Catalog on the fly satellite images

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Catalog on the fly satellite images
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The monitoring of tropical forests requires large amount of satellite images, some being free, as the case of Landsat and CBERS series, and other, better spatial resolution, these being paid. We currently have in IBAMA, approximately 49,000 scenes of RapidEye, corresponding to three annual coverages of the entire territory of Brazil, and added to growing acquisition of Landsat 8 images, provides the environmental analyst a condition never taken previously to monitor Brazil's natural resources. On the one hand we have a large number of images to improve the quality of analysis, on the other hand, the use of all images of a given location becomes impossible to add each image manually in desktop GIS. This paper will show the methodology and the implementation of the catalog on the fly, allowing the environmental analyst, have automatically, all cataloged satellite images of a particular area. The work consists of: 1) provide the minimalistic form of satellite images, ie, with minimal computational resources, mainly the demands of settings on the server, and 2) get in the QGIS automatically images of areas interest. Scripts were made in Python and Shell / Linux to generate the satellite images in the format TMS (Tile Map Server) and the definition files to GDAL WMS (GDAL Web Map Services). The scripts were made using libraries and GDAL programs, and are available on Github ( For each satellite scene, we have the structure of TMS format directories and files and corresponding XML file with the definition of GDAL WMS driver. The scenes are processed in parallel through the parallel utility (, so the processing time, the server is limited processing capability. The entire set of scripts and tools, makes the process minimalistic therefore have the responsability for each division step, not a burden to maintenance, compared to the development of a processing framework. The scenes were cataloged in a vector layer allowing the consultation of these, and for each type of image (Landsat, CBERS, ...) has its cover layer. Plugin Catalog On the Fly was developed for QGIS, allowing access autamoticamente images using as search index the vector layer coverage. The plugin makes the intersection between the extension of the map view (mapcanvas) with the cover layer, and thus the identification of scenes that are in the area of interest. The cover layer has to have two field, a field with image data and the other with the image address, and may be, the URL of the TMS or a local image. The plugin is the official repository of QGIS as experimental ( plugin/) and also on Github ( The Catalog on the Fly can be seen on Youtube ( The work is in progress, where the IBAMA satellite images are being processed, and environmental analysts are testing the plugin.
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well this work is very hard decayed in the dissertation some of them have do those cycle good forestry put animal good afternoon the plant to solve the the sequence instead men of work is stopped in the 1st step land that initial this for station I can show but by its ability to me how to can help far too uh this process and the other big problem
ago then the taken get to the gold theory of dialog in the what a recluse this is any co-opted this the machine look could be the bigger the complainant this very very minor you it at all all the little here but in
in the present when that the the stock on using the satellite image what this chance in the at the moment using satellite image what we need to know what I uh we expect users invasion this is this is uh this and had a presentation on this there cataloging and how to produce catalog in several you how to use by clients in the in in this case in the cages begin the hinders their and I can't all little ball to the expert problems from dental as well there went to EU needed by the nation is a big problem you need to have the uh working under a large country In 2004 uh Bhopal is it the nation from free free Freemason the 1st a large amount of there's is free you can download however this problems siebers from resin Brazil and shine inhabit a force to the this imagined resolution 20 minutes then the higher-resolution 2 . 7 7 and to 2 of their 2 thousand stand the others being created a lot information for this project In this case only uh this buttons that they will not federal policy the from Brazil and use in the fall silent and in this case a specific to on the of carcinoma then you have a big problem because the columns you not to have the good made the the years year of that which optical image that's the only 2 years however the problem pulse well maybe next year started again this present well at the moment we are using a lot of sites and you can however the temporal centers less than actually nation by said a the at the moment is very nice because the of of operative gation you can demand that to US yes utterly tificates and the the template deprived the major science image then to guarantee due corrected John Mexican cooperation OK isn't that each of the govern resume the the bottom of the mystery to Shays to Corvus also at die the baby would be the phase now the problem coming to In
a kid and this is the latin role through Landsat the when you can see the Landsat and title all threat that weather the temporal sorry that's uh in them and went to have that problem in the in this specific area and you can make a dollar processing historic that and to converge and the actual image OK the when I speak
