Proposal of Water Pollution Sources Management based on Open Source GIS

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Proposal of Water Pollution Sources Management based on Open Source GIS
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Seoul, South Korea

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Korea is managing the water pollutants in the national institute of environmental research part of the ministry of environment. The national institute of environmental research is managing which was classified pollution of domestic, industry, livestock, aquaculture industry, land, basic environmental foundational facilities through investigation of pollution source all over the country, The national institute of environmental research, in order to efficiently manage the vast amounts of data, it is a graft of a variety of ways. Currently, methods are on the way of development for the management of the National source material through the GIS. In particular, a module of Plug-in form is developing by utilizing QGIS. In addition, data verification method is developing to check and confirm the national pollution source data. Also, the procedure of data verification and examination based on Open Source GIS were developed and utilized on the actual projects. The water pollution sources is managed efficiently utilizing Open Source GIS. Especially, Open Source GIS is introduced on government management plan and gradually utilized and with the case presentation like this, utilizing Open Source GIS can be discussed at the national level. Through such cases, it is possible to know that you Open Source GIS introduced at the national level.
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