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Landmark Based Path Planning with a Linear Map Display For Mobile Map Applications

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Landmark Based Path Planning with a Linear Map Display For Mobile Map Applications

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Landmark Based Path Planning with a Linear Map Display For Mobile Map Applications
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Seoul, South Korea

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Landmarks are yet to be integrated with mainstream mobile phone based navigation aids. In geographical regions where land marks are commonly used by the community for navigation support, the lack of them in electronic navigation aids make them less useful for such communities. In this study a land marks based navigation model is derived considering the value of them for local community in Sri Lanka. The landmarks can be prominent or not, make sense only during certain time of the day or been important differently for people with different age groups. We assume that the attributes of landmarks can be used to give a strength value for them for navigation. In this study three parameters, the visibility of them at different time of the day, the horizontal spread of the landmark and the height of them are considered as attributes which gives strength to a landmark. First, to give more importance to landmarks, we have developed an algorithm where not only the distance of a route but the strength of landmarks is also considered when selecting the best route to navigate. The A* Algorithm is used as the base which output possible shortest paths considering only the distance. This algorithm was enhanced to output the optimum paths considering both the distance and the strength of landmarks along it. If the route is having more strength related to landmarks, it is prioritized. The route��s strength is defined based on number of landmarks visible along it and the strength of them. In order to calculate the number of landmarks along a route a landmark buffer is used. The day/night visibility and the height/spread are used to calculate the strength of the landmarks along the route. We have identified that after placing landmarks on a mobile screen which have limited size, the map become too congested and it becomes difficult to read the navigation path. This is more prominent when the path is having many turns. Therefore, secondly, to utilize the limited mobile screen in more effective manner, we reduce the selected path to a linear map which shows the path reducing curves but emphasising the turns by markers. The linear map shows landmarks around significant turns and provides guidance based on landmarks. The turn confirmations are calculated based on landmarks. Douglas-Peucker algorithm is used to derive the linear path and is enhanced to identify turns and show the landmarks around those turns. A prototype implementation is done using mobile web approach to reduce the platform dependency. In the simple mobile web application developed, jQuery mobile, and php are used for the user interface development and server side implementations respectively. PostgreSQL with postGIS capabilities and pgRouting is used as a spatial database. Web services and smart queries are used to implement the basic functionality communicating with the spatial database and the front end. The application is still being implemented and tested in Sri Lanka at the moment and the outcome would be reported in due course.
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the charter
thank you and the then of then the president of the citric and the function and then if you want to and understanding this in the Bob random edges and the service time epicenter in convinces perspire massive engages with the rest so get I would certainly get the picture provides it is sense and it is that some lines capable each other but it doesn't actually so evidence that it doesn't make a quite but since then what if I put this and this no dismal sensors that no no no is so that had to do with landmarks so just keep that in mind when we on that was vision them to try and get 100 if you want it to make you will learn how to in the land of the last thing I think have you in this entire so the cell interconnect transition the OK get navigation medication simply put their regions of tough from 1 place to another is event planned to so it's not learned new things we have in the net heating like millions of years soul if you want to get to the solution for an unknown destination what comes germline but we have a lot of the numbers of applications which I you all but not all text of text these audio-based of something only can just ask somebody predictions but we compared to help agencies solve an example and I found that attention to it this is something like distance like you to left instead . 1 kilometer to our other what that it's it is if you use it to like a and and present the asker tend to let the already generation Aleksandr it form so this something wasn't right there's something additional so Highlander that so what we have is highly depends was landmarks so bad that's really important is usually used of now that I used for the years and it will use redundancy mountain that it isn't that much so I have to close the gap my country my country integrate these landmarks not only for the balloon but in popular so that is division so how can that be from its own problems the just didn't have demanded to stop at that loca this Batman and then we had to collect that and messenger and that's so so that's another problem and then even if we do have visualizing in a summer school and this would be really and just said so you have to zoom in and then they're out so that 1 of you may and content some so all isolation whereas molecular doing a pilot application which is discussed for all and that has been at the centers of financial problems individually argument to you and I would understand social because that's what think it is about OK let's look in the time about that I'm so we had to create a landmark wouldn't because they're molecular considering the significance of landmarks in pop soon so we had to consider some we found out song at 2 nodes that make a landmark significant have a television and semiconductors for that to which will hi at this point the was ability and becomes a significant and this so that the that followed by