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The War on Concepts

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The War on Concepts
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The war on concepts is being waged globally, with the aim of enforcing the military-security complex. These global "wars" are against drugs, terrorism, the internet, and whistleblowers. How are they interconnected, what are we facing, and what can we do?
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for thank you very much for the kind introduction and then it's a real pleasure to be here today the chance to speak about what I have calling the war on concepts this is a talk I started thinking about a couple of years ago and it started as 2 walls and then it's 3 and now I given up trying to count accum get beyond much than so it is the war on concepts to set the scene
a little so you know where I'm coming from in the 19 nineties I was recruited to work for the UK domestic security service which is commonly known as M I 5 so this is a bit like the FBI CIA a type organization in person I was there for 6 years and then resigned with my former partner and colleague Michael David shader to blow the whistle on a series of spike crimes that we've witnessed during a time in M I 5 this included follows government ministers is included and operations that went wrong bombs exploding on UK streets and innocent people dying this also included in illegal telephone taps well may change that today and is included in some people going to prison and it culminated with an illegal assassination funded by M I 6 or sister organizations to try and kill Colonel Gaddafi of Libya in 1996 this is illegal under UK law and obviously went wrong and because Gadhafi survived to be assassinated 4 years ago in the recent q in Libya but innocent people died now we have signed up to the spy community in the UK in order to become involved in what was effectively state sponsored terrorism semi resigned to blow the whistle and as a result we became the hunted we became the criminals under UK law and it meant that we actually have to go on the run across Europe for a month and we had to live in hiding in a French farmhouse for year and we and then had to live in exile in Paris for a further 2 years and during this time I and friends and family and journalists as well as my former partner wall arrested and a David's case he was prosecuted for breaching the official secrets act in the UK and he went to prison twice festival when the British failed to extradite him from France to stand trial in 1998 and then secondly after he had returned voluntarily to the UK to face trial to man up to face the music and he'll automatically was prosecuted and convicted and sent back to prison so they high price to pay for for trying
to expose the crimes of others and to this day those people within the agencies who committed these crimes have yet to face justice however I learned some very interesting and useful lessons over all these years I've been involved in whistle-blowing type activity in campaigning activity now for almost 20 years and from that 1 I learned what it's like to live without a sense of privacy when we were being hunted by my 5 across Europe we could not trust all communications we could not speak freely to our family and friends we can even have the sense that had privacy in our own home in case they had on our home nineties bedroom
plus we also know that some of our friends were pressurized by the secret police to report back on so this is very much like living under total surveillance and is a bit like what the study did in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down and I can tell you it's very corrosive feeling to live like that to not be able to freely read and write and communicate and discuss the just it with your family without a sense of the spies invading your privacy and listening to everything we do now of course thanks missed at this node and we know that we're all facing that we know that all our information is being collected and kept and potentially analyzed by the spice the lessons I learned from this we're dealing with the media when you blow the whistle when you go public about concerned that you workplace you've course you have no experience of how the media works and this is true of any type of whistleblower coming out any background banking or health and the government to anything you just do not know how the media works so that was an
interesting and steep learning curve for us also have had the pleasure of working with a number of very high profile human rights lawyers and seen from the inside
how the legal systems can be gained and played by the authorities and finally over the last few years I had the pleasure of working in meeting with many hacktivists hackers and gay communities across Europe and beyond and they do give me hope that the hacker community the had to this community gives me hope that we might have a chance to push back against this encouraging surveillance state however are not here to talk about spies that's a completely different talk today I want to talk about the world concepts and 1 of the other
aspects that are not involved in is working as director of the law enforcement against prohibition which is a global organization usually called of law professionals people who've worked as police they've worked as lawyers judges customs officers and intelligence officers and even the occasional drugs are and we'll come together now around the planet to argue about the failure of drug prohibition the failure of the war on drugs the damage and horror that this war has unleashed a core across the planet so all different experience background has led me to really consider we facing moment what are the threats that we as the human race we as free citizens a currently up against and then of course what can we do about it go distill down to the 4 wars were mentioned in the introduction the war on drugs of course is the oldest it's been place now 40 years the war on terror and the war on off free Internet and of course the horrors of the ongoing war whistleblowers and I would think them as well most the
