The Development of Web 3D-based Open-pit Mine Monitoring System

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The Development of Web 3D-based Open-pit Mine Monitoring System
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Seoul, South Korea

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Large-scale open-pit mines are critical infrastructure for acquiring natural resources. However, this type of mine can experience environmental and safety problems during operations and thus requires continuous monitoring. In this study, a web three-dimensional (3D)-based monitoring system is constructed using open-source geospatial information software and targeting the open-pit mine in Gangwon-do, Korea. The purpose is to develop a monitoring system of open-pit mines that enables any person to monitor the topographic and environmental changes caused by mine operations and to develop and restore the area��s ecology. Open-pit mines were classified into active or inactive mines, and monitoring items and methodologies were established for each type of mine. Cesium, which is a WebGL-based open-source platform, was chosen as it supports dynamic data visualization and hardware-accelerated graphics related to elapsed time, which is the essential factor in the monitoring. The open-pit mine monitoring system was developed based on the geospatial database, which contains information required for mine monitoring as time elapses, and by developing the open-source-based system software. The geospatial information database for monitoring consists of digital imagery and terrain data and includes vector data and the restoration plan. The basic geospatial information used in the monitoring includes high resolution orthophoto imagery (GSD 0.5 m or above) for all areas of the mines. This is acquired by periodically using an airborne laser scanning system and a LiDAR DEM (grid size 1 m �� 1 m). In addition, geospatial information data were acquired by using an UAV and terrestrial LiDAR for small-scale areas; these tools are frequently used for rapid and irregular data acquisition. The geospatial information acquired for the monitoring of the open-pit mines represents various spatial resolutions and different terrain data. The database was constructed by converging this geospatial information with the Cesium-based geospatial information open platform of the ESRI World Imagery map and with SDK World Terrain meshes. The problems that resulted from the process of fusing aerial imagery and terrain data were solved in the Cesium-based open source environment. The prototype menu for the monitoring system was designed according to the monitoring item, which was determined by the type of mine. The scene of the mine and changes in terrain were controlled and analyzed using the raster function of PostGIS according to the elapsed time. Using the GeoServer, the aerial imagery, terrain, and restoration information for each period were serviced using the web standard interface, and the monitoring system was completed by visualizing these elements in Cesium in 3D format according to the elapsed time. This study has established a monitoring methodology for open-pit mines according to the type of mine and proposes a method for upgrading the imagery and terrain data required for monitoring. The study also showed the possibility of developing a Web 3D-based open-pit mine monitoring system that is applicable to a wide range of mashup service developments. Acknowledgments This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korean Government (MSIP) (NRF-2013R1A2A2A01068391).
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but the and quoting here because this is
came currently must have I'm sorry with given this is certain Krontiris studying for a Masters course the subject and the University and I will be presenting and that they belong the development that through the base of the mines monitoring system the
content is our contention that as shown on that on the table of contents I like to start to read the
summary of our research the but
after 9 our topic that would interest are crucial infrastructure to industries they should however be continuously monitored as they also impose environmental and ecological treat to their reasons this research therefore focuses on Disney the 4 on monitoring system and develop someone that is able to Major and detect change all of the mind spurted of cross gone reasons we the use all future geospatial in in formation opened weapon and often so software does our optimistic for this research was to contribute to the ecological restoration of all the commands the
research is supported by nature Research Foundation of Korea and we're on our 2nd year old the project In the 1st year within minor classified into different sectors monitoring nestled are established and system development environment is set up this here being the 2nd year the research has been focusing mainly on establishing they have order monitoring establishment or or database for acknowledging consist of collecting data from the from there so this will the website and you neurocrine high resolution EEG and the and this data then combined into a single framework that operates In the last year does system design and prescribed established in 2nd year will father developed in mid GIS of 2 rear based on open source next use on Chris file from the mine in establishing concept on all of the mind monitoring
there are still still further from cement mining gonna reason of those 90 have are lies basic data and information to divide them into Active or opened to mine and met in mind the around were in use all those line for minded compared to the scale including Alappuzha as in mind were selected the subject that kid my for monitoring while billions into was chosen as neck Ch
