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FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - panel discussion

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thank i haven't been independent
discussion mother making this discussion is that the time runs out various chip ownership totally then need understood study laboratory independent housing Institute this giving around the plus and upon the microphone quality to him be when you and I know yeah the but didn't and some don't know I in the cornea and this conference what you questions mapreduce sitting in the presentation they should priest the inventor the and is in the hands of of that the evaluation of the hunt within the his the evidence said it had group only on that there hasn't been originally known as the person in the Sudan and the natural mountain environment and approach where the use of the more than 1 instance on that and on to manage with a the time so passionately in the attic potential the In this not only the data and possibilities and the associated with and the shift such an additional because some trouble it was constructed the unintelligible characters picture of the room can cross in an inconsistent in terms which of course and that to go a person so that means that in the event that you're taking vitamin editors tend to keep that can sometimes you just the and that you can have that kind of thing so injured motor particularly on purpose and the intent is to introduce a new metaphor the Dominican along the locations and the intensity of the and thank the good communication in terms of regions and the the when we generated 100 dimensions and then educational content high incidences of hinted at a height where all regions in at another isn't it where the such as the dependent case there isn't on this on this phenomenon Portugal unintelligible they wouldn't want you to know that it's in the heart of his or her assumptions concerning the want to be integrated into the ground state of the art and in the political and interconnected the content the traditional 1 has to do that and then to support them as even if the petrodollar radically thank you good is it out but the legislation and in this example of that is the right hand on it and you don't have a permanent and the buckets and the which is scheduled with what the people in the community will produce an than than the show that was interpreted our analysis patent is written the propagation woman and the integrated k area of concern is that letter to that in a in all cancer pitch and onset generation and then on the sum of the mission that part of the atoms in the lattice and the world is just rotation group is on the rise of the it kind of culture in the all I have analyzing the motion of Miss dozens of what atoms in the genome so what is it is not as an intensive period and that that's the only show the half day is it doesn't this single vote in was it treated patterns in their own the majority in the online and cleaning but that isn't what I understand
that time government items and nonchalant and to in man hasn't had a right and so we turned out to be entered and this includes a proof in the book has a different constant in the that aren't that cut down the year so I will present some of the communities and the and the individual the the journalist but that it didn't happen in the hydrogen and I knew that was the question again I will tell you that under the hashmap time and we're going the format and I did little in the that the 2 and so on and so on to the end of it and I was in the knowledge base of the center had and and the person is going on during the period of time that 276 approaches are we going to get the land grant patterns in the and has a tradition 1 the time taken out of the digital Unamuno on has infinite lessons images your hands not person isn't me to understand so so together children have and you all it attrition of to the system that didn't get food habits and then when I person that I could think this the information that is a tentative but when the unionization it and then the program has to go to you and on what basis at their own thing Madam I usually 70 so uh if particularly in that it shouldn't be too so that Mr. genitive but not in a national attention syntactic theories but I mean in Kosovo tragedy this criterion it the we are not and talk about that this tool of subjects and topics so and mentioned by the but can so that that that approach then on the link there and and a good response system I think I'm not only in the mainly talk about the 2nd topic because I think this is really uh failure and it is so is there requirement and the need moment and I think it's very interesting experience and then the as I would I would like to share with you that we and and in the 1st peacekeeping operation in the in the in the missions so were uh of depression is to read to countries with about or whatever some some problems and some issues and we try to support and in the host country to maintain peace uh in uh issues related to continue to read those of the instability in the romances in uh that's say going to a secure environment sometimes in the way of some of uh antecedents in them up security happens and as such kind of systems system that doing would have the uh our mission and our operation that to and that the family its operation then to develop its mandate uh in um let's say um efficient uh and family so what we are also planning to develop this kind of system in our operation and it's very important as well so the and I think we can benefit from the experience of mentioned by yeah and you know it's related to weather condition I was or is related to let's say to other factors such positive those of such as incident of instability insecurity but it's it's a very interesting and we can also show our experience so in terms of collecting all the information uh from outsourcing uh and entered into the history of and in the experience of whether the the composites and with women and students and events to 2 of them in to the support of our operation and to improve our on our operation in the in the in peacekeeping there and in the future so this is my parents for the 1st topic and the uh from the donor approach I think of for for for us it's a very interesting and very important from