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In the second decade of the 21st century it has become obvious, that we are beginning to see what a rich, colorful and rewarding sexual culture for human beings can look like. The internet, which has been rumored to be for porn, has shown that erotica and pornographic images, film and text are much more than what used to be available in a brown bag at a seedy shop. The myth that women don't like porn has been debunked by a larger variety of porn and pornographers. A democratic, equal and healthy society has to help sex, erotica and porn out of the sometimes still seedy image they suffer under and give these parts of human nature their deserved portion of normality, cultivation and love.
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how long can do this and
the key
so will come to I hope the sides work now it was a bit funny with me trying to get used to mount sort of a Linux person and when I try to play my game and I play a lot of going to use this huge massive graphic card driver called windows and I'm not very good with much yes well I can do the talking I have promised to show a corker in might also here
by I have done this I'm going to be talking to you about sex he recalled and also source and I want you to have formed during this talk this talk is supposed to be neither of these those 2 posts to be lighthearted maybe a couple of things the barefoot from faulted that aren't but just don't take everything far too seriously I my after for and to get you into the mood I'm going to start with the story in a novel I'm writing is going to be a series of novellas that's coming out and this is seen in there there are 2 people to protagonist's the call Florence style and they go into a parallel universe they
are on a mission to explore this place and then they come through this threshold and they enter into this well that's full of really awesome we the foamy cloudy looking trees they use loans and nice pathways and they start to explore this place and this thing well enough so we've got these pathways and we can walk
around but we haven't seen any people use and they walk around further and then they hear voices and they get close to the year human voices and there people having a picnic between trees and they're enjoying this lavish followed and my protagonists getting hungry and watching hiding but somehow they they and fail to hide themselves properly so the picnic notice these newcomers and then the craziest thing happens because those people who've been eating really enjoying their followed and you all know what a mouse Gotham is when you have something awesome to eat imagine a chocolate chip cookie
a donkey and a coffee and then you would be to to me just novel has in your mouth and they were doing similar things and then
certainly there were caught in the act on these people ripped off their
clothes and start having sex with each other in this kind of knowledge salt really weird all g and my protagonist from our world here standard they're thinking
shape this call those people in the UK the film that foldaway company top as having sex and asking us to join them and this has got a lot to
do with my talk I will take you back to reality after the 1st unicorn I've promised and a lot of me
will in our reality we have
often hard to many other things about sex of food and food maybe being sinful sex being sinful celebrating food celebrating effects on that's
sort of what I want to talk to you about this often been philosophers and writers of people thinking about why do we enjoy folder something public and celebrated for parties where sex is Teboulle or dirty or something you have to do behind closed doors and
the if you think of those picnickers in that world of all this lady is doing is something completely different authorities do in our world anyway now we've got section from would and I will start with fixed because you realize that in our culture effect is seen as something that's there it's only
present but somehow people don't really talk about it the talk that sex sells yes you have to sexier have to keep fit but somehow yes you also maybe you've after things that 6 in the city came into a pop culture was became a bit more normally from for women to sit together and talk about sex and talk about effect size about those or maybe female over mammals and that is still not really normalized is often depends on what type of people you are with it can be more open about sex or you should rather not talk about it because people might feel offended
for maybe religious moral or whatever other reasons and all the wise especially took about religion sex is always somehow be there and uh and it's also been all sometimes is also part of religious ceremonies all or part of spirituality and all otherwise sex in like
for the conflict catholic church sex is a debt deadly mortal sin
look shorea means lost you uh Hungerford sex and you want to have sex for not making babies not how the Catholic Church wants you to have sex but you the way you want to do and maybe even alone with your friend jails and the Catholic Church does like us at all as you can see here because if you do that you're going straight Satan doorstep
and you already know that they're all you'll be there because the animals safer going reality check if this would show if I was states and I'd have to my told them off because I want to live in peace the love loads of people or jerking off the could get enough the the lines sexist
also here in a public space of this picture comes from Switzerland and this is an advert for a brothel and it shows that a certain type of person is encouraged to have actively pursue sex and that it is somehow just being pushed into these open space into the public space even though children could walk around there 1 but in the train station but there's a picture of you enjoy your sex life and otherwise another group of person is encouraged to be a good sex provide or provide of sexiness of locking gold and learning Austin scales in bed you can see 20 mind blowing flexible moves I don't know what the heck they I've never use them but that's still happy with the this and although I
use the men are told to learn some kind of new rules of masculinity about that again I hear all the time it's like every 5 years the rules for some kind of gender roles coming out and they got got nothing to do with real life and it's got nothing to do with having a really happy sex these messages but
