Localized Landmark model based on OSM data for Socialized Landmark based Navigation System

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Localized Landmark model based on OSM data for Socialized Landmark based Navigation System
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The following document covers an abstracct on our research on Localized Landmark model based on OSM data for Socialized Landmark based Navigation System. It is a group project which is been carried out by 4 students and our supervisor. The other to members are listed below. Dananjaya Thathsara - Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology Irendra Koswatte - Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
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good morning everybody I'm presenting their of trajectories related to localize channel model based on lies him for navigation system based on landmark systems and our understanding of the text that my students so that during the Paris session some going to assume that so this is out they're doing this as part of a lot of research work at the Institute of Information Technology student and now my modulation but this
study actually so this is my country economy and 50 so away have this like 30 years of long-standing wall landing and in like plus y years or so after the war although I like the order of domestic tourism OK so people started moving from 1 place to another very much but what is isn't because for a long period of time they have been constrained begins so then come to the problem then we had problems like that so you may know how to move from simple somebody can come to smaller but in the sort from and come to this place all of them have to there are confidence that sort of thing might be the more details not just the basic information we need more detailed structural and so even if the local community become problem because an of them but much of the these areas solid in my motivation for this study is to I assistance people well uh traveling from different parts of the country and now so you can see the you and got this small country if you consider what 1 particular area for example 1 city then it would be very very congested so a lot of water it into solid been reading that morning area how to navigate and now so what are the
solutions available in such a situation so basically and all that we are not very much doing that all life on axis is very high and 3 D X advanced so people tried use our mobile phones and find this but you can see sometimes the output would as you this sort of fraud speed another use spectacle the spectacle that is not the best route to yours and then we are going to need to also the most common alternate you so just stop at nearby shop off from the people around there are definitely have appealed so then they also you solid and so subtract this from a social practices not using the mobile guidance meals that the word of mouth what people say is so we try to explore the dancer the the
so if it does in about 10 navigation Stockton instructions provided by navigation guide for a particular phase insulin cholera that something like this then flight to will say it 7 . like you know me this specific gold but if you ask from a person into something different it could be a little bit of so it's the the same information sought undelivered mail but the junction of prevention is a major city and it's a Fourier junction and that's a big knob that a typical very very large preignition cover and to side and small the teashop so you will not music solid so which 1 is more human-friendly for music and 1 for my community 2nd 1 so that kind of map between these 2 link between these 2 so you can see the 2nd 1 the most important things I landmarks landmarks become important to people well in that community
so if you consider that is from what is simple to carry in sh in and what you can see the map itself in a lot of landmarks the so not just broadest models the set of on so many things I landmarks related to local communities so can we use them to support navigation so we adapt the title to the
land this evolution the for plop Appendix I can't emphasize the fact that local appendix because when it comes to things like landmarks that whole then interpreted by local community maybe the forum as it might be different sites something related to their content their social background solve a lot of say trees and radius what the listeners and have some other sort of new things from engine growing so did become landmarks not discussed amendment of more Newman sort of the and so we have to incorporate these things which gives sense to people In the landmark this navigational order is
that we try to develop a landmark that this navigation with this and then we identify the hopping incorporates significance of them in the pot and solid the significance of so main is the prominence of landmarks of course do also the reactive see that so the prominence and then it depend on different human factors be favorite of the area and for example josle compadre picture maybe if I are some young stood on the way he describes the block it different from same body that by I'll only person so late we miss same way be interpreted by different people solve by doing this modeling part the dog would become people compared with the idea of so far young crowd maybe the person maybe understand it very easily OK it down and give the something like that for all persons so that doesn't mean for minute about the gets in but this thing it might be difficult for the so then we have seasonal variations all things like this he made all but in the period of the year for several months you see this sort of thing our Anthony roads but not in under a lot of the other periods of time and the day nite is submitted yourself important sometimes using landmarks during this sometime you see them on the and you tonight so there's so many different things but didn't 2 kept tensile better tried to donors produced this till soil and multiply and reduced a point location to make them simple and then add attributes to them to describe all get some idea about the significance solid and I to by
identifying attributes like this again on it that have broken once doubling to consider in this study so agencies and factors are not going to consider at this level even the basic attributes actually invested in the refinement island of modify the set to do at the end of the line that contribute so we look at this thing be
10 so we consider 1 important factor a high it because from the the longest and you can see this is from my country so again in order to connect landmark information going to yours our community this approach sigh competent that is shocking but in that case we can expect people to enter that particular height especially tight and so as it's not important so we apply until so like simplified approaches in these 3 of value so it can be told medium short so people can understand these elite so they can at this is for a gene actually that built and then we think about displayed
so this is really just display a nice and part of my country's all you can see along the road you can see this sort of thing that admitting either spend is very much that with this very much so you if you're an optimist so then the how
they nite visibility to consider
the the so some of these things actually
during the nite time you received like this it so it's very prominent and during some tonight time using like this where a prominent during daytime stimulus see because it's in color your white shoe is C and some of these players as you will see during what day and nite if it's a nominating during nighttime you not see but this sort of building is seriously during the nite so that would consider that and then we tried to
consider about cultural significance than that show show significant and not from that for that because it about I sometimes fizzled was and from that we can extract that related to the of some cultural background so based on religion actually exhibit limited at the time being and know where that's a statue and pre from these already existent parameters Edward to extract data and then we think about social
