Mobmap as a visualization platform for spatio-temporal data

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Mobmap as a visualization platform for spatio-temporal data

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Mobmap as a visualization platform for spatio-temporal data
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Seoul, South Korea

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Mobmap is a visualization platform for spatio-temporal data easily and simply. This next generation GIS tools is released as a Google Chrome application for anyone. Recently, location data tend to be available to the public. This origin starts with the spread of iot devices including smartphone and open data such as aerial photos or satellite imageries. However, time series data analysis and visualisation on map tend to be unsupported by general gis software and libraries. Mobmap enables users to deal with time series location data. This presentation shows the summary and demos of Mobmap using several data examples such as simulated people flow data from geo tagged tweets and estimated building age transition data from multi temporal aerial photos, estimated future population.
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hi this to me to I'm here all from Tokyo then today so I want to talk about at this moment then maybe so you may not mean you may you may not know this moment so what I came here to tell this of revision then
so be called so introducing this moment so it is my own company already if I had a look at the then I started my own company then this company a provider of Michael demographic data the estimated Posner there their sold all of all evil to create a semester you know there to be the will existed in this microdata then today so little bit about
the people who fall then fool at the at like that I so DPS trajectory data then I mean mean it's so cancer's data then I guess so what was the current of for the balance of all these fancy physically there so why so we developing this so a protection then
so this is not seen then the following of the the here so you can go home yeah I grew out of the all of the the beginning of so he's doing it then so we're creating this form of project then sought to meet
social but none of them will not is of so I mentioned before still running these DPs and the present to get there so these rights and so in the analysis of people put to get a there are a lot of our new form we can use it as a as a from of getting FIL January all also being the mother and the next then that initial sum them all
so that these crooks shows data have to about 2 AM that people are now so why so doesn't you then so in morning so people get out there so that in the then each current shows sold out of this 1 of example of this Wu characters that train the occurrences so by bicycle but I then so to to make this movie will inherit to only goes from many of the area under the message to but using more what we can just about make it this is the moment of whether they could
do how how the right because the this was the case of all closed I do not this I think things then so of how to do that so you know there's a I will not move in most of the time they just create
the after that soul you will be still look on larger then just put greater a because of the moment then these moments of was so uh maybe the the so on what you see is the and also if you want to the currently so the amount of in the whole match so you can of people this and the other for the out there so you can exploit all the way to the all of the no all
then so 1 moment so what why we so how to create more mass so it all awareness then maybe you have you will have our unit have our experience like when you create distances that so you need to still get but it's so civil-rights of different data then you need them then you might say so I get a data under so export using that exports so many key energy humidity then after that must be I'd like to define it slowed pattern is so hard I didn't I don't like it
then this is the case for example he so that divine is thought to have greater than so the idea the people the 2 degrees then in order to that define emission degree so I spend for many times then it said that that's
case in case of so moving over the ICT so in New Moment time right so
it moving the on the phone so I can these are all really part of Armenia then so mice and the mice and the mice there we can get the but so busy you get sense of you the popular not if so 5
so why so we get we need bottle Tennessee's and is a precondition then so Tennessee's data but hinted the and to increase soul gradually so what so in the future in the near future of Tennessee stabilize soul come on some of data then without this kind of case return to survive you so I We status MOMA
product then so you know this
moment support these does together then the
Commission the of that was just so you can download the most now so if you have a in freeze now that fate this is not so in the 1st leg of the player so if you don't use for this is the so you original from the the label bottom previous so you can of trade idea that movie so it
needs to know some of them all then
thank you wanted from what and so
important that there are the time-tested involved then well now I choose to be there the Richards the whole on of a need for agree there are also present IT and of that then so if you need more data you get that so so utterly pretty then so eroding but it it's it's so many times because of the sample how about of that of 100 in white the viral as so you next
OK the then so less but was
seen also in a very simple so where and how do you come from north of the group was so you know that that the as great in 2000 given at that time so we can all come from the what that means 1 the so who eat and get of the people as voting and so the because of the 3 the gender and so what great a great so of the then for this event 1
so form of function this is the function is a guide us they so that it is that people are going to there that is we can look at the income of the people then
so the reason there are people whose movement and those of the selected by the so more the terrorists so now I just show that about people movement then the the world is that city in people world getting it out for so it
seems to it doesn't work then so it's
current the book if there's In the kind of job there the rest of you know what the you there is kind of general where you go through the through the blood because the so you can get always that simple way of people come from the union of all this so beginning of the of so this is a can you get it and also this also shows that are community in this graph shows the other this is the essence of the of this more that is so this here a little the draft for this model to there are
