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Online, Offline and all-over the city
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Art projects with and about the Internet, computers and society! Aram Bartholl will present an overview of his past, often site-specific works and projects including USB 'DeadDrops' (they caused a lot of alarm lately) , IRL 'Map' marker or 'KILLYOURPHONE.COM' mobile phone blocking pouches.
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how long it can in therapy
so before we start I wanna recommend for the German-speaking audience to watch this video if you know my work already but it's a fuckup versus a very good uh well known stand up comedian he's explaining capitalism like in half an hour and what's not working in politics and everything and like him at its best I really recommend watching this uh all the links of the talk and also this link to this video will be here also the talk PDF will be year available for you so you can go ahead and take them going to talk about that yeah this is a picture of a DTA because me and stuff considered yesterday nite I gave a talk here to it
said it will be God 2007 the first one and you can see the lake from where the Republican came from and today where we are now the polls and stuff and yeah the top online offline and
all over the city um yes I'm going I'm going to go into late all the projects and also a recent stuff it's it's mostly I am work which states touches the the city in public space and and for introduction I have
these 2 pictures so this is a very old picture I used to have a my slides and that the opening talk at the opening in the beginning and talking about the city and talking about technology and how technology is changing the city how we are changed to things they very much the same as buildings but here you can tell like this pictures from maybe 2002 or something and as a mole iPhone advertising on a big building instead of replacing the building in a way I always thought this was a uh kind of a good symbol for what's going on so how does look today looks like this
so the advertising is becoming bigger the phones becoming bigger and this is not a not a clerk commercial but it's a phone emotional and I I cannot find these pictures very symbolic for what's going on and also
I've I've studied architecture at the Woody time here I as started a 95 when the web came up and I was like all involves an Internet and you say questions and games etc. and this is my thesis project called it's on location you might wanna check it out this like a whole
research on what's possible with the combination of the Internet and space I been thinking about this for a long time a lot of these apps we would say today as being already exists and OK so 1st
these map and and I took the title from the
conference finding Europe so when you type in Europe and Google Maps this comes up Europe of solidarity in the Baltic Sea so yet Google Maps is very on who's not using Google Maps was not use using ICA 7 different service on purpose 1 2 and it's really I mean this is like 3 this is really the the most difficult thing well when we talk about privacy all these questions we just lazy rate and we want to use these things which work well I'm also not using Google Maps and using some OpenStreetMap at this kind of yet you have to work with it Thank not easy but yeah this is the biggest question the laziness so it's about the map marker and about the the the question of the location of the city where the city is the city
here uh Google places and in few they
used to place these markers looked looking a bit different today I built these as sculptures
and since 2006 Google Maps
started in 2005 M.
and place them most likely in city centers and conferences of shows museum shows etc. so this piece
has been around a lot in the past almost 10 years it it symbolizes
very much the question so how how
students coming to the city of like what's going on now coming thinking from space and thinking from architecture and while today this like very common like everybody knows what this is sort of but it used to be for me is to be that moment where of irritation and how we I know this but what what is doing here or you but it does belong at the same time so Google is not
building that markers of course that while the their ruling the world with this information right and computer games
in a lot of uh yeah very port my life
I wrote computer games I played a lot counterstrike when I went to school like 10 15 years ago yeah effect these and discerning again quick quickly a couple pieces from the uh what I'm working on so for you to get a context about what's going on and you need to know the space is very well to survive in here and that the space itself was kind of this is the story I I like to claim that this is also cultural heritage and and kids both of these maps for example best map from the beach on from sand and that just because they know by heart and so what would be like to build this as real life a life size and museums last sculpture I made some experiments yet showing Castle last 2 years ago and
also in the prison yard in Canada 2 years ago in the summer was a bigger installation in the prison yard very much was like the a gaming not itself an so I like
to pose these questions what happens when this blowers and our world of obviously it's a it's it's already here thank you we can see it's the right you have a project which am showing yeah and
the idea is to really built this way in the long term as in 100 by 1 20 meter as a building actually and for for this virtual space
which only that exists in so many heads but only of service and while it said
referring to World of Warcraft which is ya also classical game and a lot of
friendships broke out when I say when I get back in the days when people play to successively man and also there's still a very big and every characters of has this tax was named floating above their head and In here this this particular picture suggesting that this party of people they just killed the dragon and the back
assault the quest and they take a picture from remember because really important to them they forbearance kind of hard to understand what's going on off of like a part of society those parts may be not where best known in the whatever being the league's now but for me say is always been this question how to and communicate what's going on online and how like a such a social
