Closing Ceremony & Awards

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Closing Ceremony & Awards
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of how I so we have several was the first one is met them at all and the 2nd 1 is is that studebaker was and the phone was mostly you know what computer rapport with and false alarm is the most prominent catalog solve for the false that map was for Pennsauken no all problem you want was it was the really the session brief recall of proposal condo or think you will find me I kind of confused to read and to have cold deal on each cheek although I can keep actually he's mainly NASA and he meets her and she had to hit it if you I'm confused anyway thank you everybody I'm Indiana I say thing
because of 1 over the CDs
in in whole metropolitan area who basically the was faulty and and I would like to thank you spatial thinking some the wonderful
metaphor format competition Italy sorry a maps of some achieved in the Met competition and I would like to thank all cool 40 format competition I mean 102 to any of several people participated the boarding and mentally I in turn he n professor of mine and the need to another university what to data to organize the angle map competition I mean we divide this only a matter of seeing to 8 categories and some although all categories the met competition was very top I mean all kind of food for example best beautiful map kind of a there was a pattern maps but in case of all these 2 men just while men it is being that categories so we kind of think of about the situation and on uh we ceased Olive Oyl sorry Adeimantus in considering the people support and organizing committees is still at an early age categories and any eliminate called 6 minutes and 1 by 1 and the 1st 1 is best the met category to semantically shows that come and create a smart handling the the gradient and moves on maybe he's not here no motley
and they're going church yeah he's nature of the economies of best coding it have that it bunny but met mightily to Hiroshima uptight the affinity lifespan of an kind of and the other at the the how
well you over there is no need to go picture support to get there and I was only 1 is that the best aware published man of met Titley's UK global assembly and created based on Tony all the so difficult to mean only I feel I'm and in the end and and I now I can call the name right we only I shall at the 1st 1 is the oldest man and coloring and tied to the school global of alternatives to be about until we the barrier has the greater uses
0 means in release at the end of the world in my the the 5th on most unique manner on that type is curtailing for wanted to test a notable aligned with the TAS variable and communities in all Jolly ideas on crater
is just at Nancy makeup the the the the this is that you and the last 1 is best the intuitive man 0 man title best injected category that Titley's off your place the creator is brining plot the floor at the I thank the minute you know OK thank you for all of you I and think well full participate emit competetion thinkable appeals the this will take a property
Jamaica there Due to the end of this session so all Mexico what is the physical was we have to compare it with the view of the local was and was put forward to the ball was and these is always was really conducted by purpose of approach the have severely being ascending elicited that job to select the film the really excellent is presentation that we had the indicated that medal of 50 papers as all of the above and bring the voters process and so we selected based on we 1st from that the histories of not and then the chair of the session that demanded by scribbling his or her official a note of that listed lists we have selected tool on a large so in is for the correlation the news show the poster so to 1st unknowns the 1st was the sole on for oral presentation uh useful the landmark-based part blending and linear parts envisioned for mobile map applications In the presenters of the my heart on my how my how I will get my loop but I and I should be able to read this again for a member to much of the evidence and forgetting the I and the 2nd 1 is by C. passport single that the 2 of them who is the name of the main and you have the feeling and the use of information technology and I would like to rest the quality of a set of this conference reviews of how to use them to this vision and all of the loss
of all of this is from the the and the
lectern and so unknowns the award for the poster uh for the the best poster for for the solo on and the school was still of presentation indirectly development of open-source is for programming from photogrammetry during the system using smart camera and the what is gene will willpower from group young National University and that at the end that others also and the known universe authors name and I would like to you got you got this data and the support it and I think I in so the next cell or leg unknowns is that always you'll phonation lot in this part of the world you for all you need to do it that has been taken up and in this case videos and have loss when this for those will this will really and 1 is for that this was soul only make the announcement and then they relate to the list I just make enough to be on the safe with me please so all of the of the vessel and Presentation Award goes to the whole world was envisioning dated and uses of spatial density utilizing Big Data floating population Seoul city and the present is high kid from particle Academy of Foreign Studies I might online I might have a phenomena like governance those dual or emission award for best poster presentation and the title of the presentation is a mobile application of open source stack of open source sector jewel based visualization on the government with framework the present-day used Kwong said he'd from Hansen University and that is another presented to present as related on the
