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Europe – Playing hard to get
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A non-western, global perspective on Europe and its role within the international digital economy : Where are the global hot spots when it come to digital innovation? What European digital hotspots are visible to the rest of the world? How are they perceived to differ from Silicon Valley? What is special about them?
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1 of almost faithful but his presence and I tried to promote his name the right way but I won't succeed young guys that that that's to my mother from Madagascar th the the most charming prison in all to support of the Global Innovation gathering for when the Gabriele with you from Brazil back the for all of us would not be here without you tie you from Chicago at direct of of the left the umbrella organization of the all the African take helps right uh the last panelist do this for the factory but then we have the pleasure to visit you space already very happy to have you here to represent the balloon start ups the death and there's a charlie moderator we drew from the German African business associations and we have half of the basic in the year we have a not done a lot of preparation to some of us have met before tiny we have worked together look as in the we have them the same words MLN we have met before and welcome to all of you I'm really looking forward to this discussion we had a few controversies um already and and the vector in the last decade has some really looking forward to how we gonna find Europe on whether you're was how to get in this panel to look into you all we gonna have a very very quick introduction round em after that already I would welcome all of you to feel free to ask questions we really want to have a discussion here in the almost end of the Republic on and make sure that we make most of the time we have here with these 5 fabulous discussants and tell you 1 of the ladies is 1st it can ask you to start yeah sure how many his tire locking any I and the Executive Director Director of after labs which is the Pan-African network of tech innovation Hans how we currently have a 40 heads in 20 countries and for those of you who made may not be familiar and how this basically a physical nexus point I for people institutions that are interested in entrepreneurship and innovations that these can be students they can be ah financières that obviously technologist at developers an entrepreneur is
OK let me get out of bed at 20
countries 5 on Europe to if it were working on that game theory it answers let 0 so far as I can so we're working on that 1 and next lady please and I have learned never reality and from you and found awful lot Greek airspace with say space that provides the tools and the space like the cooperation between different noise and tag and innovators who want to find solutions for the global challenges in our galaxy and cont'd thanks a lot than working from east to west day or so you know most of you know I try to and yeah more about it and I'm not needing here so again and can have a high index Test that faces fixed you think you are many Endeca because of 1 and and from Augusta from the refer public of the community members and from space for the community he Madagascar and really in and and did look is to finish the round so is please take that might and a question on the line and so on there was a revival of the I'm from the Philippines I of the program director launched the arts of innovation in model and you do work a lot of Europe not on the whole in the international taken on this thing and then you would founded in in Europe because I am just some animals who because come from and I'm the chief marketing officer and spectrum grown and factory is the 1st and the largest star has here and in Berlin and we're on 16 thousand square meters of office space for start-ups from any given size so we have like sample Twitter work and I'm really really imagine ourselves as a as the places as a community follows a tech startups which means we want to bring together a very early stage startups and then people and just getting started with prototypes of teachers in these larger gross they start of slow sample to the etc. and we want to provide all the services that an entrepreneur need and want to bring old economy from Europe and Germany into into our a 2nd and that's what we do and Ramon spatial and 1 is from funny appointed heating by tools and for you and then and then you call so Europe to work with other countries and how do you see use an collaborates right and so I think in Europe we actually do have a very you're centric view of things and the reason for that might be that and when you look at the European Union have 28 different countries and 500 million citizens so just Europe in itself is a huge market but it's also fairly human genomes smart so you have about the same level in terms of economy technology education and the sense of the year in the the European Union it's possible to easily hire people from other countries it's possible to travel and so on and I think that that's the reason that a lot of the companies have a neural look to other European checkups so when you're growing you're gonna be traveling to London because alone and there's more capital in might be traveling to tell me because of its has very good connections to America so in the way I see it is that of Europe is in the very very much centered on European itself of whether or not that's a good thing we show and discuss the city still to the US planted the elements that's a possibility because actually on a lot of the a the of start-ups from Tel-Aviv they're very good connections to the US so when you work out of deleted content to bypass the European market and rather go straight to New York 2 2 sentences go so that's an interesting phenomenon that has to do with the immigrant community and from from Israel and has a lot of the partners in roots in the US of course high type as I know that you all are based in the US the working with Africa I have to ask the backwards classifier going to going to love idea of some and have while I can understand why that make might make sense in that the former case in the reverse case not so much on so for example as the patriot Europe will probably partially depend on
