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Post+Capitalist City – Bringing creativity one step further
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In 2012, CollageLab launches the one year cycle International Call for Ideas "Post+Capitalist City": the first call for ideas that proposes to deepen the common thinking on the way we live our (urban) lives by encouraging the participants to propose not only architectural design, but rather society design. The participants were asked to think of a society based on newly formulated hypothesis and rules taking into consideration the on-going global economical context. 130 proposals from 36 countries and 2 1/2 years later, it's time to show, talk, reflect and bring the experience a step further.
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world in and
thank you very much so was come everyone we're very happy to be here and I'm convinced 9 and this is shown to thank uh we're working as architects that we also other researchers end of our so
working in the field of curation uh we recently did last year festival on Berlin which was quite burden unlimited and we are often observing and societies and was the the built environment of society so built of tokens we want to presented projects which
already started some time ago it's Scott was completely CTE uh which is a term that was uh already used in the nineties by Peter Drucker was associated chased but since then it has and not uh not been used so much and yeah so to understand what is distributed city exactly let's go back a bit in the context we are settlements in September solving the 11 into really important thing happened at that time we both moved to Berlin and on the other side of that something that was the book by were written vement gaining strains what is the occupy Wall
Street movement a very long and we have to about about it in that become but basically it's a problem that has been funded by the Canadian group uh a group that was and given 1 that is to end on to consumers and they were calling for occupying Wall Street to denounce uh the ongoing system I mean you know height was uh going around the word with these ideas and on to cooperate so what this state at the time is we come to you at a time when corporations which plays profit of a people self-interest of a justice and oppression of quality run all governments we have disability assembled here as is all right to let this fact been known so their ambition at that point is that informational ambition what they want to say
is to raise awareness of most of the people on this topic but when you try to find a proposal it's quite complicated in fact on Internet again find today quite differently because their websites with existing anymore of something called the mainframe person it is 21 points that were supposed to be proposed in the American government to every American governments but when you look at them most of them are really very acidic C . works more would be interesting also dogged by Wall Street movement said adding nothing to do with this group it they declare we do not support the 9th 10th something variation group its website it national generosity and anything else the 1st it was it and what does it say it just says that it's really easy to go people against an idea it's
much more difficult to gather people on the consensus for some so we know what they were we understand what it was but what the very
propose so as architects we make the 1st question or so how does it look like what they propose and what can we do all I mean there are many initiatives already working on in new ways of living together but what could that look like so what we did was that we launched in 2012 fair competition uh on the post-capitalist city and we made a statement Pretoria statement inviting international architects planners designers think terrorists uh to share their ideas ends we did that
by creating a platform which was a website uh with a statement and we made a huge communication about its soul basically to every country in the world that we could reach by internet which is also interesting to see where the constraints of that uh we we contacted designs quotas architecture school uh writers thinkers to spread the word of of this project a tree what we do not say today that this cost us to end up on
the watch list at some point but this is another story you can ask questions about it so to make it
easier we divided this competition into 4 different subtopics because of positive dataset is read vague uh we try to along with this release simple words so that everybody can identify with
everybody shops everybody works everybody believed and everybody in the interesting thing is that that put those words together quite intuitively but in fact it was probably the spider we should have known that before by a recorded statement that was choosing also for different categories for leaving which was Malaysia work leave and move up quite is it interesting to understand that shopping and consumption is actually an invention from the 20th century we got a dependent and weak gathered really interesting people and amongst the jury members because we needed to add some more exposed than us to just the proposal that we got so among them there where uh architects landscape architecture artist binary researchers publisher writers and altogether we studied 122 proposals coming from 36 countries meaning the was correction made and we just did that
we just ask questions which
Google cannot answer we got a lot of feedback from the participants saying thank you to make me think and I think this was the the best compliment we ever
so from the statement we started with a simple question what is so what if there was a change to model and what would be the way that cities would look like what would be a system that would not be it be based on making nonprofit make and what would be the consequences for for example borders of would they would they like reinforce how would they rather vanish what could be the scale of the change and the question that was
behind of all of us what do we really need to know because when you think about it it's a really simple question uh if I asked this today maybe would say I need money to pay my rent I need money to pay my food but in fact what they need is a rule for than it is food itself or close and all controlled or even duration so by stating postures what we wanted to do is not negating the con the context that exists we want to understand that and and images we can get rid of it by asking this post press questions because we dissociate the constants link to the content that exist and that are actually accepted nor there's an interesting condition for society we asked to reinvent new constraints 2 but on another kind of societies were designed and then among the idea even if it's put tactical there might be some good ideas that we can trust falls back in the reality at the exact