also not just in lifestyle media did get it this phenomenon is called for OWL OWL Blau is gentlemen and for a lot of black hole is mostly blond for there and they these phenomena emerged in the nineties when
these fortnightly TVU magazines time and this is 1 of the most famous 1 also flow problem blow and they even the the editors are often say we want to maybe something changes but apparently the people who buy these magazines just go for 4 out of blouse and and I think even though they say all women who by it they like to see it and whatever their minds they don't know what they think in in this article of Linked hidden in the slides when I provided for you you can go and look at the article about it but apparently these Scheffer that to that the go a can't that
women like it too and they like to have a look at a sexy woman there maybe they will feel sexy to I think that's absolute bullshit it's it's just a knee-jerk reaction because it reminded me of when I was in a supermarket buying chains and I got my chinese and it said coming soon new packaging meaning you have to do is look out to the when you're in a bind your changes the look for maybe different quality that they that's the same case when it comes to maybe TV magazines that still these subliminal their message of you have a
woman being sexy maybe even bond or whatever that it turns into these what are and it's not just there for what's it it may have once been for to be affects the icon be but it's just become a knee-jerk reaction the TV magazines have to be for our on blouse that it gets a bit more in this is the thing about the the anyway here and there are all the
things with a are sort of told that right sentence the the that's then the other thing that cultures certain areas look at this that among board underdamped of if you think that on Twitter yet there various online discussions about that
ball then of course mumble itself to be elevated now anyway there are a lot of mixed messages and I think it's a bit of a
party pooping thing because you can say all yeah she's wearing a short skirt users slowed all she's wearing a red dress all shoes all their money on the ship I want might just where a red dress because she likes the color reminder of the poppies she's the on a walk on left someday to deflect the call and there's a lot of interpretation in 2 sort of assumed signals that women are supposed to send out where is actually addresses just address or it might be black and blue water might be gold but but the anyway I think it we have to change a couple of things to think about things that are maybe for some people yeah things on the side is not really important but this still phenomena in our life that somehow in a very why it in a very sort of subliminal way shape the way we think all of us sort of look at what sex is or what is the symbol for sex
and a lot of things with effect is also numbers as often when
you are on the dates want another data URIs what's you know my on it the side of this and so who knows that the because of their hands up yet of the you know it takes a long time but there's also this number the answer because my numbers 42 yeah and that some people they will be God look and that's all she's been Horan around for other people and maybe in our world is well we've got a lot of experience where is all the people would prefer to say only 5 people have in mid mid thirties or you OK she's got a bit of experience but she hasn't been too dirty for us also maybe OK but this is wrong with that the the but but but they can anywhere
now those of course been a lot of short films the days that won't say in these specific words that we all know and on the internet there could be
a lot of discussions about perceptions of gender effects of sexy this going on and these pictures storms
are also due to shift in paradigms about people thought interview things differently and often when very conservative people notice that the way things out we have always done but is slowly being less accepted of course they want to protect their tour territory the way they think it's right and go on and become aggressive and the shit but now I'm going
to talk to you about so it is always
there with the food anadromous with seafood in magazines as food Paul on the internet and we just slight looking good fold we light will look at what the chefs Cox things on TV on you to wherever and we also may sometimes be uh inspired to cook something nice ourselves instead of just having the the the old meat-and-potatoes or go to the restaurant and they then speech so this week and there's
also a deadly sin gular
which means goal to me g?osowanie and there's also after uh Facebook picture to go with this because there's also scenes with all too many
cards and the stronger there right now on the net there's so many pictures going around on Twitter showing these amounts of sugar different drink just think God I think it should be 100 % focus who all that up to that the width of a they and feelings fallen feeling but for having eaten something really delicious but full of calories is also similar to deal when you have had sex but you know
you so how shouldn't of had these affects all thought of sex or masturbated and this lady here who knows how this is yet Julia Child
also from the mid 20th century and she's someone who brought the idea of especially French and European food to the USA and I would call her the you have no of Paul yeah and she encourages you to enjoy followed and light kit and even a
lot of really fatty things with a lot of butter and cream and that is not good if you want to look for it and when we come to looking fit some people might just have that on their own
and there are also double standards with food sometimes it's I like having something like that for breakfast on the lazy suffered a but according some all the people it's format men and I think how when have we ever ingested are filled without genitals thank you for but the because there's all like
cliches in the that the input text by the way and the concurrent XML of status on a side note are also that their own category of also gates and
