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so if this is if and
was a yeah of thank you very much for your entered spectrum the difference from the digital I need my glasses have all
the digital community I'm really happy to be here with you this morning to speak at the because and indeed of the literature prize to be invited to this conference since I saw that I am not the usual target group all of the the poor become models a better look at my age for should not by my computer skills and not by the topics I'm usually working on mostly I talk on global justice on humanitarian 8 on equal rights for men and women for lesbian gay bisexual transsexual intersexuals mostly a fight against racism xenophobia anti-Semitism Islamophobia there but in the end it's always on the question of human rights I just returned on Sunday from a visit to the city the city a place where just last week and over 7 thousand refugees resist Sicilians take care for the stranded was speaking effort and big part of a place in Europe where Europe at the same time is hardly found and far away a place to realize how much Europe refugee policy has dramatically phase and then I come here to learn that this year's the poor become places an emphasis on refugees and Europe responsibility
and rethinking said I find it very logical because liberal Liberal because a conference that is dedicated to the 1 of the biggest challenges and the biggest chances for humanity at the same time digitization is not just a technological process you know it better than me and it is not just about digital representation of an object an image of a sound a document or a signal the digitization is a manifestation and a indication and the driver of of road growing
closer together and that is where digitization and migration also similar because flight and migration on a previously unknown scalar are a manifestation and an indication of globalization to and then it can become a driver of over it's growing closer together in the positive sense like could lead to
a better understanding between people from all of us over could lead to an increase of tolerance and sensitivity for the beautiful rich diversity which exists in this world and to the
important experience of the state of global injustice we all living in currently how ever migration is far too frequently discussed in the opposite way I really really have to thank the organisers of syllable because for this year's title Europe because ultimately it's passed we are talking about us living in Europe the richest continent and the road the Noble Peace Prize winner a continent which is all which should be proud of its values of human rights human dignity of freedom and peace but also a continent which seems to be stuck in the politics of the last century as a continent denying reality refusing to face up to the way in which the word is interconnected today yet people are being smashed on the rocky borders of fortress Europe more than 1 thousand 700 this year more than 27 thousand these letter all the Millennium Europe simultaneously is searching searching and we the people of your about searching for the Europe we want for Europe in the road but at the same time people men women children are dying by their European dream also this nite people died they already know for sure what you're upset about and we the people of Europe should know it's too what were the priorities of the heads of state of the European Union when they meet they met last week whenever faced with the question of what to do to stop people dying in the Mediterranean they answer was very simple fighting smugglers using the military and stopping refugees from even reaching European insurers and criminalization of refugees in calling them so called illegals but is that really the answer off here about the European Union to so many people drowning in the Mediterranean I said if this is their answer then take away the mother peace prize from the European Union and give it to the people of Sicily they shall every day and nite what humanity and solidarity means where is the humanitarian rescue mission ReliefF
queries implemented them in rescue mission we need of the safe and legal
access points for refugees people in dire need of international protection many of the real answers all the heads of states the real answer is not to do as the Bavarian prime ministers they will did traveling from Bavaria to Saudi Arabia to discuss a new deal on arms exports to a country's that precisely at this moment this bombing civilians indiaman the real answer is not to export surveillance technology to each other to cut down to mark the real answer is not reverting to supporting alter rosarium regimes in Europes neighborhood with our technologies and our money the real answer is to add except that migration is a reality to accept that globalization these global answers I global corp if
the number never in which 70 per
cent of the people live in countries in which social inequality has dramatically increased in recent years in which the ape teeth beta 0 the eighties riches own as much as the poor half of the verdict put together 80 as much as 3 . 5 billion people there is a need of a global partnership for global partnerships
real cooperation cooperation to promote global development cooperation based on shared
