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OSGeoLive: An Overview of the best Geospatial Open Source Software

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OSGeoLive: An Overview of the best Geospatial Open Source Software
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<p>This presentation provides an overview of the breadth of quality geospatial open source applications, which are available for the full range of geospatial use cases, including storage, publishing, viewing, analysis and manipulation of data.</p><p>The presentation is based upon documentation from OSGeoLive, which is a self-contained DVD, USB thumb drive and Virtual Machine, based on Lubuntu GNU/Linux. ÊIt includes over 50 of the best geospatial, open source applications, pre-configured with data, project overviews and quick-starts, translated into multiple languages. It is an excellent tool for demonstrating Geospatial Open Source, using in tutorials and workshops, or providing to potential new users.</p><p>This presentation is very useful for anyone wishing to gain a high level understanding of the breadth of Geospatial Open Source available, and is often presented at the start of spatial conferences to help attendees select targeted presentations later in the conference.</p>
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that happens all the library this end of thank you right
so I welcome everybody in this session while you're here to you very fast overview of what is those you lied about and what you do with the project so during the next hour go through all of the details and the so what is always you lied was July visit Linux distribution containing the greatest open-source just fossil software is created as a portable DVD Hellenizer file and it is possible to demonstrate all the projects by just how speeding up the Vietnam or accusing BDU or and running running through a what w tried so actually the DVD contains speaking more than 50 open source of the aspartyl obligations but it's not all about the software we also include that data sets sampled datasets we include documentation which is consistent across all the projects and also it's very important we have translations in many languages so I already told you that this is distributed as a DVD with nowadays mostly would just create a nice all and you can download it and you can create a virtual machine or you can just created a multiple European just run the system so the story yes the parade in the DVD Sweden created a DVD and run always July from it there is 1 of the ones of things that I have mentioned that we make sure that projects that are included in those July DVD yeah I actually very of very high quality we make sure that they're stable they're working and that we are trying our best test every time a new release it would have issues and we're trying not to include that of versions for something that is not ready for for it the having the best experience for the users so that this is we have quality criteria and we want the community of the project to be very active and the software to be established and stable and we have of these pages and recommendation which actually sold how from what's the quality of software patents and so what so what is what why always alive is very good what can we do with all this July of basically we can do a demonstration of was your software would you like it includes all the graduated projects his geo but also includes the problem is that there are now being in incubation all over in all dual lab but it is a very good that's OK so what the what is in the stack was 0 the so we have everything in 1 place it is like a product of these days because this is actually you can have the whole stock darted into 1 and stole in installation and can test with it you actually provide workshops you can provide a lectures in Kansas demonstrated to clients you can you can do the development what we kind of not supporting is like using it for production because it is like the media selection of many software it's not it's not it's not made to have the server out of it but some people might use it for that and also it has great straining resources included so this is a very very good the property of yours you life would have all the resources included who have a quick start tutorial so you can follow the soul if you want to to to know productivity and just go to the documentation and you can follow the step should be using the software and then you get the to know it better what is important is that we have established that the production and marketing
by pipeline for the project which means that we are taking the software from the development teams we're using all boom do as our base operating system and we're doing translations we are and we makes all this together into 1 system but can be actually tested it can be actually given away to people so that they know what this is a special software is all about and as you can see here we provide encompasses would provide it with providing a 2 of the works of the sessions and we call that all these pipeline goes through to decision makers so that provide support for the project single into new funding or in the growth of community actually was very bottom so how do we create of since we have based in the world to we're trying to use the the standard to so we are using the standard process of making you in the womb to spin off and it we use the packaging in the Debian packaging to the from the base system but also we have installed so at every project provides established for their software where we can use them to to this policy to to install the project and too little to do with it was July they were still alive development is following closely with little wounded GAS project and then the MDS project we interact with each other where we contribute we get contribution back on down also we use of some version as our source control management and would have we're monitoring all the issues in inside track but later would have been trying to do continuous integration which sees actually like building the software every every day or every couple of days so that we can we know if something breaks we we tried to prove spot it right away and this is this have been working pretty pretty well the last the last few years so what is new in the in version A. version they actually because I was it the project was moving from June 1 to 12 . 