#sendeanlat – A Turkish outcry

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#sendeanlat – A Turkish outcry
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#sendeanlat was created at the wake of a public outrage in February 2015 on the rape and brutal killing of a young woman named Özgecan Aslan when she was riding a minibus on her way home from university. The tag was invented to create a platform for women to share similar assault stories in order to break women's silence about the issue.
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and so if this is and
if the thank you Jeremy
now OK so I will be talking about this and Turkish outcry or of sure know on the triggering events for this hashtag has been uh brutal mortar of this woman that you're seeing here but before we get into that of violence against women has been a problem in Turkey and but this was difference and this and that difference arm she was at there was an attempt to rape heard that it happened in southern Turkey she was writing over many of us on our on her way home from back to college she was studying psychology and that the uh she was attempted to be rates which she resisted and then as she was killed in order to our hide the evidence her hands were cut off etc. so the violence involved in all of this really triggered an outrage so when I read this and when the I was sitting at home
and I was thinking of there's going to be we we gotta do something about this violence or harassment and discrimination these are problems that really need to be seen and talked about and I was kind of i inspired by the projects like everyday sexism and I knew about the updated all shy because I'm little we'll load excited and I read I
try to follow the German and media so what I did was I wrote these of 4 2 winters at for tweets and so these are the translations there so I said Jerry right what she went through for being a woman with the tag
has and I'm marked and start the sentence because I was a woman I wanted people to use this our terminology it didn't really happen they they use their own thing but that's fine so I said my my and the 2nd thing to it is my goal may be through this we can make the discrimination and harassment that women irrespective of class or similar differences or religiosity etc. of face visible and demand as solutions then am I my next proposal was because this is my idea I will start so I put there are what I went through because I was a woman I was slapped in the face I was kicked I was touched against my will I was laughed at when I parked or actually I get laughed at UNI park every day are my opinion was not asked I was scared of being abducted
so on the 1st day not much happened I ask couple of friends close friends to share their stories as well they under the hashtag they did our priority d'Herelle a
tweets and then the next day which was a Sunday and I think it has contributed so that the 2 basically
uh wins wild uh over 4 days there were over 300 thousand or original tweets I would say uh retweets it reached the number of of of 1 million and when I was preparing this presentation I could see that women were still tweeting on the day hashtag so I thought to myself and maybe it will come up in the questions maybe it was the right time maybe it was the right hashtag maybe it was the sincerity of maybe it was accumulated anger and about the subject and maybe it was all of that just to show you that the hashtag was used all over Turkey so it wasn't really confined to any particular part on my goal basically was a to create a platform for women to share these harassment and violence experiences while making the problem uh visible because when you tell of these things all other people us in the thing actually mentioned to think 0 you're exaggerating your misunderstanding the flattering you and um actually they're not so how
come up through this sharing and through making this problem visible I thought I could empower people out actually women and I also wanted a us to show solidarity to each other because we what I wanted to women to see this is not only you all women irrespective of this and that's our face this problem army they couldn't really talk about this issue so I wanted to change that so basically it went beyond my imagination and that you really
turned into an awareness-raising exercise because most men were shocked and I will show you some tweets so In a 2nd it also turned into a group therapy for women but it was also a laments the you know it was it was as if like women were crying with silent but here is like the 1st 3 hours in the tweets were like raining and I was I was crying in front of the computer the air as well but at the same time it created something really a magical opportunity for healing because if you are a silence you cannot really discuss an issue and when you start talking
about it then there can be healing analyzing what is really important is it created an inventory of harassment in the country and it wasn't done by the government it wasn't done by an NGO women's NGO or anything it was done uh by uh women now I think 2 weeks are really showing that there is no secure place of for women on that the harassment problem is not confined to a what she went through is Gijón us long went through it's not a matter of public
transportation it's a matter of work it's a matter of street it's a matter of family school whatever even the police and I will tell you in a 2nd so a N a again it's happening to all women it doesn't have anything to do with ethnicity religiosity class fat ugly it doesn't really matter on the effects of the tagger up continue my own line as well as offline I know uh I know firsthand that and there is a huge state so they're so there are people who are as scholars actually who are interested in analyzing the data to understand what are the major issues you know what is the most talked-about venue et cetera etc. There is a website on the day hashtag from so just to show you some of the
