Sapporo Childcare Map: Making the city makting the city a little better with FOSS4G

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Sapporo Childcare Map: Making the city makting the city a little better with FOSS4G
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Seoul, South Korea

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The Sapporo Childcare Map developed by Code for Sapporo is an interactive map covering childcare facilities including daycare centers and kindergartens located in the city of Sapporo, Japan. The first version of the map was developed using OpenLayers 3 as the mapping library. The map allows users to search by operating hours, eligible ages, vacancies, and other parameters. The service helps parents to find childcare facilities based on various criteria. With the rising rate of double-income families, finding openings at public daycare centers in large cities is becoming more challenging. The childcare maps based on the Sapporo's system were also developed in other cities with support from Code for Japan.
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