projections in web browsers are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself

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projections in web browsers are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself
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The JavaScript port of proj4 was (relatively) recently moved from subversion to github and updated to use modern build tools.The talk will discuss some of the differences between desktop and web environments when it comes to projections and CRS, other new projects that take a different perspective on projections (like topojson), and why you can't just use an EPSG number in your browser (and should be ashamed of yourself wanting to).
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I look into the projection the
Weber whereas is terrible and you should be ashamed of
yourself the miners Calvin so you may
know me now opinions some but you
may know me from my previous presentations I
think you have heard of the but really explain fully and also the during
brought for just is not terrible that terrible but it's and the filtering for file
format that was not ever be usable of the
on the 1st right apologize advanced in
coastal States and it's not you
if that State next year the only like the so
you're conference you've have a surprising number of people that actually don't really know what projections are they there these things they've heard of they might BaLDA with but survey the beginning of the with the usually mean is
a spatial reference system
the which the this means that in a letter which is a model of how the earth the
shit because as a Jespersen person whose drew that special spend you very the explicit detail the Earth is not a serious on lips it's a geoid which is the shape of that shape like the Earth the time z Oscar did them
which so reference points the the measured found on the sphere and that sort of the silhouette saying started here the Unicorn it reference system
which are units and you know starting points and hi actually talk about stuff and
also a transformer to
safe landed because you in the orange to the example of the orange and the stickler is
what I'm talking about our freedom EDS as a projection and talk not can't play however even
answer some for the purposes of like most people trying to get something done difference between DVDs and Web Mercator is not actually difference they both course of projections in people's mind even though the radius is not projection it's a on system the rejects in life about the difference
so the background matters especially if a
computer it is trade and logs the
really are without a catalyst does the very 1st
computers were literally invented to do logs you know this is this is not like I don't like these are hard problems to do without a computer so traditionally projecting something
is hard because nothing betrayed logs support that and agency Pixar
production and does everything about 1 so I
working masses fortification everything was in Massachusetts meters 93 class has everything needed this is
great if the printers away tested end up until 20 years ago there's no you all you did I desktop just struck
Jess after still built around this concept and the
assumptions that projections really change and they're
never to be next because so fast
enough myself linearly supercomputer like there were times right so the was passed my desktop can be worth doing GIS the state you know your
desktop computer can run by the computer and sort like it's matrix you know the and there's the internet
In this sort of change and the demands of data
and but everybody still has their own projection
this 124 different equations for transforming all sphere on in the flat ones for the state plane system but they basically make it so that your part of the part of your data urine you can pretend that it's paper and they are in should cater for Paul states and their and Lambert Conformal something else that's at the sea of for white states in because the Alaskan panhandle the sole place in America that title that has a weak marker yes because all the 10 meter
words these are not the same because everybody is needed in Massachusetts except the Boston Police Department and these feet but they don't say that anywhere if you try to take the x y coordinates it's somewhere off Newfoundland also there are 2
different is data there's NAD 27 100 or 1 and there is the new version 93 that's North American denim space and let's figure out how the sphere works in Frosinone and the 1 up there the but there are 2
variants there's the high accuracy is something something and then the new EU something reference system 2007 on variance which means you have
992 different state planned protest and that's just America you now
doing is U T M of Sweden has a lot of predictions in this entire is a special 1 is just for on Switzerland and that all the documentation is ssh Germond um yeah there's a lot this is terrible
the nobody hectares by fiber
state like yet nobody you yeah
this is a lot promise that a lot of governmental organizations do not realize that there are people that are in their organization yeah I used I used to be the person had to you know take the on mass media is you know road data and put it up on you know the web server people to download because people want that in that way come so
thing is that if you need precision the can get with without doubles and obviously for and you have data that in the
actor see matters thank you if you don't use the
media city for my lungs there it is making it hard for people because usually most this like a lot of authoritative data you know I the precision is like I have we haven't yeah has amassed in the no but you know we the active enough with our objective stuff stuff he does you know it might be off but you know it's but a modest so
these are car recall projections it's that people always been using you know last users state bind or whatever your state planets or whatever you're so whatever having been using these users and they don't so they realize that nobody else cares the there are confusing the
complex and this is the sum of that stuff on the web
they're really unworkable self
documenting data is the following year it's we've learned lessons from XML to never ordered begin with writers but you know there's a long
tail of crazy but you to get so this works there is units on you'd version of upright for DS that gets know 80 per cent of all bijections that's like less than 10 k the version the full version is like 60 because you know you have projections for you know near the poles you've projections for Switzerland the projections for for we're units in the Caribbean that I'd never heard of but you know there are like metrics relies on another 1 indeed if yes
database of a tube in that Uganda's but then web browser and expected work you know on mobile that's a magnet for the 1 with prob strings because I tried that and there is there's
also 3 different notations Apuleius and then not
consistent by you've God brought