historical relationships and i have that we have at least 2 had that are currently looking into
relationships with European indicators but it's that it's a soccer relationships of the Francophonie incubators looking for partnerships in OK so when you choose it's more on a personal basis we choose new countries to join your network well in terms of with whom a partner that's the question you're asking needs depending on what they're looking for and what the easiest entry points are necessary these incubators Hardy have a predilection or ideas about where they need to get resources and and so they'll follow that per day for you is it at all please dancing now attractive to work the European have the following the because of of I guess because of ballot for topple on let's say your start-up and looking for a development balance and there are some very good of of all the spirit of acknowledges soul in that aspect yes and but it's really a stretch the goal to re-use start locally of course this is cheaper buffalo and so on we have been on a plateau contacted by some European a developers for jobs on because also the developer company platform on which we address development but we've been receiving some some companies from Eastern Europe for example of looking for jobs of our that gets sent them so it's actually a very weird search reduce of thing that's happening out of your startup's of source to art development shot home in the West European the shops looking for jobs that we were considering sending jobs over there because lacked we we're we're running out of balance yes so that's a kind of a weird the thing that's emerging on board with regards to on home to go to the natural tendency to go to the United States the most historically because of the language and the work alone you know country of of your column colonizing state of and so there seems to be that kind of historical pattern of of some countries for topographical colonized by France the tendency is to is to final through their asking about the status of sometimes to Singapore that's that's a fairly recent book I in development that's for cash to funding and I an also there have been some of a lot of it and the venture capital coming in to solve the station but but because of the different of legal framework in Asia regards taxation on data domains etc. a lot of investors would ask you to use the the fold up the company and operate either in the United States are some from jurisdiction and that's the whole complex thing that out the pennies you know a student lacking inspiration for you I mean this at any inspiration i don't yet but won't really for example is actually becoming the it's after attractive place to go to further further on something about start up because of just because of bathysphere then the number of years of the cultural of compelling personality to on however so so this of the UK the UK London on this I think it's expensive along the so the pattern make any economic sense and however Berlin I understand it's starting to become a little too expensive as well so you know the better it becomes less and less effect of the thing so far severity compared to London there all Paris bits and I get your point gets kind debt and I get most of the people here know your story or part of the story of how not to travel to Europe and and well he you know cassettes and that uh were where were we are traveling a with the Germans and the Europeans all to is this and this is still an existing and and not just for developers and innovation existing barrier on the set policy for example so that physical exchange is not possible is that still a barrier for you to to say and I feel welcome in Europe I think this is the place to go to the I I think it's so just a very a and you have that the tour of former Europe we read the uh not for me no more likely because after the German parliament was taken care of my is this but the the the thing is and it's really hard to to to continue Europe as an african USQ denotes killed the continuous and they are very hard the on diffuser process in a daze no point as a developer or as that the key to to to travel like working here because we can do all in digital the online is this respect for the the conference for example let then then you can you you have to to travel to the area but but for work at it we can do it from from from all countries more and more in the in cell so fit you know you all everything doing everything just on on the ritual basis so I was very happy when Titus said that it's still a personal networks because no meetings on how you decide on developing and expanding your network so it it's still it is important to travel and to meet people like to like here in this meeting and it's it's great that everybody takes up the effort to come here at the end of the day time besides the and that the traveling problems at what is the attraction if at all for you to come due to Europe on right like on the working level if the attraction is the network and the learning because the disarmament you don't have it yet in Madagascar for example and we really learn because you're going to be agreement or the the same ecosystem was all you know you know a country and in we think that Europe things uh in term of the court in space for all all all kind of a ecosystem for for for stepped-up so that is the interest of our coming here but then we going to have to try to to to compete as a country of in this in this ecosystem and print and play and when you're when you're working Madagascar do you have like close exchange with any the why can't really say neighboring countries that more less neighboring counties is are you working together with anybody there where you say well we might have similar issues similar topics or I you sort of focused on Madagascar your group there is we are working with uh must be referred to continent in the in Africa we are part of our freedom for example because you're sharing the same argument that some images where we are growing so we can all thinking about of the Solomon because the market in Africa is due to the represent a huge market for out so so we focus on that for now but for the infrastructure for the military units this bution from from the US and from the Europe so that uh because 1 to to learn and to also contribute to the something and to become good right thank you can and you close to the U. S. is that the 1st place for you to go to an Yanguas use like specially when they talk about innovation and technology is really US exchange rate in Silicon Valley model everyone's like talking about that but sometimes you can find when the order reference survive BY really had to see how can be different and for example in this Internet of Things seen in some sitting close to takin were hired to it and this approach folk that comes from Europe that is marked looking to the CDs to move process and putting this since see shaping the process