the concept and monitoring concerning the meaning of an the concept of emerging concerning off mineworkers fighting tool or operational aspects and environmentally close prospects for the play will put us that consists of mining area equals for restoring area he just a restoring area the environmental ecological aspect consist of easterlies area and ecological restored areas methodology on the at present day out selection or according to monitoring area and is upgrading means are also set the
figure you some of subdivided monitoring area although on active mine La Paz Osman mind this new stuff 2 dimensionality she's on the resort to using different muscle so the meat or Sigel operative from Alabama disobeying on 2007 and 2014 the figure are
flooded the bizonal was monitoring area in 2007 and 2014
and this the figure is oxygen a monitoring area with residue RBM greatly the by neither the M operator from a urban later so banging 2007 and 2014 next is the construction of a database and use upgrade the for monitoring system furthermore turning
all often the minor mass so the Ricci efficiently detects change over time is needed In this research test that relational database for the margin system there collection and they are upgraded with new data or pollution to place the application process you close to questionable time and they and Ingersoll based by Jews special information open flat and all of them they are so this from the public and private or website they have a subway the process conses consistent to difference in the so the walker data periocular shimmied airborne laser something and then theory for collision at the UAB system or test your hideout for Argentina urgencies this collected data is combined it amid association they have been to create ofuse database for the monitoring system the collection is
a series of a collection of at the they and also images serviced by open their summers but for like other harassment minding image data consist of a biennial Open Data from favorite site and then GII initial image you need a deform so these while at the time they playing there is based on the and they are provided provided by tissue platform and Ng II and US Gs the energy entering
their provided by Ossetian Villepin from database is not enough for the monitoring with the mind transitions so this research as if acrid odor data up you equally in 2007 and 2014 using airborne majors so being for . 0 database upgrade overlap as a lesson in mind this occlusion of data made it possible but upgrade of the database to be the source image of a ground sample distance 0 . 2 5 meter in their own little on the order of criticize all of 1 meter
also the heavily utilized terrestrial either system for situations such as the gesture that need non fury upgrade all that the database terrestial i . 4 billion for smuggled data up poker focusing on mining slope you the more than 80 degrees was utilized in the urban light up yeah In cases over the gestures such as cost and the corresponding flow after solider use used to grasp the situation or to plow restoration for the area this
research has utilized ommended the Arab ecosystem as of muscle to operate a database the figure shows here he is also unique genes and efficient collaborative will the database obtained from monitoring area oldloc pozzolan-cement we really has the John or coercive the occuring data work out a means for his time of convenience and such as shown in the
Figure collected and EEG and training data are established in time series and combined it me that database overseas your those geospatial information platform constricting the integral database
this is the process registration awoke rigorously image on the monitoring system database margin system based on scission using major provider after registering onto GeoServer this is the figure reached
upgraded or synergy was combined it agreed excition database and registered on the system developed it mean the research Due to the difference in time and that come taking the imagery that color and tonal initiative for a from 1 another this is a phenomenon that should be minimized through part of spend all the research this is process where
would registering high highly upgraded time India the television model of they did detector vector being created triangle lation irregular networks and it's about RGB Sasaki MDM based on the vector which is then registered to the marching system using Jews overturning provider this
figure is so process or margin us out there so can be upgraded
upgraded high resolution TEM on to
those monitoring system using C should
use word providers this figure to
solve the difference problem by defining the height class decision inducible for why the this is the designing ended the Lamont all of the monitoring system this research for that
use especially information often flap and that become the client and the basis for them more systems comparative word in his of our and the issue to deter mine up platform from each has there according to day I and the me g that consists of the basic database that's the part on how the eXelate facilitated other isolated repeat and dynamic they'll be drawn ization and it's not more convenient so in developing a system with 2 open-source environment the shinto web gel-based open source so platform was selected in resort all warnings of of further
system development on the differences system Brahman the development environment was consists of forced to GIS as the solver just sober as the middleware n C. issue as those clients the research to detect change all the children the monitoring area efciently the effectively the Frazier or Ujamaa sold was used for putting a shot change detection knowledge it's visibility residue DM and 3 D modelling for ontologies three-dimensional shape detection at the same time next year