values far beyond the borders of Europe and what other values could these be if not human rights human rights which MIT which are indivisible and outlier mobile and universal human rights to which all peoples are entitled by virtue of their humanity no religion no custom no law can district universal validity the German constitution states that you will month dignity is inviolable and that applies to every human all all this of road being black or white being men and women being a refugee a bank manager a digital native or all of this together respecting human rights saving lives and to empower them to be a part of a movement developing these inroads into a better place this is the only 1 right answer to flight and migration all the in this way migration can become a driver of roads growing closer together in a positive sense as said before but what about digitization in this context you rights should also be the base offset driver of globalization especially if we talk about the dark side of digitization if it is not an internet driven opportunities for economic development and social innovation on display if we are talking about 2 variables and constraints on net neutrality then again human rights are the real answer and that this is possible was shown at the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2013 when the international principles on the application of human rights to communication so variance belongs to these involve principles like legality necessity at across the due process transparency thus new projects of the European Union like smart borders that introduce new technologies for the surveillance and control of everybody of travellers have widely been the subject of harsh criticism as unlawful infringement of data protection rights and as an unnecessary and disproportionate infringement of European fundamental rights and particularly the right to privacy there is no need for collection of sensitive personal data on such a massive scale we have been using a very alarming tendency that's a variance is not being limited by laws the opposite is happening the variance is being extended to refugees robbing the the already dropped taking of a more human rights and dignity from people who have or ordered already lost so much of all quite ready lost everything that my dear friends from the digital community is not acceptable it is not acceptable from a human rights point of view and it is not acceptable from a digital point of view so that it may be the biggest challenge we face when we talk about digitization and the linking up of the root that we need to have a binding rules and a baseline of common values which nobody knows they know venture and no Europe should ever disobey it's the protection of human rights Domenici already has the right answer we now and eternally have to implemented a lot to do entire time thank you
in the
and this the is the kind of it was hello everybody i you in good time
good and clear had last of all
I would like to thank the properly can for this opportunity because as the
refugee we believe it or we have met to believe that we're useless we can't be anywhere to speak for ourselves and I would love to appreciate uh the beautiful lady cloudier water full strongly coming out and like for something in the continent of Europe majority in thank you so much and I appreciate on behalf of all the refugees in the wild not only in Germany because she is not only in
refugees in Germany but globally and that is a beautiful point of it and now I'm I'm I'm really so happy to text in few minutes appreciate keep appreciate you on behalf of all the refugees in the world because they need people like you will put the politics aside
and you mentioned something migration is in reality we can't of what that's the 1 we live in that any ality every country has a problem for those that can demolish she will need to be closed book and prove communal today she's in the province fighting for as low as she gives me tomorrow
I could such position in fact where the bodies right just the same way she's torrent thank
you I'm still in user of now I have to move on know if I'm in my analysis of the model and I am originally from Somalia and I was a migrant Encaenia where I grew up pretty much all my life I can't Qinghai I when I was 3 years old and right now what if you do here in Germany is tackling for my rights and the rights of the rest of the refugees in the world not just in Germany alone and I'm currently doing I a small initiative that's called solidarity motivational speech to offer for that if you do is I felt so that are that Fiji who has been denied all the lights that I had in my life and like just like anyone else that if a juror migrant I have to accept the reality that I had to leave a different life a different what about used Norwalk opportunity no more education thought they'd catch it if you want to continue with the
alive all the dignity as been taken away from your and the import does have the gene a
very I selected players where you're have anything to do for yourself the just look at I'm value I have a life ahead me have been due this actually to just remind you I designed my job while I was yeah in Germany that is how this attraction was of many people think that we can do anything we can do anything like and what we're human beings don't forget that put the politics aside and let the people that's the reality as she lands and human rights dignity should be the priority line I'm currently trying to help make fellow if you do that if you choose to refugees because a lot of people like the wild thing right of the refugees we want to do this whatever it is we want to do that but I felt instead of wasting my time not thinking properly in a very isolated suppression as that if effigy I have to accept that I have to leave this slide I don't know how long it to attack but there's something I can do for the needs of the refugees and that is encouraging 1 another as refugees since we have the same problem all of us we all fall under 1 umbrella as the refugees as migrants here in Germany so I helps that's all I can use that 1 well I don't have money I can to publish books for them and do whatever they need that I have 1 skill with me which will never be taken away and that is my public scale which I believe I can talk to the refugees tell them hey listen I know it's a very hard situation in the same way with your so nothing now we should take our life away from my as our dignity should be individualized you might wanna write and keep it you should not allow anybody to intermediate that and take away they can act as disparate bacon issues to what that and if users whatever fine but to listen I would like to know motto warts and you may be debt I don't know about what I can do anything about it but I will keep fighting for myself and for the rest of the people not just in Germany but in the wild to add but that needs my help as long as you know you might be I don't care about yet as I don't give a shit about Italy Japan don't care where you are all I care is that you're you something will dissolve so dignity period thank you