the the the the topping on top is a bit like these Germany call them shown because and if you ever come by the case have some on the other hand food like this is of course or associated with women maybe all or whatsoever and as
led the notes is the I'm not gonna show a solid because salad cliche they're even worse but now especially
now having cupcake and thinking of the concept of solid there's also the concept of health and food and I will know
and try and give you a bit of an idea of water the world could be like where sex is seen as healthy so there's a society a sort of proposed society where sex is seen as God it's healthy it keeps you fate and if you have a lot of sets with your partner of baby several partners and your experience and good effects up but you shouldn't have too much food except for maybe solids the local food and then you can also maybe have affect the structure
of and I'll tell you what it already exists is going to be sold to use so the Spanish
company gaze-following is selling the committee and you can see here the most interesting thing I thought about that is this detail that
they still according to our rules of society and its from Spain of course be aware of privacy and you have to be confidential about it but it's already coming that uh you can track your sexual um whatever
performance this they all your sex life as a part of maybe instead of running those 3 kilometers you can also board your partner for an hour and the thing that nite so that is on the other hand then imagine you know these that there are some the insurance companies who was starting to at least I don't I don't know maybe some of you will know more about about another some apparently some health insurance companies
to say if you wear a fitness tracker uh you show that you live a healthy life and you do sports and you we eat sort of goes on and and uh have good God food you uh you pay less right so it could also mean that if you talk a picture of your followed I hadn't someone found out about
what you were eating and this is so far I've made these lovely drizzle ball it they will go and that with bottom so that there is and that would maybe imagine a world where we that some porn would be a real reality in it is this and a imagine that this
I had these dinner last nite a coffee Einstein and I said so my friend at the state and we shared it was both really really good I can really recommend it and the most interesting thing was what I thought except for all I took a picture of my meal and my friends meal and in this dystopian world and just trying to trying to sort of get get over to you may be leaking this was all al-Qaida eating that instead of salads and just to be of chicken all be where and the and the matter that was talking to was he's a very jolly guy a great person again a lot of political billing comes and apparently this schnitzel according to rumor is favored by chance the medical and now in this dystopian world and thinking it would be
maybe be the same medical going to this default Floyd and Hollister enjoy her gorgeous mode would be sort of food bonga bonga and and apparently also Mac carried in imagine built item
having a or whatever tabloid save MacAllister cake is apparently not as the scandal instead of effect scandal the and to go down to
return to the main point here is we have to take 6 more seriously of course people take 6 here is a and there are some public so that there's some public adverts out there that encourage you to have safe sex for instance their use condoms take care of yourself uh AIDS awareness that a tag on the 1st of them in december and that is for me I think warm start of people slowly taking 6 seriously and starting to talk about it openly also with in a very serious and also very kind way and we have to also take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings I mean it is because if you sort of thing you know having sex about emotions and everything and I give my heart to you and my feelings steal my thanks to you know
you can't do that those feelings belong to you and if you want to show yeah these things with those people and those all the person might not want to because of so many reasons you just have to the operates mine anyway and they don't want to it OK fine let them pass on and the would be a certain amount of
less friction in this world that may be helpful to have a better fit for so how do we have got 3 steps we have maybe an idea of how to have a better sort of also public perception of 6 the Hubble's uh except what 6 really is and not just how media commonly shows that too was a how sort of ideas floating around show it to the 1st thing in we should meet all Gazans the gaze is often talked about the male gaze is showing a lot of
women plastered around in tabloids in adverts in films in Game of Thrones there are a lot of naked women there is far you I don't mind showing sex and things like that but
maybe it would be naive instead of saying 0 no more page 3 although more naked women in built side you might have heard of the campaign out there is maybe saying let's just think about what the radius OK the rent naked women people enjoy having a bit of all past so all I can be and see what the what what it really is is like a buffet that only have failed to In much in your daily life you know there was some rule bold everywhere in every town or village where you could get a little of this is not
a food for free he when there but he was always salad never anything else and when you say it will but like to have a stated a lot maybe have some cake and whatever you the world is a salad eaters world and even state teachers like to have some salad every now and then accept this reality will always be dichotomy if you want to have they provide the itself because here out here in the public you'll have to go by the rules of the salad and I think it's just the same again folks the and the Internet
this is not they this is interesting because we all know and love this song the Internet is for
Paul and in Avenue Q the musical where this is from it's a female figures singing
about yeah the Internet and all the knowledge you can have them those male characters singing that is supported on and this is a bit outdated because because Paul hope
has found out and is often been talked about somehow the largest percentage of people consuming gay porn would gay men I women because they want to see some nice cop they want to see some nice but they want to see some sunlight bodies just like men like looking your
