Rosetta 1 – Kardashian 0. How we (almost) broke the internet

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Rosetta 1 – Kardashian 0. How we (almost) broke the internet
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12 November 2014 saw the iconic landing of the European Space Agency ESA's Rosetta mission on comet 67p ‘chury’, at 600 million kilometres distance from Earth. In this session, the people who have been in the driving seat of the Rosetta mission social media campaign as well as the scientists responsible for comet orbiter (Rosetta) and lander (Philae) will share some unique insights with you.
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no I'm and and this is a a
and the
mn just lots of the research that
our own fathers this component of uncommitted commitment and its emission more than a decade in the make up to 10 years of planning the European Space Agency has landed a spacecraft
landing on sound like science fiction is not science i th
and triumphant celebration in all happening in this is the reaction time that how I have I went to the money of the American life the kind movies you know has
this I could give by therefore from this data and identify areas of life
where there is about point like it provides the and the author OntoFox and
level of so that there is another way of storing and traceability of the early work I culture in any everything there is no way in space I I I and the difficulty of this cannot be
overstated how quantization how
exciting how 1 believable to be able to do air so land on a common we has since
presented and the launch of the exerting nation to comet 67 P the true you move Gerasimenko have to 3 months
investigating the comment from all those who it was time to send humans into its surface
removal only 2 final preparations lay ahead of the the moment everyone had been waiting
for a ride in the world
whose breath groups that has moved into
the exact position needed to make
sure a few they would reach the landing site that scientists on Earth and
pick the only in mission of the researcher was said to be doing this separate ways you put so you at the same time because this is what they've been
waiting to do feel was a way
that who would take 7 hours to reach
the surface but the wanted to get
started on his measurements right away he consumes see the
surface in incredible
detail in the moment he had been dreaming
of had finally arrived at the end of
each surfaces and a common time but all was not right
he's harpoons did not fire Gini realized he couldn't relax yet he was rising from
the surface again he was scared he might crucial to come completely the was this was not in the planet but eventually he came back down again
the and and however
as he looked around he realized he had landed in a completely
unexpected location actually
immediately set to work on studying his new home so it took in just
over 2 days to compute all the experiments he the
and after all his hard work really begin to feel tired
the so you make sure to send all the data he had collected back to realize that
all that is the sunset doable
feelies new home he fell into a deep sleep is safe in the knowledge that he did his main job
well and his family of common chasing heroes would be proud of this achievement and who knows perhaps 1 day enough sunlight would fall on his new landing site and wake him up so that he could carry on investigating this
incredible consumed comment moved a little closer to the Sun
and the presented prepared for
the next part of the exciting adventure in the womb wound and so the what the if it be OK and thank you very much for being here
but this morning and then where come to
all the excessive matches for introducing us that would do so in a bit more detail rights now so welcome to the Rosetta 1 condition 0 in what we would like to discuss also with you will find this coming our our is so actually what the the 2 videos showed what has happened with was that
the what's will still happen because the mission is far from being so but 1st and even even more important I would serve like to introduce you to spend its team we have on the stage here and I now would like to begin with and the brought and
she is a space science editor and writer for the cell for the European Space Agency and forward the Aztec establishment which is based in the Netherlands and embodies an important part of the team uh behind the social media campaign of the Rosetta mission the and so on she is in particular she's the voice behind the song set much if you thought that the space probe was treating by itself maybe
this would work verify that some parts and he is at least the helping hand or even more with the our body size and it is also in charge of the block and so writing come about other use of space science missions this uh and the 2nd lady on stages coming and you want she is and 5 reports and use of British nationality European of British nationality is a European and of Spanish and weak region nationality and she is a
space science at and right so for the lot last the German Space Agency in the research center for aeronautics and space here in Germany and so counting than in fact is the voice behind Fiat 2014 we see also if it what the 2014
as artificial intelligence and country by itself or it may be coming is the is helping with that and so on In principle 2 continents and maybe
they are the ones behind the social media campaign in the conversation of the tool and spacecraft the news and they are promote something and then there is a European of Italian nationality and he is so since 2000 the head of the sort and planetary missions division at the source
of the sock establishment which is based in Germany in Darmstadt and displayed as he was during during this session on the plates a vital role with regard to the mission and the uh so there's an still in an instant is and the flight director for was set up and the ground segment manager for many other ECE space missions and the joints and he's already in 19 99 as a research operations engineers so he's with permission for really young at time last of these 2 so Kumar Congo so we use a European of Dutch nationality and since 2011 use the receptor than that of
the rest of the receptive field and the technical manager also for the allowed the German Aerospace Center and joined the team in two-thousand it's on called infect was the 1 who was at that the control center of features which we saw depicted in the video and and so on you know that the SEC union in Cologne in yet each role with uh the vendor of operations so um
myself I have I have been introduced already by uh Mateus thanks for their time was the European of German and Italian nationality in their workplaces communication department OK now I'm coming to the story and off broad set up as you could see the the video already gave quite a bit of introductory uh information on the rule sets and mission but so that was