half thanks a lot and I will continue with this motivational speech to us and I want to find the best that I can't to talk to my friend phonetic features and let them feel that it's not the
end of the world they can still do something for their life on the other hand we know we have a lot of problem that is the reality that the blocked but on the other hand I want to challenge might here the refugees to want be part of the community because my 2 ways not only for he it's also of 100 is because I was trying to you what is this is in according to me when somebody's disconnecting you because of your call or whatever I thought its lack of information when people have information it when they know what are the problems of the refugees what that what mostly country at what time it have been such as desperate situation now if you want because I wish you would allow me to stay in your house 1 week and use in my home not you particularly but those will be like that and the high position that everything is fine when you feel will experience yourself is when you can't talk more by that's the 2 but at the same time I think those addresses or whatever I don't like to use the name I'm sorry but that's wild the wild cause it they need information and I'm ready ready to detect and do whatever i texts to help them understand what refugees or migrants why human beings depression will come back you are you Monday then where you discriminatant as the human being will need to help you should be in the front line for fighting for everybody Germany that there aren't problems I always tell the refugees you have a
problem yes but everybody involved is has a problem everybody has a problem
but our problems at different levels I different this time fighting for productive that's likely to get it up so that it has not energy you somebody has problems in the on like somebody has
political problem generally problems out there but they do far from 1 level to
another so I always down an accent that your and problem and by the way I believe believe the more you have problems and no 1 will doubt the more you will succeed in the future and that the points that success never mouth look for you you have to look for success that is what I believe in I will continue fighting fight I didn't from
90 years old still in the same situation I don't give a shit but I believe that I have made it did not bad text away from me and I will give sat
in the time that I have to help other people at least I don't expect everybody to follow what I say listen I will listen let everybody will say when I tell a stop drinking too much of calls it doesn't help you don't developed by a guide each other because of the
situation accepted I last like it but I think it's saying it's very hard as a human being who is introduced a treasure lot of migrant were being denied everything and by
the way you sort of the politicians but 1 thing the what decision the what this took it by human beings doing nothing you know they hide it of stance that might come up any time from now because you I mean when they fed up the opt for when you're mentally stable and everything is fine with you you don't accept and say this is not enough I hope I will continue with what I'm doing and I hope I I believe in a world of law boredom no matter what they say that the politicians in anybody in the world to help the refugees migrants and to be people who they need to be and thank you so much to everybody who's helping refugees we know we have a lot of people want helping us and I will keep fighting to depth thank you so much and I love you have provided
but if I had
allowed incredibly hard act to follow but of them those thinking humbling to hear its and so guess is to bring it back to gain is more of theme and men and technologies have been looking into how technologies used in refugee responds more broadly and this is little less personal than of atom is talking about unless political the what and look at it was talking about that means a body speaking it is wants to give an
overview of how technologies used in refugee responses right now and as a kind of a few different areas in which we seeing technology being used much more 1 of those is identification so I'm giving refugees metric IDC using fingerprints or iris scans and also to ideas and helping them so I mean the idea behind this is if you need a home without much notice many comes MIT don't these not your past we didn't you know anything formal to preview are you can go into refugee camps and you can get these identification documents which in theory is is is really great I mean it means that if you then have to be began issuing it is needed have a state is and you iris is already in a database you can just have the iris scanned and you can find out who you are when another area is service delivery so making sure that the trucks are getting where they're going they know how many people are in your refugee camp what kinds of things we need a couple of refugee agencies have partnered with and parcel delivery services like GPS so they can actually use the same technology and track exactly where the truck is any 1 time and anything that real-time notifications If when things being delivered when what is being delivered when seeds being delivered and that really helps in terms of logistics when you've got you know emergency response is lots of refugees coming and another area that is this kind of mentions will and in fact most most communication's so this is for example at people tracing family members needing to know where they are and needing to know what's going on because as as such that information is super
important in this kind of an you when you have nothing else you need to know what is going on what you can do about it so for example the services
