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Sealed with a Bit: !Mediengruppe Bitnik
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Random Darknet Shopping Bots, Mail Art and Surveillance Algorithms: Mediengruppe Bitnik on their latest works, Art and Technology
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Computer animation Meeting/Interview
so if this is without and
the I
think the kind and in the a so I have pi but thank you for having
us here we really pleased to be you really happy to be here and we're making up a bit like a promissory my name is common this is the Wal-Mart and that's where an artist group you worked In the hands on the internet and we would like to have show you 2 maybe 3 of our latest what's bad we tried to stop before football stuff so and yet will
start right away with our whack tools and delivery this assumption
talking about and the ask starting point to this lack was our interest is in the
circumstances under which Julian in France has been living since seeking asylum at the Ecuador remember the London change in 2012 so at the end of the as being surrounded by British cities as in August 2012 and I tied 1908 this situation the embassy and the Ecuador and everything is in the heart of London behind Harris so as you practically walk out of the of the tube station through like Torre's construct this and you will use you stand in
this war zone outside the Ecuadorian Embassy that you have the Ecuador remember the surrounded by British police and and you know it's strange man standing around with them but also jump where you just felt like so very the and an we I mean for us as artists it's always important to find images fool and what's going on around us for our realities and we found that this end of the this surrounded embassy in a western european our capital and was to be um did the age full what's been going on and on the internet between and people trying to make information free and people trying to keep it contains and we ask ourselves happen we intervene into this political stalemate because and for us it's often about this uh involving ourselves in situations we find that surround us have we filters um do something energy this extraordinary memory with the tools we have like we use computers just internet there's life camera us so this is something we can see that in all these there were taken we play with the situation or can we introduce a bit of normality and we can quickly came across that a system that was still lacking quite only at which was and the postal system and we ask themselves and is
it possible to use century in the sarge elect uh so that when it arrival would that be taking half of this is that unlike we knew it was before snow and we knew that even a mixer tried to reach somebody mimsy from Zurich via e-mail that is made of elective it would read it you know every border link it would cross that the made would have been because if it's unencrypted it's just like an open postcard got so we thought OK I'm elected there is like some compulsive secrecy we we know that in our have In the pull system Pull systems so why don't use the analog things and C unlike the OK if if you send something to do in ourselves what booklet take would they opened its who would open its how long will it take just like something like a trace shields we command we haven't Linux on page or you have a system have a system that is and then so we decided
to and centered in the massage parcel and with a hole in it because with the latter we wouldn't have known what was happening to the left the so we built this parcel uh inside that there was a camera which sort of took pictures out through that hole you see every 15 seconds and uploaded the images to the Internet life so we had this feedback channel from all possible as it moves through the postal system
yeah yeah and we'll come and yeah we went to London and I went to East London and the again embassies somehow western on maybe and um what really like it is like to create situations in which we don't control so like here you drop off this parcel you have a the picture you have a life stream of it's going to a system it produces images of maybe an unknown territory also and there but you have no control over it so it's as we know exactly as much as our and the people watching at home maybe or watching the life so yeah we basically addressed the powerful to the Ecuador the and air-dropped itself at the
post office about this was um the scan of the particle so
you see more or less and they said that a cameraman and mobile flying because it I mean it's the easiest way to have a camera and a device which can also send the pictures somewhere that we have a lot of batteries and some so basically the the the the box implement was just like that to the mean the median was a message the yet so this is wrong
so the 2nd and so
we yeah but source so I don't went to drop off the postal at the post office um maybe will see the images in a minute so this was the website and you had like the light images arriving here yeah and then that and because we wanted people also to be able to understand what was going on if they
haven't watched it from the beginning we um images we like from the
stream of images coming in and and sort um at the price of the months which set so that the common you see at the bottom is this the tweet put on but so this is boring maybe need is that at that depth and and so you see in the mirror you see Delmonte queuing up through so that there's an artist self portraiture and and it's 12 o'clock o just annoying but on the weekdays and religiously dropping it off and I'm like the 1st question was met with a take it you know because it has this whole there's like a Ehrlich electronic devices inside which are running and it was addressed to to do in a song to really felt like
