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Purpose of Entry
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An Internet of borders. An Internet created and devised by The Black Operatives Collective, a covert marketing organisation that boasts clients such as the CIA, NASA, GCHQ, MOSAD, BND and the NSA, as well as host of national government organisations and the European Union. On the eve of launching this new Internet with borders, Marcus John Henry Brown showcases the interrogation and security skills of RACHEL, the algorithm responsible for processing visas and monitoring the borders. He will be testing RACHEL by attempting to gain Illegal access to the United Internet of Great Britain.
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the only thing so
long as
alone they kind of applause firm Miriam has been doing all day
long but have so good
afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am delighted and honored that anybody turned up individual um so this is my 3rd and final republic to what you are about to see in here is the last part of the fictional trilogy
that I've been writing in development since 2013 and is called the
purpose of entry it is to me at least have the logical conclusion to a body of talks that and looking at how we deal with digital privacy what could be done with our data and you could possibly profit from that data and how you must understand that I do not consider myself to be a net activist an evil man and a similar common advertising
man as Bill Hicks once said there's no rationalization for what we as advertising people do we are Satan's little helpers I have however approach the
problems I think uh digital society has faced is facing and will face in the future as an advertising man I created a
fictional agency which is called the black operatives collective sometimes called a black operatives department
depending on if I forget forget which agency it it's and this is how we
approach the the snow than than the NSA from a slightly different angle and come up with ideas and reasoning and thinking that may initially seem absurd and silly but over time becomes be really relevant thus smoking pitch of last year for example I predicted that we would have a cold war Renaissance which we know of course do the Armenian alibi palindrome
Ivan 2013 I predicted that an organization which to seek to make profit out of our personal data and basically alone our life
I incorrectly for that would be a media house something like that he had no palsy the turned out to be governmental organizations
I palindrome I was set in the present 2013 with last year's modem pitch set in 2008 purpose of entry the thing you're about to see is set in 2018 and seeks to understand what kind of Europe we may or may not be living in the not too distant future at a time when the 1st wave of Millennials will be eligible to vote the please remember that everything you're about to see now is a work of fiction is satire and made it a lot the black operatives collective doesn't really exist so thank you all very much for coming um which is like jumping all where we left off last year in May 2008 and we need some
sound yeah now it this gives me general before we zoom into the future we just need to go
into the dystopian nightmare of apples settings and the so should we try do that again you get this is interactive you can say yes for example and OK so let's have a look at where we left off last time lady
2008 here pion has
come to spiral dialogical rabbit hole in this novel of new world Digital 1 the world
connections with millions of people
to communicate and share
and and send him that nite mentioned in a number frame and talk to each other and go places and all our yault table of your million phrases in your home to discover
new that who is of bone and
make use of this in our around
the world and you know exactly what's going on and it's
also in the model you can control the whole
whole problem of how to share the you and we use this
uh reversible where 0 thank you all so I'm not fat comic
today it's so good to see so many familiar faces here friends developers business partners we've got uh we've gone would go maybe the NSA body and anybody gchq recover the indeed we've got WP 8 and at the back we've got our old friends for the KGB how it's good to see you guys again and
welcome welcome 1 and all the guys
we've got so many good and exciting things to be talking about today we've been working so hard to come up with some more revolutionary products that will ensure security and safety the each and every European Member
State by managing and controlling their citizens the fuel
you've just seen was presented to senior members of the in 2009 and
it's good to see you guys here again today the brief back then was a hard 1 raise the awareness of the NSA brand within the
espionage market by 82 % raise awareness and increase cells so I just published yet of uh create increased cells by staggering 100 billion dollars for your products such as kind enough candid trash Trinity in
Liège master reduce the conspiracy noise by 90 % had to do all of this by 2018 and I didn't like to tell you all we did it by
focusing on our core values of
dishonesty scalability and can choose and by putting dystopian
thinking that the core of what happened the very heart of communications under the light at the side of the Snowden campaign has been