like and this great called Refugees United 2 I want is used stats christmas database of and people and you can say you I'm here looking for an old friend tell you where they are and so therefore you have no worries I have with this and I think the proble reacted by lots of people within the privacy stare at result so Refugees United were just mention they have a database of over 350 thousand refugees have registered in this database and aiming at having over 1 million people in the state space and the inner states says you know the personal traits and says where they were last seen it says where people think they're going on in various if all you can use it for is your best the best possible situation so I need to find a family member I into my details in this database but if I were a malicious act if he needs to find someone in city something uh yeah less than noble this is a also exactly a ready efficient way of finding who they are and where they are and and then thinking about technology and who's creating and who has control of its lots of the development practitioner's who using these technologies who are Kennedy nearest stands are doing this thing that stands and your saving this information have very low levels of technical literacy and don't really understand how it was within a couple examples of people interviewing and development practitioners who doing iris scans and asking them you know how accurately using is enable they've generally answered 100 % accurate it never makes a mistake even if it goes against what the person in front of me saying the technology is always right and I think I mean we know that's not true that's just it's it's very rarely that anything is 100 % secure if ever and then you know as as study mentioned the dark side of digitization the surveillance thinking about the privacy rights of affected populations as as we already talked about the the people in this kind of situation have lost basically everything and we we should be even more respectful than we are normally as people's privacy rights and surveillance and thinking about who has access to those databases what we can do with it and
few they're selling the information to you will hear that using it with so for example earlier this year those acquired in IBM taking is provided
some 1 . 5 million Syrian refugees with biometric ID is to be used in the provision of aid job offers educational and education and social opportunities so great the database will also be used to identify those who have been involved in criminal activity so this database is shared with the Turkish government because they're the host Government and often 1 of the prerequisites of tech company setting these up is that that with the refugee agency's is that the information that they collect will be shared back with the host Governments if you think about who you you who is a criminal and according to him especially in really politically restrictive environments and it's very uh Bled line and we might I mean I think I disagree with a lot of people who identified as criminals and a lot of countries and if you think about the people who are coming to refugee candidate at given an option order is that you know is the area of consent is very very blurry there like if you will to ask something
like g can stand iris to put this database by the same person who's going to say can I give you food and water you probably not gonna say no which is my meaning in this
case thinking I is the Turkish government sharing this information with assets government he was he was a criminal someone you defense saying government and whether they find them in a refugee camp which I think is just awful and so another a trend that was seeing is an is already knew but it's it's a bigger movement now is the idea of communication has 8 and I think it speaks a lot to what Sutton saying that broadcast information to populations and whether this be buying
masks SMS all um inelastic environment for gumwood is putting information on the
blackboard in a place that people go to very often and and again as a trend of kind of encouraging citizens or state people people affected by these populations to also give information back so it can inform program delivery and that generally the trend was seen and is the common communications in this way is is fairly bilateral so it's an and an agency or someone running a refugee camp who is delivering all saying broadcasting information to the refugee population was sometimes it's the other way and giving this information back to the agency that there's not much that's between between refugee in refugee and I think I mean based on facts missing this is there something that would be interesting to discuss because it I mean that's something that people can do between themselves they could also address the issue of uh privacy they were talking about before if it's not going to an intermediary is not going to attack company you usually is based in the US or Europe and rarely coming from the area so we see many refugee camps and yet peer-to-peer sharing between refugees could also really help us experience approach
who thanks a lot for this passion for this pre-owned power on the stage and foreign for important theme I'm not so sure you wanted to say that you wanted to
discuss so some of that because
I think we should be aware of rights we have denied now what does it mean we not only need bread awarded tool that survived the also need
these fundamental rights and I'm sure that almost everybody off you would define freedom as the right to leave my country for me freedom means I have the right to leave Germany if I want but what does this right means if there if I not allow to arrive anywhere so if I have the freedom to leave the country I must have the right to arrive that means the right of migration of free movement which is denied or what I really think is terrible and there should be uh really a kind of uh and in the broad opposition that 1 is completely denying fundamental rights like the right of asylum this right of asylum to ask for asylum belongs to
you to you to read to you and no state can say