policies and take enough it's human and the industry I'm here the flat of ECA to of use anyway um and it's slowly really been taken seriously that's
6 and pull on is something that all people should be able to enjoy and now I'm going to talk to you again about the gazes or maybe certain orientations and you can if you like talk about straight homosexual all the low-key bisexual people I really envy them on will say and all you could use different terms just a sort of I don't want to ask anyone to change their vocabulary that maybe just think about it and if you are a person the like men no matter what gender all or anything you
identify as you could also say I'm under of sexual I like men was just like people will say also I like women women are hotter lost them and Jerry no sexual all you're looking bisexual again but anyway so I'm going to show you a certain yes I have mentioned sigh
both because I identify the cyborg a number number of sexual fiber work in anyway the under essential gaze classic by his Michelin love David I think is a wonderful example and he's very hot and this I found this picture on line and the interesting thing is the first one shot on on the right side shows sort of the classical museum and the other one's look a bit more pony and this is also a
thing of are found on the internet with certain poses of men the you know mostly no and the presentation is like women are show maybe have something like that with the because you maybe some of you know from comic books that uh the swimsuit issues of course like Sports Illustrated a very popular with uh nice model on their own actors a whatever on that but in the comic book world they often have Barry invariant cover so you could go there and say OK what
no other men issue and a female issue but with the same content and more gains would be met and you all know about killer combos this car girls we know all
about that and from the internet now this and you combo about then 8 cats and I know that a good yeah that that picture also from of the late fall
so that at the and there's a block
from France is all additional modalities already or a OK not too little and at a really successful the selling telling the box the
memory game because they're always so hot guy and that you get an and they've got this memory game where you have to align the count in the kitchen to get them under the kid is all I've got it and in September there even though they all of vote also going to be a book out there and I feel that it already did and here this
is very funny because we also from the China sexual gang is that
of the Playboy body and this this sort of sort of I do like Bonnie is so up what money than the kitties together and you know the story and now we're gonna show you the giant sexual gains classical
Venus Roman goddess of love
this is uh the more recent from the 19th century that is Alex all the cup else picture Venus my
favorite Birth of Venus picture and there's a very nice story about beautiful Venus and food because do you any 1 of you
know about the Italian myth about how totally it was and that was made was invented it was because after the Roman Empire uh became Christian on all
the Roman gods will pull over there out of work and as we would say today but in their hearts FIA was sold and the was walking around Italy and came to an end and uh the the owner of the set up a young lady who really pretty you look so far may stand called common have a room so is she talking a room there on didn't have to pay for it but the landlords I just couldn't resist to look through the keyhole any solver beautiful belly button and that is where he formed the tortellini from I like to the and this is why I say why can't we have both why can't we instead of banning any kind of naked women in the build societal or naked women in adverts
why can't we have a Minsk photo for the 2nd in public but we of young sexual people a block of iron and here again of the classics together again it will be really nice to have
both and this is the samples that
and the 2nd thing is an all-inclusive sex symbol because mostly when you have things about sex is often a symbol with women's body parts the
maybe the silhouettes are often use when something is about 6 even though there's a lot of most things in there so I be thinking about that and I think people in america been thinking about it of John show when when he was before do in that show where he
interviewed snowed and just before that he was talking about those and if they programs and but compared the names too bad strip clubs in Florida and I straightaway notices that the screenshot to because representing the strip clubs is men and women but still you'd have to have have a separate so I thought how come warm represents effects will love is represented
like that so maybe reader really easy that everyone could understand it can represent effects like this in that the it's got a knife cleavage a
pair of balls that could be a bomb bots are unisex all it could be a pair of goal is all facts and the 3rd and
last thing it's quite lying about sex it will only make a
few bad the you have to take 6
seriously and you
should talk about that creature in the living room you've already got your martini on so I've got a little book at least for you to maybe to model think about a maybe even do is the 1st thing is
talk about it talk about it with your friends talk about it maybe even with the stranger but talk about sex like a normal thing like to talk about the last meal your hard and on the other side you also have to think about something else and this is really important is learned about what makes a creeper creepy because if someone might talk to you about 6 or I might be talking about so to someone about sex the notice that if feeling confortable and they just few or no I just don't want to talk about that now all this 1st might even be a sexual and would not want to have anything to do
