Integrating Open Source GIS Software in Undergraduate Curriculum, Research, and Outreach - Recent Experiences at Salisbury University

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Integrating Open Source GIS Software in Undergraduate Curriculum, Research, and Outreach - Recent Experiences at Salisbury University
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The Department of Geography at Salisbury University has a long tradition of teaching geographic information science. Until recently, most of the courses and research activities have focused on commercial software offerings. However, the Department has recently integrated Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSSG) into it's curriculum, research, and outreach. Curriculum changes included introducing students to FOSSG in traditional GIS courses using QGIS, and allowed the creation of two entirely new courses in Enterprise GIS and GIS Programming using PostGIS, GDAL, and SpatialLite. Through a competitive National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates grant (REU), students participated in cutting edge research projects in parallel processing with Hadoop and spatialHadoop for cluster computer, and CUDA for GPGPU calculation on embarrassingly parallel processes for raster data. Finally, undergraduate interns working in the Department's Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC) developed geodashboards using node.js, PostGIS, and Leaflet, while a special topics course developed a GIS based iphone and Android application used by 4,000 participants in the annual Sea Gull Century bike ride using GeoJSON, Leaflet, and javascript. In addition to highlighting the successes of these activities, this paper will discuss the process we used to make the necessary changes in our curriculum, secure the necessary funding for external projects, and the training approach we used to get our computer science students proficient in programming with FOSSG tools.
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very 100 of them from an academic that I decided no because just a few seconds the background then we do and so if you're here for the opening session because was joke can move at a faster gene or the surrounding city in an indicator that those kids with the answer the very fact that the questions being asked millions we succeeded only in the open source community in an element that would become a player that as an academic and a sort of think about that too and I thought it was in a similar way about for academic institutions to be given out degrees with a Jew as track and tend not to ignore the phosphogens and community I think it is this around in the sense that it was arrived so that know that we can no 1 firm surrendered to the academic could degree in US and not include the open source as part of that so an account you about this and what
we are doing a lot of ahead entire courses in open source the the process of filling and this and so it's the you and you don't get religion as that would move the mission of an academic university is revolve teaching 20 people from the research and outreach and sometimes call that extension this in which to to better those around us in areas that that contained in the surface of the letter with which we do that so I'm going
to talk about is is each of those areas and have we starting to use open source tools that allow the set so 1st wouldn't change in which a lot of you are probably familiar from academic institutions
so far I mean that the know Java Department of my university is a sweat insulate regional institutions so familiar hearing in Korea forget Dr. John and university it serves a region so innocuous we so the mid-Atlantic region and virtually were renewed Washington DC so that had to set up in terms of having a good balance that that's influence is from about the course and you have never had red and the remember that we started to federal phosphogen type concepts into the courses so that the program visualization agenda for embezzlement and and in a spatial model of course and
credit visualization is the classic and classy taking on how to cook artificially in a digital environment so this is not necessarily cover the GIS class of color theory and the different ways of classifying the presenting it and there is here now the reality is that states on linear so I will insert so you need to do a lot of work that out so the traditional class was only a lot less and the student could choose to use development map of what we've been doing now and would be fairly menus is using things like that map that's time to fairly and certainly 5 projects of and uh independent variable so it's not like that so I think that the students had to do was to try and find your partner is is an interactive maps so again using the map that's on learning how to do things they symbolizes the data insurance that popping up gets in the event of think that this phonetic so and so here's another 1 that was that student had done he's looking at the bottom of the sentences receiving moving pardon me so this is a student typically self-managing 11 1921 was likely that not only is the principles of of layout and that's what I also how to make use of um and open-source tool to propose to resent that work
in in what they do so so that an integrated in part of the project the last
US citizens to expect the good and the traditional and you have so that any grand traditionally relied heavily on we must say a software suite typically introduced into the advanced concepts of a dual-process sensible use things like spatial analyst or 3 analyst statistical analyst a network balance in yeah so it became very distressing for cost we will mean the during his firm in open source of you're here yesterday there was a nice talk and is the 10 most air to haven't you just say that the different domains and the time and had to analysis of the word reality they had special like the welfare that's the test sets and different things so the example of a lattice site and the South Carolina which is on the United States classic example of a a factored know that a smooth by and how many kids are going to have to be that way so that the typical rule-based had US so you can see in 1 case you the landmark yeah this on the traditional and we have a radical here that you just it's not like you just closer to this that after both inside a fairly and by this point you appreciate the kinds of bonds and the relative speed that you can get out of an open source product so that complementing the advanced you ask so 1st the interest of the plan and duplicating some of those um different kinds of activities in you
just doing programming is another course now that with this course is 1 half and half so quickly pilot Python students have to take pay comes as an introductory course in this 1 use using spatial SQL proposed yes so in this case the students learn how to program the class suggest tests on reasons but because of how to do that imposed US the see that pops up on with with that so in respect of the maybe from others but that came have a that in RGS enough so and about 70 thousand and moving out of the in the of that so this is just another kind of of book reviews you think how you and do all these classic USG US had defined test post-editing example from in the books the students will learn how to do the article about intersect with post yes he is said to be an identity of the buffer that solution include that in there as well Bradley profound a and duet class and other that you have going choose or segment and post yes so when chemistry medicine which 1 they prefer but will in but nobody has yet to do is we make should they win