down to published and actually you know we are looking for it got outsourcing and and this crowdsourcing is coming as sermons from this presentation that we collect or uh volunteer uh that a collection 1 to open Data sources and volunteer uh and in users who sees some incidents or events or uh like in that i which have missions uh to to operate for our case is like go collecting the status of women perception uh such as the elements such as the bridges such as uh that's a possibility is then marks the since we operate in difficult environment and the areas uh need that don't talk operation is really and in the key for our uh success of the operation so we also in New England looking to develop this uh outsourcing the uh solution to collect as much as we can uh evolution you special information to have and to sustain our integration so where this is my 1st and then I think the ability run the experience in the open source community it also can work together uh soon to move to the top of such kind of of of solution and amendments data from such and of the experiments and uh in the open source got community if you have any questions Americans and the she going to have some mentioned until engineers isn't and it is in the present as a lot of superstitious and had a pretty good chance that it technical but they don't ontology talking and is the and don't have that kind of get at that I didn't with this from the view of the terminal the cancer also depend but
thank you emoticon couldn't that steps back of from what's my colleague place this will be just stop there are presented on then introduces the it up the ghost is my main come apart all am he is I am way construal or enabling peacekeeping just visual or function but in peacekeeping operations or a looking at um making policy is their meaning long-term planning on him you know that kind of Catholic the case is working out the data was the field with the problem was the field problem that equation was the fume finding solution that works in the field that our efficient although from uh from an implementation uh simpler and feminine user standpoint up on in headquarters in look you've all probably then after the only trying to find architecture trying to find where other higher-level solution that player whose enterprise systems yeah that's his job to make them work it is known that some basically we have the complementary role or yeah but not the not the same as the focus and I have much to add to what I put in the presentation the I a firm believer in In the value the multiple values of uh the free universal softer movements and the Open Data movement on imposition our by Kim yeah I can to it the ships it on there I have an influence on the directions where we looking at yeah I wanna use that time because I think it's the right time welcome to make sure that when the investments we're arguing in all the systems all is the best value for money because that's our responsibility or you might want to happen public entity that updating or about stating that by his money it and so on just review you all of the up people I made earlier to the communities we're interested in your experiences are interested in in in in moving to as an open source software particularly you that's all the big corporations of unity that is running complex enterprise software needs multiples technical ties how do you how do you do when you move towards that's off um where there it's like to be changed overnight on this which was it there are some all complement by combinations in which 1 you picked for a similar y all we're interested in feedback on the most promising projects of being elites dimensions here and of in that help us tremendously column we fit what instant death of how we can make progress yeah and all that in the In David ballots wall-to-wall end users for clients and peacekeeping uh and probably beyond peacekeeping hopefully beyond all in the in the years ahead it so the presented now and in the history of the questions that you could work with creative knowledge look at the patterns the token this so on my religious and kind the want know this man is because uh the destined to have abandoned ham-fisted fundamental step to lead to the practical example group occurred is that as new data set you and was given the that that is the key last year because of region June the President and Fellows present better off as being and that and and this using open-source sent in Kowloon tested the quality of the band and clean it can have good invest threaded badly and so we tested eating 9 regions of over the 20th he could a certain known as the ADF of history to eat and that a better solution that had been about name that was and that wrote to infallible is that a name as the thing to do but we have 10 and over accuracy after key 2 % so that's in the and after we're done at and that meditation do there's a there's a procedure and that you can have an at using to further doing the and and that it can to this is that the people uh that had the that I was the there and so the 2nd step in there is to look at reunions did that cloud computing to further improve the quality of the dataset we invented at do man for a good bet that that voted about the global and could then consider the patterns and that the and Nobel Ledford take and and independent sources that that that of photos such as to people during the conferences of considered the canvas where did condensed the people of protein insisted that that man had we certain that have that we're not there has been an agreement and that's a problem because pollution is correct and this is something that can be used everywhere and because it is at the source said the person doing ground set used were those that a procedure that people have no and that these boom at the same I have been implemented that being that those cells and about as Catholic code that we can give them the code and can we do this so in other countries that is the 1st point then it is interesting in their opinion that that those so men can Sammat and Roche should that is that at the time to do that but I would put a software that asserts and I do it because there is a direct sensors so that people can be helped and that those so that you have me because there is a social a bad attitude that that that you have read that were set in such a way that the initial mass of the 2 add value and you can be able to do that that don't have until you add gender a loop that were not bad and uh is due this sad that this and then the bird plan presented to it as you need in the 1st step and that Jonathan has the person sounding balloons that demand of of understanding and the recently last so there's there's plans set and the inverse of an agreement and that we don't belong to junior of you have use that and then shipped in that was mentioned as to do individuals passion for emotion and island of everybody in the world because member of that set and the Persian and have an at the chambers attendance for understanding whether
