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From Privacy to Publicity
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I will concentrate on time/space collapse, community and network, expansion of neighbourhood, and cocoon-effect of online experience.
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so if this is if and
we don't have a lot of time for those
of well of the leading scholar fueled by setting the wording they highly of life that I believe that this is so let's stop for the youth to applauding the things to go about the problem with local flaunting their 2 so it's a this problem what side this at the end we still use such along the lead you could see the future readable receive I ask about the acceleration of human at our was composed by people coming from all over Europe offered the harsh experiences also thought the product under its own little world war and that they compose posted the issue of essential universal human rights the article 12 of the head and like the event we say that but I is the and I said the the
human right rights that is the right side of the problem the other side of the problem on portal David Brooks uh relevant used by the Lenny acquiring an article in Europe times or 15 is a few not value along the goal of that the article is called do ghost laying the reach of the yeah yeah what David Brooks says there the other box that idea of uh diversity of the future needs to all parties to the kid grows up to the police but people because he says that more and more people have lost even getting image of privacy and and understanding order why privacy is what that the
diagnoses the over the origin of the divided people say the same so we have accepted at that time was not particularly attractive thing why but I refuse to fall down so very
Brooks awards so could be his last like Watergate there has to be resolved where half 4 folds and did the day emotions get role and of all these out to be exposed to the harsh layer of public John the point in that actually but I face important because they need to be a time when you are a little we yourself when you allow your half they at the mission of the that the main idea soldier motions of the virtual uh in the crowd the half of the also lying lies that eventually the other but the interesting point is that we begin to individuals have been warm underlying to individuality to but somehow we also terrorists those concerned about the type of drivers and we don't even really at each when you find those you
developed on the company and no you are fortunate to all of you are giving some sort of a so the telephone and maybe I plotted maybe I for government than you just it is what a h of all of your head and you stop being alone now that's a part of the models in
all but it but in Web the speakers for this call for the FAA coordinated uh there is a because log of all the users stay individuals and inside if you entered the lobby you see I gave this idea of the individual have popped at 1 point that's a huge billboard up in dutiful cartographic it's out there that this story what does it mean to be individual well it says that after do whatever you like and do it models that is that after the recipe for think of individual which means that we need x will explore it there there is some doubt doing drawing that actually of the idea of the individual we are not finding a place of Long Island Lighting it's about what we want to do in the fall of politeness for being carried on race the read by also talking to serve
this evening replied consulting cultures or whatever well this was interesting story in terms of the pirates of times uh and uh it is lives all required to sing for a moment how we arrive to where we are now uh I am much long much although the boss of you here all of you probably have that kind of about when I was your age I knew we were dreaming about trying purposes ruined afraid of being cops delaying the force being trampled on being told that all the we should do and what should we abstain from doing we were by Paul remember the nite where of the order will like today fall was the the
set which acted both weights you can watch you could watch television but the division could watch you had dad what went on in the here and you have the life now what will the horror of it I really think that the payment is what is nice if you can use the sky you can use our 2 2 ways of the 2 ways uh communication file you like this that link to it as you like using your uh there's is the Oliver Kennedy Town but you like
using the of therefore knowing value well knowing that all that we should in addition to the data somewhere in unknown places where all the doctors accumulated each this set of that's somewhere in the desert of the United States know about your movement about your probe of the tissue of acting of uh about Europe in the election of both of the
feathers as about your call talk about what you call the network people which you associate degrees uh with the help of the Internet that they know about it much more than you use of low that the problem you are not the with even how much information so instead of full of uh the name of privacy we
have now what do you mean all we about the meaning of book publications about being noticed about being on the log the the of the re the jobless surrounds jokes and that is the gage fields of a vector out who developed the proof for our existence and say I am speaking therefore I have the culture would say I am seeing on the screen of the full I change of floor change of from make that and all of this K. P. but still caught the idea of privacy for just the way the difference has changed something it was very attractive idea just to be for the to do what you believe in line not to be there some test here which the great doubt about also of the psychologists
philosophers and would Freud point at all but I think in 1929 almost 100 years ago that all the problems of the difficulties of chocolate page of contemporary man and woman comes from the fact that we have some of them that much of our freedom of choice freedom of selecting what you want it to do what you like to do we shall and that in order to get more security now situation as if a diverse the idea of privacy is associated either so I suggest to you but this is my suspicion is so just not use this idea of being for in the
