The Integration of Heterogeneous Open Source Software to Develop a Dynamic Urban Growth Simulation Model

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The Integration of Heterogeneous Open Source Software to Develop a Dynamic Urban Growth Simulation Model
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Seoul, South Korea

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Recent development of open source geospatial software offers new opportunities for the spatial analysis and urban modeling fields. The use of open source software enables analysts and modelers to build dedicated and advanced models through computer programing. However, many open source geospatial software usually provides building blocks for the static data management, analysis, and visualization. Hence, development of dynamic simulation model with open source geospatial software is not yet fully fledged. The goals of this study are twofold. Firstly, it aims to develop a dynamic urban growth simulation model by using and integrating heterogeneous open source software such as R and Processing. Secondly, by doing so, it aims to develop a new way to use binominal logistic regression analysis as a method for dynamic urban growth simulation. The research uses R and Processing to develop an urban growth simulation model. The former is a well-known open source statistical software, and the latter is an open source software for data visualisation. The integration of two open source software and the model development are carried out in Java programming environment. The reason of such integration is to build a dynamic urban growth simulation from a conventional binominal logistic regression analysis. Binominal logistic regression is well-known method to calculate a certain choice probability, and it has often been used to analyse the possibility of future urban development. However, the result from such logistic regression by nature is stochastic and static. To make it as a key method for urban growth simulation, what this research has done is the integration of following tasks: execution of logistic regression, extraction of coefficients from the result, calculation of development probability, allocation of new development, and visulaisation of such urban development. The model was applied to a case study area, Busan Metropolitan Area, Korea in order to examine its usability. It has produced statistically meaningful outcome, and the model shows a new way of developing dynamic urban simulation model. However, all data processing work is done with a separate work process, and not integrated with the model. It could be a future study.
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top isn't background information about the so it's then I explain about the stuff of more than was arrested at origin open source software used for them what month if that then I'll show you birdies attribution relation in some cute talks the it it is composed of of open source geospatial so popular and I like open source of much because it's not appropriate prior to the and it provides many useful appeared the around for of us the the Tuesday SOU DAQ 1 of the most popular open source geospatial software but on the other hand that GIS is usually use the post debate the management and analysis and there are some limitations for the development with dynamic published in relation to the size of the the the but the information about load of information and knowledge about the future is a very important in training in the the sense not knowledge you can the vapor on any sense the more there can provide can inform the forestry and that are born with it can be a poet cerebellar of 20 with tested various white scenarios of forest nature in there are many different types of
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the system to prove the barrel of a dynamic of simulation with the by using an interior things to different open source of the selected out and processing and tool development new rate for use in what is the relation with the of dynamic of interest rates the the of of of the of of what is the what is this is 1 title would more forget the conditional probability an it is often often associated with this which was a modern and the red introduced and other more than a few tools the more there isn't a certain kind of choice probability and the the main strengths of such information about that is that we can identify key future continental within changes and the prohibition of each training picked those 1 and include the purposes of the and his mother these up from use in the context of static and it vanishes now so but so
unless that at the beginning this is such that the use the universal model she generated by many levels to that uh by combining some of them wouldn't concept and computational techniques will lead to the relation with the the model structure and the process is about this and the possible that aggression is conducted according to this place get the the probability of a pitch members and then the assumption world of calculation about the put the amount of charge of opposite made and such of Ambrose's own located to the present the Puget numbers and that this process is indicated in in necessary the number of the of and many users are quite the same the that the initial conditions and the estimation of a model based on the and the population will probabilities of the if the day and the government in the future of the general case to case and reposting and the number of actions and that this 1 cycle is keep over the years the so these kind of modeling concept that cannot be implemented the because the statistics of the Polish ingredients of today so I developed a dedicated mandated by using it to the person that a of such art and uh the processing and ii that the that amount that you know that tab up ruining environment OK the about our that because this is the 1st open source of data and data most then was and I guess most we would know about it and I use are 2 carry out the mission answers and the next story is a
process in the denominator we recall about body before the the the for the but the the the the the the good point about the is document in the process shape and I said that the source of terror especially prone dynamic and interactive visualizations it's a developed by the KGB us and depends on the prior at the MIT Media order and you can download the source code and the find many information on the web site of the Minneapolis and I use this software through pugilism to pugilism about them in the the probability of being federalism by using this through processing in order to make a match and Net survival grows and to animate emerged connects then how do I
make them out and the processing will together this is done in the tab a pro-environment I imported the job arrived ready so bad and processing mode necessary functions in drawing the red dots In this case shows that and in the case of learning that I believe it would be have and the processing care and then II and provide tool to smuggle took this is that area proved she the mother of property the study area is a descendant of the condition that the sound is the 2nd largest city in the media of about 3 . 5 million and like many other metropolitan region in the wall of the sun or so students this is a country of our Mongrels installing the government in that such a strong user thinking for racing that 2 of efficiency the selected human in 1 son the and the answer is that they have this program that exists among them to depend that the period is of the state is finally and independent variables included keeper and social-economic if it takes over the study area and the on there are no right is for choosing this set a very oversold any selected this variables was based on the data to give you and low data this related to the truth of our attitudes of the these days so in all analysis session relations the user conducted in part the space this is a short video presentation of the study area the the yellow areas most of the streets of intervention area of what I consider the of an and the geezer
the independent variables should the the that X 1 is innovation a meter and X. through it is through open and that's too late is not about the perhaps reading I wanted you and X focus at the present is the paper out and it's a person for power and the 6 6 is amended prize it's assembled these distance to the CBD In this year I consider the old promises of CVDs with you so there are more than once to be the and next day and is distance to the nearest the major or text mining is a distance to the nearest underground stations and extend is the distance to the nearest primary school and it's 11 these non-local the graduate facility redefined underneath and extracted number of supermarket process for us and need 500 an exercise in is number of a residential says meaningful and and that this is the is reserve
over the border stimulation and the 1st of the value ROC is quite high it's different mind 1 9 7 5 so we can say that the more the use tools and the 2 shows that the major determinant of our bound grows for the study of this innovation population density and then devised a set of and from that that preserve region calculate the probability puture about grows and this is a typical use of a logistic regression modeling aspect in the forecasting of but other types of energy to make the decision model dynamic based on the concept have introduced the people and this in the
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from open source software provides an opportunity for modeling spatial and temporal dynamics of open systems and the what is stimulation model can be modified and the volume the 4th dimension religions and there are also some limitations in the fossil on the configuration of such through special software let's the functionality of many free things going on that she would be the thing to do when it shows that the you need the model of inflation the terms of a modern the linearly the limitations of the so he makes the dynamics simulation message the for instance the information office in respect of moving the over the years so there are some possible to talks in 2 major ways uh you know Mr. logic could you point you may be good to integrate this and other modeling this for instance the immunity to Woody relation I mentioned what can be amended by introducing some motions of the role for and also these also contribute more than 2 with estimated put amount of fish of others it and in terms of technology and implementation what is kind of more than we think a GIS about all of these you provided some energy to do that in the statistical analysis and the handle with countries they in material through the necessary which trade the OK that's up for me if