they're happy and sad and you the and that again means to use that opens so set for the decay should use of the posters where then they're uh they're Portmeirion people reverted back out about it back in the narrowband sat there with the pepper random that that could do that and that and to lab so everybody in the room that and then at those in need of developing countries such that was Sammat Newton chose so that for this as that could serve as and if the chair of that uh effort plant and run after 2 chose that have that you output and that Newton and to do this to you and that have had and that the labs set a few years at that as you think I'm speaking that I speaking it those of you that the best of the people of the network as and that the room alliances to help you said area food that that language will turn out that we do to read this is the 1st message then the 2nd point is that said that the user adds that adds up to that the region where the original group such that there was a direct informatics of food but looks and then affected by the excessive military there seems to be different versions set and that we kind of as and that the uh the D is a discussion the previous discussion that the is the gene that 3rd year crowd sojourn Virginia crowd that rules that out to you that I had to move to the integer graphic information citizens silence sagillocrest service and enhancing food posters after for just fashion set and food that said that the interest and included the Convention on specific and it is because of this the method could be that the good because because that and that of the 2 chairs and that those who don't own so the idea that the matter like a good because there is another and that and land and that has added you less about agriculture and that that's for G and add them and which is not specific to education and that underpins set and simply and many peaks and urban science and that no you don't know which urbanization is increasing but it's so close in the room when needed to head to the surface of the Moon move that problems that can happened in that the big city said that they had inserted that troop you had never would have no post November proves that but then that that that computer being a good man wants to contribute if it is possible OK thank you many and the dissertation concept that is so other that had and a community the I couldn't hunting all get it because of some of the communities that you can use any guessing indicating meaning that I didn't give a good tool until medical nursing is added to that users the considered there on the planet had data to these are it is a longer with that the HindEnCorp that the UN and in the field will the complexity of the data to give the guarantee that pattern and anxiety to we weren't allowed to give the all the work of benefits and that on hundreds of what the the the the governors of the Thought genuine art interdicted wanted to ask this was to kind of political and or to communicate with me that when there is a potential then there are the invisible milady curious Italian authorities attending another that the balance of the rope onto like independently that everything invented in that article to she than the young could give an opinion need various metricated symbol reportedly the than itself and they move together and they knew that have as their architecture that in isolation that really the balance of the the cavity managing that we grab his hand in the sentence you can't handle without popular and they are the key to she argued that the Christian thing and that of the preceding sentence much and that the idea of God and we take it you couldn't be unit we the that physical entities and about how to do and that event and environment pollutant was that of the internet and the the governors of good news that the Internet and inconsistent and in different kinds of entities that happened to me because there were only the president of the equipment that I think that the applicant can handle that it had to be the kind of thing is that the planet that you work with that of the incident on in the Convention that and that it is a process of change with use of incentives and then a couple of the ship and 1778 paint consistency and some of which many that we have the different and so that it can handle the incident of conventions and they have the potential to abandon this in and out only manager related to any of the this is the 1 of the main things that you want anything that have landed tremendous and legitimately considered that in that event that it shouldn't be too many intended units in and out and the concern of the incident and the use of the conveyance and in that it can't happen in the trenches is the heart of the incident and the future of them and millions and having defender that discrimination itself it and she got the astronomical that kind of release of the components of the of the of the of pistons instead of that I have considered that particularly that in that it isn't so that the kind of like the contemporary consisting of matter which is that you know this not temperature hundreds of and and traditional depends on an important question that I investment it will definitely be that the changes in the community and the number of abandonment gentrification incidence of cancer prevalence of that we and changing their under the the pendulum will happen so that the capacity to just this that of Internet I mean that we should have an article to that that is a painting of a visit to genetics as we did in some of the 1 of them to the relationship with that requirement that the Commission is endemic to the they that member of the resonant and there was a different kind of thing they demanded of them to sit there and has no dependence of the vandalism everything in that in that event and if so that's Lucy at the at the time was that he received the of the into the conservative instead and that the itself than those of the that of the 2 should consider that them without the abandonment then is that even tho the into many 211 so they were by decree and relevance of certain without assistance since the abandonment of an instance of the evidence to the students and media and that such an individual that had been in the event of the into about the itself so that in the event entity that is entitled to receive that since and this was really good and that was eventually the net from and sort of thing in because and as an incentive to that and demonstrated that the theory that the use the balance in the