significance from them into 10 Memorex fat but it's a restaurant little find out shopping complex and is it because of the schools on some so all the house social value so people go about this the so what is a particular of the popular that about must stop that very large bus stop so it would you know about these spaces so then this Ben-Ami does
horrible into prepress and on in a GIS system solver try to follow its impact system and where possible travel you'll already existing tags effort I have explained earlier Pramanik and beauty and this again you but been a turban things on on the other type introduce new texts for example high and displayed and then I'd introduce new textual I know about this the and you can see here on the 1st runs already existing tag and by some of the user and the new made visible would buddhism so this navigation system we had to always seem the and then come the very important point how to collect and maintain this landmarks so can we expect that someone personal 1 company to collect landmarks all class I don't think it's a feasible or any sustainable because it's a social construct the paranormal landmarks much more than the measured on norm of landmarks much more than any other person so then we assume a to that of the the community colored them and to always him and then use them for part many so we develop a social application considering that and mobile application but
had chosen as the causal then it would be like the added advantage so all you can use you can trace to the application and then you can add friends you can add rules and then you can add or edit landmarks as well so we're not adding landmarks that that system to come at this from that you can add and then tool make it more attractive it's just and the landmarks nobody will use it but that shows up and for that so you can search for friends nearby you can see it of such the snapshot we had taken by here so but me and my students or the location based on the location we just approximate date and you can see that the identify where not your friends up depend on depend set and they but here
you can see over the top 1 the USA and they're not depend on the land ID do you really get of school and you can see it in that month so so at the border and 18 friend requests or almost social applications things in there and here the 2nd 1 actually it's from other countries and and the other you as superior on you can see that at the radius can be adjusted that other requirements so it's 500 meters to kilometers likewise that defined that sizes of ideas so the extend about
applying to do ultimately is having a landmark model deceptive builds so for that we define localize landmarks motor and Dan use landmarks to aid navigation so we had to use their man develop a plot playing again some and but in order to show them on a mobile interface sum of money into this it's not a very large so you how it is small area to so everything so they're trying to videos demand and help out of the map using linear maps and now in order to collect data we going to use warrantly geographic information have brought the social application actually the average some I have presented here about these 2 so that part then in linear mapping it's more to words like algorithm and define some things some of my students are presented a paper related to this fiction in academic track ultimately there are going to do another landmark there's a attribute that it's being developed mobile navigation application and we want to make it cross-platform it it so I will buy their mobile Internet this'll none it's not right it's not iPhone it's not designed but again access as long as you have internet so they're using all open-source technologies said they mobile-and land planted melodies and so side of we have always and then we downloaded 108 . 2 posters and then manipulated but ultimately we haven't uploaded so things out of finite-state out fine tuning of parameters that need to be like synchronize is always and no even appears in open source technologies and so
as I mentioned you also be happy about and the more details will be presented and academic and now I'm on the aptitude the stop order it is sealed from a possibility reflected in them plans for my students and now full me with a pro about support and have initiated this study are and I always your lab and informatics research group so this is actually the 1st such what we have was started officially and it's been supported by the Research Grants Fund also now so they're going to continue with that and commodity would so
thank and ready for all the attention site for having that is an inviable to the the 3 however had a mean it's through ask questions so any 1 of a question it came and
and then all presentation is really interesting dual all human area oriented in the colors and so on uh can you will tell me whole community just dilemma or misstated the game they're all the community just made himself meets landmark will you use or something and then you so means slight number it's doing
and is date and date system I you develop it by yourself or it is still a system mean by all always and or software or what kind of so where of thank you and and we are really the community to and then lots just north my delegation all set something like that but we do rich until copy that depend on the land mines in the past so we assume that landmarks the park and the guy so based on decorating and be given to the user Solving the system that moderate therefore the user that means the prettiest is high there's not a specific validation profits In this system and no when it comes to the application this is partly depend on Mobile Bay it's not that depend on particular mobile operating system it's that Internet applications hindsight processing on the sol-gel escape dichotomous bias or plants and applications things the any other questions the so I have a
question for you so he said so
this evening quirks that the the so this is an react to the SMAP
medications so people join to quake many people during the idea solve actually the Aberdeen select for our country this concept of deal so what kind to do is 1st get ideas from students so because a student and is a bit of what's so what sort of landmarks it useful describing what all I give so we developed questionnaire and based on that so so that variation 1 is you describe the part to somebody not available that the and then elected little use of maker and and not using a travel guide you select the normally landmark so then they had or balance of some of the person has relied actually what sort of landmark they're looking at and the parameters so based on that we try to identify what sort of parameters I use for full community solid state of the art refining that so here extracted this parameters high if these things but then how will not be attentive to deal state-of-the-art in finding that so for the time being we have defined like certain values and based on that kept the part that the mechanism behind the distance and the landmark significance what happens if for example if more than 1 and months out the in a box that you more priority than what without having a single landmark but then industry also considered the distance is very high in we don't consider even though the landmarks I should not OK thank you and I don't know that the answer in setting by the user the the I think your father in that this and that is 1 place at high not color laptops in the mobile application what happened is they have a positivity solving and trying to host this there so hosting application that the user it's a very good question so there's enough I was this just so and now I to satisfy the simplest the useful stress and just so that you need a celibate and lost everything but there lost of it's available in it public access so all that kind of in a bond that 1 particular so that university environment the simplest of of the atom having problem configuring certain things related to see again so all through the mobile phone you can access it back the the location access everything is possible to adapt and the and lack each the rocket interdiction is an event that you can try it so because of the installation issue be held that limitation for the kind they think you very much