a complete and utter success
we hit the targets ladies and gentlemen last month the and I think we can all give ourselves a little bit of a round of applause later side
is that there are dystopian mobile worked we
destabilize the conspiracy then that active is just gave up and
as we predicted we even added some value by bringing around the Cold
War and it's also something I just with you guys at the top GPU delighted about right common this is all of course great you but the market is constantly
changing countries come and go politicians with maybe the exception of Vladimir come and go and I stand before you on the 7th of May 2008 on the eve of the European Union that came but
tomorrow will go at the end of
2015 the European coalition of the right approach just with a seemingly impossible task to it this was the brief that they set this
ladies and gentlemen the managing of the shift the control of digital moment leveraging this modem program was what
the coalition of the right wanted from us ladies and gentlemen it is nothing more than a totalitarian perhaps now as you know the black operatives is a commercial enterprise not business has been built on long term politically agnostic decision making and where possible we try to avoid working with governments and political alliances or political parties as we like to say the only espionage is good for business of politics is good for nothing the European coalition
of the right is frankly of already group of littering idiots and they were what
they were asking us to do could only have seriously damage the ongoing effects of the espionage and marketing communities some of which is sitting in this very room as you all know the wasteland Act the European border 2016 goes into effect
to mark it up in the covers the physical movements of citizens we will ask to develop a strategy where we can control the digital movements of the citizens which we have done but as we also developed it in such a way that continuing work for the NSA the GCH q M I 6 Kahane T B and a few smaller Asian organizations would not suffer the fact we've developed a system where our collaboration could blossom yes we've created using another Trojan horse for you all as you know the black properties of
always specialized in the harvesting
citizen data it's what we do it's what we could at the over the years we have developed a
range of covert wholesale mass surveillance products that harvest
everybody's everything the I can clearly remember pitching the prototype of the black ops walks to somebody from the NSA back in 2008 this just have a quick look
at how that looks but he would like properties of we truly believe and then you can do we can
connect the interest variables
within the reason for
that is that the training like the the the transfer to solve
maxi technical writing a weekly you've got the right we can we can run a b introducing you to play the black got a lot of explicitly level
of what these are present at low level in the they have
huge potential for for almost like a library what this body of law is what we might call have a course that in these piece is the sum of the thing I'm
interested to know about where they can be installed and
analyzed by the end of the laptops what will be the next minute advanced to because of that communication is and marketing messages
that thank you that's of course was the start of the golden a golden age of the espionage of things and we all know what 1 hell of a success that was when we launched it officially commercially in 2015 hell we've sold a couple of those 18 carat gold once yes pretty much everybody in this room has profited from are harvesting services at some point or another but the real
challenge was the break with a briefing from the European coalition of the right was that we needed to come
up with something so unbelievably simple that the people and you get a hefty the CSA and the Tory Party would understand it the solution was
incredibly simple ridiculously simple so we came up with something which is just
national Internet so at
tomorrow at 12 o'clock there will no longer be 1 big Internet neutrality tomorrow and so new now the be lots of national Internet's all Internet islands you need a digital
passports to get in and out of your national Internet sad to say the client loved it job done the where
is that the velocity where does this leave you as a covert governmental organization is it leave him as an advertising man use is cut off classical way not just having spent so little of the budget thinking about that that briefing we decided to use the rest of their money thinking about how this new European world order could help you guys so we started looking at the kind of market we created through this node and campaign yes if we now face a
new European order the place where
everything is locked down and movements controlled but we we need at that freedom of movement to harvest the personal information suppressing freedom of movement but also suppress the flow of personal information we can harvest basically the national Internet idea is a terrible idea because it is the
right wing idea is people will feel uncomfortable about crossing from 1 border to the next it's and be afraid to chop the border crossing has become a frightening thing today and in this content context here is that but what if if we reposition the at
