Analysing the Performance of NoSQL vs SQL Databases with Respect to Routing Algorithms.

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Analysing the Performance of NoSQL vs SQL Databases with Respect to Routing Algorithms.

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Analysing the Performance of NoSQL vs SQL Databases with Respect to Routing Algorithms.
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With the increased shift towards GeoSpatial Web Services on both the Web and mobile platforms especially in the user­centric services, there is a need to improve the query response time. The traditional routing algorithm requires server to process the query and send the results to a client but here we are focussing on query processing within the client itself. This paper attempts to evaluate the performance of an existing NoSQL database and SQL database with respect to routing algorithm and evaluate whether or not we can deploy the computations on the client system only. While SQL databases face the challenges of scalability and agility and are unable to take the The advantage of the abundant memory and processing power available these days, NoSQL databases are able to use some of these features to their advantage. The non­relational databases are more suited for handling the dynamic rise in the data storage and the increased frequency of data accessibility. For this comparative study, MongoDB is the NoSQL engine while the PostgreSQL is the chosen SQL engine. The dataset is a synthetic dataset of road network with several nodes and we find the The distance between source and destination using various algorithms. As a part of paper The implementation we are planning on using pgRouting for the analysis which currently uses PostgreSQL at the backend and implements almost all the routing algorithms essential in practical scenarios. We have currently analyzed the performance of NoSQL databases for various spatial queries and have extended that work to routing. Initial results suggest that MongoDB performs faster by an average factor of 15x which increases exponentially as the path length and network data size increases in both indexed and non­indexed operations. This implies that non­relational databases are more suited to the multi­user query systems and has the potential to be implemented in servers with limited computational power. Further studies are required to identify its appropriateness and incorporate a range of spatial algorithms within non­relational databases.
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what it meaning and everyone and start other well from International Institute of Information Technology had about India the I'm here to discuss the performance of new SQL databases with Ceausescu databases with descriptive open-ended
so this is the motivation of the research that suppose we need to random appears that do not have Internet connection suppose I am from india audio admired have Indonesian late nite I want to go from 1 would be through the confidence so what should I do of mice I I have a smartphone that is capable of doing their thing but I don't have the internet connection so it's it's kind of users who have a smartphone and not having the negotiations right we need and in connection pool point from the motivation from 1 point 1 and why can't we divide the resulting so work on the phone itself but is it possible is it possible to replace heaviest will so us with something that get that is more scalable and in a very efficient to be deployed on the form so work still given good that isn't form during the Doklady is still sells every day and this was the main motivation of the reasons is that any alternative data this technology that could be used for loading on a much smaller my basis so uh but in inefficient adults has we uploaded knowledge in databases if you wanted and noise of this of this vectors especially on Dec is abuses new primarily use mostly this group was yes origin of of those years as a waste your database and for another few databases of you have many implementation currently we have more there is some function that is caught that is for the spatial the context and we have a meal for the universe as it so that is an extension and I just came to know these is an extension of course this is given in the new the new right they data they also support some functions of noise databases document these databases but me at the end are considered joke doors and you engage in in in our results databases of but I'm and especially the reasons are currently on a relational database management systems very happy with and maybe joint those statements to retrieve knowledge of all the database of all of this information was implementation of ideas and species diversity they're good for the engine to store and manage really large datasets but high when the some tension scalable again a delete and is spatial data as its candidate Mrs. half is generally have a fixed amount of you have to declare the scheme all the database to be uh before before the actually use them in that in that event we have a fixed schema of directly they major retrieval and if you have a spatially pollen we do not we cannot add non-speech latitudes in that column there is a lot of time as well as there is a lot of joints in those queries and look at a lot of time to go it's not a from producers so uh but then involving algorithms really fought it out for example if we use this as a good example of the only needed more debris need but from 1 or both of its this the distance to all of them would be assigned to the work of uh can that the in a really used to always think it is the performance something to be need non-specialized abuse of power in in in the form of as well as for example is the art of 4 days from which is the source so this is the destination we wanted to we want to know the so that would be lot that ridiculous so these non-speech library which cannot be deviated without having a different labels and if the need those added we would we need to make a drawing from the are spatial delivery and ones which of them so these kind of challenges in find of the face issue databases for our comparison with uh the forefront embedded in the news media loading as being in