is really welcomed mind specially for the people whose work early fifties so innovation so we have this connection and we also have and some relations in the way that we're looking to public policy stand out and all the concerns about the the line about privacy in all these issues so we had we we I really happen when we can find that references and we can and I think that we can be connected and also there is another a rolling this situation about how Europe can we look into the the brain achieving innovation across thing the wood that is not like looking away 2 butanol the silicon valley but would limit different way in which close in the way that we had at used to work in all these local achieves sold at Europe is is leading a kind of conversation for example between the global south and try to bring new ideas and people to get a and then we can like I try to find chemical systems and innovation ecosystem and that's much more collaborative into 1st and then we can try to find solutions in space from everyone from different parts of the woods and that slide connected to Europe but also we space from people come from Africa Asia Latin America nodes kind of things so you're you're starters really true collaboration in all directions and it's not that aim is not to be another Silicon Valley yeah I think like Silicon Valley is not a model to represent them to produce I hope so quick and is like before we came in and started to tell out all the stories in the if we can start to have more space from the ideas and innovators that coming from all rolled around the words and we probably can't see some problem solving and that is like that promise that is really important and that I really am struggling that society long days and then we can have space to replicate and scale to solutions and maybe we can have a and better at the system and and more equal societal norms to kind that the people you work with them back at home you taken a lot of people from from abroad to me like Davis saying that and they they might give jobs without the people physically coming to the Philippines as opposed to just give up jobs to Eastern Europe is that something that you also do or do the people come to Brazil to work with you to residues is really big so we have a problem leaving to talk with different areas in the country that's like is 1 of the biggest countries in the world with 2 100 million people inside so it's quite difficult even to connect and also as we have a big problem we figure quantity is even and difficult to connect to the G friends peoples and an idea that we have inside the country so our main focus of quizes trying to work in real descend into it's this city that we have these and try to connect integrates the different areas because we have like I really rich people in 1 side and I will put people in out side and a lot of things that come with this enabling it by so we at at this moment really focus on an hour in reality and try to bring something that is my integrates this by like we're doing the moment but we are also of course we open and when to talk and understand the future walking into to be what connecting especially trying to bring this histories and this is the nation's areas it's coming from the different parts of the word special in the global self paid but that means that Brazil is still quite busy with itself IEEE it's like yeah I spent a lot of why things happening in you have a lot of problems to the test so so yeah we all have gotten good another problem again that's like that's good to be part of felt meeting like that because we can share ideas and the calculated collaborate and find solutions to get it to replicate so everyone and then you can maybe and go faster dual the paint if each if you would have to choose them but then the point below the working point the working place of another 1 in this group 40 where would you go tell your words so remember I think I have a node is is allowed to speak is the weather conditions right the whole how that varies with the aid of a initiates a really eloquent way mean and inasmuch as I am african we've actually started talking about South-South exchange because out 1 you get better solutions arguably winning that take into account a better perspective and certain assume there's that there's something new to create without replicating their uh Silicon Valley example so there's a lot of exciting work related if you've things had to collaborate and pursue we've actually been to Brazil have for work and there's a lot of and really exciting things happening in entrepreneurship now I'm there have been I think some as as regulatory challenges and intent and trying to wind your way at the start of cell but this scene itself is emerging in a similar way the units of rights in a similar ways to delay African scene is the ratings citing their legitimate non signing the Chilean reasons had a son of a definitive actually pretty good point with the weather because the a phenomenon that we here in German experience and Broman especially in Berlin have awful winters but just stretch and analysts and so and what we see in the happening is that people started this surf officers the user in ranked in our and Morocco and other places when they go to work for a couple months during the winter and the summer justifications for the call the work Asian and that's actually a point where there is some potential for collaboration