An Evaluation of Open Source Geographic Information Systems Routing Tools in Direct Vaccine Deilvery in Kano State, Northern Nigeria

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: An Evaluation of Open Source Geographic Information Systems Routing Tools in Direct Vaccine Deilvery in Kano State, Northern Nigeria

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An Evaluation of Open Source Geographic Information Systems Routing Tools in Direct Vaccine Deilvery in Kano State, Northern Nigeria
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In view of recent proliferation of online/desktop routing tools (such as qgis road graph plugin, osm routing machine, google maps engine, routexl, OpenRouteService etc), it is imperatives to provide empirical evaluation of comparative strength and weakness of a number of predominant routing algorithms. This is crucial in view of its implication on the success and otherwise on routing related projects such as supply chain logistics, supply/delivery operations, and emergency services, among others. In this paper, comparative evaluation of these tools has been carried out in terms of weaknesses and strength with respect to healthcare delivery service through routine vaccine delivery in Kano, Nigeria. Kano state being one of the states in Nigeria with huge burden of health challenges with records of 3062 maternal death between 2005 – 2010 (Ibrahim, 2014). Thus vaccine delivery is one of such healthcare delivery programme used to addressing some of these health challenges. The primary objective of this paper is to demonstrate comparative advantage of using open source applications to optimize the vaccine delivery process such that there would be significant reduction in logistics and manpower (travel time I.e travel route distance, road type/quality, traffic and travel speed, vehicle/driver, delivery schedule, among other parameters). The capacity of few selected routing tools was evaluated against this backdrop. Hence drive test analysis was carried on selected number of delivery routes and the results were compared with values derived from routing using these tools. QGIS routing tool is the only desktop tool using OSM vector base map and a routing plugin (road graph) while others such as Google Map Engine, OpenRouteService, OSM Routing Machine, and RouteXl were all online platform. The drive test result was used as the benchmark for determining the best routing tool. The overall outcome indicated QGIS to have the closest routing value compared to drive test result for most of the considered delivery routes. This was largely as a result of rich content of the OSM vector base map (which our team had extensively worked on) as well as the geo-positioning of QGIS as primarily mapping software. This was the advantage QGIS had over others, even when compare with OSM RM that uses same base map with QGIS. OSM RM had deficiency in geo positioning accuracy thus explain slight discrepancy noted in OSM RM output compared with QGIS and drive test result. Google map engine routing output had capacity for multiple routing (origin to multiple destinations) but the content of the vector base map is very limited for Kano State. The response time to make amendment to google vector base map before it is available for routing usually takes 12 – 24hrs, longer than its take using JOSM. RouteXL is consistently constrained by geo-positioning accuracy which affects its routing output. The routing output derived from desktop QGIS powered by road graph plugin provide the best routing output compared to the output from drive test result but it is limited by the fact that it does not have provision for multiple (batch) routing.
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then Jefferson ladies and gentlemen the only tried to have a kernel we have a enacted for us to to provide a to improve and optimize our fast indeed if projected in an injury telling that we have for the reason we have to looking what ablative I'm going to raise taxes from a to be tools we have provided that long inadequate to listen for my presentation and so grateful for all of you for attending for the of industry and also briefly Tool down to the organizer for giving me the opportunity to travel grants I so much appreciated else'll ISA gratitude to my organization falls so faults and everybody in that this this is how my hockey and like uh I tried to have a just vision for this study I try also provide some relief conceptualization of how we think we can solve this and their limited analogy the other columns and the findings so we also have recommendations 1 these so the challenges that we have the maybe detail about these problems is the fact that we all know all In recent and now we have truly additional over right in open Source Routing tools and that the local brilliant idea coming up 180 slots my previos operas and I just inform was about and some of these ideas were wonderful would be where but then there are quite a number of challenges that deals with the number of tools some of these again our attention to look at how best to use them realize that at this result we gates it around to out which delegates from the had gone from these tools and not the same and then the question is why it is rotten tools users seem to be smart I would presume that has the same encouraging eroding then hop on the at which is not the same there's a lot of time for also want to use the house to the heart of place to decide to apply on the predicted to 1 post it class that is based on distances because we have questioned by killing them and so if you're distances and when you know sure that within the distance it has a lot of indication from planning so this is the 1st time that we have that to to actually environment don't the open source routing tools look I guess streams look at the didn't limitations on 98 provide a kind of ranking this on certain parameters we have identify and this estimate of the justification right and they did for us to eliminate softer cost and assured way of those who would like to and so have to optimize and that they have had to up and these are some of the reasons why electing people process writing tools is way to go the way we understand so here is that this is a method to combine the 2 disparate technology yes we will assume that entities as as as well so provides embedded parameters and it has a purpose of acting as a result of provision with the about this is essential provide a kind of evidence indicated that want to use based and the way we work with
serotonin just craft URI your shoulders but at didn't that the middle conceptualization underlying tastings model from the studies from the background that we have been we allies that you'll be surprised that some of those serotonin tools used to fly uh uh up at fly according you day we've found it very uh where on is some hand like that the because the truth and not reflective of what's we should have and to this vision that we have advanced it is assumed that the yeah I don't know in trying