usage of jealousy developers also mentioned and with the help of going on in the generative parameters and then add it into a set you and then you have to compare the universe and that the Convention conditions in the island the remedy and that's on incidence agent and patterns in the graph amend it adventurous here that this is that the developers and the militants adjusting entries with the of instance and management and that I want to see if we can save time and but that is independent onto the achievement grew out of this intervention and get to the unique the headlines semantically and number of accidents and thinking that instead of that usually but that religion should give you a sequence that ended the season and I don't think that the Internet and then you read to the state of the most demanding is that it can actually seem to be a physicist had was that the man of the instances of attention at the end of the day of that's unless matters represented and considered the there and then that the and it would have to move which is going to move this element of additional question the the amplitude and to the presentation and intuitive In June of encounter features in the properties the the convention because the hunger to the data to conserve conditions and chairperson junctions only in the remaining time goes on and on in some militant look mice and it can come from the integer parameter in this turning came and went language the current land and housing corporation I mean by the spatial information office the concept of a chain of meaningful introduced in which why can't we analyze each instead dedicated to land development in the Bahamas and development and this is a public company and by the current government today the session and things that you need info from it shows that many light on how we can utilize FIL that software in compact correlates this is an advantage and development compression the latter to Association comment from the uncover practitioners not interest I don't that from today's session including this morning session in and then the morning and the presentation that interesting to me the and we are coming to the 1st the speakers Mr. know In this in the 2nd presentation about Professor quite the Mr. clear that I was very nicely is summarized to what Our petitioner and have an economist and the Chinese or whether we have to use whereupon integers often and free software so in my office I have a similar experiences of this is last year in as the curse of the money
developing countries it is the the public sector including the government's Central Local Government that produced the master of the spatial data and conventional exceptions lots of babies to the public sector the prize the most of the suspicious software suppose that that the public sector plays a very crucial role in gathering the direction what kind of softer commercial nonprofits after to use and I and in that point I cannot agree with you more an hour so impressed I put down some enacted by use you in this presentation the the risk assessment is idle data that then is and the patches utterance and this in a category it's you and to associate your numeric properties after man but not and I had to make all the free software so this is what most pressing and everything then lives neither so that the energy that you said that we need to perform a cost-benefit analysis yeah that's a lot and need not no the benefit analysis of it with the public service is effective because so how do matches far the beneficiaries place should not to get started so Mr. Kim if you have a that little bit of the the idea of on how you gone on to proceed with the cost of analysis of the free software on the of appreciated if it's material and some on the other side is I think it's remains the crassulacean experts to go going to have this further in this matter the momentous next presentation the professor constant yeah so in here that it is the most studied proceed with the high you are nicely summarized and the bag that the 2 different approaches and I think this is a very good right to exist and you too envelope of travel demand in for the analysis and you also develops developed beneficial effects of errors at that time the best train comes at your home but you know the traffic by itself is a is a mobile the moving them as so I to be if we need to develop the self uh software systems to tend to the nation on traffic mobility and thing is a customer the band to about the just on the system on housing land because they're emerging so so I felt that way so if you have them and idea how the along with that the this analysis and debate about that would be very beneficial thank you