you know because if people from Berlin start working and other hemisphere for a couple months of the year then obviously you know that that physical proximity to other people and makes it a lot easier because when you just sitting in Roland and a laptop you know what reasons there is and touch of the Brazilian entrepreneur and and was the Philippines but if you actually you know I happen to live there for a couple of months and you see what kind of problems so these people working on and you know you you tend to meet these people and you because you need internet and you need you know we need to meet people etc. etc. than that may or may not be in the future really the point where you know the world has become a little bit smaller yeah that's and that's a very good point because I always thought it was the other way around the the the where's the weather gets the more you stay inside and work and so I think that was the old fashioned way and if I really really thinking about it I mean this is a phenomenon that was not possible 10 years ago later on right now it's possible to an onion and Berlin often an airplane that so far fled to Morocco and you know you have the degree of difference of 20 degrees and you know and you'll still have fast Internet you know and all these things and reverse services like our air view the world got smaller and that kind of thing was not possible 10 years ago and now when we when we talk to new hires we see that this is actually a factor when I say OK uh something like this possible and also I think that in with the future generations like this kind of flexibility in terms of what location where I want to work at it's going to become more more important OK I make a decision you have full beautiful countries to choose from my my good was utilized parts of a cold but I will also sorry the Brazil awful teams because of underwear surfing so on countries are over the head and have any any here this is reason is on top way which is Brazil of the Philippines of yeah why I do know what's whatever about the Phillipines instead of a lot of American companies also or is content production to the Philippines and that's a very interesting concept to think about it that way and I would be very much interested to learn more about that because I would imagine that there must be some kind of culturally by the makes it difficult and yet somehow and does work so and the other a bunch of companies in from San Francisco that actually have got offices in in Manila in fact they they just left the marketing offices in New York like for traffic in the narrow narrow . com and Jessica Martin Sheen her back offices moved to to the Philippines she doesn't have a name a new ethnic groups in the in the Philippines except those you just decided that it's a great place to be in link in huge block of back office in the Philippines In the past a there's there's a whole bunch of Silicon Valley companies that actually have the
operations they're going on but the other going back to the the um this change if you would like to know about the preserve of the 1st half the Brazilian node would have been 1 of the men and even have left the of the of the units of its choose because some of the not counting the the wonderful weather and the and the culture of of a richer for example on there are advantages to to Berlin for example on it's all knowledge sharing the year after and it's also of the of huge part of the start of successes freedom of the 5 it works within I mean if if it's long from peers others problems from uh the success rate there really arises from the on last access to mentors the important thing and so you know if you have to look to the states then you have a wealth of members that this that's pretty much of the around the center of the that star after it now on however and you can go now through through brilliant and learn from the you know it's it's been growing at the start of the legal system here a lot of people are here as well on and then you might want to take advantage of certain ones knowledge of with regards to market of cultural what to do with global culture different cultures of to decide you based on European contacts maybe you know something about the the brain and to half is not out of them and I did this and I haven't been in the we did this area for some respect and exactly where would you go we present a little yeah but not the therefore has all this and we who as yet because they're going formal this and I also because of the sum making prototypes of movement below for makers and hackers are good to use you know because is the place where you can scale up or the fruits products so different good to user the kind who had felt I mean I mean of the feeling that it's it's more Europe that might be needing the rest of the world then and then you will feel the rest of the world leading Europe which is very interesting because I think the European still think that there I guess so innovative and technologies all done and thought about in in in Europe and Germany especially so this area really interesting insight as opposed to what do you think what would Europe have to do to be more out going to get more engaged in in the and the and the scenery and in the community except for 4 0 gatherings like this and I think it should be marked presents fly example told that call on moment mostly off the beak start ups universities incubators and all of the fables programs from the US they have of people or at least they're traveling to raise you hand is that is not that come only from Europe to knows like we're not receiving that much and people from projects from Europe countries and when we are receiving that the people I really open to Zoll is like I think is is is even more content even by the reference beam widely yeah I like travel was around the country and try to see how how great cities and how the thing sigh working here the tell you already know to to well some you know the US and you know of course class last time about applicable would you say from this double viewpoint and what is your repeated in I thought I would say didn't do the math I mean the center of gravity and economically financially politically to a certain extent is shifting it's been shifting