a kind of yeah yeah so getting closer to the content that's the loan was generously cold for the
past was immediately accepted postal worker and it would
disappear in reddish so yeah I as the owner wouldn't know what to expect what kind of pictures to expect but differ the reality for the next 40 hours basically relish picture is really abstract paintings of reality after knowledge of some nothing changed we are in a postal it's red some like a little bit of light at 3 o clock 2 hours later at the hours later the more
light and that around 4 o clock
we totally lost connection
heat to the camera was off for an hour and and we do know and that you know what's happening at Seneca our stuff to build a summary fragile so it's it's really nodes of well test we we tested in our we tested now studio but I mean you know things can break so um were kind of onshore if the camera was broken or the internet connection was gone or if some maybe somebody is opened the parcel and you know just like has taken the the myself but after an hour and we saw that the GPS started to move so we also like a cheap is the but but not life map just like coordinates the and we saw that there it's heading like distance on thank you so and at around 6 we got readings from and there a central London I think it's called the Mount Pleasant mail sent and and and we're really excited so because of and ours we don't like the 1st picture from our postal system which is and by this time there were quite a few people following this
sum to withstand on the websites and so we did this and basically we're
starting out with an empty Twitter accounts and we we weren't
sure if anyone was going to be interested in this experiment except for us
and and so people also and started to participate in the sense that they would tell us and you know this post offices called Mount Pleasant I know this because um I can I have worked at the post office so I just know
the postal system and that was really interesting for us to have this channel and 3 Twitter to have this channel and which also gave us this at certain amount of feedback lags people walking still and the Mount Pleasant
office it's 9 o'clock we're still like in the center of we're pretty center central in and while retaining but still worse for no right back and now in the greenback
greenish lights pictures the guidelines the that is moving so we are now at and duties for station which is a really central so if the salon Western along and we're going to direction of of the embassy and around this time of service actually started to crash from the amount of people trying to watch so we weren't very prepared for this
and people started to set up mirrors and that sort of and run back ups great and scraping the image is because they were afraid and there may be a lose them over yet these would go offline and we were living outside the city really fast now according to the GPS readings um and arrived at the May Heathrow apple acts and save a lot of logistics as sort of the Royal Mail and sorting office so most of 2 images were black and
then were letting the sorting area
again and so here we got and so that the puzzle was taken at the back again and we we call this an arm and photography it sort of felt like and this this as possible was actually lie and being like this sort of that being pushed through the system it's sort of um felt like it had the life of a of its origin and view it shared with us yes and no it's already 4 o'clock in the morning we're showing since more than 12 hours and were heading back into the city was kind of strange because we made it a small who communicates with a detour so we went from the Sloan fatigue km out of town and heading and iron more in the morning heading back to its less than a long where do assumptions based so at 6 o'clock in the
morning and others and in office but and yep and
we earn the but back in the city now I you actually quite need in the Ecuador in embassies and our movement was really like stop and go also we had like the feeling that it's 9 o'clock in the morning we must be really new now and uh were maybe 1 kilometer away from the from the
Embassy but not the pulsar center nearby 10 o'clock in the morning so around this time as the BBC started to write about the peace and so that the peace went
online on BBC and thus that went offline Lepetit there
were and other to back it up but it was really sort of
hard to perform this piece and at the same time try to sort of run the infrastructure and people and online we're starting to complain going and pay wife is still not deleted and take big name I being need to get some work done when do you
think this pulsar will be deleted and that they know what is working at our office I've been watching this for 24 hours I'm exhausted some more exciting than the master over all over the unlike most the black images and you would see a black rectangle with life threatening the quarter of it has never been so interesting so the life of image had a life sign and in the corner you would have learned from bitter passes spent most of the spend a lot of time in complete darkness so at the rounds 11 I think we had the feeling that we are just like in front of the the embassy and now it was kind of new knowledge that a really tricky situation that Budapest the police barrier helps they deal with its uh how would the embassy deal with it because it some ACC ACC allies from a life camera inside so an embassy is always problematic showing this case so it may be more prominent the so and then so here we we weren't sure we sort of so we must be in a band and that he we got