about Sievers went to camp make is for EC it expects using remote size at the moment at what's the difference big difference at the height of ability this patient have the motion not that reduces the needed for a specific went to to trying to this plan subaltern how do to classification measure is difficult for his income on but went to the see there being here uh the amazing behind evolution you're not speaking what what's this evidence houses halls during farmers farm is that any of their uh easy as far as the community users In the act is the of all types the users that at the binary because you have a high probability the higher higher suspicion resolution and in this case being the moment what's the difference at now every every day you their interpretation of and not only when the agent to be made to have a lot of names it's very nice to secreted to understand what happened well do you have added to points along temporal series and support with image uh hired expressionism whose but I explain that up to well there you
trying to interpretation this this is a major a kid maybe this is that it is on not use of rolled went to have the support the high evolution this you have the same percentage this is the role of because you have the support of the debts and they deal is to substance uh and then have solutions this calibrated for users interpretations that went to uh calibrating ice for understand what it is you can work in the 1st overall surrealists and
well uh you have until I Solution
freeing OK but what's that but just you know I went to you the you
have the date but the dates is not the same this means that 1
year difference but I can go
to nearby dates and the to see if you can calibrate your I still interpretation muscle by using the
well that at this point in talking about the chance to use but
now uh I can to show the house to combat this 1st edition the logical these you interpretation desire this 1st In this year there's not is a yellow the lined yellow next small you see that new this 1st Asian clear-cuts this the knock at the 1st sign class is continue area this continuum is the best moment do you get to put to the part of the staff the policy hence for to competitive this 1st Asian than if you have the time for all and especially of ability you you will need to have more success combat this 1st edition the vitamin sets blows this is a week because the orbit office sent a note to which sets you still get to free amazed 1 week and at the moment of such now to not to uh have added disponible each other major but then the plant to have a this image I believe in is chewed malls but at the end all the years you have to can work in which box so light it
well the a lot of marriage what you see what to get a lot of image this idea that to create the catalog on the fly you have a target ultimate automatically to add all imagine for the standards it and well you need to wonder side 7 there are other clients In the 7 you can work in there we are working for the Landsat and have died in the orders and the interest points is the and brother is said the user not can to produce they nation they measure is and energy is the contrast evidence and you gotta put for joke if the have there needs that O'Keefe and the mark the use and foreign key areas is very With the fast 4 2 uh yields and it is amazing you needed to begin ticks the idea is to have a bill foot between mitogens the catalog layer is a polygon of the image where have and addressed image you use if you have ideas you can you isn't this glance where the the protein invent the indentified them how many imagine you have an extension map that you can work in In the severed or call but to look go is then descent direct air directory 1 have the R-D amazed with this and ultimate kit the nation in the world great in the live group and edge all in this group if you had a few debates ordered by date in something you know in in looking at I can see that I can show that student is also the 2 units this is the simple of a lot of you have a direct in India and sorry not the mass is the the there is a direct and all facilities and to put it in the directory this brother and a product is important to men tend to the same name of original if you have a dot the people went to region this name understand it is an insult before the chance many the problem for the new people and working P and then so fixed you put the energy being banned that well I can show you some process and added and the procession this state in between the year the 1st step is to create a a Red Green Blue the composition right to us this is easy to put to the name of the major ended what of bands you do like a step got it there step is a covert to aid need for interpretation unites difference to work and the states that the 16 bit or to beat the they have to scale and the minimal value in that 16 bits is 0 and then map the maximum in this there's 16 beat is that 250 55 With this you have a descendant of that very similar of original image in the the succinctly and
will analysis will want to you want to uh descriptors make great GM and the descriptive of the nearest use in the this right should all the in yes this a directory that the 1st direct and resume the next directly user acts coordination the apes some coordination is that name also of the major picture however the problem went to bed this hostage this type use use went to goal choosing to live that led off the walls then output put to the new diet that directly where to have the extension of the marriage you using this for the interlayer this script E is you can't afford to the the name of the nation minimum and maximum scale the sorry zone where to put gymnasts and then where to put the Eurasia discipline a quick look the word enters off GMES which this you can to create their little driver