we've all heard I the the statistics about the GDP growth in Africa and Asia so it's really about as seizing opportunity mean added the GDP growth in Europe is the continent's right generalizations but GDP growth the age of the population suggests that there is a need to look elsewhere and for a for profit for opportunities for innovation so I you know if you're not able to write your own innovation curbing I suggest you get on someone else's the top of the container we let that sink in for a 2nd and then further and I'll stay home this you know it's not just Europe that's looking for a pendulum the With regards effects on on on the margin a lot of of jurisdictions of established incentive programs for start ups to actually move to there that's the kind of example that actually has an active on start up migration program they've they actually go to the Asia and they search all or some sort of be like and they try to convince them to to set up in Canada and that might be out of of a good interim process to try but it's it's to me it sort of looks very desperate and I'm like why would you want to think about the community called there it's colder than the winter in linear against beautiful nature with no intent and the old people to the effective use got you know before but on the other there are actually going to do those lengths to try to attract but complete companies to to to transplant themselves did I accompanied believed that tax incentives for example of the rights means to attract anybody in this room who reach anybody envisioned tax incentives from I don't know whether it is such as facts maybe at some of the even that some of the qualities of immigration immigration of policy and if it's something of is your educational benefits and so they enjoy it really from a developing country enjoy the benefits of being of a citizen of of that about that might actually be the compelling reason to goal because you've got free health care in the very good health care of Wells G but the that you could come to again we have that health here alone but that does seem to show that on many of the relationship between countries and checkups a small 1 of competition and of collaboration because I think every single take needs critical mass is something that we in Berlin Leiden solely that we need a certain number of engineers in city a certain number of developers designers a certain number of capital and only if that critical mass has been reached and true innovation can happen and and and the companies can happen and this is something that Berlin has been looking for for the past 10 years almost all the time the role system has been existing all the while all the companies here had to do to track over to to London to look for capital and many times than the companies to among them because that's when money is someone on on altogether and I think in that sense is there might be an explanation why many of the of the tax cuts in the world are more focus in words and you know if they collaborate with other tech hubs and might be more because they wanna get the talent and I wanted to tell and and that's also why and maybe it might be might be healthier to of focuses on a couple of cups of 4 continents so to speak so not to spread the 2 of them but I don't know how your experiences in Africa with decentralization versus like real hops forming which attracted columns from from all over the continent this should sort of I would say no and I'll answer this from the hub level as opposed to the city level and what we tend to see is that at the beginning there are clustering and or sorry there's a clustering of activity that's sad it's brought instead of the so many of the members in the network to serve a variety of functions their coworkers work working there incubating
the accelerating their serving coffee they're doing training of it as you see more hands emerge in a particular city then you start to see differentiation of partially driven by competition so have ones as sort of thing is that OK sigh focus on community building in preincubation I have a role and I'm incentivize the play that role a certain way and then I pass on CD incubators and accelerators and what have you so I think an there is definitely a need for a to find and add a specialization of sometimes as the London for example I think I could be wrong is known for syntax is a very good reason why it's known for syntax and other areas of probably known for e-commerce I think it's a competitive advantage in figuring out what you're good at doing that and obviously it's like distribution of resources you can have a fragmented ecosystem so someone has to leave Copenhagen the the ones in get money then there's a problem anything that's where they're and the clustering the to come in but in terms of I'll how York started going to complete I think differentiation is is is really important the competitive advantage tricky it's really important that you just might be very happy because besides Vilain we now have the London and Copenhagen and the game so is there because we also have that that the question on the list is given by the Republican-led like what European Hobbes are visible at all and so far we basically had that I am barely in in it may be out of politeness and because that's where we are and then the London in for the money but then Copenhagen is coming up so what other points what what other cities but also for clustering might be visible in in in Europe is there any other place maybe also in Eastern Europe if they say they start applying them ample were for jobs for contracts uh but uh the other places well the Eastern Europe was known for her of innovation actually the start of innovations QI of N is the pretty that programmers of in a store and not just 1 of the Eastern Europe on what I'd like to revisit the idea of of what of i was saying and I think the answer would be verticals and you know 1 city specializing in and then another and how the reception in this state in Texas in the east coast New York of the health status in Boston and and and so on and so forth on it seems to me that you the the it's futile to do to further your for chapter to try to look for all of it are outsiders come in because there's so much competition