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the low I just waiting for my presentation Commandery snazzy graphics throughout the whole day it's lovely to be here in Berlin uh thank you all for showing up I know they also last 14 of my best friends to give a talk at the same time so I appreciate your coming to this 1 of us so we all know that the government surveillance is that right and it's got this scary scary symbolism attached to it so I don't have to go into detail about whites that we already know that it's probably something we don't want to most of us right and if you didn't know it's that leave
it there but what if surveillance didn't look like this 1 if it was hard to identify what if maybe it looked acute or lovable more like this then would we still be able to identify it as not as now where or what if it looked like nothing at all what if it was invisible now a lot of us already subscribe to the mass psychosis of and magical white man who lives in the cloud that knows and sees everything about us right so would it be perhaps easier for us to accept another somewhat less magical white man who lives on the cloud that knows and sees everything about us perhaps to to exporters topic let's start somewhere simpler let's start with the concept were all familiar with privacy so if I say to you let's have a private conversation you probably inherently understand what that means it's just you and me talking no 1 else right so a stick look at what Facebook mean when they say private right you might think it's the same thing it's just you and me and we're having a conversation who uses instant messenger here Facebook instant messenger right yeah private conversation right it's just you and me well you'd be mistaken because for 1 thing you're not having the conversation in a public space like a park you're having it in someone's home it's a private space and it's the home of creepy uncle that pays the rent by knowing as much about you as he can because that's what he cells to his actual customers are the people who actually pay him because remember you don't pay him right so here's a private conversation takes place on Facebook 1st of all you tell this stranger what you want him to relay to your friend stranger takes notes and he never forgets that's important and then he relays your message to your friends so when Facebook says private what they really mean is public in the novel 1984 by george orwell had a name for this he called it the double thing so to understand what Facebook says when they say private we have to engage in Orwellian double the now we already said we're pretty OK a lot of us with you know 1 magical white man this guy who knows everything about us right so maybe will be OK with this you know slightly less magical white man who knows everything about us right so let's take a look at Mark CA bird what kind of man is the maybe we can trust him so in 2 thousand and
10 marks Zuckerberg gave an interview with The New York er in which he admitted 2 having had an instant messenger conversation when he 1st set of Facebook when he was at harvard when it was tiny here Sylvia conversation
wet Zuckerberg says to his friend yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard just that's I have over 4 thousand e-mails pictures addresses SMS messages 4 thousand wow this tiny right and his friend goes light how did you manage that 1 and Zuckerberg says he says that people just submitted I don't know why yeah they trust me and here's the best fit Don the fog isn't that a beautiful phrase dome Fox right and of course you might think all you know this was when Facebook was young and of course the intervening years of astronomic fame and fortune have probably only made him more contemplative and nuanced in his opinions towards us or if you've been watching what's happening with Facebook's emotional
contagion experiments that they published as an academic study recently maybe not right who's aware of this who's seen the yeah some of you to basically what they did for those of you who don't know they took a group of people about 680 thousand people and for 1 group they only showed negative posts from their friends only bad things and they want to see how they how that affected them that they get depressed did they kill themselves maybe who knows it's fun right and therefore another group they showed only positive posts and what the bad due to that right and that they publish this as a study and people red and they went lots of no we can't believe you're doing this we're very angry at you Facebook why did you do this and Facebook
said sorry Sheryl Sandberg said this was part of ongoing
research companies due to test different products in other words this is what we do you guys this is our business right and that was what it was we're gonna keep doing it it was poorly communicated and for that communication and we apologize she might as well have ended that sentence with dumb far right and maybe we deserve it because even detect press or the mainstream press who should know better about what they're writing about their own articles like this
should Facebook manipulated users i don't know should it what is stupid question to ask the dumbest question you could ask the only reason you would ask this question is if you have absolutely no idea what business facebook is in it is their business to
manipulate users right your behavior that's how they make money it's their business to understand you because that's what they sell to their customers it is their business to spy on you to get this insights and that insight is what we talk about when we come when we talk about data right just like the mutants plant from
outer space in the musical little shop of horrors that starts out as a little saplings and it needs drops of blood to grow and then ends up eating whole human beings Facebook needs your
data to grow that's what it feeds on that is Facebook's food right so that such as Facebook that's Twitter that's Google that's nearly every mainstream Silicon Valley technology companies modeled today and if it's so widespread that we have to call it something so we can talk about it and in the old days if you install something like on a floppy disk in your remember floppy disks and it didn't do exactly what you thought it was going to do maybe did more maybe took some of your data and use it for something else we identified as malware and we called it spyware but this was cloak-and-dagger right it was like government surveillance was it was so easy to identify as malware we're not talking about this type of spyware anymore what we're talking about ladies and who is spyware 2 . 0 and spyware 2 . 0 is beautiful it is cut cuddly Google Doodles its privacy dinosaurs on facebook it's all colors of the rainbow how could anything bad come from this right so this is what's Shoshana Zuboff calls
