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The Geek Culture In China
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The past decade has witnessed a boom of geeks and geek culture in China. With the global resource relocation brought by the Internet to the world, Chinese geeks are no longer a minority hidden in the laboratory or library, who bury themselves with impractical knowledge. Thanks to the fast growth of internet and technology, they have found a new significance in Chinese society and a new approach to communicate with their country and the world, including Europe. As geeks began to influence more Chinese people, especially within their own age group, the mindset of China's young generation becomes aggressively open. The width and depth of this open mindset is unprecedented. The internet empowered the young people and made them brave, even reckless in certain circumstances. All in all, the emergence and boom of geek culture in China has created a major impact on social progress, from technology innovation to social and cultural thinking. Like Europe, the geeks in China will integrate and interact even further with the outside world, and some fundamental challenges they face are increasingly similar to their European counterparts.
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so if this is if in
thank you so use angular descendants thank you for the 2nd will come to an idea and my name is John home I am the founder of the park
and this is my great pleasure to be here to have the chance to
uh show you what the Internet and detect innovation has brought to the chinese community and uh and also we will as well as talk of peak group why the people will be in China are so important for the future to come in I think I think in the next 30 minutes you may see a time you have never been seen before stay with me right up and
everyone will have a image about China your mind and for those who have never been to China before uh maybe 20 years ago someone will never been to China before they would you will have some image like this
oriental conditions building now and maybe some image
like this many people riding bikes but that's the past but in
all of the picture has been changed dramatically so today we're like this so you familiar his set X that we have so many of our lectures stalls and look for all people in that year uh is a
global phenomenon is some maybe the picture is not taken in China maybe Europe all United States I don't know but is that the matter because consumption power of China is a source of so strong so overwhelming and because of see this this very amazing building and and talk to say is only a hundred meters from my home near and 10 years of gold is just appending field and nothing there but today you can see like a space station well there are many Chinese emerging internet company and even some start up moving and moving in and that make it 1 of the many new business center and the new innovation center in Beijing and if you are a businessman you should familiar with this guy and his name is to come up and that is the founder and chairman of Ali Baba last year he just had the remarkable all in New York which the wings of worldwide attention and is
surely the 1 of the most popular and new
business at least in China but I think there are many people many names name you should also be pay attention to at end that this 1 the His name is Legion he is the father of show me show me is a very young mobile device company but he had made his value over a
45 billion dollars just
in 5 years it's it's amazing and this young man this young man his name is 1 she pay is our founder and CEO of mate 1 made 20 years of biggest is the biggest
all to all company uh and and the that means he brings some offline services online and uh is reshaping the traditional service industry in China and most people in China believe he will be next Myron object my and maybe try will be another
on above up in the future and this guy his name and Allen John
he is the creator of which has the basically all literally everyone in China I using we checked and I don't I know some want some people in Germany they're using weighted yet you yourself have sold which had is not just a communication tool so is a life isn't new
life you can like a wormhole to connect with of cyberspace and the real work so this man is really of digital here in China and people really love him and those people they then the worst your attention not just because they are creating value and fortune but but also they are extraordinarily in wages and the have the ability to provide an impressive product not just for applications or services but also something made in China yeah we all familiar result old made in china
red means achieved with Colby from
sentence there somewhere but you can see this is uh uh stormy phone is from the company show me the phone this summer for me is most popular smartphone in Chinese market is so only about 300 dollars but is some new conceives world best Andrew reform and this
is the reserve anyone who familiar of this the GI as yet no
you best move from here is this is world-class right that is the best of the world and it's made in China and creating time and I can really I'm proud of this product because it's or regional and is world class and it's a new definition of creating China them all those product others services all this business Rob brought
by those the extraordinary lines and those people were called are called peaks in China it's very interesting because mn many
of them are not engineers than on on some of them and not even know how to cold at all so when we talk about geek traditionally we will have the image that like
this old school in nature I will be of someone a little bit about the