with it you have to learn to sort of notice the cues or even directly ask them and say I might create a new show and not talk about it in this the same thing as maybe you could imagine when you in a train and you are absolutely not hungry but someone next to with the tuna during the as so and find out that friendship and sexual attraction of reading not opposite yourself many discussions since I was a teenager count people that is sexually attracted to being friends also but they can only be in a relationship all parts that no is not true I have several really good friends that we can just like the normal friendly act like you go to a restaurant orders have food to get you can also have things together protected clean friendly respectful sex it's really worth it and and and this seems have written especially really small you really own your feelings they laws and they're not yours to give to anyone other people might be able to share them with you all see that you really like this person or don't like that person that there is no such thing as giving half the people and so in the next christmas you don't have to worry the and so as the last note because this is also about Europe and I'm British I live in Germany and today is the UK vote find the Germans that here beautiful Paul here he lives in London is German and he is allowed to vote for the bond start even though he lives in a in London and I can't vote
today the voting system in Europe is really screwed up and also another on a non these new populist parties going around are not only populist and racist mostly but also very negative so if you think about voting
just go out and vote no matter what but just don't vote any populist because they will destroy your sex MIT and if you go on and on and
on and on violence I so there is you and people so you might be wondering about the lovely young men and women Stage II was
marrying what often happens in shows centering about around named and having decorative women they just wanted to give you something like the look and say that I have not got that on also
did not fall on how do you have any comments questions to and I 1 of their approach was
what I notice that know most of you have been in Germany but it's a really interesting but such listing will actually have an ellipse me like I kind of like work in the tech field in silico programmers analogy yeah I only 1 of the conditions of the so which in the thing is there's like this whole thing like you know every correctly really PC if there's like a woman around that never no I'm not interested in that looking at you your just friend I know how those and it's kind of weird because he was sometimes I think it could be beneficial for them to media like I don't know just smile and say they care something like this and it's really interesting analysts is a cultural there is a there's a lot of attention tension in there and especially in the tech field because there are also our tools out there that we read women and that we we had ideas because they just don't see down the we think that they own their emotions and they don't have to be so desperate if they we think about themselves and this really nice German called their feet and then was pointless and I have I have I am not going to have to be frequently so by attracted to be that the I think that many people I by that other people what they will call them but they i people think the idle fine think you I think he acidic all attraction is normalized situations especially what your talking about in the text field will slowly get down because the sensation of this this tension between sectors all genders will slowly become less attractive to be so emotional about and you say about people to smile this cliche that men tell women to smile I have been going around and telling meant my and the government the year old had the lady and I the and the system I know I'm being very very provocative that I'm trying to do it in a very friendly way and
also appreciated way that a show these things swing both ways and I just thought that you got something to think about how the publishing my slides with a lot of links and I think will also be some blog posts afterward and other question I here in the front yes um I remember seeing a TED talk couple years ago yeah Jonathan height
uh an American psychologist I think who's written a book about more com passes and the full that that's when I heard the the equivalence between food and then yes x for the 1st time and he mentioned in the start that there was a split that right wing people very liberal about food and and very liberal about sex and it was the other way around with the left people yet so I'm wondering that you came up with you brought up this this equivalence again if that is something that you from your experience of talking to people about this find again that the more people that are more right wing a more liberal about yeah to learn about sex and you around and that's interesting because happened at the low margin a lot of Tektronix before this because there's an excellent models about this uh and I'll have to watch that and maybe that might be a phenomena in the States so because I don't know what it's like in Europe at that transfer to telling me this so I'll keep my eyes peeled and look for patterns that yeah I just wanted to add a little note there
might I try to tell people that there the concept of the sexual competence is something we could take on the incidence of learning about how to do it and sort how to do it well you and that's a concept that many people think mind-blowing yes you have now it
really effectively that is a talk of its own and that would also taught also at yes I totally alone had under only resists
new see sex as 1 of the interests of the candidates you know interest like music food which sex is never 1 of the interests of the resume reason to recompute to use
I come on what where when why would they do that if you work in the sex industry if you don't mind I'll talk about that itself as an interest but if you have people working in the sex industry or maybe in a sort of a quiere environment they might somehow if it's got something to do with the job also especially in modeling the face that Watson so you mean it's a sector
problem it's effect problem FIL don't share their 6 interesting there resume well on the other hand what someone always share their food interests on the resonant do they do OK vision to see OK I i've never done that OK that interest is interesting point a lot of interesting points
like this great place in the yes no begin things and so you and you're so yeah and I will be more than half of