Keynote Lecture 6: Citizen Science, VGI, Geo- CrowdSourcing, Big Geo Data: how they matter to the FOSS4G Community

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Keynote Lecture 6: Citizen Science, VGI, Geo- CrowdSourcing, Big Geo Data: how they matter to the FOSS4G Community

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Keynote Lecture 6: Citizen Science, VGI, Geo- CrowdSourcing, Big Geo Data: how they matter to the FOSS4G Community
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few however Kenny so with money to everybody I may be that excited that obviously and b to move the tire those so I know that at all if you are tired that OK to where there is the constraint but today is the last day for listening to presentations and that you've not to be too boring I want to be very practical presenting you presenting you some that are examples uh and some examples related to citizen science due sourcing there and something related to the idea that that uh I am just presenting the examples so we made the mainly that I know that there are many other examples of very relevant but they prefer to speak about the things that I have that person uh so 1st of all we start with this
concept of citizen science that using growing beginning barriers and the importance such that the the name of the term as a matter of fact that enter the in the Oxford Dictionary only last year you see June 2014 and citizen science is nothing but the centered at work undertaken by members of the general public so I knew was that I the Rockies because people have done that for many many centuries said or if not centuries years going around the taking their information and that of about that there were the surrounding events and
the then there is a new name also calling it in 2007 that the is that wouldn't you geographic information was is 1 is not at all an older the 1 that can be set using a new devices so I For instance going around taking it had not been these these words that I'm not being party and that I had the opportunity to pretty lead you to be part of the last week you know as I care about the preparing people for our as our for emergency good yeah wanting to nothing OK that's it bit move
probably the most relevant from from projects of this kind was and is open and that you can see it I was out grows in the as the as grown in the years you see deserved to seek is just a sequence of man and so we Staten from 2006 a going to 2015 the number of street Sense monitoring and the number of building I have to put
unity and the privilege of Austine could be fostered Europe but this year and we decided also to practice and we'd all the science and GI and so on so we had at mapping parties specifically related to all this it's not was the lead that guy Peter Monet look at the 2 q is year-round words look got he thank you look out for doing that the more at the so your name is wrong then how can the but in any case is look at the key and k and not meaning and that they teach people how to the to to talk to people how to work with the now OpenStreetMap away at that apart from uh of
collecting the data and we want those to that checking the quality of the collected data because we are now interested those in the US in evaluating data but we want to have accurate data and that is that is an example we studied a procedure for article comparing the the uh OpenStreetMap Monday that we give to people to read that it once and that the procedure is that all available you can write your sulfur using graph so that could be a very good point is that the 1st step of the procedure is also available Isaac WPS now so you if you go to this website and you can run by yourself at least the 1st steps at state and then we're going to implement the next 1 the next period but apart from and
uh the out of form being another very interesting point is being democracy because we are going to lower the personal navigation systems and therefore in coal Mount Wilson denies that an indoor mapping being and that was the the diet because they got the name is correct and analytical gadget goes in this case if the early mistake is that mistake about it this so the name of the company and that at the time that I been that there is a plot for unopened block from where you can collect that data helping you to collecting data related to indoor mapping but this is
not enough speaking about the voluntary geographic means source of speaking of something different places the emotional not and so we had the opportunity of triangles of these participatory sensing that a what is participatory sensing people going around and the voting the scoring the quality of their life in the front of the part of the city we have the the uh wouldn't we where we were very lucky because our ocean 1 provided eyes such a kind of application so we had those cities
that emotional mapping and that you are also lucky because you can download the visa application labels for high USA and that and that and related or as you article locker or many of fuel are democracy can also download the called if you want to improve data ID something and so on and so
that obviously there are many other uh participatory sensing applications I just want to show you some of the more of these application that we developed an application for get to a variance that of a cultural elements state-funded tour biodiversity and very
recently for the years I have friends so we developed these bike parking there surveying and this is the way for collecting the data we propose for collecting the data is been up using
all the and then at the of