surveillance capitalism so called spyware colored surveillance capitalism call call corporate surveillance whatever we call it there's an undeniable fact at the heart of it and that is that it is now where so how does a company like Facebook or its global for example same business right how do they gather this information about us will there are a plethora of ways it starts with services remember that Google itself began as a sapling it was just 1 service it
with a search engine right but to it couldn't be further from that it is a plethora of services so what do you want a place to put your photos use Picasso will global be running facial recognition algorithms to understand who you are and who your friends are who they probably run of further analysis to see how you're looking at your friend what is that mean of course the more they can the more they will do a place to put all your files have been put him on our Google drawing will Google look through all of your files to understand you better yes of course that's their business remembered . people doing this the algorithms doing it but who writes the algorithms and who benefits from the algorithms so take Gmail for example right you might say well OK i use Gmail cool uses Gmail here just a show of hands don't be shy it's by Mark and OK so so if you use Gmail right it's great it's convenient source we all love and you might say are all Costa so it you know it's OK don't worry about it right it's just a selfish decision making it only affects me right I'm willing to give up some of my privacy you know I have no idea how much I'm doing up of course but only to give it up because I get a valuable service back right it's my
selfish decisions all just take a step back right well I beg to differ it's not just a selfish decision because remember as much as you send people e-mails people send you emails as well and Gmail and Google read their e-mails also so the decision that you're making is not just that it's OK for Google to read what you write but that's OK for Google to read what anyone who wants to communicate with you rights and
they have a custom domain attached your Gmail account they may not even know that you have made that decision for them so in this sense as much as the selfish decision it's much more like secondhand smoke it also affects the people around you so how the gathers information the user services . games as well who's filled out of form
and had a recap John it's you have to fill out a word yeah and and maybe you had a photo of a street sign or another word right and the reason the other word is there is there either stand the book or they've taken a photo of a street side and they can't read it so they're saying we're gonna give you some utilities and use right by protecting your form but you help us as well I let us read the street side of cell a fair trade and there are 4 full games that the actual games who's played in
graphs here anyone plating grass yes some of you it's a freaking right free
love free to free game Android game of course you download it and there's been an
alien invasion and what you have to
do is you have to go from 1 landmark to another landmark in the city
as quickly as you can and the attack
into these these landmarks that you've gone to
and they're stop deceiving invasion and
we you really doing tho as you playing this
really cool game is you're giving Google very hard to come by data
on pedestrian walking patterns even Google doesn't have the resources
to send that many people into the streets to find
out how they will go from 1 place to another
and that's why they need you right they go go on go go find as the best routes and and use of free game to help you do it the so you might say are all OK the services don't sound that great but I can just stop using them right i-vector differ if every other service that's and that's an option has the same model whether you have a choice but let's say you can it's easy to stop using a service let's say that and go was lost rate in the Google can't lose right so what's the next step if services are somewhat easy to start using what the next step well what if I
give you devices what if I give you beautiful origin
devices like these nexus
farms over here they're gorgeous aren't the global understands user experience now they always that they do now right and these phones and have you guys heard the like half the price of an iPhone at such as steel I wonder how the do it because I think if I'm not mistaken Tim Cook is a supply chain guy right is asleep at the wheel but does he not have the same economies of scale that Google has or on these perhaps subsidized beautiful gorgeous data entry devices because think about it what you do with these devices the 1st thing you do is you sign into your device with your Google user name and password so at that point it doesn't matter what service you use we will get some valuable data from you because we've made the login for your device the Google wall right but you might sterile what would we just won't by the devices it's fine dude we've problem solved that's all go home and google loses the Google can lose phrase so what's the next step if you make money from people stayed up what's your and again it for the endgame of course is to connect everyone to the
internet bright in the west
we do that through things like Google Fiber right look at that's beautiful critical account your 1 Google account for everything including signing into the internet right because what if we don't there all if I'm connected to the Internet and then it doesn't matter what device you use going I use my phone I'm still gonna get some valuable data from you and that's really all I need I just don't lock me out man I love or I just want me out of money it somehow and this is for the west but what about the next 5 billion the guys this term is Silicon Valley they're very excited about the next 5 billion in the next 5 billion are these poor people in poorer parts of the world who can't connect to the Internet and not only yeah can they not connect to the Internet there's no 1 within that 5 billion that can do anything about it in their own way so what we have to do we have to as the white man and bring them the internet using balloons and satellites and drones because they couldn't possibly do it themselves right to mind right yeah my right arm right right and how else do we do it we do it with 0 rating services we
say here Internet . org is here where to bring you the Internet you poor people in parts of the world that we've never actually visited right we're gonna bring you the Internet with the terms and conditions attached the white man always has terms and conditions attached right now the just a bit longer nobody reads them where those terms and conditions was not the full Internet it's Facebook plus a few other things but you get that for free isn't that great free I love this quote by Desmond Tutu's as