also but it has a this into the initial no we
had released so there are there so then redirect to show
that our lot just Creek at the then we can get this clustering and so that
initial some sample to we so here is the fact that the apple 2 you know even the as airport then sold for example if we'd like to know how many people and the world we're as people conform just draw a line these then you can the
people lose hombres this of the
4 main from so this area all it takes and last time not come pretty
and so you have the honor the source
disagree to so selective but that of moving over there using a point on the of but the format and also you have that
attribute query if it is in but there's still some so the sentence the Council 60 then after that
so if you directed to expose this
line so you can just so Greek expose button you can create a new talked there other Chairman can now
but they
also so we can export so animation so for example the
admissible times here so quick based
so the of the dual menu appears then choose a window so the
leader of the window of the fear of example fruit do you direct to part names of this movie so cultural molecules for so we can easily so to create so in now vision Paul
then so that's me show the that now powerful current source had seemed it's tool the 0 it's of anomaly than then but donaires speaking so detect of the normal events so I mean of anomaly detection so all you mean you may try some so that the mining to them but that it had to be so redirect that in this case if you want to that
so there are 2 ways then that initial so now of rodent Mr.
and the on this current are nights population then from now so we I so cut it creates a the they time through gang so counting because object then which is the largest moving-object then after that then so where I changed so this nice changes so according to that so it's hard to see I did then more detail before you Greek the so you can see the so barriers then so if you do that is by but if compare with so nice and population they presence of high is shows that the right a different the so praise we therefore with 98 ideas so you can be deleted if there of the light and that's because we can know because that phrase of high value thank you then you could
more to yeah write so so it is the so I put this on unit here and the same thing here this is a to and also a to show 1 more
function when the function is associated
you function so all you gotta
export the example so now I
choose by this right so here is a the center area in Tokyo the cases about 1 year then i'll fate create a
stream of also your it too much too
much too much with somebody
now we get the this sitting so it
shows so population emporium so
got then so we can for it if you go to so so here you an award so people because of then if In the on the the you did not even hear what you have to do believe that somebody here so you can get a sort of an event this is 1 OK for this is that
Our main so almost 2 then
it can also be source of mistake it as a little after the population so I that you so devoted to initialize made backed by the agenda so the regret to be true then so moment can
import but your so GPS data from under the frication look for example so
this is my uh of the data just need then so when loading
so you can by the trees and them not I and export and greater Monday so this
is optimal not so please are you the
then the reason so what I came here is not to take a moment and uh so I'm rooting fall so preverite writers so that the thank you so much but she
that OK we've got about 3 minutes for questions for you know that was very interesting talk should the some questions that there anyway yes please microphone and then you uses a linear little mating demo yet that I had and see that he would kind keypad the abnormal amino of life so you mapping is is the Lebanon Malta the lack of outliers so should be we the given the confidence of because some hammer is annoyed at some there's some them is not bad so the with have some other good to build put description the confidence I mean maybe it's a probably take put tagged the it's a normal while some scene all it that it doesn't support for moderately does so that much so I mean so so you need it will come will make a in about self was where the death of flight my all right if it but had with a lot of which you need to question I think we're going to of course worldwide izbor interesting thing and on it I the I 1 what he's done all the load of normal event in this case for example so if the tycoon under us great and other so a small Fitch about at all can then so people get us then so so sometimes we just know we would like this and also of anomaly dense so easy but the so the theory of love of in the abandonment addiction need what data and there was also an ice is used but we can just know all it has 1 of but all right the 1 in our you shall be on the other but a big popularity is some woman if blood
that this thing is a how you can trick those the 2 how you can mildly status but in this case are this is a
part questionnaire Krishna bases data then the so some countries In all are investigates so people transportation so power 5 years or 10 years then we our it's making a pass interpersonal using 0 king then so creating by that kind of moving so it are of the mean disease of
the and I'm the sure about this but it was maybe even the delta Pepe old
donating their own knowledge APIs information here you made it difficult in getting those data from the yeah another few right and how how did you get those data from amenable moving data but give so there are several ways so well ways so probative is uh at the phone company then they can all they had so many data this is 1 case the normal cases from our government Gupta so we just cry so public data for those the so this of we didn't together yet yeah that was my question to but the source of the data but that is mostly a cell phone yeah data somehow gotten OK we are right at the break time and I think this me some parties and things tonight so I think we can stop right here on a big thanks to all 3 speakers I think is any other questions may be array can hang
around for a little bit maybe have some question time
but otherwise will officially an right now so thank you very much what you feel the but for it to me but the meter 1 more self if you have an interest soul uh to the the goal we had our hands on then so we a prose style that document on here so if you are going to with access to it so thank you the