proof and so sometimes when the door will be opened and and other mail will be delivered we sort of got a view of the outside and then
we were getting really excited and there were people on Twitter going call somebody go and take a picture of this ban you know what's
happening nearly empty so we're with the
last thing in this way and and here you
know in in the front office and the sea and
then that's it's almost a clock at this picture and it looks like maybe a
bond on the camera if and then this look
like fluorine insights and this southern you see it really well but like it to looks like a delivery folder a delivery list of something so we think we are in front of the embassy now images like what's happening nobody knows still black same location to promote a crisis lunch break maybe and I can hardly see it can hardly see that but here we have some kind of evidence of something which might be and maybe for um xi yet you can see we sort of we basically got excited every time we did we could make out anything on these images all documents someone comic could hold so now like the GPS location would really say I'm at the same address as as the
indices can rise been uh transmitting images come from from this from user from them she basically since freedom image minutes on images of black and white we assume the parts listing delivered to embassy so with fault maybe ringside now but things black so we're waiting waiting and then we got the street by WikiLeaks a picnic the package has arrived and now embassy security that was clear OK well we made it inside now somebody needs to decide what's happening with right has delivered to at least confirms apostle is still sitting total blackness nothing's happening the powerful camera transmitted over 9 thousand images most of them are
black referring to an Internet mean that people immediately would response that that's not true that's the only animals 6 thousand and 400 foot 55 images black and the restless so people wrote software to analyze the blackness of 2 images and to analyze the differences that inside the images so they you know really had all data that we
have to so the parcel of it's already 4 o'clock in the in the in the afternoon so since other no since 8 of up in the morning we thought I'd like we are just going to be there that performance is going to end but now we're almost waiting a whole other another
working days in front of this in front of our screens so where there was a little bit of drama with the battery packs which were inside positive must be known and for 24 5 hours now we estimate that the batteries will last another 6 the and some light you can see there conduct again and some light again at 4 o clock yeah strong inch that status critical area so far Blair and then this so this was like a test image we got lots of we did not we thought maybe be and the inside of the embassy immediately that what people on Twitter saying they have into this embassy and they knew that this was like a pencil to the waiting room and I know and this was a cycling was happening that was like some frames and then would like again and yeah it felt like that we have been alone in a room for some hours and somebody maybe just like a switched on the lights and switch it off again and the state 6 o'clock nobody knows what happening some movements then and more images with color somebody standing in front looks like a ball on it says here something fluffy the clouds this which sits at all was at the me make is field but my cats the internet was like 8 it's a cat is a character like would looks like a dog has to hassles taken over maybe somebody playing with us and
then this is just long was clear OK well so yes that's to
Tiger hello world and think we
have to explain that to you here um
genocide is performing in the embassy it's lies with Kyle power and he's
basically coming us to move on to Ecuador for slot is contagious image of a lion
welcome to Ecuador tagger was a green something welcome to Ecuador and send
them to school while and then
they would say well he basic format and the and his solidarity with the people and in similar situations and then in the smaller and smaller I'll had then was just by away 2 weeks before the weights and early on in society free whether many now known as testimony free nebula job which is the real brain in a sectors free Okada free Jeremy Hammons free will of model which is a Swiss whistleblower freon on just France lots and transparency for the state's priors for the rest of us this was maybe the most efficient image region like still stick around of it the post office contagious tanker Ecuador thank at all our supporters to keep fighting 2013 will go in and out of cards and this is it and back to this
so that the selective 36
hours journey and so you see that we like the work of a physical objects which are being send around but also like a flash on my performances and then we really interested also in when this I mean if you can