and such that look at
the demographics and and we see the political and empathetic shared across a number of demographic since launching the sloan campaigns historically when you think of Internet demographics we begin with the early adopters a group of people 40 to 60 years old to remember a world without an internet and they were to a large degree politically interested but we neutralize them with the snow campaign the wave of neo liberalism that washed Europe around 2008 was intensified by the sliding campaign which managed to create mass interest with a group of people that should have taken it a little bit more seriously the net activists remember when this the deal came out 3 years ago now to anybody interested in the so
massive fell cry was were written that no definition that we initialize the conspiracy theory states that is nothing
we can do with then ladies and gentlemen there was only 1 place we could do Millennials born in 2000
this demographic have been oblivious
to the world around them but as of this year the eligible to vote as of tomorrow that Internet will cease to exist this generation your load is exactly what we need to make a few years again because
they never actually ever experienced fear I don't
some on
them in physics in and as of tomorrow these young appear young people will be afraid whether they try to enter and French national Internet in order to send naked pictures in themselves they're far from French she exchange students or they would try to enter the United Internet The Great Britain and then attempts to watch a light stream of the London hate parade on the BBC they will
have to cross an internet border where they
will be checked by our algorithm in a
minute hang on just a 2nd
just 1 minute and to do something very
unprofessional if you could just hold that fault for
just 2 seconds because my entire presentations just disappeared and so let me just dive into the dissolved O in like manner also
Our know what's happened to fit it in the uh here I think it is but the but again please don't and thank him so what are they doing
now is we're going to zoom in to you in the future and protein it's somewhere else again 190
and hang on hang on hang on hang on this is this ever happened to structure I OK so then I can make
physics again so the matter but that didn't happen on a case involving it is by making a sexy again by carry K you ready for the world as of tomorrow these young people will be afraid whether to try really tried to enter the friends not so Internet in order descending problems with many of the little ones around all cross the you I hate hate Ramon hate an parade the skill so
can they will have to cross the border
and face and be checked by our algorithm Rachel as you can see but this
weight workflow here it's pretty simple thing today but that's tests have shown that the process is also quite traumatic Millennials have never been through this process before they find it terrifying if Web 2 . 0 was
detected democratization of media and web 3 . 0 was a liberal liberalism of culture the neoliberalism a culture then we needed to create something truly special for web 4 . 5 to the completely new to work with the fear with Rachel what we've come up with I'm quite delighted but actually we call
it neo Orwellian isn't
the the Orwellian isn't builds upon that fear and creates a kind creates products above reduce and feed upon that here the process you see here will be launched tomorrow is for the European coalition of the right all ordered nothing more and nothing less it will launch
tomorrow at 12 signaling the
side of the start of the darkest period that this continent has seen for over 60 years we've built it works and it's ready to go but there's
1 more thing navigable
and thank you this doesn't work and comprise the could
nail Orwellian alone is as much about freedom as it is about the annual Orwellian is an embrace embraces the apathy and and disinterest so predominant in this demographic group neo Orwellian isn't is um the future fair every organization sitting in this room and we're delighted to announce that we've created a fantastic product that can harness the ON neo Orwellian is it's a drug
it's a software this control it's a
drug it's software and its control it's a drug software it's control no as I
mentioned earlier the borders of the intent of these national internus will be controlled by our algorithm Rachel by the end of this year this digital algorithm will be extinct nobody believed it be interested anymore as a reason for that and the reason is that Rachel actually stands for something stands for real
time algorithmic chemical I lose the genic enhancement lady yeah and here she
is we got the right here and
I thank
have this that's right ladies and gentlemen we've managed to combine fear reduction pharmaceuticals with the smallest computer devices ever created and know what something you thinking right now and yes I can confirm it she's a hat my there
it she should free and but at the and I can't go with what the hell is going on in Alameda forget how strong enough to get phones forget fab let's forget
PCs and laptops forget these hollow-gram nonsense to forget wearables ladies and gentlemen we've