0 4 to the new LPS so we're now using the 1 to 14 . 0 4 . actually . 1 which was released before we we release of July faith and during this process we upgraded 37 projects FIL 37 projects have provided with a of gradients others which we used to then installed on inside of the system so at this point I would like have sort of our discussion about what is was July or what is always yield because we all with mention of was you with what is always do all this to you is is a nonprofit umbrella for software for just fossil open-source software since 2006 and the most you Foundation was set up in as a as a number of or supporting development and promoting the quality of opensocial for so it is all it is also about Open Data and education which variable these days you will hear about G for all initiatives which was is supporting with many laboratories so from many universities around the world so all these laboratories are using always July to promote the Openshaw shocked also is alive is not only about software but we're we we can have the reputation of having very good support for the compliance or standards so most of the products that are included in noise July actually implemented they're all OGC standards and we have a reference implementations include in the owes you so it's very very important thing that we support the standards the of centers and what also we include Odyssey standards into our recommendations so that you can actually go through the documentation and find and find out about 1 W mass is 1 that we at his and all the rest of the end of the of the of the OGC standards
so now we're going to give you an overview of which are the projects that our are included within those July and we will start with desktop s which is that the heavy-duty desktop software that we all used to do or editing viewing and analyzing of our data so 1st project where these include this should use so to this is very well known and have lower left large community and it's a very it's very popular and user friendly and GAS clients of where you can use many plug-ins that are available to do processing it supports roster of authority databases and it is excellent in uh creating maps the 2 . 4 yes yes so we have a later version of use included therein was July 8 the next project this on grass AS which is with help with a is now over 30 years old and grass CAS is the flag civil for was you because they all started from rest so it's a very important part of of all is due no you life and it has hundreds so far routines and all of so really because it has hundreds of all of the tools to be able to process roster and a vector data and then it then you can do a sophisticated representation of 2 D and 3 D I special data next is a community of which is also a very well known desktop GIS it was a start that the developmental GC was started in 2003 in Valencia Spain who were that means by the decided that they wanted to create a new project and be able to distribute to the to the to the to the to the to the community so they wanted to create a new project will replace existing proprietary software that they already had and then deducing was created and it is still very very much use their but it has also it is also very much use around the world and it is also very good in analyzing and visualizing and that so this just possibly can a so next we have you be which is a user-friendly desktop of GAS but it is a Java-based and is also built upon geo tools and an eclipse development environment so it's a very good choice for developers who want to integrate mapping info their job applications and that is also provided sides was July the next project open John which is a spin-off project of the origin of example project which was also open source that you've got quote a lot so after a while people decided to merge back all the folks into and in the common opened up and project would've was named for up and there is very good at analyzing and displaying data and also deals with good topological tools a a lot of works of the results of the project was also called more GIS which is also included in the village alive distribution and all it is also well maintained by a strong Spanish communicating and so it is also very popular it is used because you do very much the last of the best of Algeria that we include knowledge alive is signed up which is a German project initially will it's it's uh it stands for system for automated do scientific analysis and it has a large number of modules for analyzing vector or table and read in in in the data and he is very strong but uh between geostatistics he wants classification projections and hydrology of landscape development and there an analysis so most of those tools are also available in into other and from this lecture is rose from gliding from applied in and so also the same stands for graphs which is also included as applied in with integers so obvious applications all all these desktop GIS applications are included in the July it the let's move now to the browser we're going to give you an overview of all what kind of GAS web frameworks we have and the 1st of all of the layers is included a which is a broader great based mapping to uh out in which the it supports JavaScript and the in it is easy to and style you don't need any server side of uh you don't have any service has said dependencies so is always you alive many examples are included and you can make your own application right there you can just create a petition based on examples that are available and you can have and demonstrate that the OpenLayers but currently would happen there's 2 operators 3 where was released like 2 days ago so I think it's going to next we have the effect which is the mobile-friendly interactive much framework is also a JavaScript library and is designed to work around the old others and actually support Bates supports mobile platform which but the the the the main idea behind the flat is simplicity and performance and this has usability mind so it's a very good framework to do much next