A simple way to create a web infographic map: For public data and private data

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: A simple way to create a web infographic map: For public data and private data

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A simple way to create a web infographic map: For public data and private data
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Seoul, South Korea

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Create a infographic maps and can be shared on the web, we will introduce the Pinogio. Just a few clicks complex analysis function through Pinogio, it is possible to make a web map of high quality. Pinogio consists of a Geotools, GeoServer, OL3, including open source-based architecture. Do not store anymore geospatial data in local storage, create a beautiful maps from public cloud environment.
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thank God that other 1
yeah thank you for coming to this presentation and I'm handed me and I'm in charge of web effect on the Baroque at manga system yeah so you the so what what I like
to talk about today keynote was the American based on free open-source software for 2 special you have people began let
me introduce my company mango system
how can we the for the purpose what we do we use the standard error construction of open source software the cation and so rich consorting rated to G. I. S. also tries to to estimate the open source projects into Korean rosary there a right to go June at walk on transfix the the we have here Freeze come aldolase now there's been a presentation about penal 0 nodes a web map the duration Prep Com musical formal primate data to make you 1 that and the shell which you'll net 12 of the food impact there is already some studies that of crowd the basic for mapping right marabout's journal all of cut to the B. M. access or we need to provide differentiated so obvious and we have done so and Deborah of all of program the to maximize our property we're focusing on mad bear out beta ization but
and so how can we get Open Data the road that use and share Open Data has been impact since November 2014 in Korea that output has been exibility contacted let's take in the temple in Korea 1st of all there's 0
innocent and isn't a dimensional special information clearinghouse you can download them what the city the area pondering Korea secondly Open Data Eiffel Tower
so the suicide provide Open Data meeting emitted by government a great nation and broke I was already to ever use according to the role often Data for provides many kinds data including fired they have met and open API so use all Open Data
full-time this is the most progress updates the data are compared to many other O'Connor government in Korea so the prize of provides an share forward data about CP of so you can download various types of of those they they including sheep types right x z sensibly and just pick the right shape the airfare Chairman many countries
provided the in provide Open Data put us obvious anyway any time we can get the all from data now back to penalize you
I got this trying to you all sorry about Alice space-time futures penalize you this architecture you
based on open source gyrus prep on structure acting you all know this structure better as well as to where mapping rivalry and we have changed them all to always 3 the
so as I mentioned mentioned already we have already research endeavor of to maximize our prophet The and we have top would just ends in a in the GST Jesse easier your
processor function there were up to provide of variety of commercial space In a ban on Morris esenzione is Jiabao base rivalry describe Produtos NJ takers so some more
than 213 due for assessing it was compare we act the box for the reason of the verification of course he used 60 try health yeah 0 50 processing can be used to you the froing type you can be update site you can be updated on the society so since the bottom for research and education is free but we can be for eventually reuse as aware relationship of just the and to conoció we read this frame rates been 0 0 East split
into 3 so this category there are radio maps as a corre go into bias include those 3 category and we designed to press their high so obvious to customize using the pace according to customize early great requirements another spatial the future of accuse you of basement and john radio but so these the prime mass obvious using mango base we see to build on Open Data and Open Street Map the NumLock what we'd special our you need a upon the data are such as other mistake here area so we have provided you mail s basic bonded there
there is no mention of the for number owing Correa this is a great demand using disagreed mad you you can get on resize cut the rent so I'm going to
tell you about the day but they can reach sees of cost the subways category we also Puno 0 this function
you can on the you at the ice data and tested that we do the location information using shooters rivalry he can become obvious type of data so you can publish to map several you map the the centreboard on you can on of back that their formats such as the shapes yes we accept
secondary it's radio now it's time to tries for you or on all the data data to radio before I mentioned using jectories is of Hopwood processing ends in you can create the serious and Korea info griping map we in Fremont
