Continuous Improvement of the NOAH Initiative through the Use of Free and Open Source Software

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Continuous Improvement of the NOAH Initiative through the Use of Free and Open Source Software

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Continuous Improvement of the NOAH Initiative through the Use of Free and Open Source Software
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As a means of mitigating risks in a hazard-prone archipelago, the Philippine government through the Department of Science and Technology launched the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (DOST Project NOAH) on July 2012. This program aims to integrate various research and technology development efforts in improving flood, landslide and storm surge hazard maps and in instituting effective early warning systems for these hazards. These initiatives produced various geospatial datasets relating to hydrometerological hazards such as satellite imageries, LiDAR maps, Doppler radars, localized weather forecasting models and a vast nationwide network of automated weather and water level sensors. With such wealth of datasets, these information are processed and visualized through a near real-time web-based spatial data infrastructure. The NOAH website ( serves as a information and communication platform for government agencies, rescue and disaster-related organizations and the general public to effectively prepare for impending hazards. Designed to be a web geographic information system, the NOAH website now uses Geoserver and OpenLayers API to handle, process, analyze hazard maps, and exposure and vulnerability datasets. Since the launch of the portal, thousands of lives had been saved from the dangers during the annual monsoon events since 2012, Supertyphoon Bopha in 2013 and in typhoons Rammasun and Hagupit in 2014.
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a good afternoon I'm I'm made from the US the president or I am about to share our experience as being you know Gandhi that the themes on using a free and open source software of In our continuous efforts seen the improvement of the NOAA initiative OK so just a brief outline so here we go on what
piece project no 1 and no 1 stands for nationwide operational assessment of hazards of it is the disaster management program and that aims to improve and that the king governments and the pheno people's capacity of 130 spines and deems the impact and effect of extreme weather conditions so I'm
it was summoned the bed made the President of the Republic and through that Department of Science and technology and it was launched in the last July becoming the year 20 to those I making a CD FIL basically and it's the a flat down mitigation systems around the basic function in the C 6 our fled their early-warning systems and are communities along done eating the jury reasons in defined the so we are also passed on to the Louvre around Aegean Izard maps in the country so on and it's the error it's from each sold for a induce known hazards and that's not a priority so
how how do we do with this of
course some saying 5 runs science and mood baby Cyprinidae assessment of horses and then we gain lumping was and that would enable that prevention and edition of assessors on it will be used by a use land there's some policymakers communities and even individuals so an example of that would
you say about for a website from it's no 1 that UST that looked that each so is there are this is the home page of our website so here from some
highlights all of also of times time-window local governments use tool this slide in 2012 on type on pavilion Abengoa CDM International name a small fire show that the year before on type 1 stand-alone ravaged through CEO and a Palestine and plus debts from so that was the year before so he intended to have from the RCT was able to use on project no on the website the need for early warning and of operation assures tool gosh well
these the avoid and the this 1 and this 1 shows how how they used it so this our our somewhat delivers and source the streams on that grabs or on it's sensor upstream so on landing northeast that there was a sudden change in doubt what the but the levers on they were able to IV after it does the relying community so all so they're able to move the and they're able
tools reduce the number of pseudo that are assumed that's not you
so again this is in many keener um medically SET I was 1 of them was a great the that Darius duty indictment at Sinai 1920 than 2009 so 0 almost as I have told the year um present no was lodged in many key so every scenes that the CD use still some the website as a 2 um you the UN system on to augment Europe existing resources soul invented acting on the have bad that some it's the more Morrison rings in our country so this was this is a
1999 so we have that the
year in Denny 13 on the very able to use again no website so we're however
some there are some limitations on in using the that website tool the first one is meeting had Google maps on EPA 8 that EPA stool worry that are DAML size perhaps able to display high solution not hazard maps so it has a unit of P B and of course we needed this much so you can only use will maps sign and being a good knowledge of an open source technologies what we did
In this tool developed by Andrew version of the website and it seemed that that right now and it's not officially lunchtime it it'd be launched entities year so Rivest it
ineligible tool display high solution hazard much the system of flood I knew years study torn out from hazard map of metal money that the I this 1 is
a landslide hazard map of by the CP means that only the resolution and this
is as stores search inundation map of matrimony the so
we we all we can also use different and base maps from that that 1 when are less what the rightmost this being and this 1 is in of Institute of then good as
so we on there no using alternate years and you server and then
in was the SQL and posteriors for not database
on so who some stories again success stories of this is a node and some are unpaid from the being bucket in December 2014 FIL you're able to give stars search advisories as you can see that damage uh damage done by dustin research but unfortunately there no clash with these and this is another town
meetings are more from
it From this in this bad thanks wounded they put the name on last almost so on the left is that our forecast for the not this and it's not our forecast up to 2 all 1 day be Florida and that actually and for the for the taken through those arranged read and then or more it their suffering and other 1 this is captured and infecund contour of th do during that Typhoon tool you're able
tool and generate them 1 of the places where the Marines could meet the needed landslide floods so they
found just to surely this tiny single also around our mayor
most on them depriving and in it was
in this as in then get so yeah good and
it'll just do we this included on we we are still exploring the endless possibilities and at the end of things there's software can give guys so we in our the on reversed is a doing some research on on how to improve our website to this sort of the of what
the content of knowledge a sample the fact by the interest in that and is this project at 1 of the and and audience I this still consent of pattern happens all if this project dealing with that that cannot separate you on and let about US Census except that last week as the up
on the back then on we have the collaboration with the World Bank and reading as a so we tried to develop the so the that linked to a mechanism that the difference is that if variability and that it depends what that get quite interesting that it's actually I think the 1 limitation last and that not the case in the call and my information on I if this application practical use in country I'm especially during the the typhoon season um the log of Iran's and even individuals can use this get so identity that entire out login so any restrictions for wheels anybody can you the that time right now to anybody can use it and thank you thank you that
is the meter