same moment today there is an opening orphans edition it's ongoing for week other class in Athens that is an open source exhibition and the states the other economies in other words and they are in this world handling read about it in this at the so this is the outcome of a part of the outcome of what people send uh so we had 120 2 proposals at the proposals were in 5 pages each of them so that means we had like 600 10 or some uh visual the panels there including diagrams including and drawings by hand in and they were all over like a really interesting they were thoughtful they will as some times really disturbing they were happy or sad like uh looking into a very good future are having fear for the future and and that's
it so this is usually high stops that you get ideas there is a Wiener there are losers and ideas get back to where they came from the nowhere but the there's no reason not to begin another story from because we have to be proud of and
and so that we got so here and today we are
going to present post just post cluster which is the 2nd of the core for ideas and that will be launched in a couple of months you're the first one to get to know creativity
shouldn't be seen as something otherworldly it shouldn't be thought of as a process reserved for inventors and other creative types of the human mind after all as the creative imposed built into his operating system because when we make a call for space we have architectural proposal and we figured out that this is understood
mostly by architects but now we want to trigger to a broader audience and bring the latest to the word and therefore we are asking for texts both clusters reason but it's an idea generator it's an international writing content it is inspired by the
exquisite corpse and it's the 1st participatory publication the recycles the good ideas instead of requiring them and it invites all writers to write text based on divisions that were born in the mind of somebody in the so they exquisite corpse is the method coming from the serenity uh by which a collection of words or images is collectively as some built each collaborator extra to composition and sequence either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed to so this is the main idea of how we want to go on this is mainly
on scheme we have text the statement a lot of project came out of this text with the ideas that we selected some project and its project we propose them again to other the word in order to get text out of it can be married to can be fiction non-fiction can be research papers anything that can be created inspired by the project that we propose and from that women
make a publication 11 kitchen but can be much more I mean there is no reason to stop at afterwards and can be also given to the people because why not doing the system again and again would have many many more project many more good ideas so now we are sure that you want to see what we are talking about because we we say we have a wonderful projecting wonderful graphics but you haven't seen anything so what we'll do is now will presenters at 11 select pre-selected project that will take part in the 2nd call for the competition and each time you will uh rich unit it is about and quote a bit of the text that were submitted by the authors themselves because we think there uh really relevant to this project is called a workshop shop we share it so it's quite interesting because in 2012 when it was given this notion of community was not so much often employed and what they say is extremely simple and has actually been applied without having to control it so it's gathering within the network it's sharing skills and sharing goods in order to learn more and learn how to do by yourself yeah physical interaction is what has been lost in urban environment due to the technology and fast-paced culture the trial for shopping experience is not only about getting things we want with the spike of money exchange but the little events conversations and sharing of ideas also contribute to a member of trip so these other statements from the parties the
2nd project addresses the same question of a shop but instead of being based on solidarity on community because this means that around you trust people 2 of the same interests the state this should be coming from the top and somebody should imply you this can't of shopping and to transform society with time basically it's it's a proposal of a Google Glass can be a of glass that shows you what you can afford what you already have what you need uh and that extracts you completely from the other ones
jakarta uses shopping malls as a means of attracting tourism but I back to defer the rise of the shopping malls in this city's destructive shopping and window shopping and eating out has become the main activities that the majority of people do on weekends the city needs new public space to replace the existing models the project triggers the self conscious mind and reduces the tendency to shop the vise also act as antisocial instruments by keeping the shoppers are monomers this is done on purpose to reduce the social tendencies in the mall what you see now is the sort of project is called column suggests underlined and and this representation is untrue territory the cities on all the networks and this project proposes to overlap a spatial structure that would make the production to consumption process a dynamic 1 meaning the resources are taken directly from the countryside and traveling this physical structure and on the way they are transformed into a final product
the technology of sharp changes we want to leave behind big scale malls and supermarkets and provide a larger number of shops in a smaller scale with less diversity each however we see it as an adequate tool to provide fast connections and high diversity for that we establish a new shop topology osmosis capability known from being combined with the hydraulic storage space on top directly connected
to the shuffle the values can be installed wherever they can connect to its former commercial or private space with its constant pressure becomes publicly use shopping is based on curious seen the customers as explorative flying hours From cooperate to cooperate was another project that is extremely strong uh and quite ironic saw this project proposes to end-user waste of energy a waste of ground that have made it with the buy and to recycle it to dismantle its to in fact uh bringing 56 thousand new jobs opportunities and divide yeah
everything in Dubai would be dismantled recycled and reused in 3 main steps 1st part of the city would stop being water at the same time all of the fabrics that were built except industrial facilities would be deconstructed the recycling of the X building materials could be done in local industrial facilities from whether created nature products like solar panels wind turbine's and equal housing parts could be transported around the