of course I would love to pass on to with the experts 1st and to give us some more details on on on the mission would would be and there really an important for fast and in particular for the audience to to all is not only what is coming up next but also what happened
in the past and maybe you can update is a little bits on but how the mission came to light and markedly morning everybody thanks for posting us here but result of course is a speech based space mission is a scientific mission but I think in the end there's been much
more than that I think it can be an example for for many many other things you might have seen on 1 of these slides going through assessed can copy of minutes of meeting that had been written in May 85 so a few years ago was 30 years ago this is the time when our societies they say always European or there where Americans will involve decided that they wanted to have a common that nation mission trying to a Coleman and that time they wanted actually fly to accommodate the other sample and bring it back to the word turn out not to be possible or is something that started 30 years ago is on was pretty famous in the was space for for in implemented a job commission that through the in 86 when this solution of scientists wanted to look at book culmination around the common technician was done before was even launch in 85 I think it is that's us many many things nowadays
for where everything is so fast everything happened so quickly want everything attached to our mobile your pocket some people may
find their of automation that would go to 0 Coleman they didn't have the technology in the faintest idea which collectible is that as many many things centers of at lectures than they did and we need this kind of each of these things to the go ahead present there was something like this to 10 years for the European Space Agency to convince itself that was still along the middle of the nineties we started implementation of the nation itself took another 10 years to develop the mission itself has been the spacecraft to conceive indeed of the mission and another 10 years ago we launched the
mission in the middle of last a another 10 years to reach the Coleman took 10 years to get there now I think they will take more than 10 years to exploit all the data we're collecting with dimension is the highest view I can give off there's information our committee during the topical go more into details of what would be doing in the past years mainly and what we'll be doing in the coming months and then there and then could you may be outlined in your specific role in in in in the mission as I announced is the flight director about I
I think you have had and still have different tasks with regard to to the mission yeah OK my current role they don't do anything for us herself anymore but I started working on a
set that end of 96 speaking of 97 was furious was still working in Italy for a private company has that the working on feeling on on the land then 99 move to to this space operations center for
user as a space of operations engineer for safer than a continued my career in this environment we launch receptor spend a couple of years working for the Venus Express mission was ministers press safely in orbit around the nose orbiting the planet in routine operations and more about the receptor as a spacecraft operations manager and the case last year I acted as a flight director for for for deletion itself so having not only my professional career but even my life and my private life is very lead to those at beach as by the way
true with that's um on 1 of these mom according the the central days thought phase of the mission that I mean that the morning after the neural tube bicycle to the solved and somebody'll was pointing with the connections at a locus is that it was that the guy as the rest of the was raising something that was that well done but I think this is referring to the central role you played with them the mission with you on many of these of photos which are rotating in in in in the background and maybe could you give us and and and and updates and I will later come back to the situation in that and the control
centre up on and we see you at your deputy flight director lots of other people from the mission to new we see them watching the screens what happened on the streets well on the screen is when is where we get the numbers coming down from the space of his his face covered this talking to us this is what we call control system that has a metric so what this what you call elementary that and this is the limit of it as a space that they stalking prices this system we used to talk to the space-time information to its soul were receiving data and fortunately for the step of mission with the propagation delay the distances we're talking about in the case of the lending were at 500 medium kilometres away from the rest of the signal travels from from our before it
gets to the end this the data flow always very limit is not the biggest it what see 1 or more virus totally different my short 3 to get very few that this is not so easy to interpret or with this was happening so we're waiting for an indication of something had
happened and was supposedly was the landing so with so the signal was obviously difficult to interpret because we thought that we had planned the land and anchored on the surface of the comet with seeing as we know this was not the case yeah I know that global what what the audience watching the Lifestream and could could realize that that by intentionally kept sort of the the communication channels open so the
mikes will open the most of the time the camera was on on on on the team so I would even put the audience could with this is that they were like illiquid periods of inserting the same as with the wake up so so I mean the whole exactly when it was that very moment that you guys I noticed OK it has landed so it what was there like we saw like a of of a larger spike or something like that but 1st I would like to say that for who speaks Italian understand Italian channels where B
tool but may be able to the when we landed but I that this is not of transparency in this shows that attention to this which is and I think people will forgive me for this now we were
waiting for a signal it was not obvious what kind of signal we would expect for a for from the lending itself as I said the calamity grade the date the frequency at which we were receiving data was every 4 minutes then and there was sending us a chunk of data so is not easy to interpret these but it Morris exactly at