we include in dual my against which is the browser and browser based 0 clients and and it is a very it's a it's a it's a range of sparsity tools included into the browser mapping framework which you can use the bathroom Java and through you should tools to to make to make processing on your router up so we include the sample a demonstration publication which is based on the library and actually you can you can actually create your own application using the library next we have not been de which is a geo-portal applications of actually this is not a vendor 3 which was which was upgraded recently from the preview version with had and it is a very useful to publish register view navigate monitor and uh Grant secure access to the to to to to to the users are into creative very nice a special that data infrastructure and the next we have g of which is a mapping framework built upon OpenLayers and map server it is a very useful tool for Madsen special and knowledge fossil data within county city in the municipal offices so that it provides services from for you viewing and organize and the many layers and that doing data dataset searches the next part of habits which is a constant 1 system is based on Drupal is it has it builds upon Drupal to offer all of all maps and it also uses GeoServer which will cover later the and the next framework is due old which is also called the modern system the difference between English and the proposed that this is based 5 so they also provides and and a nice way of publishing uploading data through your browser and training metadata as a URI for a C is W and B be able to that I also have since the features like user wrapping their ratings and
user comments and also serine matching between users so this is also a common modern but with with some more extra features so now we go to the to the web services but this is the family of projects that we are we use for building this parcel just services that uh that we use in our around many many employment around the world in many portals and many geo-portals these days use the those projects to build their so Lazuli for structure so it's very important to to go through that that the 1st is GeoServer and which is 1 of the most popular Web Service applications it provides WMS services where WFS uh recent the catalog and Web Processing Services WPS it comes with a nice guy you I'm so that you can actually magnets and of the data through your browser instead of editing text file and that it can it can connect to many data sources once 1 of the also the very 1st front of always deal is not served of and it is all 1 of the 1 of the more stable and very well use around the world so it also surveys is a is a software tool to provide open-source with much service initially but then it also that provides the PFS and uh web provinces Service WCS but it is a it connects to a wide range of databases and that that that the store she is written in C and C and it also supports other languages like what Python can reliably and others the next project is degree of its at the a very real robustification and it has been the representation for many of this is of the CD specifications is also uh it also includes a transactional Web Feature Service and three-dimensional support for data it also in those you library but we include ncw mass which is a web map server and it focuses on multidimensional data of environmental and weather data and it provides Odyssey and W. mass interface the the next is all AER looks server which is a wet covered service and it's a system for accessing large amount of satellite and observation data that it is possible to select subsets and use a slide to go through through time mention so you can actually find data or or from a from 1 in a catalog actually observer is now but you from easier and is going to be used for the for the next portal user for for being able to lower case of of satellite data the next project is due network do with is of the 1st couple of that I was included was that graduated those dual of duration where program it is assumed that you have covered this it's a compliant to to Odyssey service and they can be used to create maintain and search metadata and about specific that datasets so on metadata is data about the data so all you have to store that information like creation date authority item and stuff like that and then begin to searches on the data in order to to discover your data we also provide life w which is and the reference implementation of Foldesy actually force w specification but is also a series of new server and it is written in Python the difference is that I see that you is a light server instead of full-blown you why are application but it is very very well use these days by using Datalog golf is used in from non other organizations in other countries such as that it also stored XML files into a database it can provide they you can actually start making queries against that and it is a server to discover your your data which and next is not proxy which is a proxy server for mass and 5 services so well my proxy is standing between a WMS or another source it can provide uh casting capabilities tool tool tool employment you might have to do with other of Odyssey the BMS servers so it is used to speed up and web application of and in terms of of providing ties that are cast and not be at all generated in when you request the next project these introduce over how actually this is part of the produce project uh which provides a kid is just so now we have also in web map service which is why I included introduce so although the good feature is that you can create a map to this and then you can actually I'm not obvious the scene of map to your web server and and you have you get it on a map that loop exactly the same manner as in as in your best next is 52 more WPS which is a Web Processing Service a is some base project and that it is used to provide access to just muscle processing algorithms through the web so that users can actually do special analysis remotely also we have 50 to moles of SOS sensual observation service and this provides a standard way of the interface for reading and life and I typed date date at which are captured by sensors