created cannibals the device latches onto the cells in the human body activating the Rachel system the human body then connects the Rachel system and the user can feel here see Rachel in a subconscious rich was your very own chemical algorithms use your operating system your browser your passport your firewall Lin 1 user does so that the Internet user experiences the internet in subconscious and to guide to cross national borders monitoring of vital statistics as well as analyzing your subconscious any deviant param eters that's been designed as undesirable things like God
trees in the trial words fear
frustration aligned defaults in the sense of wonder and joy ritual not
only did users using again by reducing fear levels but by also helping them to embrace the at the Rachel was like punish users for a constant bad behavior which is also compassionate in a way that no other programs have been before but the real benefit of all for all of you here is the fact that Rachel trends firms that transforms the human body into the most astonishing human tracking
pixel is the most astonishing tracking pixel the marketing world has ever seen the real benefits you all
here as the fact Rachel transcends transforms the human body into the most their can't on that uh greater doesn't track your by uh tracking recorder browsing history and hell he does even just recalled health data step and
heart rate that would be so 2015 greater recourse Emotional Levels thoughts more probably dreams all of which is streamed in real time to the Rachel system which monitor say is based in the NSA facility in Nevada is a thank you very much guys I'm delighted to announce that today
we usually shipping Rachel throughout Europe and tomorrow should be in stores available for everybody a pack of them a pack
20 costs 12 euros 99 and as I mentioned before yes she should have free so would you like to meet
Rachel thank
it's always very important you read these um instructions before you you take out the using a prototype version so there might be a little bit the based on how this presentation is gonna properly them because of their
now I know what you normally
in when you hear witnesses something only the user say but prototype drop out rate jumped in anybody here means that we can you know about
Marcus your pulse was very funny it's this high foraging so you've not getting enough sleep you make some science has been gaining 21 . 7 per cent and your cholesterol has meaning need for some time now well you know they're working on you in this presentation
didn't actually go that well so we explain I see on the means
that must happen terrible driving way you know I just wanted to make sure that you work for everybody here we are in many people here actually quite
happy with the turnout and by our friends and he
came to me and yet there at the back of
the human to the KGB medicine I have a United Internet The Great Britain
plays right you or riding on a stupid question but you know you've got of your your programmer might appear here to help the dimension and not him so that although importance retreat he didn't need to know the answer to that question planning children as depends on the
Internet to the other what is the intention is to hell and I do not know the contains
part what children do usually I need to know that actually it's the children of the longer permitted to use the internet right so you cannot be programmed to do we're children have been programmed to recognize innocent until I have been programmed to 1 that I
have been programmed to recognize these as positive aspects of human life the protons on the positive things in the glorious things ritual recognize these
students for achieving the purpose of in the car and the canonical ones and for inspiration from the plant have been
programmed to recognize sanguine stress in this regard I can smell the words of
can smell treason come on contains the name of God sizes made now it's a kind of these things I can do markets
what you did not believe in God no I don't believe in God coverage of others but do we really
know the guy but if you think you should us of the importance you'd
prison ahead and eject repair prefer regrouped alpha 2 3 0 please can
learn a lot of static Ising along and you still need to pay the way
using have right so I'd like to gain access to the united Internet to Great Britain plays to the purpose of and the access to the Robbie Williams lifestream of the war well the whole BBC and me 292 reason the BBC license
infringement of calculating temporary nonsense calls for 99 you understand your interlink and talents is positive would you like to transfer funds I'd like to transfer
funds that plans for and exist and what conditions
and behind Hong means do not understand the regional system the
world chemical analysis and he can change his recent dimension and a half's 26 means and Internet
of the intersection of the wasteland that thing about the handling of 2016 you will need to communicate movement in the you talking about the British this is what gives
Walton Louis uh in the tuning of this and this and this
and in that initiated the
regions of override protocol world 1 believes that belongs in the original data no Cumberland Marcus slot there are other reasons if
my what did you put this in the to begin with so much of the uh of the haiku and
uh I thank you you think you very