group is very important to people playing so I have these workshops where we build our names
from cardboard and mount them on plastic strips
and we walk our names in the city as if
we were an animal and any we are right I mean we are kind of and the thing
is I mean when I did these projects and this started in 2007 and this was I think the last version and that when a beach in 2009 or 10 and today I mean the data as there right they can do it I mean they they always try to hide like this whole face recognition thing for most but they can do they can put call the names here so take these products also leg have a different angle for me today an author of perception yeah cool little fun there and it's very depending where you do these projects out the directed in Borland probably devoid Collier Woody cares it's not project maybe in that you US so cyclists the secular our advertising for political party
In some career people were really interested and shouting the names of allowed in the streets and very engaged so it's it's very different and also the yeah it's it's it's really nice to take these a lot of fun to take these elements and they play play the computer game and think about these questions OK so that was gaining
now like just recent more recent projects reason very old that actually is 1 of my
1st projects in 2004 and it's the form parts blocks the signal and give you a phone a continent 3rd occasion and you cannot have any calls anymore and no data connection I and that this in 2004 like people from the hacking community will always been interested in again in new like understood what the phone like that the phone is a virus that and I when
America phone listening was or wasn't think 1 and a half years ago so about came the story came out I
can reloaded that project as a DIY
and productivity of fond outcomes the website at that this renders workshop last
year a year at the conference and people were
invited to build their own phone blocking pouts so you um this
class which is middle class from and metal-coated plastic plot and he just those were very simple parts from
it with this thing machine there and the class of mostly sold in an online shops words all about Elektra smokin protecting yourself from the radiation what we are and protect the phone so it's different
and this is going on this on the website there's also the make this announcement that the next lecture going to be in Frankfurt's except you if you wanna you wanna come and join me ontologist but also there's the call for everyone to just make these workshops think not only make approach for yourself but this link for where to get the material and run a workshop yourself in your school in a neighborhood where a conference just go for it an so
this been going on and also from last
year in my eyes the website the it and this other projects Adam Javier sting let go of the beautiful projects for protecting privacy and yeah the phone and the cheese make this like a whole range of projects in the field of like blocking signals
it BYU debarring don't drive interested was that the formants
these fall my last social opening in September again at some gallery the visitors were invited to bring a hard drives
and then we had this beautiful machine the ideal 101 um which is a machine only made to cross top price and this is where we are today like we have like all these fancy devices that is phone but at the end of the lifecycle she need to break the device to make sure it's not
the data they getting somewhere else and it's probably already in the Cloud like everywhere so am it just punches a hole in their people and yet there's a whole range of machines in that field I gave a talk about this that CCC conference in December and and they're they're really classy it's a it's a very very sophisticated machines to very brutally occupied lectures destroy the dried it you can do is much
easier and in the 2nd year so yeah visitors pressing
drives also a nice power
broken in the end it all referred to that also this node in and guardian incident where the body had to cross the
hard drives so there was little installation collected said this is the like the original pictures I think part of these hot dry going going to be in the museum in the Technical Museum and fall and other parts in London in the
museum and of course on on you tube you find like millions ways of of how to cross a hard drive and a lot of funny ones and the hammer is still the the most simple 1 I
built this very DIY devised you can crush a hard drive with that 1 to
and it and maybe most important to think about it we still have drives right and also even this phone has a hard drive like a flash drive and the still but maybe we won't have rights anymore soon make we still I'm still empowered to destroy own data for 1 t but when it's in the cloud you can make try to delete something and drop box you can think it's never been going to be deleted so that's like very important to to think about I did a lot of them yeah as as a seen before public interventions this was during a residency at IBM in the UK city in 2010 and and I I walked around took the bicycle with these 2 signs open Internet and in fact I had a phone with me providing open Internet as a provider with a 3 G connection but also and this kind of was a protest for the open at open Internet net neutrality in all these topics are
very important topics in yeah it's still going on the whole the whole love story is getting a not really better and so there came out to use an open Internet protoscience for different shows In the end it's of course is just that the classic sign from the shop but when you combine them in the right way to have a good message and and here was can occupy made for show Netherlands custom-made
OK Obama was and right after when when the 1st moments only happens and this is safe almost a year ago 2 years ago and Obama was visiting Berlin and um there were like small protests going on was just 2 weeks of the 1st week in the 1st week was president was all about yes these programs so Google last which is kind of already off the record rates who has had a prison has a prism in the front and the program was called the same time