velocity will we get to interest in the war on terror whistleblowers but why drugs and this is what I want to discuss today In my view after the 2nd world war in the horrors unleashed during that time we reached a high point of civilization said across the western world when we put in place the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that was followed by the European Declaration of Human Rights and these were put in place precisely to store all the horrors that we saw during the 2nd world war where people could be disappeared arbitrarily seized and taken and executed without trial when came to be killed in the millions genocide occurred where people to be tortured with
impunity and when police states could run rampant so this was a very noble endeavor however of course since then we've seen these basic rights being chipped away time and time again and it is always always in the name of these nebulous walls so the 1st example is the war on drugs now this has been going on since 1912 which I believe when they 1st and opium but anyway amount talk in America in 1971 when the present at the time Richard Nixon declared his war on drugs and how can you fight a war against something know concept drugs but this is unleashed the biggest crime wave globally the world has ever seen because by banning the trade of drugs illicit drugs by pushing it underground it has pushed all the money that is made from that very lucrative trade into the hands of criminals organized crime gangs and also into terrorist pockets as well the and this has
been used to erode all our freedoms so just give you an idea when I was working in I 5 1 of my jobs was looking at the movement of arms and people into and out of the UK from terrorist organizations I had to work very closely with the UK Customs Service and they knew even then in the 19 nineties that the war on drugs have failed that they they couldn't stop drug flooding into an island state you can and it became very clear to me working with these people and investigating the logistics of the terrorist groups that there is a huge overlap between terrorist organizations and organized crime and the drug trade so for example in Northern
Ireland many of the terrorist groups in the 19 nineties received a lot of the funding from illicit drugs but against worse now it's even if it is discovered globalized for example in Afghanistan we've spent well over 6 billion dollars so far trying to eradicate the European the poppy growth we've been trying to kill that trade coming out of the star and yet now the warlords and the Taliban are estimated to a profit every year by up to half a billion dollars coming out of that
trade despite the West invasion and a suppression this trade has grown exponentially the acreage on growth for all the Afghan poppy has traveled in most areas we move to Columbia for example when there is a another organization dedicated designated as terrorist who Fock that and over 300 million dollars every year from the trade mainly indicate and we also see the devastation not just in the producer countries where militarized police within the military going to try and eradicate these crops but also in a as a transitional countries where the drugs flow through to get to their consumer markets mainly in Europe and of course North America these are devastated whole
regions 1 is the new routes for the drug trade from Latin America the producer countries to Europe is through West Africa now this is an area that is being ravaged by fundamentalist terrorism all countries have been descended into being knockin state where the rule of law is long forgotten where governments are in the pockets of these organized crime gangs and these terrorist groups Molly Guinea-Bissau it and now Libya have become the main transit routes into Europe and Libya as well I mean you know whatever people thought about coming Qaddafi being a brutal dictator yes he was to dissidents but in the vast majority of people in Libya before his assassination he provided stability and cohesion now we're seeing of course is malicious fighting islamic fundamentalists fighting for power control of Libya it is descended into fuel and anarchy and millions the trying to flee the country and get to the safety haven of Europe but 1 of the unforeseen
consequences because Libya is now 1 of the terms in which the drug trade is that drug use is gone sky rocketing up in that country to and HIV infections up violence because of drug turf wars are so not only has the Western humanitarian intervention in Libya to stabilize the whole country and created violence and fundamentalist terrorism it is also created a drunk and tidal waves in that country to and the money is huge the annual job trade
globally is estimated to be up to half a trillion dollars of profit per year as I said this is the biggest crime with the world has ever seen and yet are governments and the UN still insist that we are winning the war on drugs while we not because prices go down availability is endemic crime is associated with it it is a negative impact on so many countries it subverts governments and of course it creates a massive financial corruption so for example as 1 of the big banks that was caught out money laundering on behalf of the Mexican drug cartels have couple of years ago with HSBC they received a
record at the time a record fine for laundering this drug money of 1 . 9 billion dollars but he had had to drop in the ocean compared to the profits they were making for handling the money coming out of Mexican drug cartels if that is a very famous quote and the man in charge of the drug unit in the UN in 2009 was a man called Antonio Maria Costa and he said famously on the record that after the crash of 2008 as as the global credit crunch the only reason most of the major banks still had any form liquidity was because of the gray and black money coming out of the drug trade that's how much we're talking about so the other aspect of this of course is not just the impact on the producer and transit countries but also the impact it has in the consumer countries are countries as well when the all basic rights have been infringed in order to track down the drug dealers tracked down the user's prison a particularly