religious and they have conducted and and research the initially good and the goal in the much because and we have a lot look the how well the so you see how we can use it improper so let's say you want to travel to the and he had to roads 1st that in that as the shortest path and other might be as slightly longer and maturity kilometers long and that sole if it's allowed under a lot of you choose obviously the shortest 1 right but let's say you come to light but now you can say it about cutting costs and did you must so want you it's not that last in an unfettered so it's easier if you have any landmarks on the road to the to keep that the the company's shown the and some the wanted to take that landmarks in consideration in property at that place so existing engine application where they consider the distance but the consider the landmark count a lot about and also the significance of these landmarks because some of the what significant enough to be used in Part II so we have to get idiomatic and 2 additional parameters as to distance and
the madrasas do full calculation of the best path and then we have the model and talking about the the relative to a part of this in detail at the landmark count but really it's much easier the road that has a mean and of them that order just less number of landmarks so we kind of the landmark using alignment method the land the land solution inside the properly be taken into consideration and then we have taken the density of the and the accountant related model we have get the global impact of the landmark helped so that's all all that I can't read these data and this when it comes the accommodation found that abuse and mentioned in creating the model the height of the spread is abandoned conjure and social significance so we had taken the using bits from from the users and the other is a good thing to have waited these are all uh this attitudes and we can get a that of so now that's really only and then we have used it in part then and now this the whole of the something is longer by straight so I would tell you is that sort of time for it to be and taking these I have circle in collimator turns you may want to the right and the other for the left so in between these 2 numbers together such a dimensional deviating from the top but to do and just going so what's the purpose of showing these so we people have blankets prompt unnecessary information comes to formalize groups showing that in several we welcome the the begin between the so that's the thing that's what he came up for linear about so if you put the France numbers or something like that but note that the tenants and a significantly better and it would be show and if you want to get the hang of it the the orientation the take a look at indicators sold that's well we solve the problem of inconsistent now scripts only about 3 can't do any of this if you don't have enough landmarks so 100 landmarks we allowed to use as the place then markers but nobody would displays landmarks and application so we have to keep them interested by so that we that we held that the socializing concept that you can keep in touch with people you want to and you can probably there OK you this that is a new beginning everything at the bottom of the land that's you have placed so much is to keep going interested so that would contribute the application and also at the market in the model I always incompatible so we can that do it as so but I don't because of the presentation and what my colleague was independent thank you thank you on Knowledge and organs of having explained so they see out of the system object off the ship institution that we have developed in order to achieve all low resistance from application that users can use application of mechanism but is this all through socializing but this using all by the application of the tree we throughout the community of applications so you have a lot of this sort and and all back end up the test the unit as especially this lesson on specific events are these data into the summer then those to communicate and get the job done OK so again seems also of the source of things like adding removing certain frames updating status for this and using and not the medication part landmark removing and linear part and that is part this year so if can talk about the statement that when we have used up all the history and it relies on funding revision use all history as on the right and utilized for you when conditioning the founding use of which is up but then you move at best the and many on services yourself so as long as the pattern as some of its ideas he has also very large it comes to the back end of these forces really but it is true the ability of death of basic data are set up into the courses related is then used these out indexation of 2 men in the or out in every once in a last history is well Holmes specific up special functions and using the loading up get is the use of rapid you know already is using the during just as no so the addresses now this is all
about FIL usability is a landmark of the city this landmark right here so these are
the views that have all the most of the are use of knowledge they the rest of us then you have you the original so why do we have region because we should have at this level understanding comes to allow model order because in an undirected other I got a notice of regions so we should adjust their asses and out yet obviously cannot anatomy managers of the London ideally be captured on the mistake and that this so that you like the height hi the city and that's close to identify there is also significant positive signals as molecular the created the them up I
can write he and Sancho means this how's fit of the landmark is yeah this it stand
out from the rest of so what we know about an hour so
the How about the angles theory you
was when I started in this nation is is
unknown of university so all of us and them for you why is this a little spot and that is the best path so the sort mappings using the underside wouldn't be riding on use of 6 fours years the widest is what isn't 1 for the appearance of this part is slightly along that but if you these shortest path this unit for while the so so it is not the reason why I have so you know this this in the of the not smaller so if you are concerned about the humidity levels by many of the day this topic has a set of landmarks in the is made up it and you're not that allows us due on you turns and the remediation again did you of the sea ice again the follows the name but most of the time so all that is our solution for the for the goodness of knowledge the about the about we it is this