so you have satellite data you have camera so you can have the of water level meters or any other sensors that you can imagine any can actually pull data from those and so of of those data through the web the last of web service that is included in all July is just as you'll WPS on part of the project which is and that a developer friendly WPS for the framework for creating entertaining web processing services soul actually in so you can you have your own implementation of an algorithm you can I just plug it into so and Zulu greater WPS interface for your product for your ivory or or your function and then you can use it to remotely it supports the Python Java and this this society and many other stuff so now we move to the data store so we we we moved to the bottom of this that's where our data stored in well before that doesn't need much of an introduction interviewed everywhere and its posterior it's a special extension of what addresses it's very easy and I know of very well known about it it allows the users to actually do analysis and well it and provide support for for web not applications it provides support for desktop you can store your data in posteriors do analysis tool and querying of the data and everything you can imagine within it is very fast is stable and and is very it is done of clients and you have hundreds of fossil but functions out the box the
so what we also include the noise life sponsor light which is a light weight that the beans and it's a based on 1 of the the popular as SQL-like other base soul i s the lightest self-contained because it it is a in relation and other based withstand B which is 1 5 so you actually have 1 violently provides all the yes co-functionality always you can take away with the with the only you will be speaker but is it it's going to create actually those kind of 5 from our best of our applications to the next letter bases there rather the other 1 is all about an hour after data it's actually roster management system and the main advantage of less than 1 is is that it stores the arrested data within and underlying database which can be posted for example and it is a multi and then they national arrested in a month so you can have like time series you have hyperspectral data you have a of any kind of trust the data and you can do SQL-like queries directly with things the last project from this group is PG Rutenberg think which is they're looking extension for 4 . GIS the but somebody can then actually do uh queries finding the shortest path between points or within a database and simplifying this is simplifying the rooting functionality and maintenance of your data so you can actually have uh upload your points there and do any kind of grouping between them so the next category is the navigation and much here we have GPS drive which is a GPS navigation system and can be used in for a car by an opening of whatever you think of and it can display your position of provided by a GPS so you can actually started DPS to your laptop and user gives rise to see your position it also would have grown which is a tool for viewing editing and converting coordinate that data from GPS devices and you can also sold and warmer next is on my will is actually 3 D neutral blow and it is similar to that of Google Earth or NASA's World Wind and it was developed as part of the KDE project and it now supports of values so that the sources and somebody can just zoom pan and even look at that the Wikipedia descriptions of places from within the application of a nice feature that personally personally like that it has historical now so Oracle much so you can find layers that are very old it next project this
fall from PN which is a which provides free navigation software for for we to be used from shapes and it is that it has been developed by a by a more active sailors and it is used in real world conditions we also have the OpenStreetMap tools which means that we have a applications which are used to that we OpenStreetMap that the and those supplications higher and Jolson were and that America and also we would provide links to the the online version of the but should not tools yeah so what do we think there was July DVB confined small we extract a small part of the of a should not data you can actually do anything offline these data and then you can submit but here too next we have viking which is also the GPS gations system they can do and is it is also in Europe and you can use openstreetmap has a should not supposedly but the next
category is that we have grouped together category called last battle tools which is like tools of have specific analysis could capabilities 1st of all we have viewed people getting it isn't extracted from transform and load the software which is the key of an it is that a sparsely enabled version of the and the whole data integration and compares with that for me in functionality and it can be worked for they can be used for producing automated automated and complex data processing chains next we have a d and t which is a collection of tools that allows users to manipulate our own data and do filtering trend grading and other reprojection and stuff like that it also Montague's included the noise July which is Python to achieve uh sorry suppose plus 2 for a rendering beautiful maps and with that clean and soft edges and is basically it it what it was initially used for oral history not rendering and it has features like intelligent label placed placement and scaleable as reduce the symbolization on and stuff next we have Taiwan which is a a design studio for creating beautiful web-based interactive maps for a wide range of existence fossil that data sources so you can actually that creates I and not within time and then you can upload or you can create out of it and then you can upload them to the to the way we also include a mock island which is on another software to create and tiles which then can be stored and into a file system they can be directly publicists out to a web server or a cloud storage in order to to to be able to have a dialog of title time sources to your application you can use with ears and Google Maps to end it can be easily customized the next qualities Austin which is the open source