Modifications to Web Processing Service Standard For Client-Side Geoprocessing

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Modifications to Web Processing Service Standard For Client-Side Geoprocessing
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Nowadays we see the rapid growth of solutions number for spatial data processing in the Web (i.e. geoprocessing). One of the main trends of Web geotechnologies evolution is the transition from Web map applications to the Web GIS applications, which are supplement the maps delivery with the analytic tools providing to the end user through Web interface. The only general open standard describes implementation rules for Web geoprocessing services. This is the Open Geospatial Consortium Web Processing Service standard (OGC WPS), which is server-oriented standard [Schut at al., 2007]. Moreover, the vast majority of currently used solutions (both open source and proprietary) are server-oriented, i.e. assume the using for computations the server resources only. However, some researchers underline that it is possible way to transmit the executable code to the client for client-side computations and geoprocessing [Keens at al., 2007]. Also, some general Web architecture concepts assumes the effectiveness of client-side computations, e.g. Fog Computing concept [Hong at al., 2013]. Our practical experience also shows that in some cases it is useful to have ability of client-side geoprocessing, which is not opposite but complement technology to the server-side processing technologies. In addition, we believe that it is more useful to have the ability to run the same processing tool by choice on server or client side. We name such double-sided services as Hybrid Geoprocessing Web Services (HGWS) [Panidi, 2014]. We study and discuss the approaches to fill the gap of client-side geoprocessing general schema. For this purpose, we implemented previously the getProcess request as addition to the WPS protocol [Panidi, 2014]. Additionally at the previous steps of our study, we proposed a possible structure of getProcess request and draft XML schema for its response, which describes the list of executable resources and their dependencies [Kazakov at al., 2015]. Currently we working on detailed methodology of processing tools implementation, and prototypes testing in use cases of geospatial data processing for small-scale research projects. We use the Python programming language as primary development tool, because of its applicability to build both server- and client-side processing tools using single core program code. We use Python also for implementation of needed infrastructure components, such as HGWS server that supports the getProcess request/response performing, and client-side runtime environment that provides executable code orchestration on the client. Achieved results need to be discussed widely and carefully. However, main conclusion of our current work is that client-side geoprocessing schema in general could be relatively simple and compatible backward with current standards. The HGWS concept is applicable when implementing client-side geoprocessing Web services in small-scale projects and could be the entering point for study of distributed geoprocessing systems implementation.
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would often get put so let's talk about the presence of this and the this is a much Grant said John person consensus short background to World War II moving at client-side job
persons did not only because so open just special standards all the dismissal Joe tend to do so rises and decorum now as standards often serves a entered the time in that this summarizes of the constructed like clone services for so persistent loss over the data storage and and sometimes we may use the so-called best episodes no and so we can't use so concept 1 this of standards to slip person so service standard of and this is in all this hysteria general the person so a standard all right so we could do with some interest income concepts so I didn't of purchases of presentation of in the web welfare friends and effect this is the effect of competence of concept of could be described as social clickers so know and very clear OK of member 2 is a clear answer to the client device the and that In fact my consider surface are not in use when the bad some person instead instead so the next features or in some places who made In the careful sound it amounts to simply insight that couldn't be a transferable prior to service sector doodle some in some property of some property so some or all of someday features well in some cases in the whole of Minecraft unstable communication channels and in rational maybe on knowledge will make it had a big problem in all some places because of false future among countries says also also in some cases we might have for data transfer restrictions for for example you may use so some commercial dataset untransferable toolset but etc. and finally all mind feature for connectivity is that Grant site petition effect suggests so fast then I'll handle In many times this facilitates applicable for data processing but this is the general features of Saginaw features so but time i little mall life fishermen have P so for example when median of this low some job 1st at our department 28 and some competitive products are sometimes we need tool the hold make some sort of a formal model comparative and what about that this software full the of the collective 6 most the best schema for this use software as a service schema but will we went I use this small scale of approach of being unable to build infrastructure for source so we need to transfer good combining the yeah also if you taken place is generally going to fuel all not consider that to because of amounts of distributed Newton's law in the frame so for