the farther from the other class but now they do it In post yes so the same
kinds of rules but by the time we're done with the educational the 2nd kids better near the factor that blows up because we can do this product over and over again in different software suites we them tutors are generous then you posted US as well another and this is
called enterprise you has that as its main regional university and this was 1st started out as an independent standard for some students are so this is where the students actually designed a multiuser multivendor enterprise GIS and use POS GS in the back and the it's all about this yes right so that we have multiple clients of that simulates departments and we have partner you just got kind manifold experiences in the field of view of building a and yesterday's and accessing it with multiple users with multiple solver far from the viewer from American in understanding the set up example uses of malaria currently and the calls received cell of each of them has have a different kind of information so so mobile you out and it's not data Lionel look at me you know you with this this is the key to this you can find all the users and really work in a true multi-user environments so there are 2 simultaneous multiuser GIS to enhance the other thing you do is you have covariance yes previous the hill here so they learn about things like a domain that you use right of universe then we can use for real world real GIS that would create you the green groups and users life in domains so a lot of different terminologies data for but at the end of the day they have built on only multiuser multivendor and Enterprise GIS that they then we test that simultaneous user as well so this is a level so . 21 22 of geography so weird for tried access to that kind of activity
also some special topic stances on them and mention the head you not just a matter for the book Rome and my view of the part you know that of so the same task that with that with that that about 70 thousand and I did you grow up musical you come you just integrate what's on the spot of the different tasks that had a student who had to independent
study this is about 2 minutes the 21 year and you have the student of parameter that we're teaching them how to use an open-source tool using a post US and um the places where this yes with with and duties on that for so again this is this is what is i-uh but remember this is assumed in about 2 weeks time frames were trying to teach them how to stand up there and also no do so using the first server processes back in for from from set and and also that and as you finish the 2nd method that will be something like this so that you so the little query engine here the guidance that through but the idea is it it's like the parcel of these ideas such as learning how to make that connection between the browser and the server which is chemical it and
so the question is special course we did and this is a blend of taking computer science students Jennifer students and business students at the University hosts
often call the cigarettes century and that's a 100 mile background KelimetriK century 200 meters of 62 up background about 1000 people call up to our community service so that our students did was they don't and carry a
smartphone applications on that include geospatial component so this was a number of different rides the click on you're going work using the with that in with your of the army students the maps the market is so this also the last the community define different vendors who participated in the locations along the computer science is growing both the iPhone and also for the angular and other than of is that travel it he secured aromatic of the ready to compete you up and if you don't have to go and coders and therefore this is picking topic and so that's on there and and they have so you can OK let's suffer them and put
them in here it yeah it yeah so that that where so this is a great way to blend although the difference
students together at next to the research so this is not teaching but again to try and do a lot of research on this research as well but we're trying to infer the open-source work in it private then working of the National Science
Foundation as part of the research experience for undergraduates and would fail patent processing using graphical processors and GPU technology so using the processes of graphics cards to perform at the calculations and in in at the time of the chase we are working with full embarrassingly parallel algorithms to work a model so slow aspect remains the and how take the the pixels send them to Europe system and have thousands of Haitians have 1 time step will OK now that this is very interesting part is that is low was when we do it with a kernel crossing and the red the red and blue and the progress of the relevant did the processing time here by the time we have a hundred years of not that is something last week was the 0 enables pretty much the living double that is not so that he may have but you notice supply along so this is for the use of students have to learn how we think about other ways to really so in order to reduce the involvement of tumor about wanting to to discover specific terrain functions training functions have lots of data this big rest files but few computations for data on and so so much slope non computations and and 3 by 3 hurrah if we father of 5 or 7 by 7 9 by 9 no have many many computations for data in a natural law 60 times through a series of these more alot population so photographed the processing unit the world is really well is if you have a massive numbers of calculations per data element versus what to do and interview calculation so the next executed for for the next unit that
multiple use the parallel process that exercise a here is something called the the idea is the weight of the dataset and Ronald servers so that so that the map is a registered for the various and what are the masses of the masses of computer drive sir slave computers so each of these slaves performed the process and the technology that so this is sort of what happened when we increase the number of nodes absolutely robot we did for the polygonal with this this so we took a process that we from days we were able to bring down the hours from the Sun Daily configurations we got 2 minutes when we build our own cluster of about 4 or 5 years but we eventually went to the Amazon E C 2 1 of the code that on there we can use to in different computers and much faster memory the fast connectivity so that the 2 seconds of the lives of 197 that promise the student is a girl under 200 seconds accidents at at about the waters more minutes that below so that the estimation of food is by using a moment ago them really shouldn't matter per person but necessary to compensate adverse and here
is a member of the board as for that is part of agriculture but this is a analysis for future and so did this with
Clinton recent cuffs University and basically what this is looking at the potential for food consumption and how we can optimize of food production in this case in which state the closer accused I so in the example of a and Richard two-part up the table 1 our was working for the all past I want the passes from this was developed in the in the foot on the front and in using judicial and that thing with 4 to compute and this is a