you can double the issue warranted now all usually it is focused on those other but you can change it as you want and that was the data collected that we can immediately real time and we can use the data on a participatory map on the web
and this is possible that in 2 dimensions or is it possible
so in 3 dimensions using what we call
the point crowded putting means the Polytechnic
of Milan and that is my university the point crowd the application
is application means that an application built using that as
NASA will win and that it is not
only of you are all but due across sources data using all the key is really a collaborative platform because if you have a lovely moving into the platform you
can add that either uh
in pieces of information or other the that to the data that other people and collected before every kind of data so that the top or our video audio and uh yeah and sound everything you want and the and is that this is the website where you find the the application with the 1st the data collected by the where is the hero for me audio from his not yeah I'll collected by the human and that and and then that if you're interested uh as a developer you can find it here the and the platform itself in such a way that you can try to apply to play with the type something and so on yeah OK this is the
generic architecture for the people that article for you see it is a reader of both the WMS server and for the case server and that it is based on another whirlwind is deserving the main characteristics that and then we closer
something related to I think that is a bit different to that is volunteer thinking volunteer thinking means of taking advantage of the people or for processing the data that the machines are not able to process like for instance making classifications so at BGI chair and then capitalize and that was a student of mine and had energy you know is a collaborative mine Datalog would these be man had his game is 1 that you see that the separate a great game of helping us to compare it to the 1st and the land called Jesus was that colleges global answer at the level of the it's out what the wider land called edge with a 30 meter of resolution which was donated the last year by the Chinese gold or mental has opened up to the US and then and then we compare it with the use of that which is the i resolution land collagen Italia that there was some peaks cells such that in which the comparison didn't agree and so we ask people of voting about that it's a very simple
these game you simply enter then you are presented a pick and you look at the big set and that you decided the most suitable local where um a land cover category you have to watch the of because you have to tweak the time a symbol of the movies game of because it the study was studied as we must use the money and then at this point you will score and the edges and the the cure for this is the uh this
was the idea so looking at people are looking around and they want to go into moved in collecting data in order to better know there were the where we really have that this is not enough for now we have a something more something what that are older than the data that are running around us and that that we are producing their so like greater and all this kind of data that you see here and that what is important is that these data are
produced by not using that as a matter of what we are not able to use it and that I can assure you then you lose the moment to by companies for making no and the I say do we agree with the cell in many opinion the answer is no old because I sink that that and information belong to people and we have it use of these than that so we wanted to whether it is that to study these that and not only to leave them starting at the start of war of corpos offers so to about the market and so on we want to use them in order to build up something different that the point is that the going toward is that we are going
to work the done and that at which kind of the doctor we know at the moment we are very you we we know very well our satellites and we are able to process a satellite to be that
we know very well that there are sensors everywhere and we have a ball of what we are trying to be able to process so so you all these
kind of data that to just to get quick example of that they are asked to some people that are more expert than mean the forest Lemmy's Rastaman as demand is all this project of server that is that that was the principle remains softer the man and that they are able to free to use you can see more than 1 petabyte of space-time datacubes the the multidimensional pixels or
another example provided me kindly by Mark Wilson at the is that these 1 always related to satellite imagery and you see that they were able to process of 17 thousand that map off more than 4 million speaks at each step at huge amount of data but
the speaking about the social media and that application that we are in the same travel UCI yeah 10 thousand tweets center in 1 2nd or 2 thousand and down the eastern and falters uploaded in 1 2nd more than 2 merely on the that the made this said in 1 2nd so if we want to deal with these they got because at the data produced by Isaac we need also to be able to manage them because each that we will be given and we are not able to manage it This is the worst case so I tried to do something