these days there are about to load the understood but it's a racist yeah all when use versus the indirect below you know many have for many many problems so for example this services chain a this simply of that problems is to buy right grant the game can is a software components for instance the Kansas continent still claimed scientists for you next process and round and the client moral consensus now along the whole project and the wanted to objectives In the friends of project the 1st 2 so open since the president was insistent that the 2nd is so prepare imagine all this service set and the onset of purchase and use in single good question I mean that too when the run any process so 1 2 such and so problem and the need to hold the program and they're saying results of the process and in this case and the best way to the same results of is to use to called this and is so low this subject is about that compatibility is so opens a special or concept in all that it this standard and the 1st is that the you try and tool construct frontal-parietal markets to specific of and that could be a target for all of the applicable for 4 different implementations there this
evolution has received the use pretty simple from a the purpose of interface diagram was a that this is the case if WPS on and there are national you know and I would have for 2 . 0 version of WPS I share solution is stronger for low rank or a simple request that the process interface this is when when where are the ones that are under the name it will be process metal just about to a general scheme about conception is some words about I want to study about our implementation for this schema have so we can use the pattern for all other development you do more pattern features William I should transatlantic under let me skip this vicious have it has an impact on court also processes billion for and that adding it to the low right that would be a server the and the answer is HGU diverse set of and noted little bit later parameters and this client-side and and and maybe we could construct a hard Jeppesen which arise its article on local terms terms that are present the and are in this case the AGW server users smell so and small so that are to depend to and or yet versus response when will Toronto to all around so that process requests 1 so the it's cannot have a the the processes so of working age on the next slide so when they the 1st of person is the service that person the run it for the following up tendencies so standard so we use a low standard requests and responses about when the tool run the process once again said the only people their get processing 1st the using all some kind of process software comments glance at runtime enlightenment and this request so uh give us possibility to know from the server to the hamlet of very examined document that describes staff hello preventable software components for but also some selected persons but also if an persistent on generic level is a good book to interpret acts as a 5th Mandelson Dexter pops up under the economy difference between users so that users could also could not follow this program component of our rounding 3rd directly resulting and environment so programmable so this going to do extract so it's so the example could be a some are compelled executable file and of mammals so do so something that they see and the backward could fares and lose some analysis of containers for the problem of transit attitudinal called next
to the summers about potential of the new branch of the the domain works with you so I look at it z so it's a it deserve processes that are oppressed squared start on a server and all we could do that random and the server and could be downloaded Lopez supply and we are also said and that is a weapon definition that all prior to grant the the opposite the to stand for MIT and responses to clients across and in some cases so that client of this the of some kind of interface for the some of the process and this separate so Grant the where sometimes enlightenment urban now and the cost of a constant that just of all things that perish so this time of give us this ability to tool round of get west and there are also deduced this ability to organize of download it components so to build those some processing plants and and grounded
also general questions also over on the Falkland set personal mission run of traditional is of the chain of requests they are protocol get competitors request as a 1st request when the Stockton persons as that the it's possible at the start of available processors kwanzas Sarah whereas the 2nd to the use of the discrepancies request world that but this is a grant of some of the metadata of therefore selected process and the isn't worth just working-class classic note be should do around acute that most of the person set of random of so that to purchase and that in the case of processing of should news and you forget person's request are down to the released level the of incumbents are needed to run concept that person and then that will varied components after this request for Grand Central well good persist in that could be person positions that In the gets goes so in initial should consist for the perpetuity the late quarrel so 1st as service notion so let's think of the user to been detained client of uh around and presidents where Anderson processname all process the Americans system
you have the floor birth we not members of different parts of the world and architecture what when deciding see the weapon difference of Paris manager postal for storing of this of image GWAS persist I can do this sense constructive school ground-state runtime environment applications are arrested so will save you time in the construction national pictogram awful stocks control to the causal now this application is some development and all of the the changes to do the a present and
