Generating Geospatial Footprints For Geoparsed Text From Crowdsourced Platial Data

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Generating Geospatial Footprints For Geoparsed Text From Crowdsourced Platial Data
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The importance of place-based or platial-based research in the geosciences has been highlighted in recent publications by researchers Goodchild, Elwood, and Sui. They suggest that deep and direct location information is more frequently associated with place and placenames. The traditional spatial context in geosciences is geometry-based, But the human brain links the orientation and association of real-world objects or features by place names rather than by coordinates. Explaining a location of an incident in textual format typically requires prepositions to emphasize the proximity of relevant features. Additionally, global mapping systems do not convey the real naming of real-world features on a local level. This raises the importance of creating local gazetteers containing various names of each feature entry including buildings, landmarks, and road names. In addition, a place might contain smaller places within its boundaries. In the platial perspective, gazetteers and hierarchies of places can be compared to GIS databases and layers in the spatial approach, respectively. This general approach allows for the connection between human-centered place-based referencing, and metric georeferencing systems used in GIS and mapping. In this research, we are instantiating a reference library of geo-parsed footprints based on place names and prepositions in text-based crowdsourced data. A localized gazetteer of place names in George Mason University - main campus, Fairfax VA, USA was created as the functional center of the system. The geo-parsed footprints are bounded differently based on place name types and whether or they are preceded with a preposition. The prepositions are being classified in accordance to their relative distances. Currently there are more than ten footprint definitions based on the geo-parsing methodology. The library of the footprint definitions is expected to grow significantly and we hope to make it a reference for other scholars for further research improvements. The web/mobile platform system, built for this research, integrates the following open source technologies: MapBox, TURF.js, JQuery, and Bootstrap.
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they are alone on menus on the ground that I'm
from uh PhD attended in nature of missing university that's in Fairfax Virginia USA than there are today I'm going to talk about this topic which is a man and a major topic in my dissertation so 1st of all wants to talk about how the false start from the beginning and how we define the problem afterward I really really related figures so we can this couple papers referring to the this paper and we're trying to focus more on R&D the and and and specifically like topic because we're a team of developers the number of so I'm going to talk about the open source acknowledges that lies in wear and implemented in the system and then finally will of on the school the with friends which is the the summary of all of of the research from the vendor of any kind as of the the futurist so
what initially of this project started there to support the blind and visually impaired community so 1 of this is what is referred to as that's allotment that the maps and it's basically the maps that the blind and visually by people can't touch to navigate the food environment so 1st of all it is so this is a a regular tactile maps and this is VOA was of fertilizer digital customer and of the the way the person such do you think to the sum of so as you can see here these are always so the which is here in the hall here and he's like the buildings where is a the the
somewhere this is a professor he was in university or in the of you can find only the war had some some problems and so can start the stuff his research is a from the Department of Geography and the after he become blind is he focused on 1 1 on just before the and the they started to build a couple of systems what is referred to as you see at the University of more personal so if you're a gene and he wasn't it didn't need achievements in the system and that he was the the the the system the system since he was blank so what as
you can see here despite here here here is
most of the so people go to the data so we can navigate through the up through the UCSD campus easily but you so this is this was the the 1st part of the initial research and my professor at right now that might present a written as well as 1 of students the it's intended
to what extent the research what we had to do was that the the tactile maps would have and the that the day of the official data that is available for use the what happened there is like the temporary maintenance obstacles throughout that the bank of interconnected of the fueled navigating to detect so decided to implementation of EDI into this of into the system this was the year of the user with be notified India a blind person the vision in preparation for a visually impaired the person would be in fact that there's an example lexical in front
His work so well this was this was originally was was observed in users may be the temporary possible or even even experiment that the forces and you of build the here to find the place names association because the user might be able only 1 you of this then we would do blood years information and then the year from the mobile devices the user via the glycogen will be alerted when there within approximately for the the obstacles so my mind was here but the thing of this year loaded into the system the so this is because this was