here in the United States has its own problems trying to attract different states and so it's it's it might be a good approach to stick to the to Europe for example let that play out on maybe hopefully established some some vertical strength in particular Hobbes around Europe like think that and then just wait for people to to pass through were decide to to come to a depending on the on the advantages that emerge as they develop these Hobbes on because for example China Asia this pretty good for hardware because that's reasonable about a new and that for you end of mass producing the the example with the spot spot of project the treehouse themselves in China the fact they went there In the sort of all these these are different places to to talk about the other and that's where the out about how 1 last chance i dec i haven't said yet what you think what Europe needs to do and in order to become more attractive and more engaged on an international level and to get the Forest Service for no the the European women for the education because have for good a system of education that we know of and this the because there was no I'm talking Baker for example a young student from a because they're going to France so now we are in a process that the spending we want to to catch up uh we found using our hope to electrical competitions or something like that because they demand that the brain outside the country and they're in Europe because of the system of a division 2 3 which is really high level of education so that's what could interest me Europe for example for for now because of these knowledge of uh the uh most of the young people from our country we we know stayed here for for the use of 2 problem in Europe OK but that of course means that it's attractive to come here learn a loss and then make sure that you leave every year you have your further studies and that then take all of the knowledge and everything that he developed backhaul which is it probably interesting for for you in your home country but probably not what they're what the free education system in Europe once you that the recovery could uh move I use that to full to exchange uh this moment to remove Mr. have to come here and you trying to figure out the go can of solution but you can make a time advantage of use to together the of the of the continent or of the of the mean you would you are a good example of that you also studied in in France certainly in in Europe and then you also have a very close and the network in France still are you are you keeping that up you were used to have this relationship there but have never think I'm going to work there because that show eyes is so high that there and uh you medical studies the lots of opportunity there in the data problem there's something there is for an entrepreneur is an opportunity to do business business something that the node that happened in France for examples was an entrepreneur we build go and causal of solving those problems and coming back to the main question of this panel which is Europe playing hard-to-get I have a feeling we have to rewrite that a little it's at it's tending I'm I'm working on that but it's tending into around Europe for once it anyway it you don't have the food have a negative that I was gonna ask that the Bible was again through your mind because I was about to ask what was Europe want from us the thank you realize that is that out of users and I has an answer me yes you that's exactly the question I wanted to have full for you guys now and plus if you have any questions in the audience if the pay them you give him a chance to think about it and what we want from Europe and then we start with Mr. yes and white as good afternoon please please say your name and where you from years and you call them from was you in view of the welcome perhaps uh it does really just 1 thing I think Texas is less as well and by come precedes the change from the force toward seizing the world full of the best well because we had a ization of Texas full technical industries so in 15 years now have the biggest marketing technology Brazil that's his he she and it it was a very had it happened because of these things but is not about that it's a little bit more complicated uh right before we get into that really complicated things because we I have like 9 minutes last so let me address can be at least uh null it's all those that's a that is a very big problem but in immigration issues in in Europe as a whole and of varied big problem no right to wean waste from the next 5 years later so is Europe prepared to have leaders for other
cultures Is Europe prepared to have some Brazil also mother this cup people leading a company leading policies leading health I I collect the 2nd person who I took things about the body but my question is to marry outside reliable my name is you and I work for suggested that cars technology blends incubator in setting up uh look Lucas but is there any way we can talk more to European companies so that the don't every time at the US and try to reposition themselves more in the partnership model with emerging markets and singing about a rocket Internet that is a huge company based here that's colonizing entirely the ecommerce as seen in Africa and we can do it differently better but do you think we have to talk of fuel company or to to your colonies will start at about those kind of model and try to the sustainable partnership weasel takeovers and instead of you know having all this company going to the US appalling tons of VC money over there and to fail what's source stage OK let me just come back to your question I'm not trying to get that I have the feeling I need to answer better little myself make you say that all he loved ones and this thing about stand and leaders of German companies I can at least think of that that that are not German and then we do have quite a few and most of them I'm not gonna say of course most of them are European some other European countries but we have for example from the itself 1 of the biggest and Logistics and Freight graves and and the C 0 here is from Senegal Senegal so and I if I dig a little further there will be more that of course still very right it is some and it is still very little