the time when predicted we so something changing in the radio link between the land and receptor and this for us was the signal that the lender at touch the the surface of course we interpret this as fast safe touch them then we started looking at the
data but as I said they were coming various loss and that is we were looking for some some data was not
planned aberration exceeds the abolition it's if there was really waiting for us spike OK I
mean cool with shortly update us a bit more on that and itself maybe 1 last question to you and therefore this spelling mode can give us a quick outlook on on what's happening the next because this is mainly on the orbit of uh which is uh and the big spectrum is a very elegant and what is this and what's going to happen in the future so pretty helium is the closest point of or read of the common to the Sun so is when the
comet is closest to the Sun and many people interpret these as the comet being extremely close to the Sun having there still fall into this into the sun is not the case there closest point of these orbitals farther away than what we are currently from the Sun for the orbit of the comet is bigger than the 1 of the is not this not this dangers doesn't exist and that this field is proximity of the comment I was a relatively in proximity the comet is becoming more and more active is getting closer to the sun is warming up is drawing out
more and more material fundamentalist gas the highest this should be making this is like winning but there are dust particles as well flying out of the Coleman these creating some issues right now our stuff so so
so that the governor's stuff but there's no all all recipients oriented in space is being sometimes for but this dust particles so with to step away we're now going a bit farther away from the common was there to keep stay as close as possible but most likely in the coming 2 or 3 months when approaches that you know the comment will be so often that will have to walk a bit farther out where not currently a bit more than on the 100
kilometers distance from the nucleus of the comet this even assumption the assumption that the comic might break apart but this is more up to the scientists III against USA
open while once either a or B doesn't happen because it would create significant problems in operating
this discussion going on the other side there was a scientifically and emotion it's well this would be fantastic maybe would score or something you so there is a fact if you look carefully at the comet in between the 2 lowest there's something looks like
a pretzel 1 also OK so the focus but more on on the end of the cold you are the defeated and the technical manager we can see on this very picture of announce who was the the the the feeling project he's so he's your boss in
principle it is from the Ockeloen as well and maybe I'm I mean much sure how much in detail you know with the mission of the mission is a super complex international and you might have realized that that that even answer is involved it is and summation but is
so with dozens many dozens of of reading important partner our 1 very important part that is the alarm in factors of sort of of you correct me later if I'm if I'm wrong but I think some of the that the father the guy who initiated so that the lender with the idea for when
adding of a comic lender to this very mission he was based at that the allotted at the time and also utilizes kind of historic role
in the mission but because of the the
the the than the control center was was conceived and was in place for for long-term already at the allow sexually what happened
in the that these central moment in time of of the mission is where the full focus was was on Germany's say on bunch that's what it is I socks so in control center in Darmstadt plus the so called SEC than the control center in Cologne in beautiful open ports on ITER and think that this is the suffered so is where grew up but anyway so I knew that but couldn't I I would be very interesting the audience I guess
to work in in your role and so if you could describe but I mean what what what happened in this very moment at the I am at the at the SEC
the evolution such a city and a dealer that's
that's the consortia of different and national agencies that is said that and were operated the the presented as a European agency mission and many years ago during the design it was decided to put on a land and this was funded by different national agencies for example uh Germany France Italy and amongst all the countries uh a a primary role in Germany as the biggest participants got there and that's it on to and managed and operated so what we are doing at the land control something cologne is a has a coordinating the operations of system engineering and everything which is necessary to for example to land on this common is of course goes enclose operation with the and diarrhea and this theme in particular in years building up to this and lending because there are a lot of things that you have to work out and understand and we have the expertise of the land itself and
how and how we need to be put on the 2 separated from was at the outset the what kind of requirements we have but of course and we cannot do that ourselves so we have to then explain it to Andreas theme and ask them again we need to be in this position with this velocity etc. and so there's a very strong collaboration with this as you
mentioned in last stuff is not involved directly in the label the on on the receptor site the instruments operated by and by in the United States and organizations so receptor on the character of the European or
international projects them what we did during the landing in in the controls and of the most of the images you see here is the control center in Darmstadt uh Andrea but we
haven't seen equivalent control center in Cologne you we have some photos they have their rotating reconceiving Newman and and that's something that not so this is where we were myself I was with mine and team and we were looking at the same data as as they were looking and danced out and we were of course also waiting for this touchstone signal and uh and you know you know you have your timeline you know exactly when what they're supposed to happen there are some
uncertainties about when the feel is actually going to touch down and modernism there is exactly at the mall would you expect it to see signals changing and then there was just a lot of a lot of information coming so the events more computer saying uh we touched on um but there were also some some loss of information that
was leading to some confusion allow sizes in and saying give a touchdown this we can see but everything doesn't look perfect and this is also very interesting as Andrea certain order where cameras so everything was livestream and current members were affords all millions of users of the exactly in feeding this also and all those social media you we have the the existing