tweets and when we dress slightly there are turned on when we dress conservatively they are curious about the dual inside so this
is basically making the reference about the headscarf issue when you grow up without a dad in a climate of fear you developmentally manners to protect yourself says say these women ferment Turkey they're saying because a wire way of action hundreds of messages like why don't you protests in our house as well the tits are small didn't really like them but I was 12 when a guy followed me home and assaulted me in the elevator since then I didn't get into an elevator with a man on her not to turn on the lights when you entered the flat so they want to know uh where exactly your living I'm not too worried that deceive entering my place will steal anything but will hurt to me I don't write my name on the door bell which is something quite common in Turkey actually the next 1 and I'm not going to read I think you can read
it all yourself on not to call the repairman
when you're alone at home keeping a pocket knife and pepper spray at the door entrance this girl as gage on she also had this pepper spray with herself Our and she use its when she was attacked and didn't really help our our hugging a total stranger by saying how are you and whispering to her ear that she is being followed like pretending that you nor herd and that we should change the of street the the of so many were basically just these were examples from uh women just random and many were shocked to go and read what is written in sand on that we may die from embarrassment is a country and as a man we Turkish malware part of a huge problem and we are seeing and knowing how spread at this problem and it's so I'm really proud of them because of this is quite unexpected and they're after this tag there was so much discussion of the issue and
and many of them um I did this error in sample the you know I and I'm I translated them for you I got my skirt then I'm coming 21st February Taksim tonight and you could see some uh fathers who came up with their daughters and the skirts on over it also I was walking on the street 1 day and again in march or february and I
just saw somebody prints it as some of the tweets on an A 4 paper and hang them like this the 1st arrests and I can remember was when I was 10 he attacked when I opened the building store I did not tell anyone always watch my back and other women and on the right the police officer called in because of burglary so that my friend's husband was away he insisted to be in a helping her to be heard helpmate so basically someone printed and hand the tweets as so that more people could see it of and again somebody sent me this banner happening in a university for those who question whether harassment is that's common and unwanted hand on your body or even a word that 1 does not want to hear it is Our harassment again now using the hashtag is fully and unconnected with me so I I'm and I are I'm a scholar I'm a social scientists who is working on justice system law and politics in Turkey was that what we did was with a friend of mine we looked at the tweets and we were really interested in what women were saying about the justice system how the justice system was prosecuting these people or how the uh treating them and we analyze data i s 2 uh as to the police and it turns out that the police what comes out is an actor of harassment we analyze the tweets that contained the word to the police on and it turns out that especially when you go to the police complaining that you have been a victim of sexual harassment of you know the police officers add you as a friend in Facebook Sancho message over what's up et cetera et cetera and there are complaints and about impunity there are complaints about police is actions especially in street protests cetera women are saying when they're complain about these acts they are being blamed for dressing likely or at the downplaying there at the police acting as if they're downplaying the act so we were very concerned about this and we are now taking steps out to address this issue we will be holding a conference at the police academy and this this month we will be addressing it hopefully at European Society of Criminology as more and more offline or own line there is that Twitter account under that name totally unconnected with me and there is a website Tolley unconnected with me so I'm I'm quite happy that people are taking this I'm we can find many many culprits about this issue I'm not really get into that we can blame cultural conservatism Petrakis sexism misogyny but I wanted to show you that the speech of Julia Gillard but I will I am running a living out of time I will I will be in
a 2nd I will finish and I will just conclude with that's and what can be so this solution I have been asked about this question so many times and I have I have to say I don't have any recipes I don't have any easy answers and this has this is something which are on unknown and I have been discussing over as guide when I was preparing for this I think and the type of
hashtags just show us the problem and now we must really speak and deliberated this is the country of harbor mouse after all the deliberative democracy so we need to debate that it's a process and men have to be included I don't think we women can achieve this all by ourselves not at all and I think what is really important is the tag showed us that there is a problem and that finally we have started to addressing it talking about it and everybody's going to do the own thing from a different front on going to be working on the police somebody is going to be setting up in the internet there address whoever and you can do whatever they can do they will be doing what they can on that 1 might 1 of the things that really frustrates me is that people will focus too much on governments an all too much on the justice system too much on the states and not enough on society because of all of these attitudes party etc. so that they are being produced reproduced through language through customs through culture every day and every way as Julia Gillard practices says um through society so we really have to work on society and this was something that I was but trying to