when the missionaries came to Africa they had the bible and we had the land they said Let us pray we close our eyes when we opened them we had the bible and they had the last it's very similar to this it is a form of
colonialism right it is a digital imperialism we are bringing you the fire the fire happens to be on the internet so that's information about us that's very valuable data right but there's more information and data in the world there is information about the world right and global needs that as well as do facebook except how they gather that well
through satellites that satellite imaging of the Earth of course they buy
and gather mapping information from countries that they operate and bright and then there's also google View you
guys are familiar with street view right is a street you
composing this you card from Gal some people was made a funny face or something you know 1 of the other so it's really funny face but the places you can't go to the heart but you really need the data so there's the Google Street View try for those instances but if you can't get there wouldn't try to call that a snowmobile because you need the data right you getting the idea that you need the data right but you can't go with a snowmobile indoors without causing a scene so what about the Google Street View trolley to get the data from places that you need and if you can't get there with the trolley people at sorry it is there's the Google's Street View backpack the tracker you can take that with you and you can get that data and I just saw this recently I should you not this is real this this exists
that the camel if anyone can see so even if Google were to show up with a camel or backpack or maybe because of that they're probably 2 places you won't let Google into right 1 is your
workplace and the other is your home now I say probably because I watched L a comedy show I think it was German actually where people pretending to be Google Street went to people's homes and they said hi Google Street View very near to take photographs of your home and some people let them and but I'm going to assume that no 1 in this audience would have let the man right and that's why they need you do you see a pattern
forming here at all right who's heard of Google's latest of phone project
Project tango so project Tango thank you some people have is of phone with a 3 D depth sensing camera a motion sensor and object detection and what you do is you buy this following you take it home with you and you walk around your home and you're walking around your home it maps your home in 3 dimensions and starts recognizing what objects there are 0 yes yes an xbox and 0
there's that magazine that we recognize from somewhere OK great in year 2 DVDs in the eyes of Israel partnership so basically because they can't come into your home they need you to do the work for them of course all this information is sent to google right it's the
same thing there is a pattern happening here and it's not just the data the data that we gather is
just Adams what's really interesting is when we start combining that data together because that's when we start getting a profile of view when we start building your digital self when we start building a simulation of you and that is really valuable because
think about it I can't take you and I can't lock you up in a room somewhere in my basement and perform experiments on you all the time because we have laws against kidnapping rights are corporeal cells are physical cells are protected by a body of laws that we built over the years we don't always have those right but what if I have so much information about you that I can create assimilation of you like take that simulations and I can put
that simulation in my lab and I can study at my can psychoanalyze Nikon plotted to see how it reacts 24 hours a day and there are really no laws to speak of that protect our simulations and this is what needs to change for this to change our understanding of our relationship with technology needs to change we harbor under this
understanding the technologies of Butler so there we are right and there's our phone and we say to our phone do something and the phone says you're all do it if the Butler right Steve crew don't make me think beautiful little book about design this is the analogy that we use we need to move beyond its we need to move beyond this to understanding that for example when I use of the pad the simplest thing on my phone and I write down the fault what i'm really doing is extending myself using this technology and that's really really important because if this is an extension of myself we can start to change where we draw the boundaries of the self and if we draw the boundaries of the self to include the technology then when we have things like surveillance it's not nearly signals capture while there's a communication happening between 2 parties is a violation of the self and that's a very different place to be I think we need to start thinking about it in these lines because we
are in effect becoming sideboards not that we implant ourselves with technologies that we don't have to we extend ourselves using technologies so maybe it's time that we started
to extend personal rights to the technologies that extend are persons so that we as individuals can start to ask for individual ownership and control over what is essentially R. cells because we call data exhaust we call data the new oil what a horrible way of thinking about it right we call it the new fossils and isa I've heard so many things but really what data at years is people when we think of server
farms have you ever thought what we're actually forming what is in those forms if not people you are what we're
forming Google Facebook and these companies the our factory farms for human beings You are what we sell you are our
products are industry is in the business of selling
people in the past and in some places in the world unfortunately still today there was a very lucrative business of selling people's
bodies we used to call it slavery we don't do it anymore in a lot