0 I take it away from you it's a fundamental right and the fundamental rights belong to an individual belongs to me so to criminalize people to use this ride this individual right to criminalize some I don't know about that it's really if you look at the television or if you read the news model the world 1 is speaking about the so-called illegal is a person in legal because this person wants to use her or his proper right and isn't always also is already in the language we are criminalizing and denying the rights of people and this week and on friday we have uh commemoration in the German on this topic it is made a this is a 70 years of the end of the 2nd World War what disease most terrible war the most incredibly rights violations committed by the Nazis by Germans and lost by the internet that was the international debate what are the consequences of this and then they will is international charter of human rights and what you said human
rights means political rights OK also my right to privacy which is tonight we are in danger but especially all refugees also in danger but then there were 2 sets of social rights on also
camp in uh the body are not not in the best sorry in in the
Lieberman levels of the cantilever Lebanon told in Iraq at the border Syria
Iraq the Turkish border in 1 can a controlled and they of 125 thousand 125 thousand refugees and probably they have to stay there at least for 10 years what about their social life what about the right to education this is a fundamental right what's about the rights of uh and housing this is a
fundamental right what about the right to have work what you said I think the most depressing thing is that there people like you and me educated they want to work they want to do something in their life they
cannot do anything and I think that needs much more of action against a much more active because every day we do not do anything against this we lose our demand democracy and we lose our idea of living in freedom and in human rights and this is really incredible and there's so many people live 57 million people that are refugees at least 57 million all the people who had to flee because of the climate crisis are not counted 57 million in the Lieberman
on almost 2 million insured and almost 1 . 0 million years got almost 2 million in Turkey 1 . 8
million and not speaking about Nigeria's done Central African Republic all these things and if we do a lot doing lot against the these denial and taking away and in legalization criminalization we all rules not only the refugees
and if you actually
win once the portal all of the employment jobs and
actually do need any money from the German government I want to contribute to society so that they can be in a position to help because they have a lot of people were in need of social help in a lot of
disabled people the lot of orphaned children were around there and all people with dangerous diseases who couldn't do anything in the cell the love of drug people who don't know anything else beyond that and they have social problems that led them into that so absolutely believe in a
world of interdependence all independently myself I don't need any money that it doesn't mean anything to me but on the other hand have the share their because they're helping people walk not manage to get those 304 themselves and I want to appreciate take this opportunity to present the German government on the other hand I disagree with them so much 1 way I have to agree with them and appreciate them is that they welcome doesn't give us somewhere to slip that is something we have to create honestly speaking that is something that somebody talked about and how that's nice of them on the and they give social money which less of them we thank them
so much but on the other hand there for but for getting the most important part of which and uh helping these people because do not believe in the politics of their players psychological give because what happens if you put in a place where this not by close to you you are in a very isolated place your neighbor but is a forest you have to walk 1 hour to go to the supermarket until you do you like me you become a
skeletal like this Patterson Fox of here it's a bit shared nodes somebody's just driving a big car and then they don't think also 2 extra provides some public means the public transport so that they can have special laws for
these refugees what be neglected in those unwanted area and this is the point of the German government should consider putting the refugees in very isolated places because they always complain about integration how can you need to get help and unit talk open you connect when you're wrong have the means and the source to do this when my neighbor puts a big dog in front of him on electronica electric wires to put me out of it when they see on the road instead of saying I just show you the about this right this is not the world we should be leaving I believe in a world of multicultural I believe in a world where everybody suspect that the process needs and priorities and I believe the German government can do do on lots about this because neglected houses the somberly places you to the and this is a big shift that you put 2 human being in a very very remote and I selected places and also that we talk about the point of
integration because the output of integration when you're not aware that we may get into debt and I
wanna daughter and spread and and ultimately the from which London Dutch I don't think that that kind of thing that I do not have the
yeah but I like you said I always hear this song commitment is the legal labor were I don't know what that well out you know it's it's a picture and
that's I want to be part of the community everybody was a refugee and migrant wants to be part of the community but we don't have that motivation from the community itself I would love to have them I always tell that if you do kill Walton do something up least to appreciate the commute to show them prove them wrong but useless depended point unsheltered that he is that we want to help you we are not enemies we're not cheerful political interests we had he had to be part of the community and help you double what the country actually I'm here for that and I believe all that if you do