hedge to do I just show you an example for instance it's up to a child rights the problem in Turkey and this wedding dress seller but she
just put this sign on the uh you know uh uh on heard on her as showcase saying we do not sell or rent wedding dresses up to girls that are not yet I'm 18 and this is the kind of civic resistance or civic actions that I'm really talking about it cannot really do this with our governments last point I was asked by on unmanned to address this issue with whether I had received any personal attacks after starting this hashtag no I didn't but I also must say that I kept a deliberately low profile for various reasons are I appeared only once on TV IEEE was by declined most of the requests from a local TV channels as spoke to foreign media are um but minor reason was basically I'm a social scientist I do research I work with judges prosecutors policemen so I said to myself I do not need this kind of publicity following me wherever I go hindering my social scientist work I'm an academician but I'm also an actor so there's a fine line there I'm trying to balance it I don't want that kind of publicity and obstructing my work and a
2nd reason is I do feel that this belongs to the women of Turkey it doesn't belong to me it's not mine I might have started it but they have responded to it so I thought it would have been unethical to be the face of all of this and I also of an of person I don't like power that um so I don't really want the power that comes out with that and it's always a question of trading publicity uh with our privacy and I don't want to lose my uh privacy and by either by being too much uh recognized anyways on this is my presentation I wanted to just so show you but maybe have 1
minute of Julia Gillard speech because when we say what are what is the problem of patriarchy misogyny sexism I think she puts it at a very bluntly I would just show you and for 1 minute if I can do that thank you thank God if you can get at Juilliard you lot basically
um making a wonderful speech so I would become and everybody to watch it I mean they've by take the cardinal and ordinal at the later the opposition pack crawling across these
tired pattern is likely here is the I mean if the crime in the on the politically baking migrant honest woman that there was something that whenever a state of any man sitting in this case I think that
when the planet the way they thought of
the 100 mile don't make you a sign that the the the weight on think
that when the latent beyond what I was on a line and
the on the part of the list on the end of the library of the they read I think it's reliable roughly aligned the later the of the human is that in that year and I in the G that is all
we have to run it thank you very much and
thank you and if
time so I'll let you get your brand in things so the levy presentation personal and the thing is I feel we have to talk about a lot of stuff especially for the
amount of time time that we have an idea other and it's suppose scary how similar the discussion if compared to what we had but it's still an ongoing debate on the other hand about the everyday sexism in Germany and especially connected with the outside the campaign bad and what I really loved and the way I can only emphasizes the thing the that's and you put this out there the world and you have no idea what is going to happen like especially for me when this whole thing started it was already a success so to speak when that during the nite so many women were brave enough to speak up but then it was just so beautiful to see how they made at their own how they claimed it and how also we had this thing that people were making street odd with the hashtag and using it and offline spaces as sort of a marker to to make people aware of a sexist situation what it's still amazing to me and but yeah the other thing that you mentioned and which drives me crazy and this also this continuing question of how do we fix this and then like you said they only 1 rely on on laws and and politics and that's about it and they completely forget about
that this is also part of education like to actually make people aware of these issues and are you aware of any maybe campaigns that have arisen from that and in Turkey now or do you have any idea if there's something going on like that but maybe for I'm was a big fan of saying only we have to start with the kids 1st I mean they are like the ones