bomb never wore those of course made but that it was again a good connection
but because what happens we we on each
other all the time and am so this
this side intervention for just for 1 day late made its way to the press they
had some successful tweets of visiting the stars in museum and stuff like that
and also and yet we still we still hoping to get answers rates can can we show the list to they had an essay on the instances that it's the ridiculous what's going and yet
this this is 1 of these dimensions
and now i wanna come to get drops and revisiting that graphs and probably most of you have heard of the project and it all started out like this In
2000 beginning of 2009 The Pirate Bay trial was starting in the 2 talking here yesterday about also about that and and since then I was also a member of that and we had this idea of having distributed file-sharing parties all over the world in in support of the trial the Pirate Bay and I did make a party but I made this little drawing and longer in the cafe and you were able to download uh the latest Oscar movies and this was like the Knight of the Oscar awards and you were able to download the latest Oscar movies from this fast drive there so it took off along this again a little machine in the back and of if you this year any overdue left you can't pick up this thing and this is for you may get some ice storage I am this really yeah and I also like we said yesterday about the you wanna make art and I had this like this tiny device in the back copying from you BTU use speech so I was I was thinking before I go longer time how can I do this in public space like I wanna point you might use the the wanna get files but then you need this thing in the wall and into power and it's kind of
complicated so till like a certain momentum and this is so you never know so far as they in the shower on the bicycles like
in in a way that standard around its could use the key in the wall and then I just want a computer and this is how it started so and I that grabs started then actually thousand and of 2010 almost 2 years later in the also when I was that idea residents and did is 1st 5 the drugs in throughout New stadium and had yet is an offline
fine-tuning the to the network can share files on their you can download files everybody's seen that video I mean who hasn't seen that video we think maybe when we have time watch it at the end but probably won't um so yet instructions how that promise made so just so you speakies emitted into the wall you leave something like the readme file the manifest a file on there and then you can just share any files you once they're out in the open and that they are not online and the offline you can control them and it has lots of implications the beyond so that others the name for the uh somewhere spies when aspiring data and the us 5 picks it up later the that problem as opposed to the life drop which is when they're sitting on the bench and you like that over the envelope and so this thing going on for a former have years now and it's it's picking up again and again in the press office known and also there was a gift peak and especially the spring there was a big peak again about that drops so it's an ongoing participatory projects like for me those like worlds performance got of sort of thing and also you I think it's about to claim it became a mean and there's 2 1524 that drugs be made fun half years which equals more than 10 thousand gigabytes and the last ones were made in Colorado a few days ago may be acidic and this the
world that Europe has a lot of them
Berlin has a lot of them the black ones are the ones which are out of order and this Wi-Fi once we had to talk about this later and just like a few examples of that drugs in all kinds of locations this was in Spain most recently did a workshop but also very only once in nature in a and you always get the 3 pictures which are the this global project from the internet everybody can do it at the same time we get this local view on people the people can leave messages on that website to and it's really interesting and
how this project a off and they're all kind of it was used in all kinds of
ways for example the 1st show um was made in the young and maybe 2010 their graphic design block had a show and people were
invited to look at the Art and you need to go to the places to see the odds the same thing
and bands often released music under drops so on your albums on iTunes and you can get it for free here in the corner and they also
through that the kind of system that a lot of
press it was that was back then a lot in the
press but also still to date and was in the show in the moment
2001 people I
invited everyone to come to the moment and bring files and share
files and also uh so should the
artist think how to get you out the moment right this is what you want like so bring your heart committed there so you
can claim that he had out there and
Bruce Sterling was doing and AI are augmented reality app back than in the layer browser is still working to check it out this adjacent API if you want a program something for that in interface only whatever mobile app you're invited to contact me
and and just most recently this year in February and can of the wave of that Rothko went through US South America and then came back to Germany to and it connects the less they found bomb-making plans on that drop is this funny money and the only astonishing thing about the story
is that this particular that I really make myself in 2011 the gallery show in Cologne and was still there and still working which I think is amazing and so these are the bomb-making plans for a it's yeah now allow you know how to make it right it's a very very dangerous files I say I'm most probably the anarchists cookbook which you find like what 1 goal search like immediately and but the X can express they they managed to get this picture and this picture is actually the best so yet police like kneeling down it and that the yellow banana you don't know it's kind of a label for good galleries and it and they wonder what this is also that for me not I called the gallery through the landlord and got this whole
