A Web-based Framework for Monitoring Spatial-temporal Clustering of Epidemics in Taiwan

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A Web-based Framework for Monitoring Spatial-temporal Clustering of Epidemics in Taiwan
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lot the end of the day the in the of the of the of the of the in impact and the will of the of and the 1 you in the and the and the and the rule of law in the use of the summary and and using it as you will this in the and neurons and 1 in of the things I was on the that we all hear the question about the quality of the and and the of all the way up and the part of the if a virus or a disease detected in this country go spread very fast with and the countries of so about the 1 this is and is and you know that maybe is something is not so clear and we some that either the world powers of the specimen users on oral wireless and then the puzzle will will get some stomach it right your stomach and either and the code is acute down here all the sort stomach flu and people get is a good idea at the my around the was from others but this will not be enough so they at a date it might need to rather than hospital clinics to get some pattern medicines or something like that so how can this jazz program how can just happen in this kind of problem and here's an example and that the person he out from his home and they some lies at the restaurant over there and then he might need some some friends and was a movie at this place and this is when we get that you feel something is wrong with his style and then got round to the nearest has at the end so so if there is is the source of the problem and is the the full blown disease the the sort of thing the of 1 is is means that therefore there is this has on some pathogens then that this area and the neighboring Syria will have a lot of pages with this similar symptoms yes they might get their influence on the but I just from the same foot the same restaurant all was from the same Central teachers that makes this this a full is spread in that this area and with the help of jazz you might be able to identify the hot spots of the 4 1 this is in the early stage before follow this problem becomes bigger and spread all over the country so is what we are trying to do and if the hospitaI have recorded the symptoms of the patient and the number of pages with this sentence and you know whether the of the wreckage of the hospitals there we might be able to trace back to the part and the the source of the problem is is that the the pathogens that that yes
OK so is that in Taiwan distributed power has established several so system are the the basis of a slice the Real-time Outbreak and this is the modern system other arts the rest the time is has about real-time or near-real-time revealing that thus the date the call these cases into the database as soon as they it they didn't know this and those of the the patients and they so the contents of the the US that is is only have the symptoms of of the patients and the cases of that in the up state of it is come from about 100 50 must be those over there they're all over the headlines yeah there's ago is that every day off of vacations and reporting system or the last nonsense about 5 to 10 this time like because when they receive the samples from the patients there and it sometimes for the experiments and good to know which part ideas cause is causing the the pigeons feeding 6 so that content of the last database has as the publishers names and so that federal power as although some analysis is yeah but the cases of in the class that is is only about 20 hospitals in is because they need to know that the agreements and maps fall fall during the experiments to test the and it does land that the line is you but this is the full complement give other customers and this 1 this this that has that the cost in they data report this His us into the bananas after out come from that the the the cost is local and they compare the DNA sequence and someday that confirm that these patients have the same same reason that make them feel 6 so that the content has the detail that has the results but uh the cases in this that is this is only from the quantum cluster area so it's not false evidence compass this figure shows the the reporting time of the tree that is as mentioned the US device has at most 1 day Timex and the last is might have 5 to 10 days so the US is better off as a mandatory system fall for most of us and the last of his by the good bring information for those of us because what it is is a frame a lost the web based on the monitoring system and yes of from a fall major components the 1st lies the core system and this fault managing and the because a response and is is the contour of the whole frame will that is it a push that it out of the database and that it as the analysis modules to to run the analysis so yes and the cycle is the bit of a is for storing the clean and structure they die and also the analysis result and the lines and as this model this is for running the analysis process so that's something either across analysis and the time-honored annotations and the that's why is there a web-based user interface this fall comic with the authorized user so the causes and we just is of that of occasions remote name that it is an open source platform based on that occasion frame fall those are the other dynamic websites and it follows the NBC architecture patterns and you can be around we've focused on legal and so it is a simple and powerful enough medication from frame will follow monitoring system the database use is the post greasy and storing in this was basically is it contains the the raw data that is push from the obtained from the the user and if the become deserves some and everybody system and the is that the spatially that either was the locations and and they've boundaries and this is god that so they I is the made at the restaurant all the commune stolen something I that where we can get the foot and then I say the analysis result it means that the red is the location of the appeal of the cost of hot spots and the bend the classes start and when the classes is stopped the kernel formations the and the next komise there and unnecessary modules the analysis modules is with a implied environment and con is about the treaty major parts of a size that crossing and this is what I was used as the diskettes and there's a guys the spatial development manipulation than at the proximity the no committee desires and some data and NASA is the realization from there so you need to preprocess the result tools and some of format tool for the full trading the the figures and trust is the next next wiser web-based user interface and this part many if not focus on the map showing and the trust yeah the so now we have them as a character attack mention framework the above framework and is and it can be run and there's some testing they got really from the mass October tool their August 10 a 2015 line and is is method we use is that STD scandals spatio-temporal that's the best spatial clustering of a big with not yeah so now we have some speech of the the web-based monitoring framework and is the index patient and you can see that we have the warning message that this part and the ability at this point and the following this you know the 6 figures is the on and things of the maps and charts this is the debate isolation page and is for the US database and this is the spatial distribution of the the at the hospitals and the size of the but the does is still resent this is about the number of patients in the hospitals and then this
is temporal distribution of the 1st that in it is about the x axis is the this and wise this is is the number of patients n is the total number of regions in Taiwan written about 2 months and this is the 1 that has reason for the last is then this that and the hospitals locations and the size of the gasses is that number of patients yeah and there's a member of the result of the not still this the total number of agents
and this is the and possible so timber is use out that India 1st but from the US database and excesses is a bit and the took out means we compare the day that we've gotten found out that this might be causing from the the the but our as long as this is and this is from the rather are as and this is the Special
Edition is also 1 has got then is a hot metrics the excesses is this and the wires using the
idea of the host was developed and as we compared to those values that reported last term is very price of from the reporting system and to compare that this is this past is near to 1 of the above the cost yeah so some things are
currently ongoing I'm not going to be designed a winning format and the husband is this algorithms and it's designed a Web at User interface as you can see that the user that is is not perfect yet so that and that waste dumping on ending that just it just a land maps of a maximum begin the part of showing the results from the obvious to the user interface and then I say is that the is updating framework and is a warning from at the unknown trying to implement and 1st we might and if I the temporal anomaly from the US database and if this is the meronymy you might give a warning signal and then we analyze the temporal in our model anomaly when invited space-time possible if there's as is the space-time hot spot the we if the winning out and then we compare the result with the master base and roof line if I the potential for the source the the potential source of the the this stuff about this is this for the investigations having information the and is the idea of the temporal nominee and this is the idea of the spatial space-time hostile yeah then this not this might contain 4 and if you have any studies all comments or questions again you know me the some Crowley sternly questions for Mr. Rachin merging home OK so thank you thank you very much