that have for but we are not here to get your money were not yet to occupy the like we are here for human protection when everything's becomes less definitely everybody will move but to wherever they came from and you need to do a lot of capacity building when I say you I don't
individually mean you would you do in a beautiful that job I made the ones you're telling of the of the of journal politician they think
beyond the seats they have that beyond this challenge yourself that's only solution out there not fighting by and trying to destroy both possible to belong to fishermen why isn't your up about smug us find the on like to deal with them but not the you innocent people who
really don't know what they need to do with their like that here that's to looking for help somebody to listen to them and give them some kind and warm welcome for
example I saw 1 uh 1 person in my I was 3 days in mind because this is part of my solidarity motivational speech I have the financial means to do all these nice is
traveling but to different places because that's all I can do right now because I'm my dilemma I another dog nothing I can't but by nothing absolutely so I it is i in intellectual life by myself I need to create my own means and ways to do with myself and how I can do things and this is how I felt and then when I went there 1 like in the memory of the people who died recently in the sea and the 1 having to be kind of like for them huh I I really can't if I remember I really it ticks me into a margin but when 1 person told me Proxima I would have opted out you know you before you given me a lot but he said I would have opted to be part of 1 of these people is that of being in Germany I said all you think like that your life is what they this people never wanted to die nobody wants a painful death because the must be very painful death is fly water you struggle you apply have but still you see only the sky not by to help you it's painful debt and
nobody wanted when especially you see this to support you knew we are here to help the German government we are here to protect all life on behalf of all that if it is in the world I would like to ask all the
politicians in the water not only in Germany or in Europe to help people who are desperately need developed nobody wants to be a refugee but it was to be a migrant nobody wants to be in an isolated place where you don't have family members you don't have friends you're not you're alive in the language of the country the beach and you know nothing absolutely nobody wants to be you know what
everybody deserves a happy world and nobody body deserves are nice respect and human rights and let that be respected
and I would like to request everybody to stand up for 1 minute to mark memory of the people who died in the C I want to take this opportunity
thank you and thank Ch at the and that the and but the at home and here and without perhaps
you it you said thank you so that German government or the governments of the states I feel a little bit ashamed because I think Germany 1 of the richest countries in the world could still more let me give you some examples of Munich very rich muni
prolog to receive every year certain million tourists so 14 million tourists new named this so peak of festival deal festival every year in October 1st receiving 6 . 5 million guests improving 6 . 5 where I do not know why but they're coming up with a 6 . 5 million guests in 2 weeks last autumn unique had to take care of 2 cells and refugees they had to sleep in the
street the outside there was not enough place the also be groomed rain rain coming in a little bit like you buy old very old and gray it was raining and every about 200 men in 1 room but at least had 1 shell so I feel ashamed issues they think you we've got something I think this Germany could do we more or I met the teacher last week in my region and she said she's of on dedicated teacher and she said Calderon would have to do something in my classes we have 27 28 pupils but during the year there are children coming children of coming but they almost as they do not speak a single word of term but we do not get any help and support any teachers to teach something Germans under thing so I feel ashamed to have tomorrow we have a debate in the parliament and I really also Germany has to decide which way you wanna go whether Willard except that the responsibility for all the humanitarian protection and the equal rights and human rights and the right of participation as an equal person in a society or is it the other way around what you mentioned what you said and my question would be to you do you have the uh feeling what do you think that uh they use refugees also like experience what can 1 introduce and the 1st to be used by the end of the year you have symbol and the use of test new technologies and I think what they are testing was written refugees if it's efficient it will come to everybody a fast steps you can explain once again what already is done with refugees and I'm sure that they do not
know what's happening is and I do I I'm quite sure when they arrive in in in in in Palau more for example after the hell on the
held on the Mediterranean and I spoke 3 days ago was a couple coming from Nigeria and other forms of other men from mind and from Gambia aging people in 1
beautiful farmhouse in the middle of the city and I wanted to speak to them and they could not even speak about what they suffered and they said they want everybody survived this 3 days but what's happening only to arrive in you