individual but that is the idea of the laundered being left alone think about them being neglected or even being excluded that the the nice all that investing reinvesting their but at at the tendency diagnosed and predictors for the future of by from they may we have now signed and billing that would like to solve much of our work for the dog freedom of privacy freedom of deciding for the safe of a little bit more secure why so this is just about well and others
did I think I don't think it would be that uh developed CODE of indeed need you want research that is really what seperates that is when the line of 2050 indeed dualize H bringing now situation when each out of our as an individual is expected to do society they're very low that apply this solutions to show surely produce problems it's not this state that the people of
the not the the people sitting in the government of who wants uh promised to take care of
providing conditions of life in this and provisions of life to all citizens not them but each other over the years now that elastin thought search Allard identity from something given to usher had been chloroformed into individual that's a of cash and we have many other sports and allow for finding such solutions to socially good useful and that of course candidate and desire uh that creates condition of of certain period of codes to the goal to be aware of being aware of what's the next step should you take what kind of an exception they can you are not sure whether your diffusion you will read it is sufficient to would go around that and therefore all you need something to read something from there I would say that this fear of all of always kidding although the mean to the ceiling and all that barely stayed mutual is the light of my
generation when I was the are in our there's have been added to their use by the fear of being left to your all the resources that are incapable of all the selected properly you know she the shares of your life pursuing cute um this set in the what you need to do in order to achieve that sort of about cost and to secular yourself a decent place in flight religion as the problem no not in the times when the government banned the successive government Bromley's full employment not that often keeping its but anyway promising sinking and causally Newton quite the the of new achievable better post a we are now in the time the word in the detonation should not unemployment unemployment is driven by the size of the uh the net developed today oblique leak concerning did or embodied the off employment lot normalized means having an active editor at not ordered problems but still stay in today's society to play by the media media there is a separated there must be a place of the society and evaluate would on employed by adding teach at each negation to employment and say that that island employment each of the novel model it it is is as
ailment something must be done so they're at board completely the fact of few what unemployed the idea of redundancy reduced use instead Interpublic language now that doesn't suggest such a of the of the of the form of a pure all all the social movement that we have to to adjust the values of the later in very
hard way till the possibility of becoming what all of the the depth of the field of exclusion the the dominant fear of all time we have no further and not the the uh the betting against all and then each state we are neglecting the reality today I gazed being you could or I gave the link neglected eye-gaze and the well my this
then that's where computer come in computers come computerization of the world intervention of Internet it's it's a sort of a magical so much of what it in there were few atleast did the part of the day that it is a very part of the day whether of not speaking to other human beings but biodiversity speaking guarantees into this thing a mediating your code that that is out there's a they i the AI at that time that that time you are a should the that case he seems to escape eventually escaped
eventually escaping this so that all being all the idea that the value of the and you love them but when the 1st a gadget electronic gadget which you could take out of all of this all going go just a so called walk 1 was introduced at this walk 1 was introduced by article versus log on then the a a at all and I don't know for drug use log on but who did did must have been a incitement does so each of graph the deepest suppressed fears of his cut that borders navigational new event of limited way of escaping loneliness walked bottom after all the 1 way you could additionally but it could applied but then came the genius marks took about a who went to warrant decides to step 4 face Facebook ladies and gentlemen you I've never low the governor of when of what hours a day 7 days a week what you can do are used to set the to return to set somebody message to the the events there's is always 24 hours a
day 7 days a week someone somewhere who is an added to deceive your message the distances of embattled all you don't have
to be indexed but they put on the contrary the neighbor may be more difficult to find because he may be out of may not receive guests involvement or whatever but uh through Internet there is always someone who not only received your message but the baby would respond to so the phonemic overloaded this range of by what by the fact that maybe on in fact a collection of freeloaders but you know there's who was a cornerstone to the induction there's is never momentum going if you are sitting even a bond for their and their common body 1 a plot by watching the types and you watch and you did but it dives and quite sure there is is situation became more interesting the stink you there was a board on the uh just of making their way into company that you could