America the war on drugs is always an almost like a dry run for the revision of civil liberties they came about with the war on terror after 9 11 where the DEA the FBI the CIA were allowed to invade people's privacy spireless evade arrest them on trumped-up charges shortly before the suspicion of some sort involvement with drugs this is decimated whole cities whole communities it is a failed
policy and it needs to be reformed I have to say that there is a bit of a ray of light on this front there have been successful successful attempts in Europe 2 D penalize at least decriminalize drug use so people who use drugs will not be automatically put in prison the people who have a dependency on drugs can get treated rather than present as a health issue not a criminal issue and these have been successful across Europe we've also seen as
well movements across Latin America in various countries with legalization models of acquired legalized localities and also in America even the fountainhead of the war on drugs we have seen that for states have now fully legalized the use of cannabis purely for fun with radical idea but in 23 states now have legalized for medicinal use so there are good things coming I think that the war on drugs will finish will come to an end in the next decade the globally there is a push back against this health policy however I think that's only going to happen because the US cannot afford it anymore if they want to wage the war on terror the US doesn't need the war on drugs
as an excuse to invade and in an interfere in foreign countries abroad because it has the war on terror so it was a practice run it has been very useful to the world in the global superpower and a lot now they no longer needed as of course many in the audience I think of you remember what the wall and the world pre 911 was like in the sense that we didn't have to give up
all our basic rights in America with the Patriot Act which means the state has complete control over the in Europe where we are living under increasing surveillance states because of the war on terror but now American use the war on terror to intervene across the world in any country it deems worthy of interference not necessarily the humanitarian and reasons if every unlikely will it be for humanitarian reasons as there was playing and normally be for the spreading of democracy the instead what we see is American using those pretext to invade and occupy Wall destabilize and control countries that have geopolitical and um resource of significance to them this is why for
example we've seen them going to Afghanistan Iraq they want to go into serious thank God there was stalled Libya Yemen Somalia and across the planet whole countries have been decimated destroyed on back to the Stone Age in the name of fighting the war on terror this has become a civil when Ian as pretext almost any excuse to go into a country which is of vital strategic importance to America and we see again with the war on terror the erosion of all our basic rights with our own countries where suddenly it's OK to scoop up everyone's information it's OK to invade the privacy it's OK for them to gather and report all communications and even to make us think
the that we need to self-censor means that in fact there was a report recently in the UK that 28 % now and was Snowden's revelations are self-censoring what they write what they read what they watch and how they communicate generally over electonic communications that is a very
dangerous path to go down because we don't have that sense of privacy then you stop being fully informed and fully participatory systems and the government can slide into a totalitarian state but this was for the war on terror as well because of the impact it has on on the regions that have been bearing the brunt of this war yeah Libya as I said was a relatively stable country and has been bombed back to the Stone Age the whole swathes of North Africa and the Middle East and Central Asia are daily on the receiving end of drone bombings we have a situation where under the NDA in America the president's now has the power every Tuesday morning to sign a list of people with CIA say are terrorist suspects and they can be assassinated anywhere in the world is enduring bombing and this is taking out a whole villages is taking out a whole communities in wedding parties across places like Saddam and Somalia and Yemen and Pakistan yeah and then of course we
see the bigger picture as well with the illegal wars has been waged in the name of fighting terror the trumped-up charges to member before we had to go into Iraq in 2003 in Britain this was sold to us based on fake intelligence it is now being established to have been realized that took Britain into that war is now being established to have been lies that took US that wall current health famous statement of the UN saying that Iraq was trying to acquire you uranium from Niger was information fed into the system by British M I 6 and it was totally fake and because of that fake
intelligence millions of died and been displaced and named across the rock and of course is left the country wide open for more ruthless terrorist threat to take root with but that and all these people these war criminals stayed people who like to take this into these walls the people who failed this intelligence have never been held to account they're not in The Hague at the International Criminal Court they're not being prosecuted they're not even fact usually given medals and awards food good service to their country the other aspect is seen as well even in Europe is the CIA and they're snatched teams taking circle terrorist suspects to black prison sites around planets to be tortured European
citizens being snatched taken away even from Germany there an infamous case of mistaken identity of a man who was seized and flown to Egypt where he was brutally tortured and most medieval none of and then they realize they got the wrong man and he was mistaken identification so they just throughout sentence to Greece and left him to find his way back to Germany this is the world we are living in in this in this war on terror it is the perfect Orwellian wall we are always lowered eurasia East Asia insulin we whether we always need a bit figure if the