still call separate names this online and offline comes together and there for the next word wet in 2014 we sort of felt we needed to reassess the internet from an artistic point of view begin is and the internet is so you could say artistic not sell home and and with this level revelations it became clear that it was actually and not what we thought it was it was just as a tool for must surveillance and we sort the Feltz and we really like 4 out of the pattern very personal only needed to you as and the caps and this media again and try to find out and how how to deal with and With this um Moss surveillance for a while we said we we're producing all out on the must surveillance this sort of we try to react to this and and we became really interested in and a parallel world or a part of the internet which and limits of culture has to
do with internet subculture that the deep Web speakers and because aberrant crypt advance anonymous nature basal to hold and other potentials for communication and sort sort of work differently than the surface wet and we felt that we needed to and if they the as being wet and see that with other artists with other artists to help us that go on in exploration so basically we came up with 54 brainstorming which was which is a Swiss cultural institutions and um good 1 coming in from consumers and income which has an exhibition space and we said OK let's let's just look into those topics let's see how artists who work
with the dark matter if the documents with the webs of topics which are kind of around maybe there's also like others will find traces in art history and will will produce something and it will be something which is really you know with which is an expiration so the title of the document from means to on land and exploration and uh it was in its exhibition that ran from October to January this year there at October last year to generate this year and we we had like that of 12 parties participating and most start pieces will deal with topics like identity anonymity disappearing means the questions of trust uh fit things like that yet and so
this was an we're going to take you through the exhibition really quickly and sorry for this and for what the they're doing it quickly because all these works said uh at a much longer list and this is a work by linking up honey she's said and they tied into right so that the work is called the great what it means so she basically collects means as she finds online and most of them on 4 chan I guess and she collects the she's really
interested in grouping them you can see that here a bit I guess
and so she's very interested in generations of means and that's course listed over not space is very and very important work because it talks a collectible to shit or or maybe also contemporary image production we have that you have like more than 1 alter or working on something and which is produced really fast and and have like this has led to slash character now we had the time and then in exhibition
um uh with the work which deals Sir with this figure of Kim . com basically and then drove to make up my notes and may God again I think that the website was called so basically he show uh like in several installations uh he he shows all the uh confiscated objects uh from the Kim . com which were confiscated during a raid the New Zealand laughing 2 years ago and the word deals with and how should I say maybe it deals with this 2 poles of having all this free online services like Megaupload to
where the law you as a user to participate and everything is free and at the same time there's somebody there's so much wealth production and to somebody who who who also so much so this the list of confiscated items as like a denote with dozens of bank accounts dozens of cadres yeah and it deals with with those with that of those things and there was also an exit at work in the exhibition by he bullish style and German filmmaker article to strike and where she basically um strikes the screen with that useful and sold to and talks at this time I denied them materiality of the screen and going beyond all into the screen which we thought was very fitting with the exhibition this
is that set the price of an artist based in New York uh you and lets us reproduce uh where you book also which is sold out yet I think he produced a few years ago cold have to disappear in America and which is of all sorts of this that leads to these 19 sixties counter cultural handbooks providing instructions the dropping out of the mainstream of dropping off the
grades and and this but keep it together and from content which he found
online explaining how to delete your current identity and form a new 1 yeah
and now we had something from anonymous also and this is a screenshot basically from the image put for Jan where the user said of them anonymous user said this approach is post which says I choose to be something to cherish knowledge anything could be artist post is art and yeah well somebody that this screenshots up asphalt auction on eBay in July 2014 and it's all on the festival all this 2014 8 salt and 90 thousand 900 US dollars so the article to increase the sediment asynonymous which is so but you went ashore is this you know is it a performance for eBay a very lados speed is real but whatever it was it was like a performative act and the you know somebody had to react to the public public selected to it so we actually contact it's that passing you put this up on eBay and and uh Austin permission to share this music again official funny because when we sort of like the museum him an official liking
reagentless unless that uh letter and the and he wasn't sure if you should you know uh claim authorship at the same time like he said this is the piece by anonymous but then you know when it hits you know what when it entered art system he was like OK maybe I should take my name and were discussing that In the end we comes will convince that the altar of disputes should maybe stay anonymous the to 1 and a yet but did this was also an and not least by anonymous it's cold out the bearing 30 million is clearly it was work and well anyway I can tell you about it and it's and histamine and