social all carrot but really smart guy and uh he they are they're really good at coding engineering
but in China the definition of peaks
somehow got and I think that's because in the past 10 years or
something happened all over the world that the use of this issue for all American magazine they talk about the peak power from Bill Gates tool not darker they the the to
people out the CPA have been rising for at least 10 years and especially in China the 2 definition of the a transform the from the weird people to some that super cool people and very inspirational people and become B with some really good for product and they can do their business in their own way not copying any what and like this guy is the founder of the GI and with this water Klaus drawing and was found by him and he right the cold by himself if you want to find some someone to represent the Chinese geeks he will be the 1
and is really young as
formed after the 19 eighties yeah so you can you can feel that there are various of the higher the peak fever in China that means that I Ireland 1 become a cake and this I
think that's that cannot happen in Europe and even unit United States so what tension that 10 years ago we got someone have successful business in Internet industry but the we don't have to keep fever but my today I think that the decisive variables are which it made made the change is
the chinese uh that going to know the time the economy of warming up for decades the yeah I don't know that the figure that don't need to show that the graph but in knows to China has been going for
decades and would that mean that means the new generation of born after 1985 especially after 19 nineties they crawled up this so the economy booming and into tonight's revolution that means they both have the material will also and the sufficient of information power so that made this new generation the of Mall Mall boat and curious and ambitious and Syst
maker leaving is not a problem they want to make a wonderful life to want to do something different they want to create something so that's why China at different now is not the old school we image that China would like so you you gonna remember those young guys because their production they maybe change your life and secondly there are abundant
inflow of capital in China and just in tools all them 40 and there will be
16 billion dollars invested in the in the Internet industry that's a lot of money and concentrate to from my errors more area in this country each rule e-commerce mobile Internet and a
financial services and behind this those those capital there many of you know
the successful and to the nearest
z of passing their DNA by investing that young generation and the new opportunities so it's not hard to do is there's so many Angele investors in China if
you got a good idea and you got the work bowl damage it is not hard to find the place like this you can have the medieval troll to all those and we masters and early
stage masters and even in every company called the horse you will find a lot of people talking about innovation and new product that couldn't happen at that didn't happen in 10 years ago is just happened in this 5
years and certainly and the most important thing is the whole country the China China the whole country a step into but the new error of mobile Internet so that's changed a lot of things that means everyone good can I connect it everyone has smart devices and they could do a lot of things and it even changed so that some
industries landscape like we have the
way we use our phones and in the old time where you saw from like this we talked to our friends but today since we so many people why
using which had so we use of the form in China we use it like this because we assigned to boys message to each other then the handle this this behavior change is industry landscape and old
time so the telecommunication industry that was dominated by the state owned carriers like China Mobile China Telecom but to date thing is lunch we checked and they have small users in those state-owned carriers and the making more money than that yeah I think this is very important that's the mobile Internet have the opportunity to
make the the private companies to into some area they cannot into before the and in addition to that we can see some
traditional industry but some conventional service industry there are more and more connected to the
online world in China now you can actually you have a total to match him
and but think actually in China you can
order every service from the In the take from Medicare from and you can add more home cleaning and even must such the and you can ask this service to go to your home or your office just use the smartphone and application to 2
sentences your comments and they will come so the service
industry in China a changing and it's brought by mobile internet and isn't new opportunities for I really and for the young generation and so they could they have do we have to remember the have the born with the Internet so then they think they can do business in different ways so that's why China is is half so much so much opportunities for the young guys the so with some of the some of the little bit so we have a new
generation we use this period to explore explore we have the sufficient supply of capital the waste so respect 2 and when the ship and we also have the New Horizons new frontier brought by mobile Internet then we call that resource revolution what is happening here because you
can you can overcome a lot of limited by of the resource that using mobile Internet so this is the 3 key elements that y China local enumeration of meaning the the when we talk about in the wishing in China we