related to Dr. of I want to show you just 1 example of all 4 world uh what we need or 1 dataset as it did very in a very good news is that somewhere there are some of these kind of got violable a certain issue and that's the reason market these a website that because here you can find that some relevant data about the social media and communication this is 1 example of this army other the system is that the that the top 4 from you and then you have to amounts of data with them because they're often amino so for every time you you have the number of incoming calls of climbing poles incoming SMS opening SMS and so on from every province is need that to me lend and from the land to where the broad insisting the tally from every and for encounter is in the word that to mu and and from the land to every a foreign country so it's a very rich that the said obviously of you don't have the containment the of the SMS about you have and we're going to need to but we have at least a number so you see what I had the data
as a receive SMS and the semester outgoing and incoming calls outgoing calls in the collection and you geolocalized tweets and and the government
of the and that separating these the percentage I tried to do something there with my students and collaborators of my I show you 3 examples the 1st line means that these example in which that words that our be about using more with the Apache and opening yourself and that you
have that the example if you're interested you can go down I will I will put my and my light on Slideshare so not not travel at Attila after so as soon as a fusion with mammals my shows they will be available so you and I know that I have to write anything and so I would just to show you this
example I OK so that you can select the problem instead uh you consider the bloody incident of members was was SMS in a you can selected the daily you for you right there that in the 2 months this is in this case I choose the 25th of December which is Christmas at spatial they are in the study and then that you ask you can ask about the energy of telephone call this this summer or uh the mean moment in that they so you see this is the distribution of the incoming SMS and the androgen or if you wanted to add the maximum the maximum is also computed that is that they come from the incoming calls from Roma and accumulate in the Roman Milan the 2 biggest sitting at that you see there many the mean incoming calls so that they can choose another province that is our own things moral was more 1 and that in this case we're expecting to have less in fact we have less incoming call calls and obviously uh you can decide which kind of statistics you want for these data that that's it you can also play with the time during the day and verifying that out many calls or isomers there are enough so that the interval during the day and all K and that as a 2nd example in the 2nd example we use something that some of the knowledge of the different the specifically we decided to use or last amended so suitable for all the major in satellite imagery uh in this case that the idea was that be different and the idea was to Friday and social data with respect to the land call virgin because the land called because in this way we have a sort of footprint of the different the usage of the 2 retreat and that so here you have the 2nd application with the
2nd amount and that you
can select those in these cases the kind of data you 1 of these this is the call out you can selected the delegates of 1 month of the moment that you can select that this is the the cat landed Coleridge classes you are interested and then you can compute some relevant statistics maximum minimum marriage and so on in that class using years CBS and then you can also visualize the results of the processing of meat that I go quick
because you can try by yourself if you're interested in the last the last experiment to war was a the 2 different the words that are multidimensional visualization I mean the three-dimensional dieselization I will explain that uh what they mean with these for the main information visualizations this special case that and then the for the
mention that these the moving the in Diamond considering all the time that that means that I told you that the data collected every 10 minutes or so 1st of all we have every variable to from the read the data from on-body 2 let's see the and that's again the that are sent to the former and the environment of formant like and I think people in those you knowing that that primary you use the in using the shape file let's see the apple is that very important in the scientific environment word that so 1st of all a translator or from somebody to next year and then they whether these well either
using another whirlwind that so in this case that is a selection of 6 database the 1st 3 you see in the pilot art day without rain they last the office today that they which rain obviously you can capture them although as in 1 cell and that then that you can then selected the profiles of you cannot
every WMS you want all user said then you can select the file and you use considered a view of
the data along that specific profile for the every 10 minutes yeah OK so that these is
just the example of usually what is interesting is that the the okkam purpose in in in these these is increasing and that therefore we see in the G for all i suppose that everybody of you knows what your for all these it is a network called quot University of lots of universities and research centers such that we wanted to but may produce special education and the procurement this assessable to toward and in we think you for we decided to start also I thematic network that is specifically a thematic network of these themes is due Crowdsourcing citizen science free and open source software for just by show and that I ask all of you that is interesting to join this initiative so thank you for your attention i and I yield to being tied what
and do you want