of places and we don't like to talk about it in polite conversation but maybe the time has come for us to ask ourselves the very uncomfortable questions of what we call the business of selling everything else about a person that makes them who they are apart from their body yeah what we call that because that's the business that most of us are in especially in Silicon Valley and what does it mean if we combine data about everyone in the world with data about the world in real time continuously with be what what happens when we combine that together we get what I would call a camera 1 and also seeing camera in the past when we hear stories about how we went with photographic cameras to native people in different parts of world of some of them thought that it would steal their souls right and we laughed half what do we think about it if we have a camera that can actually simulate it becomes a little less funny and what happens if you own a camera panopticon well maybe you start thinking you know what true is
global recently announced that they're going to they're looking into switching from using page rank to using truth as the ranks for web pages which of course begs the question true according to whom so if I were to create a web
sites and on it said Google is now where I have a slight suspicion that this is not a rank very high in Google's truth algorithm just just a hunch because it's truth according to Google and been going on about Google a lot so I couldn't help but notice that they have a stand outside I believe the 1 the sponsors so I and II
approach nested hikers they're really lovely people and of course they are people who work at these places are mostly very lovely people right but I couldn't help but notice the wall the 2 guys see this long right I thought this would be a great chance to play some bullshit bingo you guys on a plane bullshit bingo yeah so let's start with the most apparent bits we have this beautiful screen here and it says encryption unencrypted communications can be surveilled encryption is the best way we know how to protect people's communications wow that's great that's true you know that that that's really helpful encryption so let's ask all the questions what would happen doable if you end to end encrypted all of your services and the only answer they can give you as well all we would go bankrupt tomorrow right so if your bond your business model fundamentally is incompatible the maybe you shouldn't have it up on the screen there right so here I'm gonna call bullshit on that once again I'm so glad thank you for letting me use that transition for the 1st time in the notes but let's keep reading right keeping your information safe secure always available when you want to the among the highest priorities the Google we were continuously to ensure strong security you know what guys that's not posted that's true Google has great security that probably the best people working for them right but let's not confuse security and privacy remember that the mafia is very secure they keep you secure from everyone except in the Mafia so ghouls very secure once they have your data they will keep it secure from everyone else right just not from themselves so the next bit where they say to protect your privacy now that might be true in on some in some alternate universe but in this 1 that is absolutely unadulterated Lee false and bullshit so what lovable should bear on and with the last bit and make Google even more useful and efficient for you now this is true make globally even more useful efficient is very important for them but becomes false when they add for you right when Google or Facebook improve their products that's like the most large we give to kobe beef right it's not for the benefit of the cow it's so that we have a better products then the thought that I call bullshit on that 1 is
well 1 out of 4 not bad guys thank you thank you for that so you might they're
all OK but at least these companies don't share what they know what the Government variety well of course we know that that also is bullshit right so after 9 11 AM in the United States of America they found that the Information Awareness Office with the publicly
stated aim of gathering all information about everything and everyone and this was the actual logo you know what if that's
your aim if that's your goal like public is illegal your gum agency don't make this your logo not with Leica and all seeing
eye in a pyramid shooting laser beams at the world people get scared as the people got scared and they said 0 actually sorry we were kidding we're gonna stop doing all of those things now sorry like a prank but of course as Edward Snowden's revelations have shown the NSA
really needs a higher power point is either I but apart from that they did not stop the program all these companies that we trusted with all of our private information or sharing
that information with the government why why were they doing this for 2 reasons because it was convenient and cheap because the
information that you voluntarily provide to a 3rd party is not under the same protections under the law and its in 1 place the NSA gchq Rabin you whatever has to go to 1 place and say that give me all the data for the drive through at the fast food drive through for data for people right it's convenient and it's cheap it's cents on the person now if we can take that data and distributed back to all of you or maybe even started there that's going to be more expensive they're going have to go out and find you and and have to surveil you directly that's expensive right and that the that the target you and very few people have a problem the spy agency doing targeted surveillance because that's what they do right it's when they start spying on all of us that we have a problem it's like Bruce Schneier be cryptographer and security special says the NSA wake up and say let's just spy on everybody they looked up and said wow corporations are already doing our job right despite what everybody let's just get a cop because easy and cheap to get a copy right so if this is the case I'm sure the people who run these corporations were at the head of them really take this seriously so let's see what Eric Schmidt has to say he was the XCO incurred executive chairman of Google says there's this surveillance for years I'm not going to pass judgment on that it's the nature of our society so Erica what should we do but if you have something that you don't want
anyone to know you shouldn't be doing in the 1st place only you should be doing in the 1st
place it if you have something you
don't want anyone to know maybe you
shouldn't be doing it in the 1st place yeah that it now of course when people published photos of Eric's helps this wasn't true then right so it must be true in some other instances this wasn't true when Mark sucker Berg signed non-disclosure agreements with the people working on his houses so they can even say that they were working at marks the reverse right without something to hide is it true when were
in the toilet do we have something to hide or is just something we don't wanna share Of course this is patently false because privacy is not about whether you have something to hide or not it's about having the choice to