then of course we have the war on the internet and this is where it gets really messy because even if we want to protest and many millions must did against the illegal invasion of Iraq back in 2003 millions of us in the street and our government still ignored or wishes even if we want to protest now and activate now and get involved in politics it is very easy because of the locked out of the Internet for the governments and the spice to have at least for knowledge of what we are planning to do and we know the units so many of
us have been aware of the possibility of the control of the Internet for many many years me being paranoid about the because of the disclosures that was in we now know that in fact even our worst fears we're not as bad as the reality that's going on out there the Internet is the nervous system over all modern societies and it is wide open and vulnerable to the surveillance attacks there's a golden opportunity I think for the Americans particularly in the 19 nineties when the Internet was just beginning to take off people begin to use it and all by the way all the major companies that we'll take for granted now like Google and Facebook Yahoo and all the rest of them with Silicon Valley companies so America that perfect opportunity perfect storm of opportunity to make sure that they could control it and ancillary it as much as they wanted which is why we found from snowed in so many tales of the fact that even these big corporations have been vulnerable have had back tools have allowed the spice to snoop on all social media the other aspect of
this those well is what is sort of the copyright wars think is the best way of putting it where people criminalized for sharing information for downloading films for non-commercial use and it started in the late nineties and this is always been used as a stalking horse for the spies because of the big media corporations with say we need to watch what people are sending what they're downloading in order to stop this evil an infringement of copyright and they will go as far as saying we need to go and look right down even deep packet inspection if people want to try and hide what they're downloading behind what they're trying to watch yeah and of course once you develop the technology to
do that and of course the spice can do the same thing to the and this is what we think so with the copyright was there's a sort of attempt to control what we are allowed to read what we are allowed to ingest what we are allowed to view and then with the surveillance of the Internet carried out by the official spies they watch and the human contact with sizes of perfect pincer movement in the way that control of what we can read what we can watch what we can listen to freely is a sort of modern version when 10 to the modern version of the Nazi book burnings you are not going to have access to this information you're not allowed to keep this book you're not allowed to watch this film so as a perfect place movement and we see this again um this is a corporatization which we say that the intermediate international of the corporate and state in America particularly those 1 very famous case a few years ago of Megaupload and and how many of you have heard of that she has do not column ran this and this sort of drop box type thing are from New Zealand where people could upload their fish graphs for their work share it with people and of course some people use that to what these films and share it with friends or whatever so the
media organizations in America pressurized the White House to get all the spy involvement in taking down this website we had a situation where an FBI SWAT team immediately flew to New Zealand and read can adopt comes compound I mean they're literally black helicopters and people you know scanning down the road to catch this dangerous the and undertook down his website and their argument for that was it was Megaupload don't called and anything which has a top domain name which is the American based Americans believe it is covered by their American laws that copyright was said now we know that
if they so wish they can take on any website ending in doc com . org . net button inferred with no prior warning no due legal process and they can criminalize you if they don't like what's on your website so
this is a so the projection global projection of American hegemony they're trying to do it through the laws around the internet now as well yeah so I urge any of you got website to get a nice decent safe . something to protect yourself against the possibility of her involved in any sort of activity or actions that the Americans might like so it just for the record my sites based in Switzerland so this is all these different mechanisms where they can control and and the horrors horrors has come out from the disclosures by this node and continued day by day Berlin has a certain reputation at the moment as a sort of a haven for digital dissidents as will seem to be known and many of us have been attracted to Germany because of course Germany has been through some nasty historical events and lessons learnt a constitution was written laws will put in place to protect the privacy rights of everyone in this country all very noble all very good for very
unfortunately unenforceable it appears yeah so even though there is this protection of the constitution we know now from snow and that the BND your local spy agency has been doing its best to creep up to to curry favor with the NSA even though it's actually quite disgusted by the Americans and by the NSA they still want to know that comes off the table said on the Internet is very dangerous as a center for if you cannot freely read and write and speak and just discuss even but particularly if you cannot organize and activate and get involved in political campaigns to try and push back against some of this stuff if if you're being watched then he will doing that freely you will lose your right to be a