wasn't my you know this man in the world without employment attrition of growing in the middle of the notion of you in general to worse changes which to construct this of this and then the big news on this on this panel of Fig serving only introduce a bit with what about in the article and use the work of the recommendations for the formatting is starting in 1999 and think that burn into developed probably 1 of the 1st edition the 1st major of spatial open-source tools in the consistent and genetic source and today because there isn't always been there for 15 years and as the evidence to be that as an open-source women muon system because of the things and that is when the status of and basically homes and going to make a sustainable system in a big system right you will have proteins that are on the graph of referring words and then the next big thing comes around and so it is evident that open source and they have a lot of contributions from from other emergencies and so important if included some are in intelligence scenes using you as a source the fundamental cultural preservation is that this is 1 of the things to work and amend the chair of the interoperability dance group for for a couple of years in the United Nations geospatial information and in the origin and then I decided to move in and out of mentions and then this game because the UN is another source for developing company and what I was doing was environment and is therefore early-warning systems to to process that led them and so on the at some point the main fingers and I was involved in developing this geospatial catalogs of source and so I left the U N and started my own company and it has since then been working and enriching growing as a company to store lower and currently American to perform certain experts in the field of information sharing geospatial information sharing and the company of the people in use in most of the European inspire uh National Bureau Justin's coming the question number of information agencies and local uh the original or a municipality level and governments with their spatial infrastructure to think this as a small relatively small company we convert the hinge amount of knowledge in the the the work practice in enhancing work will of open source software in governments and and make sure that the process is continuous and sustainable and uh becomes to having open source software available as a product is a solution and help loading governments investing that and then discover that the current migrants Linux version because effect the recession the whatever the to to and so we have muscle in advising enhancing approach with and then in the 2nd created some transitional terms so that people our working with a proprietary software environment and happenings in transition to to open source tools so experiencing on the on the open-source aspects will from within and outside it's nice to be here and 1 comes in things like that and so but the management it doesn't it will turn to some of the uh the client robot along it than abandoning the halogen to decode and not have the Kennedy and conditions in much the reason that it was better because there's a recognition classification of time because of the inefficient efficient waiting for them in understanding to think of it as if it with the principles of high confidence public interpretation the candidate Panamanian fishermen there in Martineau unintelligible antidote to the notion due to shit as and those of us who share approach in that article non-negated anyway that go on the patented by making the initial change in a shape of the genesis and this means that these my own children solutions obtained in the protection of nutrition but because of the yeah thank you it the the different enhancing retention frantic and different and efficiently so and learning of the service and that that I just value community good further ITER community are like and the and the so was In the 1st in the greatest element and make some up that that the people to pick them and so if there are some people who came leading the would have system and making because the semantics of that our government because the way I play because I had a cell quite interesting and many issue I told then it's a and let's not or whether offender gross like all finished whether it's and the In the 1st 9 analysis doing so often in interest in good think he sat at the beer and other components that are linearly said that as and simple as that the general issues loop is down the hall I who can help to the head and back and Lucy delay good sustainability development useful for us to get out there you so some people pointed yourself I was alluding he helped to link sustainability program FIL useful for my country if you could still be good cyclists sold until because for a while after that the units where a new area so
LAN it's just a political e-services up in no so that our proposed to us that that wasn't really be useful further security and and learning system to interface but so that's a shame not to the edges should bring to the attention it was about the the know that can and should help the children in that in and of things that is this isn't an interval cricket the international human life 1 of the few that and I will what happens to this but and the government of the the continent and mentally et de the square difficult for us in scenarios the some challenges related to that because it's great center allows the is the that we are using that n random master melanin is trying to do is we do that we have that it's not uh these with the aid of for seeing some rate the ministry is trying to dance and dance growing application of defending those to share with the people in our use actually I was thinking because we have run there it of these in within the national government that beats my nation sensors they are statistical data at doing how these from data and that they didn't share with the people business not if you have heard that enters the diff kind of data that the example from the Minister of then with square grooves because even when we landed mentioned the specific data for example thing 15 during in which the random that certain information like images of the same in the kitchen in social media and is a big issue in that now a bit about how as my friend candelabra and can have access for that and the difference and if they share a incentive for each minister is insufficient that actually maybe DepLung Hudson idea related related with the Ministry of Environment for example in my country in the Gangetic implement and our is tied to think how can that the shared this kind of information at the molecular offences they had Endesa statistical data that could be useful for us because nothing can genes that these for free you can manage a to build I give you hundred not being in new hybrid data available and you can do this kind of animal images and information that can be useful for the people to understand that usually around 180 that so if you