well uh it test scripts this simple you can use in that order the tinnitus manuals the parallel great uh use and there was a lot of all process the balance of Uganda and run a lot of schemes and sometimes using the parallel you know how often is that you can uh physical to disk commons finish your terminal in the to run in the server to the best of the this suffered a major and this great and and sometimes a lot of things the well there the other
interests and points and there in this case the servers is not more space what you wish to you put in here that bullets Linux copy this great In the process in the this added this the receiving there have died as a major OK the full to
create the idea is to create a footprint where you have the vector difference and that no doctor where I have that too is the food preach there you have a lot of facts you can't is mode is a line uh there is no that's in the polymer each body than used to edge and for all the 2 genera and generated and then cut later how to cooperate which
footprint you use and the utility of the dollar go where to have only where you have a valid pizzas the sum to 1 that in order to not have this is a vector field 0 here to remove this is not 1 even insight to develop this to good set to 0 for null . 2 4 2 . organized with a nice only valid deductive In the case of have a when varying the peaks of gradient in the OJ whose your this is very very true because if you change the value of the at In this case the I chance the this valid for patch and image India's I had agreed offer catalog if you are uh OK as a convex hold the manner far to reduce the number of vectors in the each features the to add alpha to print for shape if it against a C I had to put all this simple you can't infer using batch you quickly tools produce your back catalog later in catalog layers you have the disputes in the path the marriage where's the gymnasts and those of you may the quick look in data OK uh at the moment you can see there's I think of as I speak about the beginning was the plugging the 2 of that it should be the of course the more than the stock the probably in the 1st step the search is a couple of later this is of a social and where have fields date not among the part the endless and this is can be a local we measured or in the the and those in the internet this format the visual matching method features is a polynomial with these you have the catalog forget to mention that the plug-in where intersected next and mapped the features in their intersect maps the excitation absurd this idea of this be this
is a search find catalog this catalog layer tend to rely on they have a how many imagined heavier this the idea was to
intercept much governments x map government creates the catalog look edges pollination in this area if you to have a date dates user have this ordered stuff run
uh you can to run for all but not to that and this 1 United run for all features down to select what if it is do you want in this case uh the search for selected when so that when run you can care some of military you when you can see uh you can sum to weights for Atkinson the
idea is that considered a provision for illustration the idea the tool working a lot often made you can't use and this begin for uh synchronized to Windows is a good it all went to have 2 monitors put to the 1 we and as far as historical the image that it begin for day a major ah I have added model the spatial resolution you which this you can the interpretation United nation interests the target these
well you if you have a day quickly cataloging you can't do use this plugin where goes making their greed that allow the latent that you needed a man to type smart 2 types of uh created the search of local image Yann gets dates for dates to can use and expression reader did that said the name of the nation's meat created a few DOS Date
OK how many times but you OK at the moment is very quickly hunting and
in in
the well do so at the very bottom is not all the of off of plant lab is dead parliament and explorer and I can't take and then they can disturb the that is
just an idea but to can uh requested for to up iron play to lab 7 into receiving their food freeze to death metal batons uh a lot of food the formation of all to under amazing the targets are in in you don't have to to bring into the RPI plan add uh response I have a different footprint grade the submittal of I can't show depicts is more the idea is that
the style of question indicate for 2 years in the PI fucking uh you
will select whereas you know uh right of making almost a selected date that the range of data but and a monitored to 2 people went pieces do what created t-norm tool for to
see they managed we had is the like and they may you can the lord's what In this case and I you can the added team from uh plant Aladdin Sarah are to can make a
downloads the idea the had to have a day in amazing when 2 needs this idea
uh I'm trying the have have to want to add images in this year I do not I try and you have done last 3 years the weeks the of this is a town
is a applied to that is the present so if you had J. changes OK thank you it's a few of the many questions police the that have been able to
find right areas the 1st thing and I mean you know that the stock the people are in this has much hospital yeah I as a difficult not because of are you talking about this there's a statement is is very uh political at a lot of takes happen when they have differ station you have success rates of my would have that that idea you have the continued to conceive to concede the continue our differs station Mavis's starts to share in the farm in to get to the machine the People's yet you we have a success for these thank you good OK thank you