list of presenters name so late doing where the car also key to please come to this stage and is the more I have I think he's not you'll uh maybe and maybe can be given to you I would like to say that about from the state indicates there's a cash award also very fast so the syllable order was ghrelin to pose in the US dollar you know putting in long and shared equally about between the poster and will present the and always you foundational order was if I remember they it was a there is something yes uh and uh and Congolese lead all the the winners of the sword and overlaid the 10 year and we covered in the tears for the business to make make in 2 units to and make a decision on this sort thank you must have had just max flow of the small
signal at the with or there that this is really be awarded by Chilean time hello I'm a bit nervous and this is because I feel that developers in the end they're they're the core of what we all know that as you would you use and so on and I'm also probably in that sense to be able to present the most in the developed world because I really feel that that role is is highlighted with the sole cuts award but that requires really quite a substantial amount of things with about the developers and the bring all the spirit into into what we see and so I decided and and provided that option to lose due to to have the most similar to the power 1 and we've been promoting that here during the week and some people for the we're giving a marketing and it had papers and what not to which I know where it in a way that we came up with a way of an hour the and and it's not itself and I was being often or always been doing a lot of marketing but he is the best for all sort of small thing for him is you have to have a mild we have a runner up and and and you really want to have given him a small part of the price to an he is uh you you've all seen him working this week to think that his published a book on post here it's a reason and together with some other people but he's been working a lot of on Rome's here at the Open the Jerome project presentation 7 Nathan had I a I and II wouldn't be near but all about spike in traffic and all given this year that everywhere in the 1st day but I have had the worst but it's it's a and that in the form of a hot this says is a hard and you will be doing today but now than the real price and this is for a person that has been working at the core of 1 of the uh software that you have probably used an extremely important in that in those due community of think it's it's even than that at the heart of the conference part of that of those 2 you foundation should say that the self-employed it's easy task has been developing on the project for several years that is currently probably 1 of the the real for people that that is running map server developed developed part of the enduring engine that EGG in lip service and and developer of it you see them around but most of all for the use of of a and a time and in thank thank you you thank you and might but I will get to the next word is actually the salt out work I think in the area so I know this is the 11th year this award and it's a special award from its was started back in 2005 as a way to to honor a former member of the open source community his name was all cats from he worked in the United States Bureau of Land Management for many years um and he was 1 of the 1st he worked on 1 of the 1st open source dual projects called of mosque Map Overlay Statistical system I think and PC lost from and his translators such as as from are still around today and I believe incorporated some uh somewhat into GDL from so he he played in the impact into our community keypad unfortunately passed away in 1999 due to non Hodgkin's lymphoma in we created this support so this is a very special for ends the 2015 awards is is very special from the winner
uh to describe her actually is not easy listing all of
the activities in our community on besides being uh you know so active at her local institution of on and hosting workshops she held a workshop for where the image I think was called back in 2010 and is constantly and promoting the open-source Jewish she's a a strong leader and the IS purists Q I always say the wrong in that in that foundation as well as she's an ostiole charter member for a of a quite a long time I recently she uh she organizes local thought regional foster G. Europe in in around town of Como Italy and is she is so she does so much wonderful work of helping students promoting students with due for all of them in so many different things so I want to and I'm pleased to announce that the 2015 Saul catalog was the original value in the hand i and i have the it yes and so at this point I'm at B 2 more than that goes because you say you that you and there was a bit more than that and try to do my best to for selling some service saying something and then it's just that I think you for all of you still 1st certain 1st is not working so the train these way yes OK this way so just a tool that notion to interviews myself because there may but that probably will probably don't know me as in 2000 that I organized that the 1st step that at that time was called the grass meeting get for the Italian user include among the conveys the city where I live there and that when I teach is 1 of the compass of that wouldn't that encode the
national debt and that is 1 of the uh the state that they made the best that they at and that 1 of the best in
Europe and that unfortunately I don't have a picture of a set of