not because there isn't during the linear part of the so but you don't yet have only the means that although this far had between the terms and that many that genius or use of the policy the tends to make on the other hand you need the trying rate so many what that you have a lot of them as so that some of 1 of the other users letting them
said many users logging use or a view
of the representive who is everything and you can see that the Rangers on so the you is that of the money so this is what is that because it is a as you can see that the list again because of the value taking the length of the period of that isn't really guess what is approximately that's what we are more concerned about is about the use of is in line this means are how far from the ladies and how a external here the the radius of that circle that we need not approximately said so as you can see the extent of Google on the and find out where what do you mean is around us so they say goal you from it yes it is inside and he's like I want you around me so if I understand but maybe I can give you money so these things and yet but using these the and as you can see the user studies on them up you guessed it is only and no knowledge the about the values of properties the user profile out have thought that produce revival of each user and areas of themselves they cannot get downstairs and of course you can call them if you need later it says the I'm thinking about like that event and the conducting using justification so this is so last didn't but duties on provided the density of the rating that we provide users it's expected that a number of landmark they're going to build it up to the collection and again I prevent as many the doesn't need to be seen in that the some people have
using the soul you can see very less obvious status and most of us
so this happened is the as Michael movements this out user without that you only said that it was on the politically the navigational and and a and is not so so that the I haven't done so that in addition to that most of the digital little them and use the shortest path that you not is use what the actual status that we have all your money which considers out of distance as the last landmarks and the name of that comes to use oscillating of there are abuses like Foursquare farmer they update their like that location-based services but are proximity radius concepts and giving that to the friends are about using the application as you know about the we whole we see that is that if you have any doubt like the like it you may know that you have been out the shattering the DB that that will be used so we create cost a lot of all on using a bit more to than that creator that is still a the
so 1 of the few Jefferies it somehow yeah the conducting and on 1 side of the grid models so that that all at the completion of the perfect model like the use of this that motivates the high what the rate of readings and be allowed to and that is something about this is that he's been working on a like in another couple of months you'd be able to do this so acknowledgment are like they have the doubtful that it was for the Committee of that they have provided us the a travel down divisive intervals for the conference and the other studies initiated by the your vomited so this movement of your level of gender Institute of Chicago himself in the western technology and it it is not supported by our research that as so that's the end and the let's come back up naturally in the money these this thing good of for clearly sir thank you so these presentation can Western from then yes so if you at thank you for the presentation the like button you may have missed that but if you also consider consider geographical landmarks in system my mom all rules and because of the and the just that there is an effect the defensive and began as the weather that a that use again the level of and you in should and then the question from the added complexity to the time and the said that users can add their own landmarks he's at the work of the description so what sort of adding something as landmark that might be specific to community leveraging in the community but not a landmark at the rest of the city I I like the and the people in the middle and that can comparable to the student indexed so all different that uh the development of assessing she learned that uh that focus on these so you should suburb the folk communities and knowledge that we have the this deconvolution like the US troops and the goes a bit more so let's say that most envisaged must and reduce introductory both and integration with it starts so that ensure should this all the community Manchester I don't know so now and just command tent and because the good and is seeking that I don't know J. Hanley and look forward shops and voted on and jerking benefit didn't have profiling that the kind of user is very useful because they're not really that you can never noticed something said that the person commodities at the things that is the 1st point that weakness but don't shoppers I'll rows that choking really close and you can understand less than landmarks that can be from where the of shops and asking them also to contribute to the building as no fees every year suppose that they won't be as many of the and here and there the being that they share the advertising applications as a landmark and if they don't papers move the boat should be removed to have examined a useful for an adult and became so so that you can see that there is this model and the parameters that have been included in in summer usage the vision of the glitches do it everywhere I can show you an exact match and then the director of the social so we have to prevent this kind of information and that of that consonant and shoppers and the something that you can see the answer yes that churches since I'm but I so shocked and the people and said that the service of the so this has progressed and commends about there's nothing to censor has happened about consumption and what happened was with IBM announced solutions so only if you have varied varied at center of student and there's supposed future research assistant so that's a very difficult to under standard and humans and then can tell us if we've had you