exactly yes you you will explain that to us was that is I have 2 very important questions and for you but I mean how in the end did you write in interpreting this sort of some disturbing data you received so what can be and that's our you guys to the conclusion that there was bouncing some in particular we are interested in in in in in how you came to that conclusion 2nd question uh um uh which I would
like you to refer to our after that B is whole a US then detect the command whole do you sort of in in in ticipate the technology that was
necessary for the lending because you've ended with the with the technology and computer systems that were like 10 years old or even more but that's 1st of these is that about the poncing OK so
and what our our what land on the
computer monitor as you know when it impacts the surface the comments in this case so the a sensors monitoring if there would be vibrations and if that would be an it's an impact on the comments and this alone will compute the men the payoff of touched the comment and then that's no I started the program sequence shooting a
harpoons uh switching on the thrust everything to keep me on the space where a it
touchdown so what we saw is so this event what computer saying OK I got to signal that the touchdown knows which all my in my 1st I should the harpoons and understand doing the
1st scientific measurements on the comments on 1 of the 1st activity that was done was to take an image uh of the place where we landed and we got all this data so we we saw the information from the
computer saying OK I shall the apple once and and but at the same time we also got their lives in the information that and the losers like a check
1 thing is you you you you should up on another thing is a check the Hopwood would actually was shot and we saw that this was not the case of the commonsense let's loss sense but we didn't got a confirmation and 1 of them and
this is the primary points that made us very worried cross that during the G. sense we so rotation of feeling so on the solar panels which all around the sequentially
that they're they're eliminated by the sun and then in the documents and this was planned but after the touchdown signal in the minutes after what we could still see this rotation so we could still see that fuels rotating so the 1st thought
lost OK it could be that are on the surface of a still moving it but the time going by every minute we didn't see any changes to this could only mean that we're we're going back into space because the the movement of stable but at that time nobody could tell us that 2 hours later we were gonna land again so this was a very critical time for us because with all the information we're getting
and we knew that we were bouncing but we didn't know if we're gonna land again it could have happened that the bounce back into deep space and everything that was all about individual as well you know exactly and
and um and fighting off we kept the link between resistance feeling it wasn't as stable as beforehand but there was still a link and do things could have occurred so we could have used that lost the link and
then we would have had any information among all or we could see through the link that the rotation stopped and fortune off after 2 hours we suddenly solar trough you know we saw no rotation and not so this could only have meant that we landed finding I just want to say that as a delimiter was growing slowly they were seeing these things but they were not telling us who could the
CDC analysis and others that were suffering with all the cameras wet and the faintest idea what was going on they knew it but they didn't they must look that my wife there was the 0 management for having all the
cameras announced OK in speaking about
technology I heard some maybe you can correctly that is from information that is a 486 processor working on board so I and the the data and thus the
correct yes so yeah fear was designed and built in the late nineties all the hardware for example is is very old known comparible look at modern mobile phone is much more capacity than our theory land that and the books that was there this is the 1 of the problems that we
have to deal with OK and when is it work in good or whatever time from really excited that whenever I visited you guys that was that I saw the program as the coldest and they were constantly updating the software with the use of what
is called the ground model and that the software has been adapted over the decayed to fit the requirements for the Mission for for for the ending uh and so of course these guys that were programming before 86 which and I think this is simple and and it's similar to like the space shuttle all other and the spacecraft and you would fear that the the company you produces and the processes that they run out of the maybe replacements models and stuff like that so it is I mean what I'm trying to say is this really fascinating that that lead to such a groundbreaking mission without that is I mean as pointed out in the conception was the decision in the eighties conception nineties launched in 2004 I mean it's
just amazing well said few they're more computer that the mother spacecraft think they computer feeling for it this if you remove the for any of the more compute the reverse it that is like a PC of late eighties there more of your mobile is 1 gigabyte maybe you even more there um oversight there were computers 1 megabyte with the use only of fully because of their was this CPU becomes too slow so this
was from the with this flying look at speaking about so much as social media but that's of communication in general um going up that we
share 1 more anecdote and you will have to prove if it's true or not and that was a moment of some demerol depending where you and you have been in charge of tweeting the GATE 2014 of all wireless as
well to you that's passes the communication department put is often loop on this on the day itself but so and that was a moment where I mean more this should be a coming was in charge but you were so excited that you will be locked into to Twitter and you do yourself that's correct yes so during the years of the land area and added myself of course during the week of the lending and I was too busy with my
my engineering tossed tool to take this uh to to do this so that was of course this and also in the weeks after that it was coordinated by way there by parents but on the friday evening and when we solve the communication with the and we saw that the batteries but the thing immediate this is going to be the last communication link for myself as an energy my job was known at that point that the gist of the mean