future Hall I made underline next most next ideas no just a as I said before overtrained tool create a lot of specification and at the close it the if it would be interested to know talking about you know from the census the more resists separation could be or should be stunned Baptist and unified for using there are also interesting of and interest in namely so atomization of the processes so low uses word in that 1st set using the and for donated in the local persistence and all good files all components there should be minimized the optimized still hold to tool fast download and low about registration thinking its core program forward processes now so it's a case of cramps persists for a person hello this is also interesting questions well 1st of all to create a problem is to be equal problem when the program again concept person will because since this curse of the shoot down some executable files 1st forensic that Sara and run it on I will this paper or marble whereas so when this goes so we should use 1 that the service it so familiar to us so piece and the 1st is of discretion and our will so because of this so I was the same I stand and trying to describe to you how approach many insertion for carbon tariffs and especially for developers and little for this objection the coast well in general the on and directors so near this idea and some so implementation of this idea as it not ideal so I think you in case of any questions about quantum if I have a question on the on the extension of a standards so you're basically adding this again process operations to the to the repairs standard all years monitor and stand up to in general you if your song some case of Santa Fe or of my question is that why why why do you need this addition operation why can't you just by could see that executes methods that execute from the execute method methods could return of and examine description of the process so basically how I understand this get process you're asking for the process and you're getting some external description which says which modules you have to download from the server to run this 1 you is better in some cases so of some Members of should have opted for hope for a dependencies and independencies so I couldn't be described as I said I should also there so I'm not familiar with so this good features of the general this has been been and WPS working Group are which is he's few years ago was 3 or 4 years ago and I there will be a quiz so if you try to bring this to the technology since as we we need their new methods that are this will be the question that you have to face why do you need an additional methods why can't you just return this exam 0 which describes the modules in the dependences and so on why can't you just return it as a result of the execute method so basically that's the same thing you're attending the sorry I want to execute this of this will be as process now my parameters and this is the process ID and this is our answer is not with the result which the client get immediately but the here here it turns up with a special mime type deterrence and XML which describes the this this is ecution that you have to do on the client side them and you're basically doing the same thing but you're staying within the the the standard I think this is a much more interesting way because you will not have to force them the change of the standards which is extremely complicated and then while bureaucratic so that's the that's my point thank you for the submission did you try to study this also but in that that was the fastest growing in our case so the users are linearity the university a lot the things and we have sometimes and and and now that the gene the general question so basically here I am in your you're doing everything on the client side you get the called on the client side and you executes uh this in the client side of and what may be too more questions and then the first one is widely needs a WPS a told and then if you do you that's on the on the client side why just not dumb or the and execute and the 2nd is that the services are almost always implemented as WP as services because they use the data which it resides on the server somewhere huge data for instance like digital of land models of something like this the terabytes of data which you can download to the client if you pushing the server quot to the to the client then are you will also need to to give access to that data so often in this and now this won't work but what women my my my my point is that why the UID do work WBS at all if you're doing the distance this is distributed scored execution why do you the widening the standard of salt the world so concern data transfer and um as a set in some cases we may have been made during this uh example commercial dataset untransferable to computer and so now little computer the and also in the sand smes and some products of the mean you no 1 of the years process approach but we can build infrastructure forces so you can't use solution some all the Center for Public the so that was the person in the could transfer the careful some analogy answers for example you're giant but start maybe not that that you could as ability to transfer the pictures attendant parameter vector and so that just quote can't use of prediction will work in some other cases where you have a some application and that and compare so many many files collaboration or something else when a man should have will sound to the pull and then assist fastened to balance fast so what around using it and you will certainly fear about use some parts course software some members to be the motion normal just 1 of the because we can't use so the due critics the supplement mentor from wanted to create a standard for all purposes in this case thank you thank you