a security standard as well as he has been loading is bills importance years with his and apps fractional would cause this is secured whisper waves speech of functions which tool of this SQL object relation database of the fielding extent was it was has his special database to provide you special about other network that they don't have this functionality but for this we use the decoding just foreboding we have neglected all of the from of the think that we have you seem to be easier and the square distance function for that the performance and this is it has many air quality of the loading as support for many other I wouldn't isn't but font is you have you just use these stars and as of what is your dog but related is is the that non-relational databases that we do not have the ability and rules in Oyster databases we have collections which have documents but they did in the newest and it is also the potential demand and so it is logically the player response times is better in most of the this is in this of 1 of the family and finding the most correlated with this is that they can be scalable on multiple servers was so at the top of it yes I can give you suppose you many Indian Vijay Singh into sports years but if the use of when only few databases for of it yes it's because scalable what so it's really easy this is iterated wanted of that also a policy analyst databases can handle it right he's writing data stored in world would degree and what is by that what they mean is for solidly in a way that the item 1 item you just will particularly role that can be easily done in which databases as the ST mothers data is and what and what rules can be added as special applications these problems like all work 91 region of minded phase the scheme all of spatial databases is always evolving and it it changes retained if we have some that reduced love you right not begin I added nudes for that to retreat for that made it so we need a schema-less database is a so far the military database can be used and will be as uh we have uh as in the previous discussion of the phone the performance of really needed functions that somewhat better than the peak was so close as native special functions of women would it be the document oriented data store it is a high-performance uh but as in something new properties of a fuel isn't 1 of the most important 1 is already redirecting phone was used a support for the design objects and you do some objects but that is an object that uh that are specially designed for what is stored in a trees due to some objects can store to make this late point line strings for ligand as well as non speeches uh do it do not crucial attitudes as well we can have multiple in winning again have multiple due especially in the face of a collection of again after will be index for flight to make these began at riskier indexes of random entries so all of these there's indexing helps in improving the quality performance and that would it be does not not when indexing but that was years so the data encoding is is really easy and would he be the Poisson files that support and that can be easily than would involve users objects a displacing the passing island there's no support for ideas in Woody relate now but in the near future there might be a support for libraries but if you compare solution this is if you knew the reasons are randomly designed for distributed systems however this enormous universe as it did you would be spread over multiple so as our extensive list a student is can also be discovered rules that was but the performance of noise is much better than is the this is especially emissions of wood thrush structured data and unstructured Italy point in lines and all that much would be with uh no it's ludicrous is ask you what is due to this is the embodiment images can be stored in the field of so for example is the stored of probably a splitting up of but also holds out Babel of holes of the some of the holes may have in some of the houses may not have funding in a skew and we need to have a different people of being and we have to join board the baby's it uh all the association with the between halting but in Alaska databases we can have that information written decision David the coordinates for the parking lot and the people public that portion of the form it hot so it doesn't
uh so to delete scenes that noise you may perform better than SQL federal doing a photo album involve this is but I don't know if you a promise in 1 case a spatial data this ways that is being that is the quotient Beaver dying to answer so harmonic Board of the databases
for quality as we as we used the you don't think we use the always in the back and front performance and is always in need of of the region was that was considered this is the of
the reason for the 1 of that as and for what is the size of the boxer's increased early near the standard machine
was you 1 thing on the test at a test reading data on any of that based on any cluster and only simply uh computers really simply compute ising machines we use on that and other days are smart enough they still reading interface uh as the as as we because the various things in the union of all the data was processed using in any and all sick and remember the and was used everything Everything analyze was done in the in mainly meant as binary hot thermal