software in amides map and it is a high-performance engine for remote sensing and for image processing and it can be also used for for GAS and for parameter no this is also informally library and of all was somewhat occasions that error on the cover you and then you can actually do morphable grammar tree with it the next project which is also based on all series of local works effect of excessive very it's it's in new software which is a it is your 1st high-performance image processing capabilities to those July it is funded by the French space agency is part of the of of a because projects that that the Addis project where they the software with the i with the uh with observation data in order to to have a free tool in open source tool tools to process the data and it it supports all taken reader images and it has very of state of the art algorithms because it is based on ITU-T 8 which is the inside of inside to keep so it has a very very new software and like chains addiction pattern-matching hopefully knows July 8 of we include art the outlierness which is a powerful lab is widely used for software and where it was use software environment for statistical computing and graphics and we also include many of extensions that many geospatial extensions inside DVD so you can actually process your data and visualize the results next we have a
created a group with which we call domain-specific GAS it's about applications which are targeted at specific domains the first one it's a handle which is a web-based collaboration tools do which is which is all about collaborating when a disaster happens that offer big office features like trying to to find missing people might think volunteer striking camps sufficiently between government troops and and the singular functionality it was initially created for the search and in Sri Lanka during the 2004 tsunami it was be used there and it has been developed since the next public seasons at heating which is a platform through with that allows everyone to submit a detailed through SMS e-mail so all through the web and can visualize it on a map or timeline it has also been used in in cases where the mayor of emergency but uh since 2008 that as well that this was yeah which is a scholar both the data and rendering toolkit for opens the graph and actually you can create a nice 3 D visualization by just adding a simple XML file the next properties and the
system which processes and displays bathymetry in the backscattering Marjorie data derived from multi being interferometry insights comes from next we have xi greater which is the weather forecast the ways of it in a petition to show world maps of whether and you can actually download and visualize where the data from really got sources and that you have the top results lactose through the but to tool historical data so so I already told you that we include data and the software so hue and we are going to discuss about what kind of data we have at the 1st of the social rate of beta is a natural of projects which provides with public domain match for creating small still world regional and country much uh at a range of scales and so this dataset it is already included in those your lab so you can use the saved files to actually create your own so much within the DVD next we have the most coat colors but that the model co-aligned educational dataset that we teach people about who this inside those alive and he provides roster data vector data watershed model elevation maps the land use land cover and some possible Lancet 7 imagery a also we we have an awesome data open should not take every time we just take a snapshot of the of the city was false possible when what where software for 4 G is happening so this time we have a small sample of Portland there that's it included the was alive 8 and you can extracted data and make modifications a directly inside this was July the last of that would have arisen and that's the time series that dataset which includes idle maximum daily temperatures I don't want to go consecutive and uh I did precipitation and see this uh 1850 the what so we have all those applications but how about development we have not included the knows you alive all that your special libraries of where are very common and the food for the development of 1st of all we have to go analogy our which is that use of so that which is the which is littered with that of the best known for their effect on roster in uh form for providing access to vector data and then used the they're used by many open source but also from appropriate theory of cations 1 but also you can use the command line tool tools within most you alive to the processing and transformation of of of 5 so this this is also available and that should have a doubt apologies free where it is it is a of elaborating but sparse so predicates and functions for processing geometries it is used by major out of the general uh based open-source just facilitations and then I'd also provides that some robust implementation of fundamental out with where you can use to create your own of applications also we have energy also which is the port of GPS to ciency of glass so you can do the same stuff with your since superstars language we also include GeoTools which is which is very useful if in the Java world and provide standard-based based images special data structures from accuracy and 2 to too many data sources and the functionality about data manipulation and rendering also include the META Seal this project which is actually a collection of 5 different projects and which provide I will little platform between different coordinate systems next we have had the blast which is a season superflies library for reading a writing a lighter data on the so yes it is also used the as the library but until it also has some command line tools that you can also use so we have iris which is a python library you know that can be used for analyzing and visualizing meterological and also rapid that's and the latest in addition to was geolibraries sci-fi film which is a web-based interactive environment where you can combine hold sufficient text mathematics plots and any other kind of reach media into a single document and you can select online so actually this is not the purely to special project but it can be used with all the from a library that I also include knows your life so it is a great tool to do sold caissons use fossil Python libraries from with the knowledge you alive and to do also development and actually we have a sample the IPython look inside those July but also you can pull other mobile phone you have and use them directly inside was July so there are also a few applications that who we haven't styliz for but they're not actually installed inside those you alive because they're the door and uh 1 of the 1 of the 1st part of this map that way which is a and a web-based database platform that enable users to develop and deploy a web mapping applications and just as a Web services actually this was ported to Linux right in his soul is or it can run on image but they didn't take the DVD and also we have not window which is a desktop client