always escaped to place to be different place by collecting played by the margin who want of connect instead of could you duties from itself this which told you what to do which you watch you very carefully right away until year when you have deviated from 2 just drive that described as a way of doing things now discovered unit here that replaced by network of you but I will know that there's a big difference so there the between community and combined for after the Battle of therefore the
consisted in the fact that if community has you know you belong with dead you'll have your network the other will be don't don't think that is the reversal of this duration have uh unlike unity which is just there has social thought it is very difficult to resist you have uh network which we test data the that we in being by through activities connecting and disconnecting you can always collect as as it I it is sometimes we to the now without any pretty bizarre usually without any classes you can contact with other people and at the same time if you find that not much field lighting the other uh rather than constraining the open your eyes of not giving much possession of parts of faction well 1 mole of your thing going there so gene called DDT along with the need of from the list of references to reach your messages are going to have exclude from the from the this network which you come both and you are they any called bold saying all this time a tree that the 1st grade to get the eventual as she gave all this nights where all being after all but there is also another very good bad the benefits of love escaping from the well with conviction or other seeing very vague feeling
all think of part of its on being cannot but because he got mind you ladies gents about the ball went an identity has become detached from being given by the fact of the 1st a detailed in the rest of your life now became the task which you better so that they have to perform want to get happen uh much did our activity you whether really according to state what vault whether the realized that the law is the war for the company which you of be elected which you will do the must that doesn't always certain public and get the recognition recognition vision can actually measure the day because whatever you put on the Internet or Web site that is that a light attached have you did you did a of people calling your website is there and is actually measure how many people in the new so war so USC USA and uh N telling the public she'd be now available to
virtually ever the body who has some electoral you gotta do not any longer the method as it was to several dozen years ago that in order to do she probably you would have to be to get Ash very powerful companies of the board also all the uh nude the widely had Davies all of the ball
of the television broadcasting comb party you have to go to the use of the dialectic become up on your face is was like that represent something we region then you did I will becoming acknowledge by public knowledge well now you have sensors look at each 1 of us because would said the uh all the all the screen the every post and of the competition which of your of selection we have died as a cut to the public well there they're all these gates are a kid eventually gates reality region to universe which of course you can't hope glottal a modern university which is this is the online universe and the other uh universe in which we live is off like universe their diffidence universe the difference universes the rulers of universal called dark groups so far uh distinguishing right away or do you think of wrong way of doing things in these 2 different as a university ot statically typed in the directive but there is always from the hard truth from the difficulties this could be encoded in the year and statistical flawed
which negotiating here what relationship the offline world still contains you can always escaped from thanks to the other that alternative that is all the eventual winner of the all nite led to a box of took about as you go but there and all of the server the uh promotion of new but on a social website a a social website may of all justification he just put his finger at all the payment of all of time fear of being kernel feeding the feuding from of the fear of being not except that
of the recognized ought not being better at the the import of matter to other we not not so much OK the pair is situation which was created by doing that the continues ferocious of individualization shifting responsibility from community upon the individual sure there's a low about at about the the it is forgetting about stuff warning about sociological research uh
college those of today's spent up to 9 hours a day uh in the form of self literally got to the front of the so in each of our
steps quite a lot of time now but you did all life well and that is the interest on the spot the big Sophocles relations despite the from the hardship of the light it so that it's probably I suggested in the subjective and the deepest kosher all privacy rules seek is a lot to say of we as David Brooks pointed out of 4 and getting the meaning of diversity the need of privacy and even the nature of privacy the using call it the some co-author some sort of a very uniform told language as simplified to region which is the language of a communications the through Internet of you I'm not ready as we think about what you're doing but to letting go of it that you're using the expression of shaft so I think the names of the sets of of diet ability we are not stopping to reflect your just
morning and wounding 100 because you know that there are millions of other websites really equally interesting which are waiting for the tension and you me so what you need
the number of opportunities which in the low prestige gains heat is initially they are you on the new 1 day it 1 day of of information just produce the internet this video types of data that did it that the Alps or think of DDT of human but so to catch at all this out of the question but you need to figure out of stopping to derive is it is very dangerous proposition mission of developing people reaction all right hello there totally about that behind the behind the United not there was division of with Kadima social forms they became more as of all flail Odessa's for that would have been had been described the many types of is the 1st so the the lower in the uh as a scholarly