nice evolution for a student from the manifold you have to flatten flash linear iPad absolute things open where the leaflet and duties this look at
the next part is average of this is not pure research this is more this in which we can serve the community so we do this through the digitized manhole covers of the steps that we have in our in our lab we have buffer can employ his with 10 or so students come through every year and the out of the digitizing the data collection of the thing on a focus on is what
we call dual dashboards and In this case you bring a students in to work alongside the computer so programmers that work in the lab and again this is something we did I reserve flesh and had to migrate that of has led came out so now on implementation you post this on the back and with no user web server an enemy that as the front end so so computer science introduce the students work on a professional staff to create some of these of the additional
example of 1 here the parts so so
something good for the state of Maryland hollow
workforce development so this is called the best in this case this is looking at this 1 is looking at work and work force of important issues in the code based on 2 then we can look at individual counties 1 of the county that I then the click on that 1 and all of these things change and it tells us something about the number of people seeking a job in my county worse than there are jobs that are available and we can and we can also look at in this fashion song on the different conjugacy where terms of workers and FIL jobs from this location it then we have 1 of the things that we look at things like education requirements of this helps the state to figure out the user can only that have lots of jobs that require computer scientists but note at the top programs that graduate they don't have a computer scientist coming up to me that the gap there so this is used for that for that the
short little than its and in the 2nd term definitely better with and we do
things for own for ministers sponsors wanted to show another the Basra quick
the it
it so this is
my lab and bring up there something that doing
it this so this is also used by the state
and to monitor the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and so we can look at edges in a false and phosphorus and what the causes of policy the causes related to farms need for that to come up and you learns networks and not bother with this but again this is and again at the forefront in the post background to
that the and the so he can
wrap up the median of the integrated classes and research into the would have students actually presented the open source training classes you the the
Maryland that US conferences students actually can present the workshop Q of happened over 60 people wanna learn about futures and Mitchell which are really nice and of course if
are happy from you know build on and so
blogger and the this thing pops up here but what he said about is the best and I say that person as rows are works signature what this is this personal connection to the yes the this so
here we have the best answer to just shares 2013 but bounds into that so that we show that is which Odesta
interaction dimension good work as a person that a professional under the same thing for at the Bellagio traffic also we had a enterprise gesturing classes so how do that enterprise class we did with them and the good overview of the results of the advent of a bunch of training classes that can be computed for capturing in open source whether it's time help them in a in so just the
conclusion is and network and processing of temporal mark of open-source interaction 200 research into apple and to take Marrakech Serbia have an just stick with were doing that but again I think we don't give the students a well rounded on education at this point if we that what happened in the open source community development and that has arrived at with what was said yesterday also stagnation for the fact that I didn't really excited about new things in paid to do is learn stuff so so well do a survey opposed US has been really great us enough the standard but also exposes students to other we lose to property past which I think it gives them a greater breadth and since we've seen that in a job interview that belong to the that 1 nonetheless students just recently went to in any tone please take community enterprise impose genesis in the presence of sup sup I have no idea you talking about an innocent person is hiring for AGS job but that we work with a particular sulfur system did know anything of around are appointment 2008 students those reasons which will work and also allows the status and the can and often does better options for solving problems in medical back so the thing that we've done
with an but those Staten
answer the program here is that you could see that if we look at this 1 tricky plants and the impact that they have the nitrogen and nitrogen of wastewater treatment plants and so these are tools to develop an open source product so again we like this a lot better the use of time and you did this and terms based on different counties in that I can see its contribution to the day so that like this because again it gives us a lot more flexibility so the use of open source as helpless really discover new tools that we have no not exist before and then the last
red the data the classes during as
costly ignore phosphogen that's all have a kind of social so I want us to teach that you can no longer issue academic degrees in higher education concentration GIS and ignore phosphatase in that spot fraud that's that's not practice with their word and get the Global Services who always that the dress and that was all about negative means within you the few
interval that inspiring talk during questions yeah was I was going to ask you what your students reactions were to it a free open source software being added to the critical of the transient there you show them working you know in traits that this is this is not in that the way that some of you 21 22 years old you're giving a talk on you just had a GIS Conference people who have no idea what this is because of in thinking about what they're doing just end there's a line of people coming up to ask questions and you get the jazz of 21 role so that part of the interviews and being exposed to these things as great as well when we have captured of 1 example using about the factory blowing up that's a perfect question on that and at the end of their their education sigh the only thing about all this and now they can articulate the pluses and minuses of is less offer open source software and and I think that gets really excited about the learning something new in Kenya any other questions it I can about it but that's the addition of final energy for the matrix manufacturing and so if we can get the value of the guts that was my last slide we can ignore this and what kind of doing so much longer to is that working 442 universities and and informative and we're still getting on the ground floor of the society academics jump in this model the 1st move freely people the follow and I think that's early adopters of things we can become the people really shape the way after users you is really inspiring if there are no other questions things and continued presented in taxation and Kate