vector and and and and and just watch and enjoy and so that the numbers at the side there were 2 it's coming in and I was
informed that but Karin but I knew that she was not an issue was not there with me there so room really read that there would simply stop treating everything in city the emotions as
they would come in and and then as in some of the Lifestream and that was that was true was according to its kind have all have everything that we have this difficult because I was there at the control center anymore had already gone back to write that Holland set with a lot slower if he
had to tell me what was happening in time tutors about life and the lives and engineer on the surface appears to be telling the public what is doing this work it would have thanks for sharing
this this anecdote with us so I mean but so I'd like to talk about what's with the overall communication but together the digital communication of of of the mission we saw mean of that will we see we see the slides rotating in in in in the the background what what the 2 of you did a median kind was the exception in a way that is the way I perceive that it has never before I even there were a lot of people commenting on it is that it all space
graph to the a conversation the head to the and by this very conversation that conveyed really complex space science
space engineering of space flights of MIT as tool to a larger public could you may be explain not only this but also all in the the over I of all the ideal of communication in hopefully ways which were it's different than than the normal ones are on on hold that where yes the aside from and we actually having the Lifestream directed to the control center so we could chat the true emotions of what
was happening we were looking at other ways in which we could effectively humanize and the mission and allow people to make connections with their emissions to their everyday lives so on around the wake up in January 2014 so the spacecraft have been in hibernation 31 months and we ran a campaign called wake up
presenter so we we ask people to think about how they wake up in the morning something that we'll do every day and maybe if we've enjoyed some days without from the Republican the nite before we need some extra coffees in the morning to get going so we kind of wanted people to relate how they wake up in the morning to uh to how the spacecraft and much much feeling and so that was a video contest that we're and where we invited people to submit their videos to us and shouting wake-up presented and and then uh a kind of a similar theme and focusing this time when the arrival of the space got the comment in august and we ask people to think about their long journeys and you know how you might be giving you know all the data yet and so we kind of portrayed as in the military with affect a contest but also with the conversations between receptor and the length and the which occasionally Austin was that it after we die at and was that'd be like no no you no I have to check out the comment and make sure that somewhere safe Egeland said kind of things that you might have on a conversation and a long journey as well that may interrupt you what we can see on 1 of the photos is you're really in during the wake up where in the controls and in the control
programming control and extend their so you brought to the information that so we had a successful wake up from hibernation directly and 1st yes they 1 of the things that we were doing the kind very early on to build up and vimentin for the rest of the
year is to you and you use the
Twitter account and basically at in this real time as possible with what was happening operational prior to wake up
their Twitter account was also sleeping and and the only way that you it's find our online aside from watching the Lifestream would be and seeing if the Twitter account which I would wake up and and for that I needed like direct official media confirmation not with me watching the Lifestream interpreting as yet to be really convincing to those of rows and the guys are entirely I think there was some convincing needed if it continues doesn't have that much of it but if you want to looks good complicity in this fight if they force us to assess the million because you're not to don't but by the end I
think you in Palawan will ask me me
how when held a comment and tell the weight Rosetta hashtag was doing and how many followers that like that Twitter combats at the end of it but what would you say that I mean not not only in the way carbon in in the phase of of ending but you say that the Twitter was 1 of the main things that forms not just with regard to the conversation but but over all all important or how important with the other channels and I think over all channels are important for different audiences and different reasons and depending on how you like to follow emissions I and the Twitter accounts of probably the
most high profile ones because that kind of more immediate quick updates and and also let the conversations with them with the as well but then we also have to face the channel we have Instagram and we have the book as well so the book is really the sources kind of more in-depth reports of state donations and
things so so actually you know we that he signed it out we have not been the inventors of first-person uh tweeting argues that has been sort of invented at NASA JPL with the very 1st master robust but in for any kind of you can can consider of having a whole world I mean in but maybe you can now and light analysis the spacecraft read each we by themselves all how else would they be true to eating in 1st person a joking the I mean how many Indians was not all on
the flight I I I guess there was some conceptually I may be considered as the default yeah definitely any the conversations between was that and I were discussed before and I mean we knew the events talking with about the scientists I was always thinking of in contact with border control center so the timeline of everything that is going to be happening we discussed beforehand moral as an idea of what we wanted to convey to the public and store we wanted to tell but we had to improvise because of course it's mission of a lot of unknowns when you're when you're treating y during landing for example and I think 1 of the things that works well for that and I is the it was real out the land Rosetta communicate the 2 robots to and so were we we were communicating so I think it was it was a but how could you
anticipated to break people's hearts actually because this is what what the headlines and also with the comments on moment with some of these together as a short I mean that that
conveyed so much feeling for how you can see that we had no idea that would have been I think it is at some point when people were concerned for the lays lies and ending that we devised a
