Keynote Lecture 8: Global Vision: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation

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Keynote Lecture 8: Global Vision: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
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before it is we 1st time on stage was my back the so you where I would try to treat this as a modeling and talk we had some great and talks slide Jody and Luca and others but and lots of talk of the background of incubation boss you with some the projects and I just wanna talk a little about like and what is what I see is the future things we should look at it as a foundation so the 1st thing I always office community and you know I haven't talked about community I think since 2006 and I just found this definition some places that the and and look where we are today we have a huge vibrant community and we all know what that is so that most people know what OS you those based on promoting and developing open source geospatial around the world through the community I'm so focus for the
future and obviously we heard from Judea about and the importance of incubation and helping projects but there's
Jodie's work right there Jody integration to know the shaking said but a lot of a lot of the credit goes to June for all is hard work I have to succeed Africa and and others of point out some you know some challenges because we're all volunteers in the foundation and and yet so we're always looking for help to make a project progress through incubation but I think you know this last 1 to come through and thanks to the In 2 June OTA an incubation and they were announced as a full project for us to look in mid-August so congratulations and thank you to the GeoNode team and no and let's right so I'm yeah I mean I'm a misunderstand yeah yeah I miss this earlier so welcome to incubation since mid-August so so many thoughts I apologize yet so next 1
it is mentioned that the importance of charter members the and we've discussed this many talks already and we just recently added and thank you to the still our elections manager 37 but charter members and they're just you know spread out all over the world that we have 2 80 and you can see these the the geographic spread through all the regions that are quite amazing isn't it and and those at 280 leaders really yeah and and that's really who drives the foundation I mean all are members and charter members quite amazing so the goal is to use them more in the future I and
obviously in the future we must help local chapters and and I think I counted this morning about 23 official chapters and 20 fiber so information sometimes it's hard recorded that I myself tried to keep the wiki up-to-date but anyway there's lots of of chapters there as quite amazing and indulgent just recently uh there was accepted as a a local chapter officially to the board recently and Finland chapter is just about to apply to the board for the official acceptance so that's great I just just just a
picture of so local events and
we like to encourage the local code sprints local events it doesn't have the foster GA called you know it's a bunch of developers getting together and you know working on software open source you know so we we try to encourage that that sometimes we get a little stock and the bylaws and requirements for you know sharing finding but but I would like to really encourage everyone to approach are still for help if you have a project that you will work on as seen in the community anyone have an event definitely reach out to us with unless no and we'll focal hopefully I help you with funding or other things so
we let we encourage phosphor G and not just the annual meeting but also the annual global meeting also the various regional events and and you know we we encourage you to be promoted so we are not saying we organize regional events are having induced specifically but we definitely see it as as part the whole picture so Norway series of
Belgium stated quite amazing uh
in Japan series in Tokyo and Osaka have their annual once in in in the next few months so that's great news in Hungary really but also that in November so that's amazing that's just off the top of my head if you them there's what there's many more regional events and you know next year and such earlier with America I so education is just so begin we've heard that too many many talks here and and Frost you and and really we ought to the due for all of the initial community the the 100 and some of labs and energy 0 for all committee that does so much work to connect people which is it's really a network I see it as a network of of researchers of students of universities of institutions and it's still growing and a still figuring things out and it's it's become a real great thing for us and so that's going to be a focus in the future that NN had Google Summer of Code um we always participate every year and and that's just a great way to also helps students and you
know I I I like to get up lately recently and I I'm starting to realize and promote really try to help professionals so our Ostial service providers and again you know how that's another thing but we have to start thinking and focusing on these companies that are that are now exist all around the world that our on supporting helping build helping pay for changes and additions into the ostia stack so these these service providers of become really key and then the and well so we start with 1 local and that doesn't get enough of the air time here but this is saying he's company and this is local here in Korea so I guess there's some face time for a lot of thinking in all his work Running
company geospatial company and also doing this contour and
but you know there's other local local businesses that are in our ecosystem in the you know many of them many there are lots and a small excuse my size of laws and you know it include many here uh uh from all over the world Japan Japan's Germany Italy uh Germany uh of France the Belgian and North America by was a part beast use a small and I come a bus line here which is from france a flat rock which is from Minnesota United States show that and that can't decay which doesn't get again doesn't get enough credit here kept it can actually put on a held the 1st philosopher for g in 2006 and and called Philoponus who's here the event is required quite common guy but he he he deserves a lot credit intent to camp has great software all these all these genes your itself or they just want to point on can't can't isn't get enough credit them and from the 1 actually from and actually Russia so he I I'm really that that's what I put together for this and I know I might offend some people in the room I really apologize if some private this is on here but my point is that this system of providers is crucial for open source software is visibly Ostia I and I hope that we which is the foundation and give them what they need to grow or help them we give them but that's that help them grow in some ways and that's that's critical and not an easy thing to do right but they provide a lot of they feel no longer holds for a community so nucleation very
important is 1 recent thing that happened during phosphor G. Europe week we will not lead to uh as a group of scientists such researchers and got together and form the open Geoscience committee which is great it's already had its 1st meeting a field related to the
existing organizations and you
know we mean all of the ICA agreement this is originally done by are also so much credit and off and see in the future how much of an impact something like a handshake with means of this handshake such an RLC handshaking due for all look what that so that this week
and saying he helped set up a meeting with a local what local like a a national of the land and housing agency for Korea and they're looking at uh partnering with last you looking for the use local traffic to help them see the light and help them to promote open source in the organization so this this and this happened this week during always pretty crazy chaos during all my toxin all my toes ahead and events as so this is the great and and a lot of of thanks goes to saying he who put the 2 teams groups together and I think this will be a great thing for the local the local open source community and then
another thing that we worked on this we just uh unplanned was that we the united Nations GAS scene was here so we sat down with them as as Ostial board members find this year and yet we're again just initially building relations and before I say before say CIA thank you and I wanted to mention that to give a talk on location Tech and you know another thing that happened this week and this is what makes false G. special is that into Ross from location tech this year and we had just we we had like a half hour together and we have a half hour together since Portland last year so again you know I wrote to him on Twitter is he's going out of his own there is is is in the at the airport now and I said but thank you for that time that was great that's what makes phosphogen just that connection and network and that's why this event is in great bring us all together from all over the world so yeah so last but not least the future also is having fun right and iii everyone here has for the newcomers have now know what a phosphor G is the last thing you could you felt of I how vibrant is a hell of a lot of people come up to me at this event said Jeff of all you know on so so and I just want tell you that this is a different event and never felt and like it it's a lot and I heard vibrant on the adjusted yeah it's special and and it is a special event and yes so let's of all continuous was have gone on and make trade open source software and now i think you think it everyone for coming and yet who were Deaf anything saying he later so there were about the new but for now I just wanna think all you and and that's the the community which is everyone in this room and everyone out there who's watching listening later but you know it's although you this foundation is notable 1 person 9 people or 280 people it's it's about everyone all around the world and using software you know by using linear in the schools uh doing some coding if that's your thing doing some documentation if that's the thing and it so it is although you can and I think you guys you everyone here for all your contributions of thank you that's it thank you have it