dates uh what will in in the out well you call it performance work for our and now defunct specific webcam and on time so
when you walk so there was a webcam outside the souvenir shop um which shows and and you'll courts that you know the cuts them with New York postcards and and then there was a post on 4 chan with somebody said all all be there in 30 minutes you know in front of this way can you can all watch and I'll pull down this code standards and this happened in the number of times unfortunately with the recording mean but at the same time of course it happens did not happen and many times also so there's all be there in 30 minutes also became this as a promise of you know it's kind of the thing I watch New
Yorkers walk through or across time square and we react we the piece that we had had caught
stands in in that a lot of sort of the entrance of the exhibition space and it was really pull down twice as people might be people to
what we don't know by whom but as you obviously need the mean and the so the next piece is by Heath Bunting which is a which is a really interesting piece so um it's called the status project conditions I think check it out of line and uh it deals with the identities and identities the viewed from database systems basically so that he found thing what what he does he's collecting since 10 years is collecting I didn't get on all yet the indicators and also how identities builds on and offline lots and storing of network so it has a lot to do with excess so he asked himself what 22 provides to get the bank account so the question for it will be that you need to provide the anatase unit and the name name you know that rely on gender and you need to provide the several things so you just write collects this knowledge and has these huge database but now he's doing that since 10 years and basically what he's being able to do work this in the British system is is is able to rebuild or build new identity new persons this yes you so he starts out and what we actually did this during the exhibition that we tried it out for the Swiss and context so that we chose the name and we and in in in with a group of participants and when things got
that name and address and at postal box that we looked for an address we had access to you which had like a mailbox where we could put the name and we got their name and a telephone number and as a loyalty card from the supermarket and and so did you use of to try to go building up um trust in its identity through their documents and try to obtain and sometimes you need and need the need of an adult you need a document to get another document so basically this is what's in the Mac here shows so this is like the way to go to how how to build a natural person and yeah it was like a final workshop for an afternoon useful was there and we always on a cost of a book should be required for minute does it really work is this really valid you know how far can we go within the system and that was kind of funny because the the the the
new identity we created this there and they're like Annika after 2 weeks after some weeks of the million for something it already had got she received a letter from the Swiss states Air requesting that pay radio and television licensing fees sort that's basically the moment you know your use out of 1 in Europe they're living databases you don't have a passport or something but there's something creating creating the Italian in and with this new nation the and this is a piece by
and the Sikorsky and BN base curator at you and works with 1 that hold duration due to you've and we shapes as series of online exhibitions he's done called curating anonymous so and these upgrades of videos found on you tube and around the anonymous identity and he is being at the very nice to sort of compare their various tool kits that people used to create these ideas and and the weight this shared identity and then worked at them basically it's it's as I like this open source free in there that to you know they're like certain voices you need to use if you want to claim before the 2 which is really interesting to see that with his glove apart and it's a vnoise I think it's worth
we have had inter last from we had to wear acts as a 1 was an MAC given by a from Funcom not this view of an Italian artists based in New York and they do it's
a video where they basically and then attach call to people to have volunteered to watch the worst
video at that I mean in stating their own words and and this video is shows you the reactions of the people watching this terrible video but you never actually get to see what they sold so it's and this 2nd experience of um this terrible video sources from the document and
then we had a piece by and bottles of talk tomorrow about based artists who were fine I think you found this tip Sila enough 5 of also of LinkedIn password sleeping was hacked the social network and they lost like 4 . 7 million passwords uh and what are on duties
sort of tomato but clearance and printed amount the so we had like some books with printer passwords and exhibition of the work is called answer but your pulse let's say you can sort of dying let up your possible web if you forgot me arm was also therefore workshop but here has a workshop that he does workshops on uh in which which a cold call you form where here produces pouches or the workshop participants were reproduce pop out for a mobile phone so you really can be invisible with the ViewFrame unitary disappears and the can't sense anything out and it can connect to the next cell tower anymore and that