determine what you share and what you keep to yourself with a fundamental human right that we've seen
fit To enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 12 to be precise so when companies like Microsoft and
Google say they're leading coalitions demanding an end to government surveillance when they form bodies
like reform government surveillance and they say yeah the government's terrible man the government's terrible look at them they're horrible or when they sponsor conferences
like rights con right to say we care about human rights to your privacy excetera right there is a technical term for this it's called
bullshit because because that
is fundamentally their own business model it's a very old trick it's a very old trick in magic we call it misdirection don't look at what this hand is doing so I can do something with this other hand
right and look at how horrible the government says forget the fact that that's our business right to privacy is fundamentally incompatible with the business model of these companies all they can compete on is creating the illusion of privacy and they spend a lot of money and a lot of effort doing just that whether it's lobbying in DC lobbying the European uh Council and the European Parliament lobbying within the state level or creating stories for you go actually has people the employ who are called storytellers to create that illusion but the best quote that sums up for me comes from a our product manager at Facebook Michael Novak he says now we're thinking of privacy at a set of experiences that help people feel comfortable comfortable with what with the fact that you don't have any privacy on these platforms so this business of free is a lie but it's model why because it involves up on we have to call on you know we have to lie to you when you hear the people don't care about their privacy they do they're being actively light to when they find out exactly what's being done they are not happy about and that's what research they brought a research paper it's coming out now is showing us so what's the corn will start at the very beginning
we have a start up marks young he's enthusiastic right before crisis start a body needs money so he goes to a venture capitalist that's the num illustration of such a photo they all look like that on and and he says the venture capitalist Haiti in 4 years time I'm going to have a 100 million users if we're successful how much money will you give me for those 100 million users today for when we sell them in 4 years time and venture capital says well give you 0 5 million for those today because the magic apples knows if Markus successful you will get 50 million right this is the point where if they agree to the sale has happened with venture capital the sale happens at the beginning it just takes a few years to mature and to close you already sold the users that you don't even have now here's where the hard part comes in you just sold all your future users but now you need to convince them that you're never going to do that and that they should help you build value into your platform because at this point we have the power we could kill facebook right now by not joining in not using it right by the time but enough of us have joined and we're getting more value from the network they were giving to it that's where the network effects kick in and we lose power at that point but this point mark is you know he's very persuasive places to log log that's of all built face together a B grade we like this 1 big party and amigos sure Mark let's do it and Marcus successful where's the 9 other people that that venture capitalists invested in will fail and that's why mark has to be a billion dollars success right Marcus successful but that's the corn as so we all go and and we helped build Facebook together right and the venture capitalist comes back after a few years and says OK it's time to go to an initial public offering to sell to the public or to sell to another company with this business model and a sailors complete it started from days 0 right the sales now complete so when we talk about start the start of sort a long tail of malware a start up is not just any new company it's a very specific type of new company that takes venture capitalist cells its users and loses control from day 0 so if you build a company that doesn't do that don't call yourself a start up because you're not doing yourself any favors you're better start that's not your business model so in Europe especially we're trying to be all American and trying to be all start ups let's not we can be better than that because what we're really doing is we are throwing away the potential of these technologies I met this guy who runs
spritzers sort of spreads anyone it's a new way of reading so watch the screen and that if you can read what it says you'll be reading 1 word at time 150 words from its brother the 1st new way of reading since reading was invented that's pretty big right and I was talking to the CEO at a conference he said yeah you know what we found that people with dyslexia is really good for them they can read better better with this effort that's really great well people with dyslexia helps them that's really great and then ask the question I was asked to really love the question ask people when they come to an idea what your business model and he looked at me like a stupid is that we know what you're reading because as a software developer kit that other developers taken they make products with it at the conference he told the audience we really help you make e-mail applications with this we really was the more e-mail apps so they can be e-mails the following along here right but what where we actually saying to someone with dyslexia were saying we've just invented a new way of reading it and the cost is having us read everything that you do or you can read that I think humanity deserves better than this I think we can do better than this I think we can do better than tying our future to this 1 toxic myopic business model that is running the show right now because we're shackling our
infrastructure to a business that sells people and we have to understand the ramifications of that going forward and if we take all the start ups and if we take all of the monopolies of Google faced accession we and we add them together would we get we get a monopoly of a business model and that's what we have
this business model of selling people now that's today right but what about tomorrow the things that were excited about right now write the Internet of Things have you heard about that concept of all the things you can be connected to the internet there's no instead of things there's only the instead of data right this started with I don't know if you remember Web 2 .