nice especially at the last conversation on where the will continue his life we had no idea of the impact it would have we still get messages asking you like to wake up this Rosetta gets method lasting heard accelerating was actually be announcing like the coolest science
discovery all the coolest thing to have the 1st comment is a
away Seattle what about the latest fully capture you it's a so that means of course having a fetus batteries are depleted of soul content but she is that he or she by and he that he only if there is any function both are and there is evidence see how cells and the valence it is the 1 of a of an older sister and younger brother or something and buddies who that along as a we decided because we do we try to make around the late
talking 1st person and really tell the events that were happening that when his battery is depleted and he went to sleep he wouldn't take anything until he wakes up philosophy with great talking to that and so look at it and what's what's the history of behind I I know that the the the the the 2014
account it's like in numerous operators so at some point somebody began treating 1 that very account and apparently as far as I remember in 1st person but how I mean how did it come to you find well it started in 2000 certain 2010 and and the 1st tree with Hello world perhaps surprising is OK that which is similar to the words that out and many years later when crooned began and maybe he can elaborate a bit more about this so he started working on on account and I only got hold of 1 in the person in charge which is you see that as well as I left and and there
is need together with the whole cross-media team dealer and meetings of course with the lender control center we devised for the account would be in and is and
so former colleagues started in 2010 but when he left and me years this is the most is the youngest of the modernist and colleague in
our let's see a bit older team I got the honor to continue it and uh the 1 thing I can the point nowadays for example in the very beginning my in my department head was in it was not a big fan of social media effect he was not very happy about distracting mounted into the purpose of that was very skeptical toward in this way and even up to the week before the landing we had some at some point and it's in the discussions begin that not critical how do we tweet about the landing etc. and was there as well he was never really convinced and the Friday evening when see is better started to die he came to me and he he confessed that this week uh change them into a fan of social media after that because all the information that was tweeted was was correct was no ledgers random effects but it was it was sort of not just some random information of the valuable information a very concise manner as you have to do it and this may be opened his eyes to words
social media and the stuff on 1 of them and it was a very nice thing that actually know through
what we did there what current and the data the whole PR team is that you can even in you know you can convince people that are very reluctant
against this kind of good job I would say I mean there's 1 more question I would like to ask in particular and median income before we move on to talk with you have some questions so and by the way and so I would like to focus
for a moment on the fact that the coming and the mean with with the with corn and a we have
to engineers on on stage here but the 2 of you you're not only science communicators but this but your scientists of the single
formalized before he became sets community it is and maybe as you are the only real finds is something that but can you give us and an outlook on on and in our adding up
but a quick recap on on the scientific achievements
of the receptor and then the already and what will happen in the near future because your money but it's at your fingertips I guess that's the main goal of this relates to the had to be in such close contact with all the scientists working on Rosetta and of course the vocal about landing that um presented the orbiter days following the comment and long time for and the next year and seeing how it changes over time and on and how how it's how it's activity develops for example using some pictures already of the very and so that's of tenuous atmosphere will como of dust and gas that leads the comment and there probably are used to seeing pictures of comets from the ground with that beautiful long tails and what was that is doing is this finding out really how this is generated by the source and of course Rosetta's also answering some pretty big questions as well about now and in the hold the origin of the social system and and what are the chances of comics bringing water to ask for example in an already 1 of the big discoveries of Rosetta is that that as 67 p has a kind of a different flavor of water at that and this
finding out things like I'm like this nucleases magnetized for example again if it has implications for how the solar system evolved out of other big questions was the comet native to comics or is it 1 comment eroding away and is a questions to which the scientist working really hard on so that there's loads of great science to come and especially as we had to was perihelion in a months time and really see how things are changing thank you having if the
vendor of some sort of the vendor should wake
up at again I mean if already did a lot of science during its detected phase what when when it should wake up again now we expect to get a bit more measurements and and scientific results yeah I guess it would depend on
the amount of sunlight uh that it's getting and the instruments that are actually functioning and who knows a lot more about that if you do that hopefully sending if wakes up and and all those systems work working it should be sending data back very
exciting data from the surface of comet witches has never been done before except to say 1 time this was something else wanted to say within the family kind covered all the science of who have stopped by I didn't say that for the science community I think it's
important to show the public that were accessible and transparent and and I think this doing to social media just mentioned l streaming alive was a way of showing the public this is what we do it's not easy and things like go wrong there's a lot of unknowns for we want you to know about it and they connect with it so and what could be more thank you so much
I use so we are going to take some some questions now on the I mn sorry if there are any questions I'd be happy to go go come to you with the microphone
in then our OK we start out here hello I was thinking it this is a question for the social media team did you consider other strategies then than
humanizing Rosetta and feeling