we and so may Dingell but
produce the works of the showed called the
random document Chapman which you see behind here and and we in our own research we sort of started doubts and with the question of how is trust formed in these anonymous network so we have the deep web lots and sort of off the cells have to you I mean how did people trust each other here but you don't know who's who and as a Web people obeys than you know and it's and sort of thought that trust was something we kits um
probably the most uh where goods are exchanged so we became really interested in these deep Web markets and all these questions let us then to developed in the relevant document shall not an automated online shopping bots
which basically went shopping as I once a week and the 12 weeks during the exhibition with a budget of 100 dollars and big points and just randomly chosen articles from that the deep Web markets of poor and had it sent directly to that an exhibition space so and exhibition space there like those between so here and you see here reading there were basically empty and the bolts of performed
once a week and it should so this is the box uh here was
like some softer output and the
like those the trains will be filled or the 12 weeks pattern
yeah so the fasting imports was uh fiber date master-key set which we thought was the really beautiful object because it promises you access to
Ivan those in the UK and then paid like 50 bucks for it but you find the same keys on Amazon for 8 dollars so uh maybe after the yeah yes what we were really interesting is it going to to to connect those 2 spaces to connect to Deep Web directly with the physical space of the exhibition and have like goods that being sent around life and had had have 2 bottles perform any a sense it so sigh I mean it's up I'm a lot he's like the delivery piece in the sense that you you get nice things will arrive and there was also a need for us this Wednesday's were
really tense when the bot went shopping it was always this so is something between Israel and the Arab you know what what think energies have many problems is this in calls and all this attention you would if if you would go to the exhibition you would feel this tension there and we performed this kind of life and exhibition space but we also have the uh and we also the blog uh on our website which was basically just like way you could follow it from from from your home and gaudy showed some evidence of the Baltic being alive so uh it would say it's Wednesday before the bot just Baltas Friberg master key set and at the bottom there is like a small console show you the output
of soft software where it parses the website and by something which is below 100 US dollars and ask the seller to send it directly to the exhibition space finger page with bitcoins here that we've we've
probably M I denied yet but and it we didn't try to you and stay anonymous so we'd I mean that are random dot which up box was called random dot Mitchell manner and and so it was very important to us that the cell also had the chance that sort of and you know guessing that they were part of the not peace and for the next them
so laughter few of killer of this before so that this is the keys arriving
right accuse which arrive from the UK after Sunday's and which would then
put into those nutrients Fabian is
about schools uh Chesterfield
blue 10 packs of cigarettes from the Ukraine for about 40 US dollars and they said that
and actually started to it now says on his and the website that he was he was part of that depends on the nature of the performance so the bot got quite famous
on would say some we have like a large
community following you through uh everywhere everywhere the state them the next item was a you we don't take the hand back and then 95 US this unfortunately and never arrive and it was absent start and and that what got the money back so I'm like this was the only item which then arrived in the and so there is like a hundred per cent delivery rate on a board with our book which is kind of extreme on unexpected good well for us so this trust system works at the
next week the book all the lord of the rings and will give a a book collection 99 cents
and we receive this in PDF format I think and this uh I was at the step pattern in card ports that that's 5 dollars where we receive just like a digital Additional file saying this is all the information you need to buy things happen with the with the card which we put on unencrypted USB keys and a troll to away pass-phrase so in 1 2 no break more lost and we have to already had uh and and then the
next week it folds at tension an ecstasy pills dollar
hegemony 48 with very good feedback from the users who already bought the ecstasy on we got a bit worried that these points here and the these
how would look like this and yet there's not I or
after 10 days we already have an army books you know being inside the DVDs so may be true and actually look like like it immediately accuracy but so what conceals 10 ecstasy pills with that Twitter mobile on it
and also wanted also part of the exhibition so they index z of electors is when the project really got to know yet much attention also from mainstream media and the and it was kind of we hadn't really spoke of a lawyer or it up from and he said something like the risk is kind of we can calculate it