studies so there's no point of a going concern to think it what the the the fact is that the of of the father begins to gather evidence data at the dinner table said in the last years by 60 per cent of the number of false news and the number of times when people out and that they grew out of the of the week from sort of example Association of reserve dedicated members who had gone by 42 % to show the process is ongoing the social all it's offline social forms are falling cup part of weakening become fragile little on sustainable in the long run end only on the 2 so that notice results thinks of . result commitment lobster commitment at the same time as applied to today is incredibly fast growing number of all and yeah that you collections
volcanoes are falling apart that the virtual of this form so we need to do is you avoid which is being created in our view this is so there is so uh growing come now what I how they could be what they quantization of convictions which establish all of you have a lot of the very very uh EG years and weekly the point of the Dow reuse still
gossip all their descendants about the worst gossiping color difference with the neighbors about other than the option now we are gossiping talking to each other or interact mostly and to some strangers about some other things the other stages ages of about whom you're gossiping you I say you I should say we have also agreed to opt of people who are called that what is definition of ability definition celebrities who used all for the incredible those pairs so that they have tightened to face the to the uh uh contemporary replacement of the old idea 0 phase which was something which you call that the 1 used with the water their life part to a close to a new face Due to the future of the additional whatever uh already had heroes who actually
wall the green bottles and introduced you to this stage you're chapter 4 open you what's history now instead of saying the problem is not what I being can all being no very often you not aware that you are not not entitled to judge the 1st on judgment whether the but I 2 is for people that is the metaphor for the managers of publicity day on the sports it will fall and making someone out of storage but the day I G they're constantly see causality not attempt of in mind you they're very well is the to the contemporary a kind of society which I present article the Committee for their if you can do what the society is a society which is constantly changing please get not she eats uh the of its shape for a long time is constantly changing but the supporters influence the forces acting from a society they change the 4 no other in this kind of
society do that in fact this that the each company goal that whoever is whatever storm good today to borrow may be forgotten them betrayed by someone and should I use the infection there are 15 very well the atmosphere
of the added to life all that all 4 of the leading guarded Uriel department uh I would say even good as sort of saying you know that our contemporary culture that is a culture that overlap in what current to a culture of fully achieved hopefully get you have to be there to to absorb doing information and to put to the side information which yesterday was uh actually they're important what the talk of the town heavily with the support of about about the but today it needs to make room that you in the submodular concerns fall I defend at for carbon off some new important topics important presence of those so that you know horizon so well yeah how they are out
the said it yeah on large so very good the city it to cut them entirely uh cut that policy in because they don't require no external code it is much better to litigate oneself but talking about in establishing cohort in terrorist when Gaussian think about people who
are strangers who don't care about you want but even aware that you are what all the fonts of your talking about there you press severity that have no idea about you exists as much more convenient then goes to think about that the although this service about the next door neighbor works because they don't require any commitment you can even have similar time you show uh engage the engaged in the carriage of quite different so that they don't mind that you can do you can do so the celebrities the today's heroes of the past markers of past our
the consequently the common density as out from around the world so we should you run into the
uh engaging human concerns of the humans
well I they are In the I've mentioned the what that but in that in the above from this or ground all their state individual there is also another slogan state and and that the major fog function of abilities is decisively to provide and the reality today's to be and that they bend the D. of refined very pleasurable it is sometimes very pleasurable sometimes it is better to receive but that you have a choice you can switch to another kind of entertainment but that is a major a polymer of all of the they provide at that it provides a statement which can be shared these articles because everything was is told about their everybody watches them everybody but follows the and the the the
the issue whether there have doubt the virtues of the viruses are in the fact that they are sold as being very much like out not essentially uh absolutely hectic people but softening softening divorced after divorce of the wedding of the where the inca fading to gain the a logic of old unity and they're the very fact that the system closer to works that eventually existence for us it is a virtual exists and how to have a need face to face is you just uh in a sense normalize all in this hour all fall it's all on the same on all these debates you and the last issue I would like to discuss in this context is relative the right are these so our the the question of slob somewhere it's electrolytic however as lower-dimensional value briefing you throw it is still remember in
spite of all our giving you the cultural of forgetting to lower tensions part of the children showed that namely that we are for entirely on all all real of faults