have to face the fact that we China used to have an image that we uphold the cat errors 6 so that is is told there is a time and that's what we call the a lot of things and this those global company there are already in China and but you
have to to see that they are RDB be in China for while and the not have been influenced by government the like a feasible Google which they you outside the great war yeah if you do your you know what I mean they cannot enter
China market but those global giants already in China for a while but there's no 1 have a success business in time some of them a failed in some of them a barely surviving in China
well now when we talk about the IPU should we talk about the China will call be a lot of things that I have to be honest the Internet and the Intellectual Property usual will take some time to be solved but we are on the right track and we just don't want to miss the big picture of because that because in China there many companies are
making huge success not by copying any their foreign peers that just because they understand the local needs and the heads of the way to the in the way way to satisfy them so that's why those company of failed or failing in China because it
just called p themselves from the United States or Europe to China so that's a problem and they in Chinese market is very unique you need to have need to have the ability to keep in the waiting kid that we know we should go in and and have the ability to evolve With the market so if you want us to call the sum of business model or some global I experience into China and this is doomed to fail less take the example for which had and was at a was
there is communication tool from day 1 and 2 hours is still a communication to a but we have this stuff is starting point is the notification system you and tell you that you got the you e-mail thus when it's 1st born at his think he just to give you a notification but now he's involved with
like undivided bowl uh life come pining inch youthful every Chinese people and you got your friends circle in in you you you work with your colleague by we chat and even many people do their business using check because we had is platform is so I system that make you can help you to do some business online so that's why we had uh so popular in China and there no 1 can compete with now here's another example and it's a pretty much uh it can't uh maybe and camera
are uh it's of belonged to a company name of maybe meeting me yet and you know as the girls
want to take some itself and shares to their friends circle and social network and before the share the
picture they wanted p as the the bit and that will make the face my software this as the modeled for right now that people 1 of that and it's not necessarily have to do
with the face and you can you can see some
magical moment here and pay attention to that that yet he areas of magic moment uh so with 1 touch you will have listens to the mother figure is which have more
attractive body shape a lot there is really good for the girls
mother really beautiful guys and do what you cannot faster many more um well this this function is perhaps the the head back is hardly had that but it's really understand people so this function burned them over 1 million
users in China which is amazing and since the in China there many Chinese companies they are
very i have a very good at the discover opportunities and that
In all have so in the waiting lady to create value and are so the you know the competition in the domestic market so
intensive soul sometimes company are already sinking some their solve overseas and you know the
condition that going beyond China so here's some company a really doing a great job and such as of us uh they
got their 1 100 million user just in 8 months by provide some very small but to very efficient and very user-friendly lunches for Android smartphone I think that there will be many Chinese companies and they provide some product that's not copied from their foreign peers but by himself and go tools of oversea market in the future so what we're talking a lot about
the value of the fortune those screw have created an opportunity that brought to the time tennis aside Chinese society that it seems like I'm kidding talking about being in business not talk about the uh the peak culture well and in I have done that for
reasons is just like 5 years ago when I 1st deformity park I have been the reporter and the editor-in-chief for the business magazine over 12 years and I which means new nodes of of y of the new economy ends of the new generation of peaks in China and I I really admire them and I thought there and it's their potential should be maximized is the uniqueness should be appreciated for the society yeah and so we should help some uh we research hi in communication and help them to find x worse than capitals and even some shapes and we can help them to explore more efficiently well and why we doing that and well we're doing that week there another task we need to we need to break the wall from the culture to the mainstream culture is it's kind of you know get more influence to the Chinese to the mainstream culture if they are only a sub-culture so to make the value to create a valuable tool to have a unique success they have a great story and it's really you can convince the Chinese mainstream to to know these to realize there's still speaks of the future but I'll be doing a lot of things good for the tiniest future the and where where probable in the past 5 years
yet they are becoming the new sexy in entire at which is quite different in Europe I believe now so you can see their their faces all over Chinese magazines of some business magazines and even this as a fashion magazine this is Mr. allegiance and status Steve Wozniak of call from the offer of Apple so you can see
