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Introduction to MapGuide
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This class is for those who want to fast-track into installing and using MapGuide Open Source. MapGuide Server and Web Extensions are set up in the Workshop (Windows). MapGuide Maestro (Windows) is used to load and connect to GIS data, create layers, author maps and publish web sites.
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so and OK I think we'll start I I think this last sessional dates so thank you all for hanging in there I was expecting this see tumbleweed blowing through the room when i started you know no 1 here on mines good luck it and hopefully by the end of this short class you'll be able to go home and install mapped out on your server and he's a client and basically be up and running even even if you have never seen it before in this
moment and that's what it's fairly easy in abelian maps out there and then put over OpenLayers all sorts of things together really quick along as part of me about map as police the download really getting going because it's really quick about where you come from I've been using MAP guide or a version of a free open-source since the
nineties really run 96 but so it's been around a while it was actually built uh in its original format 95 buying category by August technologies in order to spot it um every reached the limit in 2002 it said you know this is really just a plug-in Javanese ActiveX like what is this and they decided just to to make it mostly server side can get rid of all the the the fat clients for the brother said you know what kinds of rather than work when we like web map service doing let's reinvent not guide making more like maps are way may make it more server-side in here open source and they also did FTO which is a feature data objects that that connect to also to the sources and go pretty quickly last slides across something fire through so hope hoping key it's it's it's almost like a codestream Fourier at that so anyway the map guide code I when I was still 2006 a hand and now it's completely um FTO America coincide 2006 and now actually in order stills involved with the project in fact every 1 of their and jazz products everything they do ICA maps of 3 D infoworks anything on this touches that's that's GIS is built on the open source of know always geo project so that's that's an interesting part of their OK so that
black broad platform support it works on Linux natively it's not using binary thing like that it actually can sponsor those 1 to and windows so you have 2 different servers that you know you can influence near Lake box being solid on on Windows accessible and you don't you can pick your language to develop with so you wanna build apps with jabot go for human bill that's 0 . net it's got that API to us as a PHP API most examples is your mind are PHP because it it's administrators or PHP and its and see in a minute why they chose PHP is the main engine mostly because if you can work on Linux and Windows you need something that's cross-platform and and and you see the red and the trees what was the 1 but it has to servers at the final so if you need a bundle with Apache or if you're working with Windows 3 those choices and more than these browsers but also so because we can develop with all 3 got David is e . net and like a set piece most popular most of the examples you see line will be although there's a lot of good that examples and a very few not sure whether it is about Sister with the communities was going but just great 1st tell you need Tomcat on top of them on top of the IIS and Apache done that is Microsoft I've seen some people tried to rig something in monomer but you know at the sample and you know how these on and PHP of course works of both platforms are likely to be a lot because of the administrator the map guide server-side administrators honest conversant PHP so in some PHP anyway so 1 of the ball with that sort of thing OK and
so here's a sort of out you'll see that with ah yes the bond that is on the i i s the you Tomcat for both to run Java and theory of Apache and the only thing that you don't need to install a speech people work in both environments so that's why the the server administrators and heat because you know it was produced across and between us but that's not to say there isn't thousands of map died out to using that never know there are times uh OK in fact and built loss with cold fusion move OK but I have that OK so was map that look like OK
looks for like this basically years and a typical example this 1 is
um a layout of map guide with the it's called slate it's 1 of the templates that comes with and I'm actually show you like that the version of this 3 here so that a log in to the why
versions of interest is in OK so
so for example here it is of Belmont County Ohio for example and they're using a sleek templates over here a legend with selection list of that task paint get tons of things you know that Google Street View and pick in logical street unique can which to where the streets and it's all built then works
great you know I got measure tools we do
dynamic measuring it gives you length square feet and so on basically this map very here's a herbicide OpenLayers with a with a hoax cold fusion into mapped out so that's that's what you're seeing here in this is all of the box and these are all the widgets you know I just
relaunch this close crypt in relaunch
Firefox it it yeah yeah
area so what happens is some they have templates now here's anything I fi change the
words slate on this 1 can be reduced using and switch over to say the word
awkward step I get a completely different layers of map guide so what happens is I've switched
over to and from sleep the 1 I was just showing you now that we've got 1 with pop-up windows that pop up and if I want to look at the legend i go view means that become legend and it
pops up and I can move around now there's another layer called Marin it looks more like this with everything
docked on this side and the map down here or aligned gold and they got talked over here or
trapeze turquoise yellow and so on so what
happens is these are a bunch of CSS is that come out