withstand which is written in adult net and it can be and it is it is it GAS test of the application so these were the projects like that so these are the product of are included in those July so the next question is how can we contribute to the project and we how can we join what can we do was July so 1st of all you can subscribe to our main news and introduce yourself of did tendinitis in the thing you can be part of the team and we need translators we need testers we need the developers I'm pretty sure we can find something that he can do of so what can you do actually you can I The improved their the the website did that imitation of origin actually help improving the light DVD itself if you're into very poor down on Linux development so how can you but you improve their was July documentation 1st you can review their their start tutorials you can you can test and you can you can always provide feedback if something has changed you can you can go directly to as the n and change that that is the actual tutorial and and also you can you can actually learn but it's a good opportunity to learn the software by just running the the quick starts also it's very important to keep translates that translates up-to-date so you can if you speak another language other than English you can get offered I your your knowledge to translate the project or this is a very good thing to do would make activity that can happen in local of suffers so we need also help testing and bug hunting and we need to locate with you we need your help there are so many applications that we it's very difficult for the core development team to actually test everything so we need you to the best to to help us test and also we you can contribute by you know I mean girls authority you have to have created 1 you can actually allow I go to we can find time we have guidelines of how you can contribute back to how you can include your own or soft and so in general this is we need you to to help us and how can you have a the arrow with instead of 4 G if you're here on Saturday please join us but for the Cold Spring where we can find a way to improve was July and work towards was delayed 4 point 4 5 and we can do translations we can do testing reviewing so these are the the links that you need to follow if you want to get involved of everything is included here In these lists so know I you see here we have a large number of contributors and people who have been involved and he thanked all those people for their help and are creating this and this was your life projects and we would like to acknowledge our sponsors which offer of either they're all servers or a the their time for making this project happen so that's about it so any questions yes please you know that the the the but of the it is In the past like it's on knowledge but at and so moving so the forward for the last 5 minutes with questions thank you so much Angelos work the incited he did you have a lot to this thing here is the of all of the that everything in the universe 2 things to point the micromega quickly before we go to Q in any about the purpose of the lowest geolibrary its use in the field 1 is a communications use and the 2nd is to build your own systems use the communication side this DVD was originally developed specifically to hack lows that law of hardware for people that are out in the field or perhaps in the in Spanish-speaking areas or where they speak Indonesian language or somewhere far field where you can brood of those that hardware in the DB and very quickly have volunteers to in your work by as a communications tool in more urban environment are for people that are not very much time on haven't seen that he is a huge array of software before but I wanna make a point that every 1 of those projects has and 8 and a half by 11 professionally prepared for presentation you page and a 2nd 8 and a half by 11 which is a a matching that style that takes an intelligent person who has put was not seen this offer is through step-by-step series of how you could try this half of the time so the 2nd part is the implementation for your own for your own computers at home or in your lab and your school or in your business all the install scripts for every 1 of those applications are open and published in the STN pottery so if you take a standard hardware in the Ubuntu operating system based you can take those scripts and in most cases almost no preparation and run
just the install software for yourself that serves as a reference implementation for installer the to in our day so that that we have about the moment left questions the answers on this encyclopedia software here but if you do have questions please use mine in in I where is it might set up and having to questions it you note that with yes model and yeah that i OK so I have a book is a relatively recent addition in there are several places in the back where it is often list is printed and we may miss a spot so maybe maybe it's CEO will capture that basically regions that I think within included in the least because it's not of purely deals fossil because it's more like a development tool so I think that's a little the reason why it was not in the least it we can add it to the feedback In a question any other questions all following up a little bit early making the tenants I