this to use 4 point better mastery their spatial analysis technique such as simple or summarize heat map efficient excel on them special statistics radio and we will add a more special on our system so you can get
1 cut to ramp up all writing point the bearing to John radio by special Corey using like can't some main animal functions and it can also
make fishing net and had 741 radio exemplary put in we the and hides all bond beta all radius you can check out the location and size of showing the preview window after selecting economist statistic function you and crediting you already had that had a steady state values and then you Castile you'll layout for easy to identify in his
diary when style you'll you can see in for a proved into come crisp by mass of peer as stroke value that you want then you can make a core course map these your eyes statistics value yeah we use
colorable to read appeared car auctions when this value map column always use of food tools anyone like me can to make tuple map we doubt at be mad Szobolski starting
rivalry reached user penal is based on buddhist thread j cut off the call and current role to use another for reject pianist IJS has been
used various projects as the Korea U. N. G. G. I MAP we Jaipal time use the same as those tied to a now I want to show you
some the sample radio we made this man is the number of made at them all of those USA status we use US estate this bound the reporting on radio and maze them point the radio is a based data and we got some day they come from US Census and data that you know we this is it all the feared being the
center condition steady-state queda map using national point a number
that sample is I'm sorry make December for I'm going to show you he's dead you Iceland preparation we sent the condition derive seat Texoma radio did you I send these dull most a century were destination and beautiful I stranding Correa it's only 1 hour away from solid to did you buy of frame by the way dead Weissman was the past to praise we want to for false posi conference where conceded anyway edgeR Cassie they're more preparation the of prevention government building then you said the information I have followed year of digital because their fault fear of government spending yeah and it can also see
dome most the preparations by changes according to but change the we use the protein preparation data are based on the date of mobile can attract the information of base station the finally met the
Peano deal provided FIL yes met temporary to credit you 1 that we the radio you made it sorry so you can share we the as you under you can all radio rack stick all had so they are
standing area and preview area on the map temporary we're intro by slide olds charts and table the the when
settled map temporary and create publish your map button you can move to the to this pays now yet again then you at the would change commoner mean setting window you can dietary upright to you preview math setting
window you can put parameter we'd bromine staff metadata adding radio and select the map options you can also have
multiple radio and simply redirect when can change the although all radius as you can see they are mapped tighter description of man and chin contours on your math and when you
get geo result map you can show you be your ideation me that anyone bribery all of public you can also customize GO-mapped temporary and we we keep adding more temperate yeah I'm supposed to
have an transition today but all I can give you an answer for so but if you have any question about penal zeal all of this presentation Fritz send me matter on ships me of all my 2 year the the I hope enjoyed presentation and enjoy so thank you thank you very much for OK so we will hold on a 2nd we will be sending questions the e-mail and Twitter but we've all got about 7 minutes also that's the right now if you don't mind Armed does a great talk thank you very much and beautiful maps I think of really really nice on I I'm glad you pixel instead of jade due because we get beautiful weather very convenient for us next i IGG OK so on any questions from the floor I've got a few questions but does anybody out there with any questions In K this 1 microphone please thank you who at the the by using the open-source coming you mentioned of Peano's and also the penis styliz and so people tend see their source and use that no we really penal styrene yes for you but excuse me Jesus the this yeah so far what can we do it in a way because of of hunger world trying musical pianist kind Jason was indeed what is that what you have is an open source of the this is the cleanest right the the up the number of items in the entire data this is because the law that there can be the some OK it's very it to however it is and how the but
what it R. minus 4 jumped but the great OK no thank you very much and it's a clear answer to the question right OK on any ads or some other people getting ready to ask yeah maybe will think about it for a 2nd I I wanted to ask you about the
Rasta data not because you you've done some very nice vector mapping and let's say I have of a roster with maybe climate data or some other land use data is it possible to query down into the Rasta with your of your system where how does that work the use of to rest of data a 0 give for more than others type involved now we can support rest of the so there are plans for moving that way do you think the part of your plans in the future to expand be a friend if you are friends look at yes syllables restive stand out from it OK very good anything else OK I'll come find then up