to evaluate a kind of this evaluation the approaches that we have used these are we have you I will we have considered jazz this'll be and we have in this study we have was Vedrine above 5 routing tools 5 weapons source-routing tools and we're looking at what's that we're using the they stole readiness estimation using this 5 clearly out which would be we from here with the gesture so that we can be out on about france something came about distances in after this we we train to we now applying to criteria ranking procedure do not provide ranking of holidays tools based on this parameter that we have defined our DVDs so I detectors that we need at this so that would kind of I mean a lot of people who use the chain if there's an approach for various reasons but we have used the don't provide the kernel benchmark ecosystem that for roles to jolt III the state outside the attitude that we get from these and rerouted tools is reliable no reliable and trying to come up with a kind of error reminding that we use as a threshold to determine how good or how based the article to would arrive for the and uh so uh in the in the in coming up with the justice said so we we we try to be sure that the kind of distances that we want to provide is the percentage of you know uh mean in the Chatham al-Qaida demand a tiny but is the mantissa because we cannot do this rotten for whole their facilities that we will we we we we we consider not opposites so that they did was to use a couple only a couple little but to determine what is the fact is from the questions differently 1st start with others developing the fastened and from and to define this initial this although we have defined so what we did was to look at the fattest and the shortest and look at the percentage we use our homeland Caputo and distant sample distributions that the that given the forests and had the then we you we can see we have about about firm going down further a name and a number of other centers i've edited by a student in this is Canada but in the server that we did in these 2 about 4 0 of 1 computer
for the of facility and there are soon be in the process of doing judge this certainly our July we're going to define it drop that it's a postal past so when I did was to use it was important that I talked about I don't play out the travel but that destroyed teak In the 1st line is in World Bank happy that we that it that it but it will to that travel at hand and it allows to populate if you had to pass from the 1 that we have and interest of too much on company the distance a strategy
and and this idea of fossil J. about the facilities of inclusivity and and need have that we have about 5 but now we have a but of our government is if a seat
in the so be and those are the but those are the the the irony project to that we have used and we have used Cantonese maybe Wordcraft working the good progress trains the routing algorithm that we use and the the between our that allow OpenStreetMap that in machine we have considered that that would not change in any graph of power and this a height as early as this at the firefighting to we don't so we have computed we have carried out the best approach in estimation using this 5 and the we use is 5
for dictation facilities and there is a potential to also something it to our patients that you can see the terms stress crucial but have you this work can also and best for graph hop on is always in similar and those are the 2 facilities that you can see the traffic different it just the In that dose not to use the same business this an example of a trying to talk about that something is better taken on the same routing the transcendental didn't consider adding these 2 hop by defense
yeah uh so in talking about the unit the legendary we we we not a criteria and criteria that approach the reviews is to look at how do we know they're ugly in the pilot as some in the tree the conditions that we have used around in and out of government again wants all the Apple programs good over the last sentence each of these and 2
distribution considers that occurred in the review the use of the criteria it the the structure the 1st 1 is the 1 that happens is that the have just between the Soviet the so we have gone and the Alps without that derived from the they just a protein is Tunisia and and the the the the the the pressure about these in time they 2nd containing that look at all of being a disrupting we have looked at it those might be used I will also implement add the was the quality of the does not of the content we added to the we use we could see it cluster and for we have a fact that cluster for the same have all of them and we find the athletes in terms of the number of on the computer satellite image that's we don't know we have been because that's not evidence that these routing is looking to have in multiple routing options most of the decay of same and air rattle mentioned down around certain uh it and yet assembled this not discussed this possible to do multi-paradigmatic backing to lecture we we we we headed back into going on the goal in summer that a multiple a multiple would demand my colleague presentation about that here yet to be you know the source possible Muslims not possible but at the at the time that is available to the public out that allows you to do uh system so if appropriate for us to see is it is and Hessian because in this rout down into in the delivery system that we do they don't just do that to to ease of multiple delivery that we do so that is the condition that levels in blood the and asked disappeared for traffic computes the Lakers muscle them had to provide a useful thoughts from here to the traffic as a condition is efficient buddhism at a police is a big issue if you want to find a way to factor of traffic has its own strung up dependent to Norton and the uh rapid platform exactly these yeah we have the the propagation that we have met that's and chief category there's 1 desktop brought to their homeland rotten undated out so the pattern that we considered if considered of Dutch musturbation kiss you because of the fact that does that it does stop it it will be the kind of other desktop in terms of their position accuracy skin to be more precise than most of the well-known online and fossil so we have posted the and the and special for alternative rock and in this category but the answers to the other 1 is a government that give you OK if you don't have further this past December 1 you can it also we find a look at this this dynamic that amplified ranking and disadvantages for the ranking of provided
at your sigh and this is the way we define the term short for description as that we In yet for the for the 1st page where we we have no kind range during of the error balance that date from the draft of survey and these anatomist emissions and we can say is that the management of the maximal and so we will further evidence so in the terms of the church should have been visited that burden on update of the range to be to be a strain we desire by 1 the prediction method that word graph uh it possible understand and system given as a rule R 1 for the multiple years this is how we have defined a saying to normalize the Value full for whole these environments and