of the box pre-made with map that tons widgets talked and the tools for printing and twisting all buffering in measuring and they just come with map guiding the pick in of the line right 1 such a code you just tons would it's tons of things other box adjusted publisher gives you all these and you pick the label you want that the state can't do tons of development with you can write you can use the that just skip the OpenLayers API is there for you as well as of there's tons of things you can do with our that's what kind of looks like at the end of the day alright
so is built with fusion and the back end and it works with both then diffusion Framework XE works both with map server and that this fusion that's OpenLayers is actually a bridge for both map server and map guided this fusion where you can get a map of server or map guide into OpenLayers through those those templates it's the same same tool called fusion you can do both and those templates I
think they're in the natural way to yes soccer
Goldman slate and they're kind
of set of customizable with
CSS and JavaScript and they're just takes is 1 layer of anyway what would have other
simple there's a basic web layout which is puree Jackson doesn't have an cool OpenLayers stuff that means you can put like all the OpenLayers you know OpenStreetMap some Google being or you can't use it its is a basic AJAX version so it's nice old school right because it's a it's got a
different kind of API it's very it's very
utilitarian but very fast and it is old school because it uses of frames instead of instead of using this so this critical is the 1st it was the 1st iteration
2006 that's the basic layout was what we see so look at the the case is well boy can use anything he's Augustine bicycle ODBC STF shapes our domestic the vessel consumes all these things it consumes anything from doubt anything from over anything from Oracle Spatial sequel server spatial so those are the ones of the box when you some market and and and and there's a third-party proprietary would by like he always has 1 for Oracle Spatial is different and the rest when they haven't have they have 1 force equals with their own proprietary data format it's weird I don't recommend but a g e small-world connector that's out there and basically anything that's anything that if any connects to real-time stream America kind of ships so they got their their source of of revenue a lot of but I so
where's the data but we're map and servers and solved by an army people download the map that server from their laptop and said OK how it would I mean I map out on the internet well map guy he's on the Internet it is you know when you install the server if your servers not expose led your website is an exposed it you know it's on your internal network your website on internal network so it's not publishing a map map had once a day is in that guided is published you know it's a website you discover your own of the go and I've seen this a question in his group every month someone says what made a map enacted where apartments on the internet your surrounding that in some some and so it's it's a funny little logical thing but yes this because it's so easy even down to play a lot of these work in the heart of the web now but was too easy you have to realize that I should put on a server OK so where the were where the map guide is installed and where is it data maybe maybe you can point mapped to the you drive maybe you can point out that the database but maybe you can put it points the folder re FTP where but here's a cool thing you can actually use a a client-side way to save got some files on your desktop on your laptop Newmont put it up on a Linux server does a low procedure that we can use and say take these 35 she balls and push them up to the server automatically through a tool through to muster after that of line is the data is where the servers and salt number of clients and so that's where the data is harvested so on the network the project was not as server map
server and that it's it's it's it's you can solve for Windows Server there's an insult into nm and installer 1st sentence can very nice i've seen in solve another Linux versions but so these are the ones that works I UCQ CentOS for my channels and stuff and further server-side stuff but the downside of using Linux is it right now because the the effort involved it hasn't been ported to 64 yet there's a lot talk on that that's all that's on the agenda so that's come from anything going down downloaded right now that hyperlinking download the version that works for you and get mad that's a running OK and if you don't use Apache you'll have that i preinstalled and if not you Apaches model then you go right what's in it the mapping server so the server itself is always running it's it's a it's a service agreement so Damon is like in that little program it's always running on a server or service so that guides running away all the time but then there's also the web extensions these are the way we talk to the server so there the rapid so if you've got the PHP version about the Jabotinsky version . net remember can develop 3 ways there's a 3 way so you choose when you install what your language a choice if you don't know what language you development pick PHP by default the only reason is because if you're just learning and there's is the so many examples online in PHP versus any other language go at each that's from the community you build a copy paste and get going and hurry so when go peach because all examples on the on media that form flavor but if you got a dot at development team at your organization go without all piled means yeah OK and then there's the PHP and infer doing some ministrations thing of few passwords and setting up the Elise worthy of its the OK but there's 2 servers have IIS Internet Information Server that's only for Windows and it should be installed before you so market but Apache but it's actually bundled and you the there's set they purport to be and that becomes your main server organs that would report what that careful playing with Apache in setting a ports because your firewall may not like you have to care for the may me let 21 any or something you know so be careful with Apache words the question before you download is my sororities expose the Internet already sold in mind and with all put this on the net we minute were mine selling this thing is a bizarre expose the internet so let's figure that out so that's on my house and domain on at natural style or login maybe using Amazon Web Services and I've got something running on their that you can insult there so that's your questions where lesser using centers but to windows what language and he's pp . agenda was server manganese pass here ISO before you download should answer these questions and who had did amazing file-based Burma using the base and how many in how am I going to get the files up the server minus 7 the key many is shared folders and so on OK and what the basement connected so you can go and download it