that get this message to is them that from then on it's just getting worse most of the time so that I am not any campaigns like that well I and we have a problem in turn Turkey in the sense of over emphasis of education like every problem in Turkey they went they they somehow like tie this to education always an educational problem all we know and we need to fix this in high school we need to fix this in primary school we need to actually we need to fix this and in the garden so question and the answer is no there is no educational at campaign at that point but I think erm education I I would I don't wanna say education per se but maybe an awareness and uh I think awareness starts in the family and in the society as well so I am for instance this police academy think they are about trying to introduce agendas training 2 policemen so we will use a so we will see how this will go but this is an adult education it's not really a you know education in the sense that you're talking about probably will hopefully we will be seeing this up in the future yeah but of course I mean and in the end you have to educate people on every level so it's just to make them aware that this is not just because here there has been this image of you know this is like the the guys who are like over 60 years something and ones that generation dies out patriarch is gone so that was the kind of it because it was spreading of they did not really sure about that and that also since these guys are themselves role role-models sprayed over the other generations so as long as we have these role models to this system is still in place by and and you feel how so yeah what's the what's the challenge to make actually people aware that there is like the societal system of patriarch E and this is actually of thing around the world who like most places some even when it's so obvious especially with the statistics I mean you don't even need a hash thank you could just look at the statistics on gender-based violence for example
they already proven make your point but you do you feel that with that with this person mom stories people and understood better what this is actually about I think so because I think when you relay personal stories I think there is always an emotional element there there is empathy there there is understanding there's and sometimes before cold numbers and statistics it's really important to make voice is heard it it's very important to make big to give victims of voice so that they can tell their story so I just think of hearing the stories in the media in and in web sites and in
daily life it it is changing little by little like it's sometimes removing offensive advertisements from circulation or sometimes making public it was in my presentation there I don't know if you have ever been to stumble and toxin area and there are lots of their Nash and others uh little shops there and 1 of them basically made a delivery and to a woman and that the delivery guy uh
was texting ignore all the time like offensively harassing her and she basically right after this she taught only exposed its hands and that the store had to fire and got the guy with the with the public pressure and had to issue an apology to the public saying were so sorry we apologize we don't tolerate this and suggests so I think this is how it starts you have to put pressure on all those men and I'm sorry guys we have to put pressure on you if you're doing it and this is not a new but a I don't I don't mean to say like put pressure 0 attack but just showing that this is unacceptable this cannot continue so just creates a little by little and the fact that this is this is still not be tolerated and this might have happened in
1950 in 1990 but in year 2015 up this has to change this cannot our gold so I II blue eyes I guess it's obvious that I believe in increments of 100 in each back
thank the other thing that really touched me was when you said that the whole has to go and turn into some sort of prove therapy because that is something and totally can relate to just even and make reading the story is Hoadley triggers my memory of how everything started with of slides pretty crazy and the it I don't I was wondering because so we always get there's and this attack that people 5 we only created the hashtag to you had to demonize men basically whereas we just wanted to express ourselves just without thinking
about poor man you have all the and so I was wondering if you get those uh comments to words that were there they Q. fewer ones of these in the that I mean you of course to show the men who were like the eyes being opened and everything and I hope they were in the majority maybe he can have come to think is I think that keeping a low profile on my part might have prevented these kind of things because it to remain anonymous and a it's anonymous when it's owned by meeting people and then it was a warning going to track how do you know so I think it helped had a it helped in that regard because it doesn't have 1 persona or 1 representative being the voice and it prevents from attacks I'm sure there were but I I didn't read any some people have said so maybe this and that but I don't even recall that's how
are unimportant I felt that it was in I think it many men were just really like very very surprise and taken by its taken by so think it was realized that is basically the sake I experience of that they had some sort of really tend to actually get a feeling for what it's like being a woman in this day and age and many of them to eliminating for instance the next day at public transportation all I wouldn't give up my seats you know I want
them to sit down and then feel relaxed and other Wikipedia the fact that could have the other things so but maybe these are the good examples of that I'm hearing yeah but like you mentioned that's the other thing they tried to frame this whole debate and some of some as of sexism a woman women's problem so women have to fix that and I keep
stressing uh the point that
and this is actually something that an affecting the whole society so we have to work together on this because you have you know there's gender roles also imprisoned men in different ways but they do so without then they light that our that comes with it that's the problem that is the thing you and you know when you have power they don't really give up power easily so we have to make sure that they don't have that much power the hit and by using hashtags for example the inventory and the jury wouldn't know they they hires out
this can have if theft for this I wouldn't have time for questions but if anybody would like to talk with an atlas of here and here