the 1st paper by is what it's called on the window at the importance of discoveries there were a few of you you are the names of this here so we this text and all 3 buildings are included here and the speed of you were also the only limited to this area and the 2nd paper was there of and to learn or Spencer published through passages in 2011 we in number of Grand and so what would the system you know this is what is the velocity difference so trying to minimize the theory of reporting so as you can see the forest was elected and the flow of all of the different and trying to minimize it should be and that is you can see here we have the whole reports and we we implemented given the international of those of the various societies error and we have also according the spell check for a 4 year forward so these are just some of the examples from all users working there's there's some obstacles and now we have in this example we do this this is what this following 2 of the so then now we published in the paper and the media builds on another tool to the system that would as their quality of the year or during recent community tool that means in in in different languages so we can look at the gazetteer so all all these all the languages that being sought in the reason the university so users user can for example if you select the new feature and this is way that we have already these names in your language so you need a lot of you in this set of maybe even the corrected or it's not there any finite and this is
the year of the last for the newspaper and here was that we tried to do is that the we started from because the 3 points so here there 1 point for the user there was the problem the main ones on image a according to the image the more is for the year model and this is the the so as you can see the difference of being involved in the world different shapes and the
so where if I can just we define the problem again on if you if you heard about the translational years which is you know from from spatial population means that the people that would prefer to the technical new job offers going over uh the uh refer to play a tune on when they're put patterns they would use place names into the images from the requirements so this is the 1st topic in the research and you add is so i've topic and the we're all so what we're basically trying to do here is to validate the did you add this time Laplacian yeah URIs the going so well the problem OK so I move correct in the system that uses the 1 that supply giving us the images and so on and are sending the moderators can be expensive and time consuming so which we're trying to focus on the footprints that we are generated from the text the so in the OK so this is that the major focus of this paper is to work explain how how we can develop different footprints based on different spatial orientation between the the objects that there it's being spent in the text things they are basically for the technologies we use that my boss leaflets turf and the reason I'm no spatial of of the source material we losing that Watson leaflet for visualization and not that specifically full time in the there uh drift we use it for the spatial analysis which it works very well actually that my what's so thank you for but it
certainly this is the the 1st step of 1 of the examples that we from this is what is called a little what the point of the standard in some kind of the message itself the specify any propositions so what as we have is a certain better the 10 different about 75 the of feet and if you don't to for example this example I'm just saying is the measured Van medicine as effective as adjacent and the when the text message this is about automatically generated after passing to the text so that the 1 preposition found which is near and the is being assigned to the of the I another example is for a user the parameter of a explaining the location between abundant and a segment of a strings so what in the sense that I think here covers there and here's the possible no look at locations for the for the event of and as he says
that the partition between the 2 environments these are not included so what we have to do is to what extent the change in the depending on 2 independent extract this metadata to what happens from the so would be this meant that many that actually the concurrent media that the place for the plants because it's not between the 2 domains so that only the 10th the only upon the book that advances in the metabolic extracting the smaller and the endoderm and that is In the possibility that the report is being made and the we
also added to the database so some of the some features that they don't have names so we have that was here as as you see that the empirical so what are some reported that the there's some incident between the 2 buildings that are not well between the 2 buildings so this is how we extracted the year it's similar to the previous example except that we intercept the that there always between the of the Richmond thank In this example so so the difference which somebody reported that acting on this list would consider adding between universities and this so this is how we extracted from this is that going through the of of gradient as well the I wasn't
enough consideration the variance for the direction along explanation so what we had said is somebody patterned and this is an efficient repairs actually so copy this this manuscript constant so somebody pointed that west affair constant help there's something on so we extracted this way this way and the other day as the day of the central and then the diameter is also the but variant of the abundant and complications to find this distance and development cited as you can see has been the concern is not doing well in industry and this is a different example December dependent was that have the same building which is right here the the
all right and that the American example that we found in the in the presence the intersection between 2 streets so this is a very simple example because the spreads and intersect ones but then if we have we have some examples that we have another example here as as intersection between their durations symbol the events in university right so that as a person here this lexical here red well yeah this and president has basically from here to here method considers that 2 intersections sort of this system that was not enough even to look after if there is no multiple law intersections within between the the 2 invented the streets or forms tha tha t