insulator reasons we used more would be the as the primary agent and we do not have a about function so the 1 st this set that up for a moment he be of the you can use the simplest method of moments of silence who do I write and read operations that have firstly custom important function was written for the awesome it to import always indeed into the database uh then you'd edges in the list to slow graph in the database the list was in essence it has 2 columns fall asleep the source nor and the coordinates for the source and other proper and on special properties of the source model the the next 1 and the contain in all the points on the uh the leading the source node and the distance between the source node and that would be denoted as like this we have stored on the points in a database as edges in the list at each of these laughter well and the source node and all the nodes connected to it and then respectively at standard these stars algorithm was used and redundancy plasticity using would the listeners valence Arvida the user-centered algorithm and all In improvement all the what's the what's written the specifications of scenes them with stars algorithm Moody we was used to read the values from the database that operations that find all defined function of minority was used to read all the values from the database or in the solids all the data was analyzed using binary memory endorsing in memory was used for the answers of a non-derogable performance of since of since we don't have all introduced as function alleviate operations performed on Mona DB the performance is not really a very better than that of the you don't think of the important functions but most of the time most of the bank it was taking part in the data from the was in file and passing it and stood in man would it be a database of the standard implementation right now just as the initial performance amid the indices as you wanted to test whether or not a the moon would be the is even close to be developed of the different algorithms performance was restricted by the implementation and optimization of the as algorithm and see this is low as the read and write operations were written in C + + but the performance is mostly restricted hold a lot algorithm is is that again and any optimization possibly in the other 2 but more states work almost as of more that more distant required for the analyzes and my optimization and the denial with many of the genes were digging in that in that this lake normalization of really was done on the thing that exists the loading and or what we developing that this is uh we have different dipole rewards in which ended up and the be denoting the plastic waste that broad based on that 1 made and of the uh and uh and assign weights to that too little so seeing were used In research also and we had only nor did any of like the developing have losses export the and annotation by reading Indian and the reason table enough this results but the speed of performs much better right now than I would be contained in inundation but we are looking for more optimization and uh and uh and since we have what better results in 1 would be needed function so that the quite positive that uh mobility even will perform better in the loading Allianz isn't that higher than the don't you don't think I feel sad realize datasets of winning still performs better than the performance is not really good performance is that in some cases but no conclusive results can be drawn from the test yeah discussions I wouldn't use to be implemented in so as the legitimate and competition policy since would be a document oriented found that the document integrated as functions of the that's what ancient that it can be implemented In so that have limited competition does not mobile devices but this can be helpful in front of acting in remote and rural areas if he has successfully in the making and of Indian that was that was that was something without internet so this is uh we can have about being in the modern world is as a bear this node each of Internet it would be really helpful so for the villagers and farmers of this can be a milestone for isn't as it is good for In the future uh this was in his right mind many initial space and intuitively obvious expect expanded really fast a simple implementation indeed that's just a bit of the initial performance often her mom would be there is we need to optimize the implementation of the and find all the marriage alternated that funds will and the test of it can you be a planning to use Bengal bounding boxes and other other at home other features of the of other features of speech functions tool in the blocking the belongs to the 1st obvious mining don't use the molarity functions like land intersection point in and new functions of another thing algorithm me or what we have to study into to hold the of building impose yes implementation room or would it be and best that that performs better not yes so
that that is it for the presentation in any questions on this fj he consultant the if indication because the 1st but we're taking of a Jeffries folks so far I think have my question is there right now there isn't always inherent in mobile application that will use Internet's and if you are aware of each you can take a look at the at the algorithm that is present to you all you need is a download to data onto a phone and everything is just to use of work is the name of that always same Iunch was aware of much all are nor number of the of the ICT neutron captured so that I can use to come go a little of have a parent and working on my from these 2 is a city motion in many domains and that management and this has to be modulus is so how do you plan to have the same databases on the reading list of mobile you assess the moon would be be up from only be so so was not acquired as this competition as a mediator is the where the and uh the we have part of the whole we are going to do it but it seems that through the through the people we agreed that it is possible and if not possible in the future we have that he will write on database of also in the case of a year this can this can go hand in hand Some directing functions so intelligently about growth and this can contain the better option and think which would be this and the people of the areas that things Eastchester you sometimes use the word the rows and columns for ability you can hired as the to have standard because North square has no role and core of this for the animals it my husband back on behalf of the hometown and she was movement the branch-and-bound men and handsome but I'm alone and they're always channel 1 of them has also been that and independent unless you glad so as not very smart and because we can install Lebanon locally in space it's rests and as well as all supporters of the index has unit number the Big Bang is supported on something that somebody has seen is now denoted the efficient intruder affirming that strong spatial so the value of the of the concerned and demand come they're not about the jazz will succeed landed on the uh so if the if he had a lot of and yeah that the and thank you thank you sat there and is