other than humanizing the people and
well just kind of an thinking of how to connect with the public discussed and 1 thing we didn't talk about was ambition in the film and this is kind of another unique thing and the ESA data and interviews and if anyone seen on but it's there and the short sci-fi kind and film that talks about and Rosetta in the past tenses set in the future
and like how important things like human characteristics like as well ambition and curiosity stubbornness to succeed a kind of really drive and your kind of human nature to want to understand the science of of where we came from and in terms of strategy for that and again this with and released on onto and onto you tube as a trailer without any connection to the set so targeting completely different audiences even away from from the on and then at the end of the reveal was made and the connection between you know this isn't science fiction it's actually science fact and then again kind of new audiences were achieved in that way as well and
I would say and we also have that social media channels at the alarm and so disease has plenty of other social media channels where we could communicate what was happening with the language reside at the time in the 3rd person like
this is that's going on we have our our classical channels there's the possible role of the web portal and this is just another way of connecting maybe with just a much wider audience than from an apparent showing the children what we were saying on making it a story being told life it's just it was just a different way and making a human just makes people relate to here we have another
question over here and 1 in the back just to make sure that I saw a care at 1st I just want to say thank you
for all of your hard work that's from the
impression that's number was that solution and the social media coverage was of the groundbreaking thing and for the 1st time I really fault and the moon landing must have felt like was in the middle of the whole humankind or a lots lots and lots of humans are suddenly interested in science and suddenly have well it it's also very nice thing to see here that the Internet is used for the cool thing so controlled and shit storms of everything was and what science and for could science and my question is if you have some an impression on how although reception of some of the science of the sense of the use of us has changed after so is there any long lasting improvement or a long lasting into interests which peaked after was all or is it more like government was very 1 time 1 time thing and now it's right hand but I'm just wondrous of those social media experience of those of the achievements of toughening long lasting effect on science education and Science interests
and let the name and and and we saw this big peaks in traffic around the key events that there is a lasting legacy even and uh at 6 months now since common landing site and like the Twitter
accounts not just the service after not just the label and least for my experience of the other ESA channels they Daewoo store and quite a dramatic increase in followers in they stayed and I think and a lot of people you and which Rosetta and discovered the European Space Agency for the 1st time and and you you maybe there now attracted to all the other nations and not just comments as well so I think in terms of the the knock-on effect for besides education will have to maybe wait a few years time and to see the next generation of scientists and see if they say they were inspired by risotto you the content that they watched when they were 5 pixels the so
I would say 4 D lots likewise lead to get a lot of questions because they want to of the lander to certain science again and I don't think that's ever happened before people just asking what are you going to do this what's gonna happen now tell us more so it's definitely had a really positive impact all 1st of all I'd like to say thank you as well as fire was really glued to the screen of day but for hours on end so excellent job and the question is about the impact of the PR
work on like the the angle so I'm can you share a couple of numbers like the social reach that the kind of feedback you got and was an unexpected finding you pointed out it's a scientific mission so it's maybe did stuff but in the end millions will listening and commenting on a so your thoughts on the matter OK I may answer is the and the
originator of that of the session started and the thing is I I had been included so in my next year but I do not have the numbers and with me they were in the order of making to tutor of the 9 digits of information on it this is what I remember may be immediately have a better memory of
and but in what what then you know it's more or like it but yeah yeah yeah
50 million in Western viewers of Daniel was part of the solution we get is so that a lot here what are there and what of the curve I know OK and 4 . 4 billion was in the number of impressions on
onto itself like this timeline deliveries of something and when I'm OK so it's worth noting I think and that relates to your question is um we will monitoring in particular that was my job to during the ending we were monitoring sort of the Twitter spikes and this is where I was inspired to to choose this title because we don't that very same day I didn't even know walking condition is and I'm not trying to be a pretentious by of course as the social media coordinator I realized so well OK there's another trending action coming up and it was there that people make which by the way is not from the sentiment by humans so it could be excessive so uh that the decay there's some celebrity and she's running some company in this very day in the end I had a very friendly data that the was the legacy of 1 Republican this very day as well as the use of the books
for for Twitter Germany and they of course had us with the events because also they make sure that of data would be stable during the because it was expected that was that would be trending infected we according to the official with the statistics and the spike and you can see it on 1 of those rotating so slides here at the end of the Twitter receptor trainings spike is is is is larger is higher than than the condition of 1 solar um metropolis concepts you question so I have I have pointed out in the description and that for space science
I I would say over the point about this the kind of news of the weird that the reason they all that answers your question the
Hi good morning 1st want to thank you for your great work was very moving to
see it on the moon the comet landing presented in such a fashion and that something has that has been bothering me about this and the whole story is a huge success story but did you ever conceived contingencies for the events that something went wrong with them in concept in a social media campaign