their OK de Man and discuss about the need to have to put the absolute delegates from the From the point from the out into from any be helpful for all of for the following the different you know we have mean many injustices that we talking about for each of the provision of the times a day and there are even look at this then we realize that they must have distance for the 1st time uh we have a clear vision about the about the 1st is to 7 to about our therefore whose happen for the surrounding match at the difference and this discrepancy is about 2 point the deceased this is about 4 % of the impact of reach this these look at for episodes governments more there's no is enormous but it's only that it's to uh the current about a time that we do not know about it the latter do his duty to people to predictive overseen to write computer and the is could be enhanced when you look at it adequately native ain't so in our this position is very important for us and this is that the reason why
we and like I was so it's about some of the discrete that is the control the this the dead discrepancy except as well that floats in in the in the and these are the people of different their rotten patterns that we decided to take different paths it you know and it just wasn't accuracy and it does not until the and the video shown in the in beauty routing going in as some of the this is why we have some of this discrepancy and we want to find we don't have kids once and for all
had the decoder is and learning they're on for the for the discrepancy that we have no data in all the 5 in the whole variety of consider for these facilities now this is the the heart of the ranking and maybe I should I need to a for more light on these the this on the table that actually will have defined traditional tables that fulfill his should this distal you there about in the atom that we have uh the kill her and the kid is with the ropes and what about for the 1st category the cages and worse enhanced it did poorly these because do well at all for the 2nd category we have the same home and you uh and the person rather machine not define Paul right by the time we have a lot of we find the include communities where we mean that the only the mutual feelings to this ranking the have and update our we see that in the overall can use rather their road graph is having limited by the same on yeah Lenny provider could we could provide some kind of explanation and there is another observe for a certain distance the but the fact that uh in the albums the EDF I think it is offensive to them of course so that are predominantly within the urban center and if it is taken of rather clever good to work in the epicenter but you don't know where they're at the members not technologies that support challenge otherwise and what I've got the the candidate 180 each he's probably at the you saw it in the hall there was not a yeah good area can change can added protons in the inter out in at at time of what is it bad indication of the of the reactants and the reading that he that he he the guy they were graph is using because if we
look at the leave it there is a particular portion here where we we realize that it was bad dress up around 204 and look at the theory so that it provided here was
very very very the was the closest were the closest in terms of the the the deviation from the japanese art for art's on and the and the result that we have can do area graph paper has the books the smallest regions it was the 1 that is very true the so act which is an invitation that you're not elaborating used on graph or back NATO by to look at it and find a way to the nineties for the root class that you just this having this is 1 of the very very potent is that we have
realized in in in the story on them more also that the fact that they the In the is and secondly there room up judge this outcome what was also very very fantastic and this is only because the truth is that we have consider our reading the whole balancing test if we have air is constant the program I think it will be the same then part of the part of the the topic of the vision that into collaboration tool is defined that Jesus is very promising trilogy with the word graph produced a promise of because it has the capacity to give us a in you have a you know want to do some money permission for instance many many many travel time that we determine boat is this time it made great class understanding that has been assigned so if you want to fuck loading the traffic conditions hold you need to do when the other traffic counts on ensure the the rebellious store the just it does change each and this provide for you and alternatives to faculty each have the current you know so went further in conclusion referred that kanjis rooted graph is promising preferred the develop and no kind of building rather than given that careful about users because profit back have been posted then most lead learn and a draft L and when the bell of the in invoke everybody has the same person up so you to develop back and taken a cut this critically and try to add implemented rotten dissimilar going that's a great of users at is promising the mood graphs is a promising and were of a
forest thank you for listening transfer coming the same question thank you think you can all nicer facilitation and excellent timing of some if you have any questions have the and the good the this alone is thank you for your presentation in that you widen to consider PG rooting for taste yeah I think you were mentioning uh I further standard page around some but at the arrival and is not going work when integrated PQ case and we had a meeting analysts tools to work and 20 develop and seems not to means at that is a dated from and is funded Piglet presentation of height what if it can be presented and that's yesterday and see at me digerati were known to serious selected as like the that's it that's really the kind of like as it that's we talking about yeah it stymied and the question and you have to run as long as the maintenance of all of the rest of the and Poisson many great ideas in the provision of the I have so on in the homeless mind is 0 you the function then the more is an open source open source but they had the health services that support the help they button on so all then there that are that that that is also considered that my way and low aware over to the fashion the fashion I use this kind of open source and freely available present of or the 3 and greater than it that can be a limitation with that prettier than the the questions maybe of 10 distinct OK on the original instrument it can give interesting presentations