of the incident that we've got the location of the of the of the vehicles when they're dispatch yet so we've got a we've got beat weekends we can infer what the rout is what we want visualize a nice smooth travel past Lake the bird data and so we've got these iterations of interpolating the points along the line in trying to do that in a spot smart fashion so that it makes sense have you done anything manera there'd be no that would be more using something like teaching reading of the thoughtful matching up to Paris and that was something and something along those lines so something other can be given culture be yeah media would boil down to more of a most GA I would say is a I where I would have had some of impressive as the main thank you any comments from the custody expert at the back the notes and I don't think that's that's not built in custody function of that moment that I still think it's it's it's it's essentially a visualization tool of all this is generally you to post this on the back end and no more questions you can use it as plant we show which clothing can I use my own blog forum for instance using Amazon the use of the as with the sum of samples because of bike there would that be an option to to plug the and there is where sinking of we you know and and here we will basically have our own conducts with various and we have all know of of clusters and lots of areas which which are the cadence to to us this so was kind of virtual private cloud and and all this kind of stuff so we're not going to put our data into the clouds which is not like secured their experts and so on and so on that's a corporate policy would that be is something that the kids to arrange the words protein the end of the a home of that well if you're going to use the as so by party be um in cloud a you could arrange at all of the really expensive it's really custom and we're really about selling access to a platform um ma platforms both on areas cloud in the Google cloud a bigger and bigger organizations can get on-premise in rodents either on the road infrastructure and they can set up a special enterprise agreements to run their own bits and pieces and if you wanted to you were only certainly could have by taking the area the source
code and applying yourself but but that would of course be a lot of work and expertise which is what really to get all that effort of way so that it can have perfect that she could have that any more questions for me or Paul and you can the thank you and in
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Titel Dynamic dashboards with D3.js and CartoDB
Serientitel FOSS4G Seoul 2015
Autor Powell, John
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/32051
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch
Produzent FOSS4G KOREA
Produktionsjahr 2015
Produktionsort Seoul, South Korea

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract NextGIS has been busy working on a new stack of geospatial software for the past few years and we're finally ready to present what we've accomplished. Our stack consists of 4 major components: web (NextGIS Web), mobile (NextGIS Mobile), desktop (NextGIS QGIS) and data management (NextGIS Manager). Three of those components are brand new, developed by NextGIS alone and were released just recently. For the fourth component, we participate in QGIS development since 2008 and use its codebase for our desktop component. The main focus of the stack is tight integration, ease of use and modularity. New stack features unique features, to name just the few: plugable renderers for NextGIS Web, multi-layer support for NextGIS Mobile, super-fast rendering and great formats support for NextGIS Manager and all-around integration with NextGIS QGIS. The presentation will provide an overview and will look at general architecture, use cases and plans for future development.

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