world in the following steps the remaining industrial facilities would be also dismantled and shifted the remains of 2 by would consist of parts of derelict infrastructure slowly taken over by the Dubai Desert 4 prior capitalism it's a structure it's a building that evolves with life they cleats grounded and founded on this meaning your born top the production of food is on the top and then you go down I mean you don't go down the building rules and text you and you work in the in the central part and in the end you die and you can make the formation of a distinction that structure
time is the most valuable asset we would ever had and we lose more every moment we cannot save time to use as currency and we can no longer expect relief only and this project seeks to force lies the core ideologies of supra
capitalism in a structure defined by our own laws it is a hopelessly optimistic system which seeks to achieve an end to a self-destructive self-obsessed so fish error of meaninglessness and animals purpose the story stated and this addresses dated former communist 2 countries and other development that have with the mass housing soul it proposes to transform the building into communities engages and as we know this is not a new idea but by putting some really simple tools for people to share and understand each other and this is another of the project that actually added another development in their real life with the digit images because uh the neighboring community sharing options are and what is that this table it deals with an architecture that had lost its idea logical framework already bearing the prefix post but which considered and knew what has the potential to regain its relevance the dis contents of much of the architecture production of our error
are already being voiced particularly in light of environmental concerns and the loss of cultural heritage however in cities such as Bratislava 1 where the existing stock is abundant and the activity to fill it has ceased to growing quantity you took yes and no longer to be constructed new but indeed carved out of their predecessors micro out was a really interesting project was actually 1 of the only ones that largest I was addressing the legal ground of the we would be the cities and is something very simple whether in its density there is grounded in the inside the lots of what happens is that there are there are limits and the fences that we know that many dangerous from building on them the food put this space in common then we could have used type 1 A G is and the this ground should be note on by anybody therefore could be affordable housing units the proposed the natural that arises by combining multiple that portions of or complete lots together local homeowners who encounter financial difficulties can decide to join the map lot for them on a map a lot will provide new housing units the new context obtained by omitting the parcel boundaries enables different topologies
as imaginative on the existing housing stock as an answer to the current housing issues the main goal of a micro that is the provision of affordable home ownership the division of land and home-ownership based on Community Land Trust ideas is the
fundamental principle of the financial structure of for my products parasitical is a metaphor Borisyuk inspired and by the grant Paris project was saying we need a lot of new housing in barriers for the growing city uh and we need to extend its territory what's the author of dependence is to that is we can be the borders that would cycle of our quantity of Paris and make the things we clear densities inside countryside's outside we
propose a new boundary to parents not simply a green belts snaking its way between wakened plots but a former boundary imposed and unwavering redefining interior from X to a line of dwellings containing the metropolis and has stable by its occupants opposing the sluggish brother of sub urban expansion so that finally the Metropolis may emerge from the edge of its own horizon and then perhaps we can finally ask what happens next at page form it's a project that just dates we have taken all the resources available on Ernst uh what is left is where we couldn't be reached before so there will be a movement go from the word Tuesday exploration of the Arctic enters a new group invasion of the article is a veritable treasure trove of natural resources but the seemingly inhospitable and previously insurmountable ice cover made it nearly impossible for any and stakeholders to access the Arctic is however heating up faster than any other region in the world and the ice cover is dramatically and community diminishing consequently the resources are made more accessible and new ways are opening linking the Arctic with the rest of the world heritage for offers a post-capitalist overture become citing the changing environmental turn with contemporary ecological cultural commercial militaristic and political agendas wider catering to the local continued población heritage for is just the tip of the iceberg the
technologic city but you see now is that on mobility enough and in fact the word is divided into a normal agreed that the lines are the fastest connection the smaller the slowest connections and would say is that the ground should be given back to nature and we could live and the with the
collapse of the communist bloc and the emergence of internet we have pasted to the age of globality the concepts of a square of the unknown of those still in excess of began to disappear from our imaginary at the real-time error the effects of the increased speed have been reversed In a word limited to itself the exploration stopped extending the space but started to contracting at the world as our city a walled city whose technoscientific rationalization logic takes control the last
projects this bigram age uh and this is maybe a nice predict to and because it might stage where we are now another metaphor that say is that we need to gather around signs and symbols that have become a tool for and present in the society where we are so that the international community agreed on 1 thing will that in this to the everybody the R and gives direction maybe this is a map of how ideas are working on maybe of power lost we are on the site way is around the middle of the 21st
century the United Nations decided that it was imperative to standardize the symbol in the interest of equal opportunity the symbol of the arrow people began building monuments of the indicator and moving in the direction it pointed they built indicators indicating indicators the resulting library and became so complex that it was impossible to determine for certain if it had any beginning or end in fact all that
could be confirmed was perpetual movement ever present in the last common symbol on the so this is where we are the we're about to launch this project we are actually seeking
for of sponsors and partners for doing that and for making it successful you have seen how rich or the project and we hope that it has been a good source of inspiration to start thinking about new questions and thing that you didn't 1 wonder before if you have any questions are uh information if you want to know more you can e-mail us at info @ creation of Oracle would be really happy to follow in the discussion thank you if thank you