fully informed citizen and you lose your right fully informed activists if you so choose because the spies on everything you are doing and they can stop you from doing that preemptively now so for example in the UK we had exalt we have had times where activists who want to go and protest initiated organize it on things like Facebook and they say while we're going to meet here at this time we do this and they have been preemptively arrested and held in custody for 24 hours over crucial time period to stop them going out and doing that action and then they released without charge this is sort of modern version of Thoughtcrime almost and again it's a wedding if we don't have these freedoms if we don't have the free flow of communication will become just commodities will become non-citizens putting up with the dictator of our political superiors now 1 of the great steps forward of course in and from a whistle-blowing perspective as soon as I heard about WikiLeaks and we assume that next units on the way back in 2009 I just got a concept the free flow of information the raw material going to the people for them to see what the government's doing in their name what the spy agencies are doing what the military has been is doing in our name i is a fabulous revolutionary idea and I was very pleased to read this week this emissions process is coming back bigger and better this is
enabling technology for all of us but particularly to protect whistleblowers yeah because it also means that you can park all documents your proof of the crimes that you wish to exposing the public with with an organization bit wikileaks all globally for all the other week groups out there now this gives you a record
of what you're trying to talk about because in the past study back in the 19 nineties the analog days of my whistle-blowing you take the
proof you have to give it to the journalist and the journalist then would be threatened by the police and would have to hand it back over to the spicy news you prove something that WikiLeaks for global eats or whatever is a wonderful revolutionary new model and we need it because if you look at all the horrors has been done in the name of the war on drugs the war on terror and of course trying to crack down on the freedom of the Internet the system is broken we have no real oversight now of the spy agencies they can and they do a break whatever laws we put in place to hold them to account proportionately within a democracy at the end he's doing it the gchq in the UK is doing is of course the NSA is doing it because they can all our countries have laws in place to hold these people to account to provide oversight and yet the spies will continue to break the law and lie to their political masters and again with
things that war crimes you know we are taken into illegal wars against all citizens wishes which kill and maim and poison displaced millions of people and there is no accountability nominal politicians are held to account will tried for war crimes and in fact when you look at some of the whistle blows the they are the ones who always penalized for those war crimes for exposing this war crimes so we have a position now where it seems to me that the media is not doing its job properly it's not holding the spice account on a general basis whether the legal profession
is not any itself being spied on by the size and by the NSA as we now know from again Snowden's disclosures the where also the whole legal process can be subverted by the spy agencies the system is breaking and there's no accountability and is not holding the law and this is why we move on to the 4th topic i want to address which is the war whistleblowers because if all the other systems seem to be failing what will feel other systems seem to be failing only not getting justice we're not getting accountability and not getting the criminals will try then of course we are going to need more and more whistleblowers to come out they are in my view the regulations of last resort when every other avenue has failed you will get decent people coming out of the intelligence services and the military and government and big business often people again what the
sort of agencies did because they want to make a difference they want a job that could potentially even stabilized and like some melodramatic and not very motivation that drive and that's an ability will take them on to the next step which is if they are not allowed to raise their concerns or they're told to just follow orders or told to not rock the boat if nothing ever changes or forms and if the spies continue to get away literally sometimes this matter then these people will come forward they will say it's worth the risk that people need to know what is being done in their names the now back in the
nineties in my case it was bad enough will we faced in the UK under the Official Secrets Act 1989 you automatically face 2 years in prison per charge under the Act that's bad enough amenity really fantasies came to prison for 2 years that's it's bearable the the effects of course other media and a lot of the media can be controlled and some by spies and will make your reputation to and of course you step out of your professional life and music of animal the ability to get a proper professional job so you your income status and you pretty much of social life to it's a huge step you tell you like inside out and yet we felt it was worth it now of course what we're looking at
particularly in America is this appalling penalties being faced by these young people coming forward we've had many many whistle-blowers come out in the last 15 years in America particularly from the NSA but also from the FBI as well and the CIA and they have all been at least persecuted with their reputations left in tatters and no job to go to and in many cases they have been prosecuted and face the most occurring in a sentences there
was a man came as the CIA a few years ago who Jonker reactive and how many of you felt that he is exposed the fact that the CIA had a torture program now have any of the torturers in the CIA being arrested and questioned prosecuted no is all being hushed up covered up don't react you have went to prison for 3 years he's just out yeah and we had 3 previous NSA was supposed to cut the the Bill Binnie and Thomas Drake and they're all saying the same sort of things that was Snowden's been saying and they will faced appalling treatment to in fact Tom Drake went all the way through all the approved channels up to and including a congressional hearing under oath so we did everything right about raising his concerns of illegality within the NSA despite all with