0 is a great time to be alive was it we believe this man but Tim O'Reilly when he said look open API is are beautiful rights bill Twitter applications built Facebook applications build value into these beautiful clothes silos and by doing that we will build the open web together that turned out well right because where free is the
life told to regular people open API is the light told to developers and we fell for it hook line and sinker I did I made a Twitter app I'm not proud of it because an API
key when you think about it is the key to a lock that you do not all and which can be changed at any time at the whim of the person or company that does own there's nothing open about it right of all Web 2 . 0 thing
was a client open API is where con open itself as the word has lost its meaning I don't understand what you mean when you say opens to me because it can have 2 very separate meanings becoming open
as an open field there's not even the suggestion of offense is a public space right I like that definition of open but the definition that we normally C is that of an
open date and the purpose of the gate as much as it is to be open is to be closed or blocked and it can be closed and it can be and more importantly it implies that there is a fence to begin with that there is private property that we are being allowed selective access to and that light can be taken away from us
so open I don't know what that word means when you use it I've seen it abuse so many times it has no meaning maybe we should reclaim it I don't know but there is one phrase where when you use it there is no suggestion any mind anyone's mind of anything else right and that is
the commons when you tell me that something benefits the commons I know exactly what you're talking about so maybe let's start using that instead so Web 1 . 0 we gather data directly with the old school way we do know what we were doing right Web 2 . 0 we got developers and lots of other people to gather data for us and build our Silas Web 3 . 0 we call it into of things now we're putting those data gathering devices inside of your own homes and were getting developers to do the same thing right so this is gone from gathering impersonal data to a very very personal data so the Internet of Things unless we as individuals have ownership and control is the Internet of Things that spy on us right like next OK was a nest DNS is great it is a
thermostat smart terms that knows when you're home knows when you're not home right and last year Google bought in January of a
3 . 2 billion and they said look guys
we know you might be scared about this don't worry that customer data will only be used by Google nest not by Google so they pay 3 . 2 billion because they liked how shiny they were right that's why they pay that money and then cool cool nests
buys dropped him a camera you put in your home that what is everything you do but the
CEO of of of nest said like best customer data don't worry drop cans data will not be shared by Google don't worry about it right that was on what is
it there we go June 20th 2 thousand and 14 right just days later
nests to share user information with Google for the 1st time that headline might as well finish with dumb
Fox right because what were we doing thank you because what are we
doing we're thinking pay unlike this I like this part they gave us because the water's really nice lady jacuzzi is a really cool invention not
aware that the fire continues to burn underneath and pretty soon going to be too hot for us to jump jump out of it right so the
Internet of Things if we don't have ownership and control by the Internet of Things that spy on us in our own homes what kind of things like the Samsung TV the
listens to everything you say and the people that we don't like that they said well just turn off it's like OK but if we turn the features of smart TV anymore right what about barbie doll that you give to your child and was everything that your child tells it right and that's that's look that by people at Bobby is in that kind of cool on and and who sort of wearables as if it
bits something like that on then you know that the quantified self yeah we love the quantified self again unless we have ownership and control of what we're talking about is the
surveillance self and we're going further than wearing things I saw company when I to partner Nestor sponsored
events in the UK that makes a pill that you swallow the broadcast data about your insides right and the reason they do it is so that for compliance for medicine taking this people don't take their medicines properly and so at this event I raise my hand and I asked my favorite questionnaires like so what's your business model and there is Silicon Valley company in there like we can get into the national health system you guys are so backwards here in Europe you ever that yet I don't like it is a good reason you can't international system I hope you don't because when I ask them what the business model he said well we don't know which means it's your data selling it right and then he followed it up because he got was late like lovely kind of you know a you finger and mouth kind of friend because meeting of business people on the said but were pretty sure it's about the data yeah right so these people can be selling data from inside you and already I mean health is the next big thing right and already we see how these health
sites are behaving over 90 % of 80 thousand health-related webpages expose user information to 3rd parties
1 company met based 200 report the use proprietary models to generate and sell marketing lists of rape victims of domestic abuse victims and patients with hundreds of different illnesses but you might be saying a roleplay with your American accent I'm not American at a Turkish group in Malaysia and French live in Brighton like to think of myself as human from Earth but you might say surely Europe is different rights well unfortunately no remember that digital imperial something that we have this is an actual
website called EU start ups I couldn't help but notice how they were trying to get you to join their job board that's a very interesting symbolize symbol there right on so why is it not different because we're in the same sort of ha ha business
had space right we have people like nearly
Croix was at the European Commission and was basically a cheerleader for start ups and for American imperialism in technology now she's doing the same thing for
the Netherlands government we have people
on like that that the Commission today I like Ottinger who said it that that net neutrality was a Taliban might developments I mean seriously these are the people who are you know a leading the show right now there
