FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - Keynote speech

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FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - Keynote speech
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Seoul, South Korea

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ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure an honored and privileged to be here at this and often and I'm the chair of the UN court what are you to with section that we have been walking a lot of true special activities in support of the UN operation in general from headquarters it and that the field operation and we are part of the world and we also use many different kind of ask there to support the developing countries and activities in on it was on ground all tool to be devoted to it to me because you support and contribution but I like to
share by the sum of the my past experience the how I was actually the like dedicated From this open source community the that was it was not known to us some of the 19 89 that I was
sent to the if the for all
participating in this research fellow I to develop some of the joined the project hidden I couldn't government and the US government to support for the uh some of the activities here and clear and I I do along the ponderous by education I was not actually the features special expert for and more and each of
the happy general I was a civil engineer and was selected Canadian your by my major but I actually longer the grass you know that the grass is actually the and test of the old you with that your so that I I start with the
press that I learned you know wonderful kind of cause some of the true spatial information and system in general so that I not only just land by ourselves and contribute to the my positive follows so I started actually think about how this in a fantastic tool and
conservation in all our practical in a mass so we can apply it through to the whole community i in to developing inferring
promoting and so on so forth so that's I push myself to develop many of us that in Korea and I that that in 1919 199 January I joined the United Nations as a in engineering officer which is x and what civil engineer perspective not necessary into a spatial because at the time there was no dual nature spatial activity In the United Nations so I wasn't able to because of that this no opens power open source community that I was able to push forward to create a new function in the dual space information in the United Nations I to support more evidence and you find the base of the decision to go every part of the UN operation that's how we started then I and II and on my set is made much power together with my colleague because they actually inappropriate high the lattice of the apple to building from scratch but with the the the appalled open source to moving forward to make that happen that we had our the UN and and what actually In the field as well and that the the the you know our strategy aspect of the support and global chip especially of activity to the United Nations so we also consider that is very successful parameter felt no matter what together with with with you and was said about the jet mentioned that and there is a very important kind of development that also that you also mention that is you know how we can actually moved to the the sustainable development over the next 15 years so the diet and opportunity to he that how we actually able to of do the more economy and sustainable development the well which that that you special community particularly for the open source community yeah has played a very important role to make them for this is why I think that just kind of a no message but I also like that to about my expert and this document couldn't and my colleagues we actually do that the of all thought thank you