participating in some by order of this we have on all despise me out also so supplies of the brothers suppliers
of the product of of ours by interactive that is just a value so here if you took to bear the KGB and CIA stodgy at all other secret to uh services all what 50 years ago they couldn't even tell me about the amount of information which should be followed entirely the there is the result being they even paying for the privilege of surprising to what that show the success this of of our times they have to stay so few
have to the fact of the matter will only out of MIT voluntarily it was said that we have
for entirely new but is found in the octave is the the activity of universal sort surveillance well the this useful core histories about that there was a very great
should also very different essentially people and he developed the idea of generated that some of the things that 18 19 century the scientists in Britain idea of viral particles on optical but optical and placed in which differed where had to guess that debate together you on a room and there were others sort of virus
they don't about them was convinced that there is an architectural solution
to the common task of cold rolling other people you architectural solution unique still built that power in the supervised of source sitting and that there are 2 weeks ago I include all directions where innovate sparsity so that's our prayers can always G. what union ways of doing but they are unable to see whether there is at this moment as sort of a of who actually is watch the watching them all kinds of control it could be a good architectural solutions for school for a course telephone piece
of 4 letter call for the target bionics whatever each and need for controlling other particularly wrote that is this all the that was the idea of division of few-body this result veils and so there is it on the 1 hand people who watched the other people who were watched now there to the racial like a change of the of the huge there those subdivision longer really water and the water is at the same time at the same time with consequences no what can actually pretty this pressure due to the high cost experts on this hostility of the order of goods which would allow to atrocious is at the other head of uh I'm this then that amount of information which we already shelf-life to the cloud
to the service of cloud that whoever you would like to a user again so on the 1 hand there are of course the and forced
uh agents who cares if there were knowing value whom you telephoning and on body well where you to pure that small by 10 fold where you went and what's died at all is recorded that there could be put to and to together find full and find out that you other members of some category of people reach that had that as a moment is on what object is our wanted of potentially it's also just just like all the potentially there could it you could they could use and they are using some uh modern were also you read in the newspapers about the Taliban stated the when someone
someone being accused although the north of committing a crime Polaroid debates is that for each
it's all being shot at some point at some time and the other there where the new these data are used on of course competition interaction you probably know the struggle practice as much as I do that whenever you open a website and the that you need you seek of then shows but not just coalition must commercials made especially for you with an eye opener Amazon I see the authors which are named as the deep that the especially for new research work so I don't feel I feel enervated to save time not already they know but that what might be the those are the what sort of books I data what I buy what I don't buy it but they also take care of that actually the 1st guy our on which I can walk and never be that there will be a state well that's the by different what I want to thereafter to tell you a such that it was all of the set of a simplified because of the pressure of time the biologist conclusion from all that it'd be out but I keep repeating at the time of the the things in the time of the from that of other choice it so happened to the board and so that in the time until the time unintelligible
that's a name for this situation you reach all the way each of doing the UN not limited property and all go but you weights which are more efficient and more on Oct stood so all of generally problems but not yet event that is the time intellectual and be out of this fall and when you are inside of the Montenegrin that making decisions the predictions that then being that the future is already all of the term that he who you can also call it the case that clearly and this the way it is going to bring gosh now making a prediction predictions available at the lowest possible and they should it what is the data divide across what all the that gene-culture versions of the knowledge technological change in the beggar out of along the way of entering the new year and the ones used I don't think that has given a good conductor
revolution which introduced 1st things 1st of the possibility of what says to do the work could be compared with the upheaval which is very it's currently by the appearance of universally available universally University achievable university usable the electronic these so information so we have to watch it can when the don't the nuisance play the role of plant which is for all the other day by 2 types of the of the scene which 1 leaves but control self-reflect the gate sociologists of our time time the father and of the new is according to the contemporary phase of whatever it is that it is a reflection within that be browser select about a constant presence that they're all action order so I don't anticipate on unmotivated the death the giant effects collateral cultural 2 of the now this guy as white personal opinion why don't want to accepted I think that we are far from being reflects the the method of doing things but I think about him so he is a word of warning I would like to thank you for the uh
the uh UAM again