know the rate of the violence that talks some 5 months nobody thinking about the vary from Nigeria to Libya what's going on in I think it's also our task to communicate to communicate detected talents over to show pictures to make interviews from the people to us that we do not think so they are coming on the C what are they doing on the Mediterranean and when they arrived they do not understand what it means is smart borders whatever degree of understand what it you use survived others time so I think this should be we should be very conscious about what's happening already spent there and it we really organizing of the campaign against all I mean just going back to what he is saying about an of whether technology is being used as experimentation in in refugee camps think sadly a trend that we're seeing especially and I mean an example as a the iris scanning all iris scanning technologies was 1st used on refugees passing between Afghanistan and Pakistan border in 15 years ago and now we see them in airports in rich countries and then there is I mean that have it it's awful having people see the lack of legislation and the lack of that than the weaker legal environment in refugee camps especially as an opportunity to try new technologies that wouldn't work in Germany you would work in the UK in even in some development projects for example in the UK we can be rejected the idea of identification cards but the UK the development agency that fund identification cards in many other countries and it's actually it's use
used almost as a standing as a form of control in lots of ways if you know how many people there are you know where to find them you know how you can control them because as the saying I mean information in this case really really is power and and and in the the people with the most money make information about what's going on is the states is the people who are controlling this
borders and and the refugee agencies in lots of ways and it's kind of scary the amount things that we see protested against media regarding surveillance of German nationals all US nationals are exactly the same things that are happening in refugee camps is just the information doesn't get out and there's no 1 there fighting and talking to me and
there's no media really Canada on that on that you yet yeah yeah am I mean I
was 1 thing that this strikes me like what you're saying is as racism being a lack of information in the way that the German media in that Western media covers the refugee situation is is something that needs to be addressed because lots of people I mean we don't hear about the stories we don't hear the numbers like an about the number of refugees there have to be taken care of in in Munich as with M as compared to how many of to the fast and and think that having the information to the public having a framed in in a way and saying exactly what you're saying that like what you're doing shouldn't just be to refugees it should be to kind of the genome population as a whole and his the I which the German
government when they're discussing some issues regarding refugee problems we are the ones who have the problem of visually allowing us in those kind of discussions and opening videos for us because we have ideas that discussed in our problems and we would have some inputs on how to handle this issue it in the we may not agree on everything because nobody was to be stepped on the head like that and
you should the hell it doesn't apply any human beings stated to be absolutely no and that other thing is that when I was saying thank you to the German government is because there are so many countries than not providing a lot of opportunities but they have people was saying to the German government 100 % like city and people because you get the document to be due to the semantic like me I say almost I think you anonymous no thank you next
because and the German society this is the fact also we can't ignore as I mentioned
before they have their own people with problems to deal with and uh audio hold said I don't think they should be said thank you because of their explanations actions you've given how rich they are money about everything the government at least should at least give us some your mind dignity for capacity building I saw some than in Germany 18 years they good yes and that person cannot speak Dutch actually my daughter was a bit better I was like really a serious 18 years in Germany and you can't speak Dutch he said you his from Nigeria I said I wanted to do something for yourself what did you think of something he said I don't know what people of different the way they handle situations that are not the string pattern of the motivation I don't have anything and I told him I'm here to take the road with you are you ready to fight for yourself in the that you added of my father and I have to respect you and he was like groovy their it is are so scared to a to the media and talk about some of these problems everybody thinks
that we putting situation actually just to give you briefly how I came to the public that I was
trying to market this small program on trying to do in nineteen vacation where was an offense under the told me will begin my good friend later or whether to apply the public up and I said Republican that G and let's say it and go and if you a told you can't share your ideas and I said I usually will be interested somebody like news that attitude but storage I was put honestly speaking I was a nice and what's that put would and I was like what is going on i have to figure out what the hell was going on foot to good man I have to interact with 1 of the social workers and say what is the way out here where the transition I never so to that to now I don't know where the eyes and what does that mean transition is I went to text the 1 help people but I'm lucky I have friends who helped me a lot of work by my side and that's why I'm doing this solidarity motivational speech so that that just can have the same opportunity like me I have a lot of nice people around me and we have a lot more is only that we don't know how to identify these people and which strategies or at tactics we can use to identify