this with the Web site looks like in the link here all I downloaded for this examples right there the 64 bit smaller and
basically looks like this you install yet
next next basically almost close your eyes and keeping it until it's all over the lorry heard a bit occasionally the ports but here's the big decision this is where you say you want a bundled or I or manual OK manuals like no there's no nets here so don't don't go there and you have 2 choices if you're gonna go i means i s is are installed if you're gonna do bundled that means you're going to you're committing to Apache from time so the goal bundle will say OK what Porter's Apache by default I think it's 8 thousand 8 so that means we need we website you can go might some domain call when he does need to get to the market so that means if you're committing to a little corny tells me or um every time you hit
markets so that whatever that is what I do is if it's only web server running I put there so I can go my house and domain web page comes up so I don't have to use any numbers you put a very good to go and I believe the virtual directories and then right here it
says what what's demand by repeat few doubt those the only 2 choices because you don't have . net if you if you're if you're installing with the Apache content and it doesn't OK but if you do decide the highest of these are your choices you got Peter Peter about that so we see is the the 1 common thing between the 2 whether using I S 3 using the Apache you've got PHP commonality between the the views I again not that if using Apache yeah in the Bible and this a are basically here OK that's the the bucket servers on the same port did dumps into program files lost of map and
then during install you could put all sorts of different things in there I wonder you have 2 different things server and web server is the engine that little hamster running and the web is the extensions page 3 java or at so the FTO so by default the Okecie providers install the or providers and so my sequels and solving just go in there check on it OK but you know the over in the would be seen all that that under the web the um debating we choose the Apache Tomcat whatever gets installed a dozen according to your check boxes being going here trick if you want to so and all the samples are there OK and then final any
style and it's installed gets dumped into the lowest
you get you basically get a web in a server directory the web is where all the were dumps in about you know that sort of thing the Apache installed their Peachtree gets installed there and WWW is you know that's your whatever dot com slash mark idealists everything under WWE's in the map like this the and fusion and OpenLayers get installed on diffusion OK and then it runs
a service so if you open up windows look there's a service running in services you got a control panel
Mr. tools no services you'll see that that's a a 2 . 6 that's most recent so recently released version of area the OK if you want the
login and if you use Apache within the number it to go to my sort of combat guided a map and you get administrator where you know where you can
go consider users usually there's only about 5 or 6 years like the administrator passage always spleen-stomach that's how well innocent and Mr. they gain and passes always in Menlo politics the 1st thing everyone ask me how organism but we can do much with
it and what is also there's no data yet there's no matter yet there's nothing it is right now we've got the answer right so as we go forward what is this Austin tool the source into is
it's a mostly built by this guy right here in the in the and and maybe is watching hijacked uh jacking right here and I know where he works really really really hard on this product in its this product proxy doesn't get told that enough this is great this is a fat client you install on your laptop yes
this you don't so some server we could if you want to but normally it's also a laptop and desktop wherever you know this isn't where the server is this is your where you're you know if you if you rent anti-GST this installed that's you know whatever this is this is a maestro maestro is a big fat client for talking to Matt server where the map etc. as you type in here all were mapped out isn't going here and you get to you get to make maps so what is it
do it lets you download STM files created a connections 3 layers maps layouts fusion that's you can edit the XML the background you can post a layers like Google we are hoping it's gonna Python consul for scripting everything you wanna do that
connect the multiple MAPK guide sites of same time in package up data c can push it off to someone else
all right has a occurred we don't the the could support can still time alright so when he London about that basically put the name of your server and and an administrator at
the so how you log in you put in a new server and put the slash map that at the end whatever where reinstall map and that's what you put your URL URL-based login go OK connect by HTTP and you get
basically an empty folder and any great create some folders like this you recollect any maybe the folders I just went down some data from Portland for this example and then I put in I usually put the same I have that this is the workflow for most people low procedures the connections layers maps want to make a map you make 1 of these 2 types of layouts this that's why I wanted 4 5 6 because this is your workflow when working with map guide either loaded data are connected if you make a layer from that data you make a map with those layers and then you publish a layer which is basically what site so you basically have a website be the day so you can choose
and you know all sorts of things you new resource and pick what you wanna do so for exact example