for the benefit of the pollution in general have to understand the data and you can't do this kind of people that can understand why India they could be easier but in my experience at the level at that that experience the set right these kind of things that now I had expedience as that use of this kind of implementation parameters thank you information and find that I should have been in the analysis of the president of the time when integrating achievable recorded using good sentence receptor for them invest them and on the internet and all of that I think that this is a quantitative contained in ways and then images of along with a hand in the in popular in the content of the transcendental and the industry has an and it turns out the content and the world didn't they have a the of possible and and there is an infinite contagion that middle and then the used to and a set of physical that and want to go on you don't have a certain kinds of things that can happen and don't but have shape in and thank it my name consumed try and working in a commercial just company and I'm interested in sharing best practices of success stories so from the 1st year perspectives Ireland and not the technology itself besides the kind of of this conference what would be the best way of methodology to achieve publisher the best practices and success stories 1 of the things quickly and I think that was is a lot of success stories happening now in in in spatial data infrastructures as they are developed and from what I know that can guess that above into % of the of the spatial data infrastructure that the surrounding that provides a 2 minute services has into catalog services to define data and is running an open source software the most use of an this is hidden in the technologies that be absurd and use the and to some extent legally and there's a couple of others but there the morning and during this work for for a couple of and the posters for for databases so at the end of the libraries like open there's a good and you are in the in both a and so in the book and the relevance of web processing services based on various technologies and what I've seen that can be this is inspired complexity European them especially the infrastructure but also outside so working with an Australia uh countries in Africa and South America Asia and then this is a lot of of the open-source server-side tools that allow the use of the world you and so those because I kind of success stories and so I'm not sure how many of you have written down the set of the this visit answered positively in all that long How can you is on the brain making a common people here that yeah I don't think they're document in that way but you can definitely see see the the resources on line 1 of the things I was very proud of myself and was was that the feral geospatial couple of the field units work and recently was listed in in the top 10 most of variable of geospatial they themselves
most valuable and so completely runs on open-source me instead of I must remain in 2008 we that services they're running on absurd and there were running stable and without intervention for for 5 years had to live with another and so basically no cost except for hardware and people of things that In this work we concentrate on the annotations in the morning about American attempt to contribute to the cost of unintentional injuries in the yeah the results of the Women's Council under chain of the you and I just push information section that I thank you very much and that the present to use in parallel more than you do and some of the hospital with rest of the the community and so on but I don't know so add to and some of the common and some of the laws in that I see this in the open at this everything moves is very uh work in the header that we have a some of the key and so as as we know that the resources are always limited so we have to rise in of the resource that that's why we prioritize of the of the many things it's not necessary to be I guess 1 all courses minus but there is a fundamental want know that all of these souls and these you provide and not let the shows in a sense to also in no you know and and and q community and crowd and so that was proposed so that you mention is like you know of such children and their and all that kind of and you can use and it's also for so there are things that that is a good way to that the higher the number and determine the federal court that all communities shortage we are not not to actually provide a better solution in answer to the to the so we could say that somehow we have to find a way get how we connect you look closely at that whether volunteer community open-source community and commercial and public sector is also so it is important that they are highly actually able to well that's where that what was 97 long only and it was like 2005 and those that that there might be a lunatic to have a play the Red by the annihilation the world is a better measure is not necessary you encyclopedic this is not the language of the demonstrations in Member States and Member state collective member can create the authority also achieve kind of primal that everybody can pay nice and and so that that's why you giant and was created I was the 1 of the following the where the porch the which would be that the city's done while I was reading the hot weather sections so we can see that the beta that the Member State retrieval kind of final on the work of the United Nations we create the pen for everybody can play so where the panel go inaugurate a session of the unity giant poster was actually don't hero was held during the at at the time that I have a specific policy and potentially and that open source communities and battle to community to be part of that so that that that was the idea that you know public-sector as a member state and representatives of government but also public sector and and private-sector archive and research and development columns altogether in 1 then you and this course solutions of the nation that said about the you and yeah so I have to tune the you know we increase the proposed that enables that actually pickled bank is about the way that holiday eluent usage and user groups in the team of and that the model activities and I as as a different set of the true spatial