is the other issues resort although each over the more training areas 1st of all to dimensionality issues all the mining area in these series all time using our seeing the corresponding year showed the unit in Rosalind all that the mining area and change all this to easy and operational next the residue at
the of the mining area showed that is and that in approximately 90 per cent all the dog mining area program the cut while ground 0 6 4 and while and they were made from waste too easy and operational the
extension of the mining area prove that the analyzed the readers three-dimensional modeling
using our synergy and DM were coded by airborne laser something in 2007 and 2014 this
is the result well about monitoring on the 2 dimensional change over the the Coolidge strings area are using across images changeover don't always series all the time are mainly expressed the figure
indicate on the area that has been ecological only restored vegetation in the in continues to grow over time this figure is
changing ecological restoration area includes 3 D passenger monitoring the college greatly restored area mid no elevation change was found to be what portion onto the 54 God rest his being restored used R . 3 measure change
detection of the ecological weight the I'm sorry these are does it in a shot change detection all equal ascribe restoring area using three-dimensional modeling although those musical was
reading depiction of the gesture restoring area 1st URI does something took place after the corresponding to the class all the are selected in 2012 the 2 restaurant to a change of the slope before or after the close and this duration can be recolonized the the data
presented the slope was found to be granted cup by residue DM became 2007 and 2014 you to the course the gesture after the gesture does 3 dimensional change detection using terrestrial light of solving and residua DM all the area code to be utilized on Us William Clark relation and establishing restoration plan for the area the 3 Majali she's using terrestrial iodine and the amorphous 2014 all the those digits restoring area pay 5 process over the gesture restoration
through the initial modeling all the the gesture restoring area has made the difference between before and after that the gesture and iteration recolonize over next is a prototype over the margin system we have designed and developed the the this is the main
interface or would that system red that means that can mine and blue symbol means you have to mine also correct the symbol will off feared mining information like mainly about the menu on the left side to show the registered they in system the upper left and use so that that the M those but then left you will fly to the mine locations this quoted Alappuzha and my and now at this screen
should sure that they are used by different 1 sees him this area use the raised in the
mind but this area off you to the hiding the seizure is not treated for monitoring so the upgraded so we upgraded
upgraded to high-resolution EEG and DM for monitoring and we are made of stream of a data set there set all 2007 are made up just ground sample distance Jr . 2 5 meter in and grant a set of 100 a marker buying have nature solving usage and he and a squirt made mind bounded mining banditry of 2007 in this system
but and mining area and and mining area you the standard but
textual time and it can be assumed that the high school with the area from beings toward and it is it and this area is ecological restored area energy of 2007 was operated by eliminated so vain injury all the 2008 2010 2012 of what were collected by Don parents site and in the dual of 2 dollars certain was collected by in GII words website injury 2014 was called operative buying up on later solving and the last 2 thousand 15 must collect the operated by ommended entropy ecosystem prone restored area show the base station area continues to grow over time tha the and
it kind
of he said it was the just to restoring area if the collapse took place in August 2012 we in this area this is suffered from to collapse awkward and there are electric transmission power in toppled of the all over the area the problem of the area in 2007 letter transmission tower collapse as clustered now corrupted to happen in 2012 after the colossal could coded and the restoring and the partition of military put electric transmission power can be assumed the change even when changing 2014 it has been it has been almost restoring in 2004 2000 15 but
the series close promise storing area Mr. erosion has been complicated and plan prove prove certain progress in 2 dozen 15 up in In 2007
it look like a belly the use of a the benefit
benefit of our system so the detection all the 3 dimensional change various on other the bench Dean there'll not all year only only change even in non fight finally to the conclusions so with
this research the concept of monitoring and the foundations such as database load of marching system formal or from the mine were established you have been selecting the for the credit due especially information can flow from for those developing environment as well as the effective change detection sold for the monitoring area using awesome or synergies he as through dimensional modeling as mentioned all year old our 2nd year all the research here and we plan to complement our prototype system and the final a year thank you for always
mean the if
that can I have 1 or 2 questions from the audience the and I can English we also I can't English row sold for the purpose of her this is a really high for I can answered the well how could the sucking this from any questions when OK thank you hate theft