people like Jones's Richardson whom I met recently by she runs in safe and European Schoolnet now these are both European Union funded initiatives and their mandate is to protect children we recently on a show together and I couldn't believe my ears as what she said if
we were to use Facebook as the at school or any other social network at school as a learning tool young people would really learn and how do you know the minimum then to modern much more meaningful way and wouldn't waste so much time on them so as getting out videos our cat varying valued tools the on-line run out I think you better turn it down I was about nothing happen there is also a thinks that people are so she said we should be using Facebook in schools and my response was well why don't we get McDonald's to teach nutrition classes right we if we did that we would be normalizing surveillance for a whole new generation of people right so I am desperately trying to get my next slide here but it is not letting me do that to me 1 2nd technology right when it when it works now I don't think of thinking likes me right now so we is horrible thing you to pretend nothing's happening right now and there we go I awesome thank you detect folks is so lovely currently had a day so we call these things public-private partnerships right we call the multi-stakeholders and we call it co regulation but what it really is is institutional corruption is the influence of corporate finance in public decision making and we're seeing these things get worse and worse with trade agreements secret trade agreements like the tip these are agreements that are being discussed in secret which have clauses that are investors state dispute settlement clauses which means that investors and companies can sue governments when they take decisions that are against the interests of the companies but in the interests of the citizens so this is a really really big problem that we have it's not getting it's not getting any better In fact I would go so far as to say that this is a war it's a more on the public sphere is a war on the commons it's a war on human rights and individual freedoms and it's a war on democracy we keep hearing about other wars I think these are the ones that actually matter In fact we could probably say that we no longer live in a democracy we live in a corporatocracy and technology itself is not the problem we're very quick to blame technology but is modeled as Melvin Kranz works as technology is neither good nor bad nor is it neutral technology as I see the multiplier it's an amplifier it amplifies whatever you feed it you feed a bullshit you get more bullshit back defeated meaning you will get meaning so on this we change the nature of our technology throwing more technology the problem is not going to fix that we need to change its nature and the real problem that were actually battling here and you heard and some of the other talks as well including the 1 right before this 1 about diversity is systemic inequality systemic
inequality is probably the greatest challenge our species has it has the potential of making us extinct and if you if you're wondering what it is it's this is
summarized by this 1 statistic from Oxfam the 85 of the richest people in the world have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world's population so a 5 people that's what 85 looks like 85 people can fit in
1 debit double decker bus in London right have the same wealth as 3 . 5 billion half of the world's poorest population now
try to imagine 3 . 5 billion as a number you can't it's so far past the Dunbar number that we can't even visualize that is the problem it so by left in here those guys you'd be like a raw you depress the shit out of us thank you very much right I don't know why flapping me to present the set out of you but what is the solution I heard entropy recently say the solution is stronger regulation it's its government I like to think that a bit further say
differently I think destroyed the solution is stronger democracy it's strengthening our democratic institutions if our species is to survive the era of the human where we have the technological means to destroy our species we have got to strengthen our democratic institutions so it's happening right Iceland the Pirate Party is the most successful most popular party in Iceland right now how cool is that that gives me hope right we need to get rid of
institutional corruption to begin with unless we can remove corporate
finance from public policy decision making we're not going to be able to tackle any of the other problems so this does mean that we need to move beyond capitals capitalism is giving us monopolies not free trade is not giving us competition is given as monopolies maybe we moved to something like the Universal Living rate wage there are other options we moved to something that is sustainable but this is not going to cut the mustard anymore and technology can be part of the solution if we approach it properly the design of it when I see design I don't mean esthetics I don't mean AUCs as our I'm talking about I'm talking about holistic design this cell Silicon Valley does design
they designed great experiences for now at the cost of your human rights and your freedom In the future right this is where we are in design thinking
today we've taken Maslow's hierarchy of needs and we've mapped it so that we can create pleasurable products at the best of times but this is really decorations
designing alters the status quo decoration decoration simply makes it more palatable right and sometimes we go beyond decoration to things that are really quite evil and this is why in air is we're
trying to book a flight and over there says please select a country of residence right and you're like 0 nice lands like might not no they're asking if you wanna buy insurance and the answer
no is between Latvia and Lithuania when no normally let's write this is this is dark design
that's were practicing today right and we love it we make these people
heroes near error a all wrote a book called hoped the byline is how to build a habit forming products there are only 2 professions in the world that call the people use their products users 1 are drug dealers and the other is passed by and if you look at what they're saying how to
get people addicted this is evil or in the words of the web
site the book everyone in Silicon Valley is talking about because this sign without