his house was raided in a dawn raid on his door smashed in my SWAT teams use hold off out of the shower and was facing 35 years in prison for going through the correct channels Bill Binnie again threatened with 35 years in prison and this is what ever snowed in at the very least would be facing if he were to as the American politicians say man out and go home and face the music this is an appalling appalling thing to face and what I find particularly brave gibus node is the fact that he took this step at around the same time that another very famous whistleblower Chelsea Manning the who again was appalling treaties was at on trial and was receiving a sentence of 35 years in prison as well for the crime of having exposed to measure on the part of the US military so to walking an agency like that to know that if you're lucky you get 35 years in prison for unlucky there will be calls for your assassination and yet still speak out still say this is wrong we need to reform I think is an act of
amazing amazing courage and this is a war whistleblowers particularly in the USA because there is that they use something called the espionage act which dates from 1917 to prosecute whistleblowers now this was never envisaged for whistleblowing this was I should put in place to prosecute traitors who gets smaller sentences under it by the way yeah and yet this has been used or threatened to be used by President Obama since he came to office more times in his time in office but all the previous American presidents put together since 1970 if that is not a warm whistle-blowers I do not know what is and this
comes from an assessment that was written it was drafted way back in 2008 after these earlier NSA whistleblower where the CIA advise the present then saying actually and all greatest threat now to our intelligence agencies is an espionage or whatever it's what they call the insider threat the possibility that someone with a conscience might lead the agency and blow the whistle go public they call it the insider threat and this was in response to the evolution of WikiLeaks factors it gave the whistle a fighting
chance so we have a situation now where the agencies are beginning to eat themselves on the inside out of paranoia and they're all watching each other in any member of staff who begins to exhibit indications of having a conscience or an ethical framework is going to be automatically suspicious to that agency how it becomes this in our
countries non-democracies so this form whistleblowers is ongoing and we need to push back on 1 of the ways we're trying to do that is to offer more support to whistle-blowers across the world there are many many organizations now coming forward and I have the pleasure of being part of a group called the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence and every year we come together to give an award to someone is displayed that integrity intelligence this year we held the award ceremony in Berlin and we give it to build any of the NSA and he did this
wonderful speech he said after all these years his a career and saying that all these years working there is any sense he then whistles working with the sort of groups that he met people with any sense of ethics and intended integrity and with on so we need to be aware of the issues we need to be aware of what these whistle-blowers face and give them given the the dew credits and respect to actually look at what they're disclosing look at the facts of what they've exposed don't fool for the line often peddled by the government and by controlled mainstream media which tries that people way to look at the past to attack the person ad hominem attacks and things look at the facts and act around these facts
so in my mind is the 4 walls they are interrelated for finding a threat to a common threat an ongoing threat which justifies what President Eisenhower described in his valedictory speech back in 1961 things where he 1st used the phrase the military-industrial complex he was very aware the conflict ongoing on ending global conflict is very good for big business anymore and the people of the world about it and we didn't really hit him and we've allowed these walls to be used as a justification to ravage whole regions and countries and to take away our civil liberties to so now we have a situation where it's evolved beyond even just the industrial is becoming a sort of global panopticon surveillance state so perhaps military security military security intelligence complex would be the more
up to date version of it but it's very good for the governments and it's very good for big business security is the new global big business and I think seeing that merger reminds me of another quote which is Benito Mussolini's
definition of fascism here's the Italian dictator the circle of war his definition of fascism was the merger of the corporate and state now I can't see that we're very far away from that if we ought not already in the middle of that now we are up against a fish stick impulse and we've recover the globalized now not just as a nation state level so this is why we do need to take action set ontology accomplish suggestions 1 as informed systems and do make sure were informed you know go read write watch without fear and then get involved in it's at trying to work through the existing if it passes democratic systems lobbying for change lobbying renewals lobbying for and the banning of laws that will let corporations right rampant over what few right we still have left in Europe for example the teacher agreement secret agreement that even by European and he's not that of read
where can push back that way lobby for the changes of laws greater oversight over the spies accountability for the military and that is a good 1st step and keeps us involved however of course even if we get a little bit lower forms how do we know that the spies are going to obey them How do we know that the corporations will pay them we don't so we need more whistleblowers to hold these people to account and we need to offer them as much protection and support as we can the and finally we need to remember that we can't rely on our governments to protect our basic rights in and 1 of the very basic rights as privacy because without privacy we cannot function democracy so up that reassurance among governments we need to take our steps as individuals take responsibility for our privacy and again you know within the hacker community had this community there are many many wonderful tool that can be used to protect your privacy Starting with