project explain what this is about and done in the end this effect of the bedrock and by taking it entails a broken so they can read the data anymore and now it's
it's at the cyber crime unit into so the of this tragic to recover it so and what the together told me that the police told him that in fact the only found a link to the PDF what we don't know but it's a it's interesting
what's going on there and this kind of went through the web went right to the ponds of the German press about it an and most
recently also on Sunday just made is little performance and give a talk at the Cannes complex that you should check out this so Congress and this pattern from The Hague magazine it's still up till Sunday and I cemented
in a print of the Ark Anarchist Cookbook into the wall so you can also read the book there as a as a kind of an answer to the solar interesting and on and on about their graphs and it's it's just amazing what's going on is there's somebody put together play list of 56 videos on you tube and I didn't even know about this myself since the couple months and then people just make tutorials themselves stay at them
themselves making that drops make other versions of it use for poetry festivals for being festivals for everything and
then this was a show in Cuba and the last summer they also ask me and officially and then they use that to show art in Cuban military I you know since so easy we can use this very well and there was a
there used to be a that of troop and you make that kind of they had the 610 drops they worse than and supporting all the time looking what's going on and this the
foramen is also a lot of discussion of course the bedrock was destroyed very easily so they disappear also quickly depends on where you make them and it said yeah when you make it was secret less visible the last longer but also yeah do this like lots of ideas and the forum people discussing while announcing my
talk people sent me this someone from its they had festival in this art festival in the city there was sharing music from this beautiful that broke there and then he also told me got vandalized like pretty quickly on the 1st nite it would be the 2nd than they had all of that but the discussion about that and of course I mean if you insist regarding these things up yet public
states that a friend in New York wrote attacks about that groups also says when you vandalize them you activating them taking part in them and and also some guys the this last week he's doing that drops in holds
tree trunks like dead tree trees it's it's it's massively it's going on
all the time I did DVD dead drops in
2012 at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City uh visitors were
invited to burn DVDs there which I curated content
for for a whole year and
and yes so the whole building becomes a DVD drive in a way it's the more older technology nobody has DVD drives and that computers enumerate and
and there was like you have a good collection of
shows I made a DVD with 30 thousand viruses on them because this was always the 1st comic you that this is that the glory all use thinking warned that could be a virus on their
indirectly at about just the e-mail saying you that could be a virus and there are 2 and or yeah
right and so but there it's interesting how we uh the perception of public space and when you put technology public 6 space is dangerous suddenly but when a user home it's a phrase from the comic books not see that of them yeah different kinds of shows there
shows and also the whole project was shown in
shows again and last about late last but not least I come to part box which was founded by David dots today run by David that's much you still with very good friends they it's the version is kind of the fight cheering guys in offline I hope that the current box here you can go to your phone and just check the Y. 5 apart
box it's not connected to the Internet you can cobble files and all in the the comment and the forum and of course it's less probable not easy to vandalize and as we did workshops
together here in other lands putting them on skateboards and you still to gain share files were the guys skating um on bicycles Finland Bob's etc. we had a big meeting at transmit the island as a whole range of groups and in it and institutions but they can come groups taking this
idea further of of what offline Wi-Fi networks and local networks of course in Berlin that's lifelong which probably most of you know and for there's also this all these initiatives and it's all about that question and while this every always need to be online conjecture files like locally what how can we use it in neighborhoods of communities and and those just
like a few of these in initiatives
you can you can find all links and the 1st link is and you a shows and this is just a selection of file your test friend
whose labels organizing the honors this event collecting all these projects
and yet it's about some of these guys very because and whatever they want to bring the Internet to the world said everyone but yeah the Internet will look different to them and then
same with cool the balloons and that the child to use kind of like
having a really hard time right now and maybe the Internet was never really the free 3 places we thought it was but it's not looking too good and I can of I like very much this idea of course we need to fight for these for these on a political level for the so the questions and and
how we can keep certain things but at the same time I also wonder what how can we use technology and build a
separate will we may be always be on the on the 1 big network maybe there's different more networks non-scripted networks and depends on where you go and you don't need access to everything all the time so this thing is very interesting what's happening there in that field of the the offline networks and then the middle plot the walls really that this
is also why I don't know like this was like a small project that in New York and there was no reason why I had no
clue why this the beginning with people of so much but I think it triggers very much that connection of late networks and technology and in the city of very direct uh yacht speaking directly to you and opens up the
people's heads I that's all that yeah