there are quite different and now so news we have done a very good job and as I've mentioned those gigs of shaping and reshaping the understanding of success in the past the
as China and the Chinese people I really had a mayor who can make the most money most fortunate but today
they are appreciated those people who are out and making a very good for product and they are making the positive change to the society you into
the world so let's make them the new sexy so that's the key culture have got some impact to the Chinese society and 2nd 1 like
miserable you have been talking about talk about so we believe technology is the technology frees people and information is
power well uh those geeks using the internet and
tag innovation in 0 to help people to be connected and the they helps them to to you my powers them with the power of the information there in China there are many cases that you can pool even an ordinary people and if there is nobody but they got the chance to express his or oppinion and that will become of the key topic for the whole society I have something but in the past happened for me this is a we walk like Chinese trade by have treat us 3 years ago and with my colleague they have a honeymoon in Greek well they were robbed in greater on the street they have nothing not trade credit card and not cash they cannot even made to the holdout so they call the Chinese Embassy at seeking for help but unfortunately we don't have those kind of emergency probe particle fall for this situation souls MSE cannot help them so at that time there Decypher so they the trade something that seeking for help In in we bought and that was a as that that is a time a Chinese company uh the name is quality I think many people will familiar responded obvious stand up and they give them help and to make sure the can catch uh uh achieve and they can simply go back to China so I the trade something to the season for some for money I I don't mean to criticize the Chinese government that we are where we don't have the system tool to to help those kind people but when when I take this as we walk is Scott of control there so
you can see there are always cells in such to solve retreat In the 1st of people as thanking qualities of great company which was and and then people talk about why we don't we have a system to Hobbes those people should we have a discussion for that so and this is really touch for the 2 government the government are rethinking their policy for all of you know emergency protocol to help Chinese citizens overseas the well well we also so the information is
power and the and make and they're pushing the Chinese society more Ecole open and transparent as well in the meantime we have more and more of a common value to the outside world and this is a tool major uh online video website in China they all have a channel 4 TV show overseas to visual so we got the halls of cost and also we gotta decay monster game us from the basically everything a poverty in the western world so the pot you pop entire so if you put the young generation the teenager together in Chinese teenagers European Canada you estimated the basically the same they all look into their smartphones and they all have in the in the world so I think if they can have the same entertainment in the future we will be more have have more common by the that's so this is underway I think we all hope China will become of a better country of breach of entry but in the way the to be more open and connecting to the world and unseen ways those cakes health the future is a promising yeah so
finally we can see on a work here but
then this is 5 year civil with the conference from yet uh the 1st on the part it will what we don't
have a place of former gathering really would borrowed from some big companies of basement we only have flow 6 2 people in every gathering and is because you can see is Mary's
subculture of gathering and this keep
up 2004 of 15 and this generate aregenerally will have of take part in the Vision
Festival and this year we have tool day's session in over 70 speaker and the all were 10 solvent people to our festival so you can see that the
culture I really got popular in China and that's that's very different from other countries well the when we organize was those
gathering those conference and festival when not just in life those Kakeya roles that we have talking
about is also this guy's Eric Schmidt as the chairman of Google and Steve Wozniak and even you must eighties coming to Chinese their 1st time we come to China and have a public speech and come to pick out and talk to the Chinese peaks because they believed those
gigs the MSN China I believe those gigs have great influence for the whole society so that's why those tenants peaks of so important so
that's my the final slide and now I think you move familiar is that we got this room
modified from the very famous patent pending and this is really not a picture is a painting is something of an offense off because car the of diverse us and set up those cakes should leading the people to a better world and they hold
Peacock will assist them to achieve this goal and I had think I'd really hold those Chinese they can bring you the new China a new genome all open mul connecting to the world and we can find more friends in United States Europe and I think today's speech will be a very good start if everyone interested about China was happening in China and want to find some interesting geek friends in China feel free to contact with us and is my very 1st
time in a speech ml min varies with theft
and hand and so on so the light I had the time was you so that's all the method because I have taken more time was I suppose to be so center where and is intended and will come you to China and a