open source technology open source software using PGP encryption even if your shopping lists ideas and use tall he's tells a always had trouble that composing means on the run of the record and at my strange like an but if you use this suite of different privacy tools Eve according to represent even that was made and we still have a fighting chance at protecting and what we want to do on the internet that of course is a whole other aspects that how we keep our physical computer safe as well but it's getting people to think about
that why important what's at stake what we need to do to push back against this encroaching corporatist fascist global state so there is hope and being the circumference is always gives me great and just to finish finally 1 of the other aspects that I'm working on now just launched a new organization called code red and working with an old friend from the 11 years called Simon Davies who is the founder of Privacy International and also the founder of the Big Brother walls many of you will be aware of those and we want to be the next step there are many many groups and campaign out there working towards the sort of aims many
concerned people but too often that sort of it's simply separates the not connecting not learning from each other and then not cross pollinating particularly crucial groups such as the media such as the tech community and the legal community and the whistleblower community and the activist community and there is so much we can all learn from each other so you want to set up a clearing house for groups around the world where we can all learn best practice and through uniting become more powerful because we are many and there are few so please do support thank you very much be
and thinking that amounts and was very like Borland nodes and blob I can imagine there are tons of the use of such a mean of the sample and then gene and and if you have the internet the yet ready for it I would like to open for the audience we we last time silence graph the tense the honey gone I think
for a year on a very interesting speech a new insights usual for those of have 3 questions are you can answer them all of and them 1st of talking about the
posts may be sitting in America World War my view you genomes reverses loses the hand wall or I will be interested in a few hours you the possibility that I mean even uh years American our companies are able to shut off for example web size so what are those which are uh so and develops and and written by armed was terrorist groups or like ice is a 2nd order 2 of I would be interested will use you the start of the reform of through system do we have to 1st our change there
are people who are on the decision makers or we have to have certain by streams of money or there is something else and I have sort which reviewed comes on usually has to have a of these of checking you through it and now I
i mean the mechanisms in place if there is an a websites that reaches the lost country or international there are mechanisms in place legally to go through and take it down I mean you know that's how it should be but it needs to be seen to be done is to be due process the fact that American just pull the plug on any of the so called American domain name to that website is the illegal aspect of this sort of the totalitarian aspect of this thing and so yes there is if due process applies and the laws a clear and transparent and understandable to the the people that is fine but it's this behind-the-scenes no warning no due process aspect which is very worrying and information just disappear means so again quickly when the pressure mounted 2010 every married website having Brown while was taken down apart from Switzerland and that's how they continued which is another reason and Switzerland website and and in terms of influencing and the policy-makers decision-makers and things like that well yes I mean we initially have democracy still we can still vote in good people but the system that the mechanisms around is assessed stack and that once even if you want to the people in it's very very difficult you know they're always be seen as french
people most politicians and other ones and the ignorance of the most basic tech issues anyway which is frightening you know you want a three-year-old driving a Ferrari what we want these moral it's running all countries in making laws about the Internet in an so that is difficult and in terms of what we can do about it I think we just have to fight it's an it's more than this thing I would say yes try the democratic process try changing the rules that don't rely on its you know is is small we have to take that that power induced stuff it is listed as of asymmetric through the wall the think of master
of the sentences come back that with some the thinking of
the are the people who make the decisions and and about the structure which is all might be behind some kind of a military-industrial complex um I'm wondering a this is this system of this net network moderate harbor Yukon college uh just uh at some point but influence the water of the world Global Order of security also in some way
and and not a and I'm not supporting this but still I'm asking myself I would comes next if there is gone as a very good question I don't know it's a simple concept so we have a situation
where sunny in America and the UK this is a revolving doors and between despite of the senior military the City of London and Parliament he knows what's known in Britain as the establishment of an animal work in Germany in their class interests of head and hi and then of course you have a situation of the country where the book is it Greg Palast called them the best democracy money can buy I think was a good 1 so that was that the American system where of course there is unlimited funding to the preferred uh electoral candidates and the person with the biggest funding getting and of course the beholden to their corporate sponsors which again goes back to the cooperative the idea and manners as becoming very stock so it's a really impenetrable concept to try and get to grips with and I don't make people hopeless which is less