ethics is manipulation the alternative today is free and open source but what we do and free open-source was they were building tries to protect your freedoms and democracy yeah but the cost a well that's a shitty experience we can sample requests right that's great we can't do this either going forward we're doing it because we are enthusiasts creating products for other enthusiasts right you have a according drive to work every day and you want to work really well you get pissed off at breaks down you can have a classic car art that you love to work on when it breaks down you love it because it means you spend the weekend working on it where that group building solutions for ourselves and wondering why people don't drive it to work every day that's why we need to move beyond its this is trickle-down technology we think we can build products for ourselves enthusiasm and that they will magically trickle down into things that regular people want to use now trickle-down technology just like trickle down
economics doesn't work that's why we've been
giving people of personal computers with 30 years when all they really wanted to work i've falls right and what we don't get in free and open source is experience
apple Google they get experience get holistic experience because hardware software services connectivity that's the experience and we have to compete on this ground 1 of
these companies gets it right we need to start implementing ethical design where
we designed beautiful things convenient things for the here and now that don't then violate your human rights and that don't you wrote democracy in the future and the cost will have enough to charge for its own enough to get our national institutions of supranational inches institutions institutions to pay for right and here's how it works
we start by taking human rights and respect for human rights at the bottom of argument that were missing then we build things that a functional then we build things there delightful is all about respecting the human is a 3 artists of ethical design and here's where we're failing today because we build things that don't respect human rights and if we do that we're not building products for people we're building products on the backs of people so what we need to do is we need to move
beyond the clouds right it's time to move beyond the Web we think the Web as a solution to the weather is the problem because you might say the weather's decentralized or or it we just need to re decentralized right now because
decentralize doesn't mean they're no censors it means there are many centers if their economies of scale Bill centers will grow and they will coalesce and they will become the monopolies that we know today we need to move beyond
decentralized as an architecture we need to build a future that is distributed or we won't have much of a future to begin with so to talk about right both in our society and technology and this is what a distributor topology looks like every node is equal and connected to 1 another it's not hard where Facebook says to share your photo with your friends you must share it with us we say now if you assure your photo with your friends share your photo with your friends directly this is independent technology it's ethically design technology it's technology that is independently funded we can take venture capital we lose control it has to be sustainable it needs to be designed for the whole term not just a short or the long it distributed topology and it needs to be free as in Liberty nodding costs and made by teams designing for themselves not a colonialist IC design and this is where diversity so important you heard about diversity in the last session it's so important that we build diverse teams because you can't compete with a great design team designing for itself right and if I can't make myself more diverse but I can make my team more diverse and then by designing for ourselves we're designing for diverse audience that's why Diversity Matters do not support diversity because you're doing anyone any favors apart from yourself right is in all our interests to support diversity there's a manifesto for what we do it you can read more about but basically we have to say no to a lot of things to venture capital to the Silicon Valley model to colonialism as a means of design to privilege to inequality because that is the greatest problem and fundamentally to bullshit because here's what we've done people we have taken a bullshit seed and we have planted and we have got a bullshit tree and then we climbed into the branches and now we're wondering why were eating bullshit fruit yeah because the only type of fruit you can get from a bullshit tree OK so here's what we need to do alright we we what what we're trying to do today the companies that have created this system the decorating the tree in the same way is that nice know the fruit still taste like bullshit right even if we color it and we decorated right as some of the the the problem and we say maybe if we prune the branches no you don't change nature of the tree by pruning the branches so here's what we do we get down from the tree we planned another seat right we plan to see that has reason and human rights and democracy and diversity at the core of it and when that grows into a tree we build a bridge and we and we allow people to conveniently join us on archery and archery is what will be that bridge will be the bridge between a centralized world and distributed world that we need to live in an archery will be beautiful we all have a decorated these will be diverse from its core and the fruit we get will be diverse as well and if we can do this we can build a future where we start people off in their own homes in a safe space with no creepy uncles in the middle we can plant a new tree together we can build a new future together a future where reason and human rights and democracy are not merely fleeting footnotes in our history but the defining characteristic off the human species a future that is beyond the clouds a future without mass surveillance a future that is sustainable and diverse this is the future that I wanna live in this is the future in which humanity can fulfill its potential and take its place among the stars and we can build this future starting here today together thank you my eyes have on thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you so much sounds of the theory time and I think there
might have been the from the kind of I know that I think that a lot of times I don't think we have time for questions you would find here all 3 days if you'd like to talk to me please come up and please around applause for everyone who's made this possible as well and thank you so much for
having me been doing during the