committed for progenitor like to read it and that is template pitch policy try medication have passed a being technology transfer or and and this nasty the innocence of all are up on caffeine and are actually a you know a Rapture trillions of course and also has not the purpose security to mention that is the disaster is a very very important aspect so that you know that those secondary compounds in March but this year and assurance actually representative from the 1st thing to with how we can how we can pre period that prevent the risk of a reduction of the dust the source of and those are the things that last manager to telling reporters say I like I have a son of a question to the panel and presented is that we have 2 bodies and then you but we also need to be a you consider that is of knowledge we had a minute hidden and pursue the resources and power and there is a priority and once we have a party Like it was very interesting that the prosecutor to mention that whether we are able to re all the data for the disaster and not the sound weird about and this one's where in a crisis in the we have to save the people fellows instead of concern so that there is a priority so that we have to find out how to that all of the priorities and pricing and let me know and is also the thing we are able to walk the private-sector commercial environment you're and you'll this was so this does not like and I said that was said the the there is a you room and of the place is random mentioned that there is place already been prepared and Billy and that is already moving very fast so I I I I do appreciate that you can actually visit at the the at the site of the GGI and she's a good bad geospatial information that is known as a 2 giant not you about quality is all about for you thank you the smooth at which could and in the front of the research in the enterprise Can you reviews and you just use of at that is I
think it everyone for having assumed this session is memory I think and and really appreciate you and for analytical for making this happen this is many of them into a lot of false events a lot of that because we have a rule of international 1 and we of regional false reviews tends to these events and this in the 1st time the sat down with with uh with the and you know a local larger organization ago each core in top spoken about these kind of issues so I think it's a really great thing that we're doing and I also would like to make sure that things happen after this rank that's always important talking is good but so I hope we follow up on this so you know let's all agree that this is going to be some some has that come out of this or or maybe in the units in or in fact opinion and just introduce yourself I think that's important and that's how we keep the people in the and that's that's all I can give you his understanding of room full of experts we can analyze but I can say that I'm I but I'm really happy that were doing this in a hope that we just keep the following of thank you then in on this in that was in the the numerous parameters of the hidden units have too much of it in London remember it went and to concentrate and global about the tools it has also been put on the money and they include that is tend to contain and and the on the codon within any better than that 1 can intersect at the in Canada doesn't and it doesn't have to pay raises and what to do OK don't just in case you didn't have type of equipment and supplies and and engage in the planet enabling took up the content of the computer can J. a problem dividing the case in the desire to and clear the attended and on the left and to the disadvantage of the in the long time so that I can think of the topic at and I couldn't systems and other and in that it covers a period and the money that isn't mentioned in our circuit that and that is in turn position because of tradition and cut on conquered tend to the data to test circuit that that have a company that has a delicate result of of Clinton money the hydrogen and the cost of the beta couldn't glass universal and it has to depend on the universe I'm not and rest but it turns around and has instantiation connection a new hospital possibility to the members of that in the title of the chip that can actually distinguished which belongs to physical presence in Japan where no motion in the rollout monotonically independent and the subsequent when we look at the clock indicated in the course of the pond and the and to contents ecologists and in the reasonable tokens on want to concentrate on the same content in a constant for tryptophan collection unintelligible is that it can be to have as a target of budget hedonism divisions in practical to do this and in time the connection with the top candidate in the only thing that incident the tentative clean lesson event and so on it and then on history yeah you that is what the creation as shown the arriving within an event occurring when the interactions and consists of a quarter of a similar to include thinking and the empirical up with the additional annotated with the inclusion of the was there's a certain topic a unanimous decision that not just that next step because of the meaning that the collaboration the results host 100 going around the time on the internet and related to the hands of the bank that you can it and that in some cases couldn't even as the 1 reason that's the reason that given that is a constant presence of which is
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Operations Research
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Metropolitan area network
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Open Source
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Open Source
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Cloud Computing


Formale Metadaten

Titel FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - panel discussion
Serientitel FOSS4G Seoul 2015
Autor Seong, Jungwhan
Zouabi, Kais
Criloux, Guillaum
Brovelli, Maria Antonia
Kim, Youngmi
Kim, Jungik
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/32029
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch
Produzent FOSS4G KOREA
Produktionsjahr 2015
Produktionsort Seoul, South Korea

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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