they still try the democratic process but I do think we're coming to a point where we do need to think more about our information you're warfare have addition chance back at that but this like and I got 2 questions as well
and you those 1st question may lead to a 3rd question but we'll see on the 1st question what is your definition of terrorism yes I find definition of terrorism you yeah I mean there are like about 30 35 up to 60 depends so yeah and they're working definition is al used be the use of violence for political ends and that simple OK yeah and then know the 2nd question I
I don't know and don't you think or do you find the kind of system of systems problems is not a structure rondo structural 1 like the yeah because you said that on we can still vote politicians and politicians can still be good which by do not judge here would on uh and the the problem could lie in the structure of the system as well because there are approaches like the direct democracy or face-to-face democracy but was criticized and yet I would tell me not had the presence of privilege working with the loving Uncle like Gravelle on the European Tour a few years ago and his this is his big thing is
direct democracy and as they Switzerland is probably the closest we can see that in action although even there is a blockage at certain level and 50 care and foreign policy and the holding all system is is a systemic failure and another another definition to explain this in the UK we have a whole range of laws which are there to detect the government and spies and military not just the Official Secrets Act an and laws in place or to protect as they put it national security now under UK law that has never been legally defined and under the in the UK it can be if used a fig-leaf to cover up anything embarrassing and it can be conflated by this system this establishment political elite or whatever
and and misused in terms of things that national interest or even what they think is national governments interest or something like that to stifle legitimate dissent and activism subtle criticism now national security from the inside perspective is something that poses an existential threat to the continued existence of a country that is not a matter how calling the occasional terrorist atrocities that is not an existential threat the nor is smoking a joint have justification in shredding um everyone civil liberties to protect national security that said all these ideas can be used in stretched in elasticated to cover up the Government's structural their embarrassment lives or whatever and I think systemically if
we as mutual systems mature democracies connected to them and say let's actually have a look at what is the existential threats to our countries and you know what you've identified and then we can deal with them how do we best please them hardly best protect ourselves against them and in a proportional way we didn't democratic framework analysis discussion of been advocating for years and and I would encourage everyone else to advocate for that because there's no point is saying 0 well we've got this war on terror and this is this new group and there's this new group and by the way these political activists out deemed to be domestic extremists theory can investigate like terrorists to that is a very dangerous path to go down socially so I think in adjusting where some these fundamental issues which again is what code residents try and pull together such as widely have these laws in place while the
working could turn changes I think is very fundamental the OK maybe 2 more very quick questions the well thank you very much and thank you for your workers will come to you talk about that there are good people in government and then M I 5 and your obviously 1 of them and that but you also have X 5 of course but in the intelligence community in general but also talked about that there are some already looking at each other is that 1 developing a conscience and something like that on my method see something of similar in politics and and the close connection between money and politics developing and and I'm also getting some help from you talk about I'm also asking them to see like a window of opportunity being there that is rapidly closing like that and systems the political or intelligence systems that there are some
developing mechanisms of weeding out whistleblowers or other people like that and so that there is some kind of wonderful opportunity that is now there but that might not be the end of the year or mid-term future now I agree I mean not carefully antenna like matrix new agents with planes everywhere and
access according to the human factor is always going to be there and then the best thing and the investigation into backgrounds in private life to be recruited incredibly intense because of weeks so they should know what they're getting in fact they did know what they're getting for example doing my recruitment was was written about my views and I think that a long debate surrounding cited useful to know should you put people in prison without trial and they keep saying that this thesis of people we want anything to get on the inside of that you come up against the sort of group think it's very hard to there's no there's a ventilation is there we go will discuss your concerns so they seem to have concerns often end up needing and and
those who don't end up the pole in a principled and end up heading up the agency and setting the moral and ethical time for the agency which is worrying it has a window of Tennessee that factor that human factors was going to be there they can they can come down on the group process as much as they want but they can't rule out the risk entirely what we have to do that is to say that it is possible for whistleblowers to survive the process because the greatest deterrent with the play is the crushing of that individual and the ruling of the so everything about support and says it is possible to live a full productive life afterward even enjoy it in and that's really the best way that we can encourage more was let's not enough I think it's fabulous that's snowing made its to Russia and as being protected and immigrated genital from the silent and that the that he would be and would often much protection how
to do