I said a low procedure and I basically grabbed a bunch a shape balls on my desktop and I said load them up to map guide it's as well
according to some of the and in case there isn't
proj files the sometimes each evolves in apart from that's a projection system so if you get files in the some of up the production system on so you can say the default projection in case some files don't have it is this and and I happen in know it was this this organ so quarters attack so there it
is I loaded I say with that happen when I loaded was to put the data connections in here so the shape so go into this folder and the layers that point at those shapes so go to that folder and I had loads and all my
there's about boom they load up their shapes get put in there all these there's all the connections the shape files and there's the there's layers whom they get made go these layers are not very pretty up to go and make them look pretty later but they get a
defaulting now there's data already in the server I can do connect to feature source and pick any of these things and say picture the shape
directory or the GDL directory or the old endure our right the progress go right Oracle whatever I want and his point to it's a type in my password and get at it
OK commune aliasing and point to it I'm going to the Administrator and boom was going to the the
layer so I go and say I don't know where I can I can't filter I can say cumulative as
your built less than 90 100 and can filter
but and also the tool tips OK and
you can even cover and you easy put my framing however and boom you you got a website and with you cover everything and that's that's what I put in there and you can download the data trying obviously Portland maps . com uses ColdFusion good for them OK so and then you
can get data and expose them and can color
code make transparencies plan images really
cool to make little point layers and I want to
have that you make a map is set according to some I
like to use the here because if you see the make here that's Google production that's you know 9 1 9 2 0 9 1 3 whatever it is and it's the for commentator and that way you can put all sorts of cool things like that's
going here there's my map the and
any could preview all your layers and how do we
get to the web what we can do is we pick it
application domain is the 1 talking about what you have a
mapping can go Opel 1 gold maroon istic 1 you like it whatever color you want and you can make your own it's just CSS and that's all you can copy 1 go in and change the whole color scheme the whole C is whatever we want make it branded it your way but these give you started plot you 1 has a floating like dockworkers all floating widgets that some of the docked on the left and right these these 2 right these 2 have left it's great you know you can even have all your widgets and things in there automatically pick a template you pick a map
that here's the list of pre-canned um layers all the OpenStreetMap once the big ones the Google and so on and you can add all those 2 for 10 and then you end up with something like this you just
said OK go inside his studio and as the Euroleague knew someone as your elder anyone those website and it's actually but that when you give some owners maps with tooltips reports everything going and I put this whole thing together I installed not guide downloaded that although within like a half an hour this yes I had this website up all this data
up half our thinking of all the links for you to do this to and if you just followed in this property different so you can go there and and like here's your
off examples broken into 3 things he say is not guide use the slate template you just change this the authority that ones an old change colors are going to show you you put the layout that you wanted this in this case it was the for 1 and it's English can switch it to whatever language or what of but sometimes it's a big 1 year all you know it uses a see that so I do some really silly acknowledges that created a plane smell page and I stick it in cyanide frame and that way people don't see this big long your of the top you just stick in a little I frame like this and I give to let people go to that site so all they have to do is see blood you know that you just go to my happy URL and had OK and the index the flows and it's got this enables the this big agree on the neural that matter generate so it makes a lot prettier right that's what I do and what's the but this is not as a developer as API person is what you name your frame because if you refer to this in JavaScript it I use a call I frame that's so all my code is always I frame this might go to name the evening whatever you like this site in mind in that way can refer to
alright so it looks like so that it looks like this so this is indexer just you know screw the website the fact I'm at the opening up and that the driver of the site that I of OK and if you wanna
replace it under Apache you stick it under a CC docks or if you're 1 of publish with I S and put this up on your computer roots and um that's
how you publish my guide at the the day so if anyone at the datasets from Portland that hours using for this demolding downloaded from that dataset the part my blog that guy that WordPress others videos met a guy but if you the news group is very active it's lovely it's are I should slogan Anabel in and do it through a CEO and there's a downloads notes for for both the maestro you'll need Maestro fear desktop in mapid server for wary servers and that's
freedom of everything and I just wanna thank you all please
and so in any questions and all speak a lot slower than who but there's a bit of a viral was was an air but she got those maps together in the same amount of time it took me to explain it so that's a good sign and OK great thanks again for all the question so those ones right there yet and I'll post up I'll post my power up yeah the the question was in all the links on this slide how they get them in or how to get the site all make sure post these up and others from the tweets I might my Twitter handles and Gordon like it so if I tweeted out there that could have state pasta g from not guide in and out of the link to to these power points for you thanks again and


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