and he would say that the project is legal under the terms of freedom of parts which we have in Switzerland but I mean like you know you never know yes and and so it will support some 9 key air GC you see marshals should and which arise really fast I tech shows and the next you see most of the items are like pop cultural items of so it's really could imagine somebody being 18 years old and you know go to rate from the of new shoes with with the VECSYS C over clustering spoke
on his mobile phone in but and that this is this was and and what was the schools and caput can colder db db out the br remote control so it was that
basically spike cap and so act like a cat captain quit equipped with a camera
and then we go out and all the random not much of the Boltzmann a decoy let's and which is a plane let's and yeast or that is used to so to test your mailbox maybe if you making new identity to see where that stuff variety and was somebody opens your access to it and this guy or he he wrote cluster them like you he would love to be part of the project Summer and that is fine with it
with the in of the traditional for space this piece and then we got a stash can
to stash uh maybe drops collect money uh from these 2
genes and their for 90
and on a scandal at that vulgarians possible which was low
quality of resolutions 72 dpi nothing you could really use for physical borders but something maybe you could use for for online I'd identification so
and I think the book touched on a number of questions but an off triple the ecstasy I think so so a lot of the media the main question became you know I
mean you is responsible it occurred at or an an algorithm or a box does something which is illegal and can it be jailed if he commits a crime where the braves is the person responsible program programmed at what happens if it's open source software there's more than 1 developer like our complicated questions and after the exhibition closes and when we were really not and actually thinking it would still happen and then and Swiss
public prosecutors cease the wet and and these global all these interesting questions became so to say and all that but we have to negotiate them locally so on generated 12 the whole an exhibition or are part of the exhibition was an confiscated and we had it sealed immediately and called on the leader and worth quite worried it's and but quickly found that that's and the public prosecution was uh mainly after the drugs so on a like beautiful headlines of daily . throw to drug a drug buying robot arrest in Switzerland 2015 will be remembered as the year robot could arrested in a performance art piece and we also sells wine at the public prosecutor sees the work often the exhibition closed it sort of didn't make a lot of sense and the media also of the police the same question and they said well you know it said the police is lack of interest in not we just didn't know about this and until the last day and so we were a bit late with 0 seizure and the local newspaper right our policemen of ignorance and so get it basically I mean he's Cecil sort of from the reaction of the media and also a reaction it was actually quite funny after being a bit worrying in them 1st moment yeah and in March we gotta so basically we were asked to come by and interrogation and and when there was out of our lawyer and our own lawyer had already written public illegal opinion on the rent about of the before and uh went and dead would say I'm like weird you in Swiss law you're able you should be able to breach the law of the the peace if there is like a higher public interest in it and the work has a temporary nature like you could be an experiment or something and that the breach of rules cannot be tool cities the best to went there to find out you know to the point and its and the public prosecutor unfortunately what did not want
to an arrest the parts so it was for him it was and clear that he would come after us and heat so we wear and are under investigation for the possession of drugs and which became a big complicated at because we had never actually assess these drops and i which was quite clear from the how the the work with hand and this'll to uh made it so to bed and an exploration in the New Territories so basically that the public prosecutor accused us of that we that basically everybody could have stolen rocks you in the exhibition we said take come on like and do you really need a lot of criminal energy to go there to open up this box with drill and to be hard robbery you know few would still of this art objects at the moment it's it's not piece you know you don't do that easily to yeah and then 2 weeks ago in I am we receive old book the whole word back from the public prosecution except for the ecstasy which they had test that's to be and you may and they destroy it and you know we knew that the 4 and the have there was so many applications responses on that on these those trucks that when you're at the the 100 per cent and you mean like a trust for 100 users saying that the structure you yet but then the big thing was the judges would drop outs and because of the overweighting public interest in the quest questions raised by the work and so he didn't exactly say freedom of art thoughts yeah it was how you it interprets the paper he wrote so the software was being a century in a sense that's not a priest should be OK do something like that on Twitter people make sure that it's OK to buy and you made in Switzerland if you're bullets in our project and things like that so thank you very much and I think the use of how