l scientists investors and found that they have similar payoffs in a big and it's not easy to defendant their attention from text so for example and this is the of the and this is what is referred to as perpetual children so it's about that time and so we all need we do so and events that I mentioned that are missing fat and the apps again what indebted circle without even explaining to you in a good and inspiration to well specified locations this this factor this factor so in this in this way we would have to use that what you have is vague so if you can maybe at the most patient to your location the the the and
it the so the future where we have a free your pants and the sentence and the set up of this definition of encounters there at that in 1 lab so attractive and not of to define such reduced spatial foot footprints based on the orientation that is being explaining that that's and of the other interesting research topic which is associating the propositions so right not temporary it's it's not found with the unknown my advisor is and he's trying to get in contact with the version is professor in linguistics department to to see if we can determine the the buffering size based on the preposition for example where verses close to so that but that said that the intervention of the questions the the the fact that p person in the end so but sometimes the information in management and so on and so far
astronomer and edges were trying to
understand so it can be curve that plants uh imbalance as well as
objects and as the growth
a and put into use so that candidates and that and consider adtech assessing including events like a Laplace had anything that is in the form of the plants and vision in British mutant bird navigating through an environment can hold this is temporary and it can be fixed but that but that person cannot see it even if they had the view that the aftermath because they can be dated conceived and we had an incident actually germination of and the student was walking and the reason was that the last and very little influence on on the left with the whole of that guy fulfillment of the need so this is new but of initiative from claims that because economic especially interesting with the picture even that I wondered if you also captured the temporal information that ample information because the mother each that occurred OK if this separated by the user the user's so article unit but you timestamp and payment in and the 2nd question is how do you handle really uh and detect intruders incompatible interesting data from OpenStreetMap so I and I believe in what do you that suppose you can have confirmed that we assume that it is still very fragile contrast enhancing within the deductions by investigative offices of on a natural for the student but you would have comparative is as an obstacle source that can have an ISO circle of amino the edges and had some interviews with this sort of advanced students in encompass and the more expensive and the research will the the the obstacles that the fertile but you don't have a mind this be a steeper approach so for advanced tech Records can be dangerous the content of the yes right and there's a there's a is there a me that for the Mars sources say in the feature set size of construction or which that's a hazard for the users in windy the knowledge that features no longer that is no longer his the of the words that I use for those in there the idea of with with that implement this function that so what we're trying to add that this function so that users can refer that this obstacle examples under that medical centers of the 2 reported the incident and of the so it's hard to say we're trying to do it so to you're about this application called the cyclic fix it's it's certainly less that you can refer to incidence then you kind of get them the thing that it's not there I mean that they did not and it is the example of conservation Union noble very accurately so you went
from the core to western it
um but yes expose reviewers
campuses is that the the majority of the people have already distance you can win with east west are based on the road rage here so when I say that the the the west side because well was the mean over them at say this to the center AC so the only thing that I forgot to add here and so for this year from this is that was being sent so at some users actually and this is going to be added in the future as well referring also to the inference so that's the at the moment in this the here over the years some some some of the there of those so should so this is worth something about it but in solution thank you signs as good as don't take the dimensions of gazelles Enron that is in and out and as so you could let suspense around it and they didn't have already the
Click here matter as many of those that is any emissions knows on the
and people and not having the presenters information on this tactile maps among offered this is the system is not being is not implemented but the all the footprint and it's much it'll be much bigger than the I the of so the the problem is sometimes a man can't control the volunteers sometimes it would affect the recent text tweets of text message SMS but in and some other users don't have it in good time to take an image explain it shows the location for the phone so the system is given by options so some users and what's from the text so this is the worst case scenario the video the man to understand text so this is the way it should be good and in this case the year of on land of personal reaching the year the footprint area even if it's bigger you will be aren't usually 1 of 4 the mobile device that within the area that you're entering the reason for such and such obstacles I know it's not the detector map that gets updated it's more like you get a message to say you know what you are dangerous area and the other questions but and that's how I think I could find this an interesting presentation