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Opening & Logistics Info
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Seoul, South Korea

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them out as I'm very excited so to come down our museum matter before the client this is where the yeah yeah in the yeah yeah that is the the U of a slogan that the propose and then message is all about the possible use
of OK I read it OK if I thought apples for this all all the events and that it was not the wonderful won the event the right to share several since for if you follow but we have a code of conduct I'm not sure whether you only over all the way from the floor now that we have a code of conduct a code of conduct this very simple I dislike this friendly pool and there's a smart phone and gentle actually as you know that this is the information gathering and that we have international tenders from all around the world we have different cultural backgrounds at the same time we have people of regions so we need to stack of people from other countries and who has other regions and we have all the countries so P friendly for the people are different from you and the the the respective to other people the kind that so it's very simple I or II
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from Seoul Metropolitan Government reflect this yes that the only thing you should do is that the previously thought this might cause to the rest of it and best people you do for your country and the made ready really contributed to the uh I put it into the society to have the people in need so please depending on my part but before you you for your country so the life I actually I have spent much money on here to increase the increase will infinite been here so we use or that would just super-high-speed Wi-Fi here please use or take this like libraries use visual this is is would have to follow high-speed you Wi-Fi OK so crazy is value is free Wi-Fi yeah and
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don't have the money for this kind of public labor and your beer and your properly OK do it