strings you've got woman texts new God woman Texticon to measure Proc stuff you know and they're literally 3 different formats that you have to sort of do it differently but they give you different things the same protection day that's in there is when the biggest fond of brought for jets just having to deal with all of that but the
thing is that storage interchange Mr. a different things when as a new data I don't give you
stuff about details about how the index on my you know that serves sort of parts on it not part of you know given it's something else course shapefiles do that so through the same formats don't do that the the so
Judas son and I think 1 . 1 a 2 words that the the news version does not descend 0 support its it's WSP for for life their mom and
it's not terrible this seems like a a step backwards in some ways it's sort of about a GIS format that you don't have that like bread and butter of GIS with and when your chairing the style 11 nobody cares that you use clever estate you know furlongs in your town you know the rest of us is to use what we use word the do would you want when you actually become a are
channel's always WSE for only also but I cannot trouble for other unrelated reasons a
lot this really makes us forget prediction actually
serve a purpose you know thank you I
really didn't said much better than he had been terror keynote and hence why about half of my presentation is nevertheless by the slide the
but you know there are some a innovative start the can do with the projections dead they don't know don't that actually you know help your maps work that you know everybody's Archer Pajek the projector conversation but projections that people have in like middle school in it being much more how long more substance all the competition direct projections and GIS you know projections you know you could meaning they do all that stuff and most the time just like where's that this is the his feet and we use meters is every gives us an error message if we mix production so we wanna do that for which is literally a conversation I have what a typical the GIS not as re because in state you often see people use Jespersen and present arc so what marketers actually work
for every a lot of people say her you know tubules sale what is used by market the and not
saying it doesn't work for Europe you know local state plane because you know there you know states 1 have you know tiles and you know that a state plan in Eden invested by I you don't
this title Manteno a finished person they don't like Weber Kidder it on the news weather data that's fine words does to the poles are regular breaks down and like to
see some new a web map of about the model-based lips earthly yeah I will give you 5 dollars in any 1 that's farthest entirely yeah these
are you know hard problems that people the projections and trade offs but it's also you know this thing in databases via account theorem emits the something rather than others in the other position tolerance it's the jth consistency availability at acts picks to maybe database you have to use so if projections velic 7 things meeting of 5 but it's the essential you know area you have angle even have fancy word for you can have shape you can have you know the polls you can have various you have a rectangle began not and that different answers and trade offs I wanted a very great talk about as many doing see you Lane is all about like shipping lanes stuff so they had a and the whole big thing was there there was that every single projection has a cut in the ocean except 1 that stretches out from the north pole looking down because if you have the right to that appear right anything on land so there's that 1 projection has a singularity in America and South Pole but all of the oceans are contiguous next year never production you apply our every user but hereafter ceiling stuff is considered life
and they also we but some of the torques of adaptive composite projections of you know can have a robot that makes me breadwinner wake up you know about at yeah this is the future and the computer can figure out based on what mapped is how to make it look good you know I don't understand why there's like a paper that does it to 1 in India and that's what we have you know that you will be seen as like a 3 to 5 here's the Albany New is doing you know Weber data except when at the gas top CIA because there's going be something cool that maybe sameAs romanizing that I'm probably or maybe somebody that knows me that's like unemployed and doesn't have to spend the time making money by and I'm doing doing was cool stuff he says of yeah you know this that's what they haven't to go forth the less terrible to this is when
the when I wanted to get us and use projections for the for not because yeah the the the
the without questions comments complaints and that is in the long and the kind of things like this and the on there's no Westling Epperson that truly always sends me I've now it's a the Wikipedia article on projections has remarkably like good documentation of like this is that this tube you then have to go back like OK what is constant bearing actually mean then there the stuff on radical cartography dialog has and stuff on our webpages for line with mass would that as said that somebody that doesn't have an idea about the very Jenny the guy who brought us seductive composite map projections in 1st place also put together a tool arm for protection selection at different scales and geographic areas on it is an interactive tool web map tool that actually tells you what appropriate projections for a those are parameters are are they all have the address some from me unfortunately and find find it but if you go to his website I'm sure there's only that said it is a hard Jenny I spectator a color Brewer of projections of sounds like yeah yeah he's he did basically is that it's very comparable remedy February these occur you protections to that if you put on your Twitter timeline and on volume and the user questionnaire from this area to what but I'm curious about how I Her TileMap standards and how where we've kind of fate distortion at the poles into that entire standard of kind of expecting the vector tile conversation to that at least mention of bonding that we are moving towards where Geo and vector tells you should be able to also Tyler data in a triangular form as something that that isn't embracing the distortion that that we have this approach so I would things about you know tell mattresses is that they get it done and that you know now box doesn't have any customers models present so they are totally fine not care about ports and I don't care about polls have yet to have any clients in Berkman company at you blood on yeah we don't do anything in the balls can we you know and so for America for Europe you most of Europe and the case it works Scandinavia and you know it's fine you get stuff done so that 1 of the most important thing about a format is not the actual format is people using formant and tiled services are the worst file format except for all the others
and noted so that's probably why they haven't bothered to shifts so they can come up with a better 1 you know but yes that but but if we spend


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