these people and the refugees themselves were I spoke to date the books to 1 person in eyes and what does that and I said I want to come and do motivational speech I you're ready to help me and then he said I would talk to the media I will talk to some organization will help in that and I told him please ask them to provide food and drinks to the refugees because I would invite a bond from balance so that people can can have been serious there will be serious on 1 side to help them what to do with their life and how to go about it on the other hand to have fun because we want to do it in and fight and talk and nothing more so I told him could you please talk to this politician and tell them to spend a small budget that's a small and then he said I'm not sure but I will see people need to have 1 just like you and anyone else here we are human beings who deserve at the right you mentioned equality equality rights will
add by it all right for everybody without this is stupid
skate without to intellectual without a physical appearance without your disability whatever you belong to the problem of by any human being as long as it adopts using and also treated and I used to dump they saw don't see a so much the but they do that not try to because they don't cheese they is our right to be mad with water otherwise we will have a dead environment we need something from the trees and for us need something from them we need to put something in the time thank you so much and that the government will spend something to help us and work out a lot of things we are here to help for
change and not we will fight forever thank you thank
you and let me I think for the 1st time in a very long long period of
since 20 30 years I'm working on refugee questions but for the 1st time ever there's a majority in our country of people the majority says we could do more to this new 10 years 20 years ago little these refugees coming taking away work in whatever how seasonal but now the majority in our country says yes we ready to do more of the doom are so I think this is also a
chance for the digital communities to make pressure in the social networks anywhere to speak about what's going on in this world to communicate because we have 1 4 journalists and I mean in Germany but they also there's also the so-called CNN affects the an effect means if there
are cameras on a specific crises then describes his exist but if there are no cameras then the all the other crisis will not exist and very soon so will sometimes
10 days or 1 week there's so the hot spot but then it's forgotten that it's not over so while very good friend unimodal hot was a very good friend of mine and she said forget finished gets intuitive mean don't forget them because to forget would kill them and I think this is a chance of living in a digital word was brings us together not to forget to insist to organize the information transparency what's going on with this people what's the situation in Nigeria what the situation in in Senegal in value in being in the Ukraine is a 1 . 2 million refugees and so not allowed to forget them because this is the this would kill them for example uh and and also to speak to people to gold to to to to speak to refugees to learn about their biographies designed women men children they have a biography to communicate this to get an emotional and to and the the for these people I learned when I come back now on something for example that only last year in Sicily 6 at least sixties 16 thousand children arrive without only children the representative of the capitalists and the red cross and the UNSC off they told me OK people the children were also taken in families OK but there are many of these children nobody knows where they are and there's a traffic now
going on to the traffic of children and the traffic of all so you find that the bodies of children with without organs this is terrible I would have to speak about it we have to all the money so
we have to organize an international movement again these daily crimes don't photographs something that I
feel like there's a missing is an the dish community is not just about spreading information we can organize and we can we should why
should we wait for the German state to provide solutions we can we can help directly there's about from MLN could give something back to the layer that just has connections they connect these the people you have time and resources and want to help referent mainly refugee communities having fun the learning things learning
German and they're not waiting for the German state to provide solutions because it's slow and bureaucratic times as is directly creating that connection but also not allow the state to say on all well there's a private
initiative churches can do would be but can do it neighbors can do it it's not our task 1st of all the state is responsible but you hopefully right uh 1 could make prices exactly this private initiatives and at a
scene where where half times happening what does it
mean anything like is there anything we can call the interrupt then we interrupt this discussion in the of the of the of the text you very very much for the things I talked a lot about airport has come up with a much on a
Nachbarschaft <Mathematik>
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Service provider
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IT infrastructure library
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Metropolitan area network
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Metropolitan area network
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Gewicht <Mathematik>
Zellularer Automat
Physikalische Theorie
Data Mining
Digitale Photographie
Logistische Verteilung
Speicher <Informatik>
Bildgebendes Verfahren
Leistung <Physik>
Einfach zusammenhängender Raum
Fundamentalsatz der Algebra
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Einfache Genauigkeit
Migration <Informatik>
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Abstract Borders, it seems, are becoming ever more of a priority to decision makers in Europe, while rights based approaches are fading more and more into the backround; both domestically in terms of strengthening “Fortress Europe” and overseas, sometimes through international aid. Regardless of how it is framed, surveillance technologies and increased data collection play a key part in this move, to the detriment of privacy, dignity and integrity of those affected by EU-refugee policy.

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