the the and I think that's part of why it was a success is that it was risky and
things could have gone wrong but then we were sharing that human emotion so it was it was life and if for example the space of hadn't woken up then that would be portrayed life as well as the common London didn't go quite to plan and it and that was that was shared as well so we yeah there was high risk but it paid off maybe but being
brainwashed in case something had gone wrong grow at the same time now of course as part of our operations going cancers well of course we
foresee contingency share them with with the colleagues of the of the of the communications thing we tried to explain them exactly what can go wrong why can go wrong with that of the
timing of our recall of our time request to analyze what is going wrong and I think this was part of this success as an elucidated going alive was unusual for me is not a foot and or my career but it worked out very well I think the flat field that I think would have
been so this is the next successful anyhow because we didn't hide anything we share exactly what was going on so this was the yes about what we may say that the mission I mean that there have been various and it could have been various contingencies Anderson it could have begun already with the wake up of of that and and I was somebody told me look at it is it if you would you park your car in the garage for 10
years and then try to restart it so so even tho we knew there was no certainty that it would achieve way wake up infected happens and if I if I may say so I think the overall all goal what was was transparency and and and and and and conveying that space is a risky business is a risky metal but it is worthwhile start 1 thing I mean we
also we we try to manage expectations as well without the activities so and you know we we we portray it was a risky business we went thing out for sure it's gonna work we was saying diesel that these are the risks these are the things that can go wrong but we're trying and yet join join with this and see what happens what unintelligible OK uh Mr. means that
we we communicated properly was that the scientific objectives of that was the nation where actually but they in the in thing the scientific objectives by the because the article I right does the around the with the comic and fall of the comic for 1 year after the start of the legitimacy you'll need to focus and then all the observations if pain or you have an instance on the on the 1st you wanting out we think that bit what and at that the disease it was something that we expedience some years before when we announced the massacre in the experiment is but it's not is this the reason that this is the only a lot and have also allowed the Beagle and of course the prior and the question is when you have and then that all of sudden getting she goes to the land and using pressures to people that the division is on the on and that is 1 cherry on the cake and then of course these was the logic that we have to play of course in the bottom the the even part and not relating to match these thing back each getting that this to that in case these crazy thing over along the that this doesn't work because it's crazy because we the European we are crazy and you have seen the American the American Bonazza guy here and there in the intervention the guy was in place easily to do and they do a great thing making these about about
that and I think we have various Italian and the tunnel and yeah man that sustain these these these and a source of of major in getting this little and the future work we found out we would go means that we have to be open because he had
this idea of the city and the case cake was also stuff and using both the trees in the wall and when you see I don't want you have everything their when using the weeks of people like the president of France for love and things on the cummulative that or when going sighted only on saying look these the example of when you look at at books when these guys yeah like that OK we have OK we we have that
we have had our focus so imagine if that I shall introduce another is that of communication and was the enabler be heart behind all
this in terms of communication so imagine no no problem uh just saying we we ran we ran out of
time but we still have to questions so I would like to take these 2 questions just to make sure that you answer them briefly please thank you and K. thank you and I also was due to the to the screens and everything and I loved it and I I think you really really amazing
job in science communication but I was wondering in the mainstream media what how was the interesting here and would it be possible in theory if you can put 1 of your own persons for communications into the control center the pick 1 independent journalists to put them into report from there difficult
questions have knocking down we need
for their dead and the nation exhibit Emily was was in the cultural so this was within you can imagine that the control room is 1 of the most of the places to create during 1 of these events and with any kind of a context can be good to be in the core the going the way we have to also several before so we couldn't think many more people right the colleagues from as a for example that a permanent accommodations been position in the main cultural is something that we are I think we have a story experimental learning at the European Space Agency as well and I guess with
coming of Daniel as well is also pushing for it so we're not necessarily against it and that was the the bucket and uh also from
media congratulations to this masterpiece of science communication in my opinion and I just had 1 small part of this
term risk of making the common of personal and I the chance before the landing on the event of comet arrival to talk to 1 of those guys who make this comic film this simple emotional thing to me at least and and he also was a really afraid to um that for in the case of mission failure that yet so emotionally tied to to those little little cutie boxes and that also the super appealing to 2 kids it's to the kids film that moves as grown-ups to of course and he was really afraid that in case of uh mission failure and how they should be able to tell the kids that something happens and at least and me to make this to be of 0 I'm a
bit tired and have to go to sleep now and uh that was uh super smart to to make it to an the yeah the emotional nice and or something like this so I think that was quite a quite a great job thanks for that and think he's an area will it it has to wake up for the sake of the continuing OK thank you very
much you guys for a great insight into a huge scientific experiment each