and people from abroad that sort of lead the companies that take the seat of the see all that and I think but we still struggling to how women in the CEO's seat no matter what color they have and that the set topic on on on top will still be an issue and maybe you can talk to my colleague later run on because he will have similar ideas more let's and and of the foreigners leading German or other European companies so not forgetting about a question that now and look this as a floor to answer your question and answer my question or some sort of your 1st question was what is your looking for and so the of the of the country for a while and I think that it's like everything else would be alive and every take-up in the world is looking for talent and doesn't really necessarily care were those talents of from as long as their and their skills that ideas that drive you want those people and then with talent and on just mean individuals but also mean more companies coming and working on something and obviously every attack character and every every continent tries to position themselves to your attractors people may be different incentives maybe through often protocols etc. Some but beyond that I think it's also important to realize and we can't have 10 Silicon Valley in the world that does make sense but every continent has very unique problems that they're working on and I think it makes sense for the the people like rap if these problems and have those insights and not to tackle them to also do that and the continent so I don't think there's necessarily need for everything to be interconnected and everybody working on everything else but I do think it's necessary and for exchange to take place because some of these ideas the revolutionary enough for the rest of the world and then it's important to have some inside some connection to people that know how the market works so I think Europe is then looking for her so on 1 hand obviously talent as everybody else but I think more importantly is going to be a dialog and Europe is very self-centered for various reasons some groups of that but I think if we can improve the dialog in future then this can be a 2 way street were not only Europe was taking and taking the talent and shouting products over to the New Territories but there'd hopefully commune exchange of best practices of technologies of how do you approach things on history experience so and I would say it's lie not just talk about talent and brain drain and all that but at the end of the day I think there's no hope for everyone knows that the system you find meaningful dialog which doesn't necessarily mean taking and giving physical things in that regard but really just an exchange and share knowledge OK before we get to the last round where would like each city to find a new title for this session and we need to answer the last question did you quickly summarize that in just 1 sentence during question and then this would be my welcome your whole can you talk to your company's believes so that's revealed more of those partnerships we stay close to build a worldwide company is enough to kill an emerging markets instead of pushing them going to the US and so how can you can incentivize European companies to grow into other countries other than US alone while I think that's 1 of the 1 of the the particular things when you're of is that we have here 20 nations in the universe a certain number of languages right so as the European entrepreneur very early on you're forced to think about internationalization because you're in your home market will only be alive and on on average 50 million people so you have to think about translating new services marketing etc and enter different markets and wants to tackle Spain and Portugal and then 1 and then go through Latin America and I think that and the focus on the as for European companies still has a lot to do with the availability of capital in the US which is just still completely unmatched in in Europe and by and I do hope that Europe will have more confidence in the future to think about other territories 1st and the more self-confident because you neural we still think unless you made it in America you haven't really made it at all and that's that's from another very healthy attitude so and I think it's going to take some time it's going to take further development of the 2 systems here and further and the companies for the exits and then I think European tech companies will have the confidence not to believe that the inferior to American companies if they don't have a presence there but rather maybe bypass America and the father interesting companies person actually a good example of that is the enemy of all entrepreneurs so to speak Rocket Internet because what they do is they go through all kinds of countries but not the US and they're extremely successful that so this is the cry of rather and the intuitive example of a German company or European country with the conferences and things the last and like to take a drink outside together to have more examples and the rest of the discussion what's in the title of our session 2 sets of this and you understanding that I take that long thank you I don't what and why the and let's say something like that and looking outward bound for inspiration have inspiration innovation opportunities for growth in each OK to leave the and afterwords we will also need for a drink and so that the ideas the thank you day of Balkan you're become more rather than the global that uses some rules all came and I would say something like and bringing diversity to the center of the process in the face of something that is more than that with the video so we try to bring in a diversity in 5 distinct of innovation lies in the process of innovation and pain a lot better from 2 live leads you you could consider Europe finding its place in the world OK yeah that's that's going that way I was I was thinking we have this very famous study on on Africa Alliance on the move and maybe we can have Europe on the move and and what we moving out of this room for now and closing the session and I hope there will be a lot of more discussions afterward thank you very much so all of you for joining a value for the 1st time you