GIS goes 3D : an OpenSource stack


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GIS goes 3D : an OpenSource stack
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Courtin, Olivier
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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3D in GIS is already here, with more and more data available, and new hardware and sensors for 3D data capture and interaction. The third dimension becomes useful for several use cases and applications, since the technology is now available to achieve full 3D spatial analysis, like 3D intersections, 3D buffers, triangulation and a lot of other data processing capabilities we already use with 2D data. 3D Point clouds from Lidar data, 3D Meshes or TIN, this can now be stored and processed.With 3D data, an absolute must-have is a nice, fast and smooth rendering of features. Visualization is a key element of a complete vertical software stack of 3D data management.This presentation will demonstrate the ability to setup and take advantage of a full FOSS4G 3D stack.Taking data from 3D sensors, or real use-case GIS Open Data, we present the components which can be used together to build the core infrastructure of 3D data management. From data storage to data visualization, through processing and webservices.* Learn how you can use PostgreSQL and PostGIS latest enhancement to store and process 3D data.* Discover how you can setup 3D Web Services for data dissemination* Visualize 3D data with QGIS thanks to the Horao Plugin* Find out the visualization tools available for your favorite browser (Three.js powered)Here we are, a full 3D stack, with OpenSource tools. Software components, data formats, protocols and standards, you will get a global picture of the infrastructure available to extract the value out of your 3D data.
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so welcome and this presentation is on a boat on a G stack the decay to treat the operation I we began this
projects and if you're Segura orally came to a small city and maidservant projects are we already began during beginning the
but the real beginning in 2010 now we use the POS yeah yes at store agent and and the a acute above so the idea is that a so now we begin this project into the and they're not always and ultra-deep bookstore agents impose GAS wizard to that the role of PGA as versions and previous years a week or so and had them uh cemetery due to protocol of library item additional was male but yeah some and this year and we also add them I would GLR rendering it to so it serves it's a project on the phone well silly in pro-union funding and and in the end of this project using 2 2000 and 15 so long as the 1st no parade in the 1st part of this part of the sum of 1 and is based on use so there's 2 parts of the image use 1 word to deal with the 2 D and 2 political operation and the 21 based on Siegel and as a single FIL so the
1st many element is to know where to seek or I is a treaty library already well known in the industry and English-Russian shield and the decay to treaty to political operation and to treaty of I don't see the and use functions
so what we do is only to add the binding between outputs yes and see but already seen in the only and
right now what you already had some new at a political operation we are able to deal with treaties um that test erages storable and the alias the from the there is someone in war the era where really quite interesting for all user point of view for example or
there is a pretty distillation you have
to and yes there is
and there is a smallest trace Colleton algorism whom and you can them on the with exemplary use it for for example on the reef computation from the 2 D footprints of a building and there is
always sold some kind of a new function available both sidebar from In geos but also in gold so on there is some
and usable by the end user and to whom and given to say which slavery is that to the user by default and then you can choose on was the 1 you want right now
I am then D is the library as 60 goal I was faced and that and checked with some more on test some radiation test so we already know that we do them quite the same on the energy of ss we also parser or regressed test from POS yeah yes since Regina the and that and we also all know add some under tritium valued and geometry test to be sure that everything is to locate but right now we have to be when asked and we have not yet been way the user community or around 60 so all eyes notes as a similar and testers and our from the user community
I'm not about the performances on and a single oral are marked quite the same as and and yours for 2 you operation so if we compare the on it's quite the same but um there is a gain of because that Unisys ego and we deal with arbitrary precision and number of so on arms there is a precision to use a residues on but and that we use in our tritium operation it could dictate so it's not because it's quite so faster introduce and between B. as fast intriguing now we also on the use and has some standardization and from a Hazel to both sides are tritium Muldaur and to the treaty and serves sorry and 2 Mr. raging inside the hazard of especially the bases and at this point we also had the needed to be able to view the remains a research and then we add them the whole and based on the Greek mainland to meaning to see and has a binding in between quantum GA yes and that OpenSim graph so there is the new protein all hope who acts as a begin to see and to render pretty operations the the the but
your dual no reason of quantum J.
yes and no and that an additional based in the city and on the other side all hope would you not with the trade you wondering so on the on the side of to do 1 of 2 D rendering and the other
side of the same and the sensing
with a trigger rendering the we also
had the of the trauma and Future
rendering so we add them 2 different footprint readings them in this city and you could see both
rendering it into 2 D and into
treaty comments the
we use on EPA's yeah yes exfil down and as of reading for friend and to obtain a settlement and breathing associated so 1st step is to add a new geometrical on the 2nd step is to introduce an and then to a dispersion
index and we could have done user this some kind of his relation to to run both 2 D and 3 D of both but at this point you still have lot is a treaty
insertion under z does 0 revolts led to see level so there is something and quite in the Madeira the time has come as a
result and you need to compute the right innovation for each building bayes them on the elevation model is to run already stored in PGA yes as opposed you thruster so you compute intersection between the 2 between interbreeding and between z division model stored up as a restaurant and at the end use translates attitude in Z to put breeding on its rightly place and that the
issue both display so addition model and a building you could
see that now it would fit which was a
place was the Eli so we
assumed and synchronizer
boasts and so did rendering it and the style and the transfer
and we'll and dialing to speed up the rendering into tritium kindness at so
mechanism and use case on is to use right now and
another you and is a better the the year and to extrude them so we taking greener Aliya called um
the enzyme and wondered most box and read around and we focus on
the 2 box at the bottom up the the but and I will X for the each but this forest type talk
end of the it was the
the vector of we at the time of the year type at at top the time tree and the OK so is there the
and the
OK so we focus on the 2 parts of and a
request signs in will be tuned to obtain an extrusion from these 2 blocks and then to compute the intersection between as a 2 box is so 1st step is to obtain as a box strewn and to whom and as a question what is agreed intersection from
these 2 is for the and and is a specific Creedy operation respect that I must so we choose are to create the new table has arisen from the user treaty and intersections and to become a use case is to and to focus on which REI school in between and this huge these 2 volumes of for example you to know which um some the which are flying insects is able to tune the tomb to meet was a flying insect from did you as a proxy so it takes you guns energy and then we obtain a new result table and we heating
treaty with a triangulation and nursing treaty and we obtain the volume of our resulting from the intersections I mean next
user Casey's i is based on the
point extrusion so we are not as a
point and so on a bike station some free station available internal and we will it is true them each point and we xi 2 related to the free available bags on the station so
we've got some not and could announce tomorrow and if there is a letter from available by as it is about will be idea so and if we look at the stock there is a several parts with the GATS Assisi goes goal and the and as a client part and yeah yes an overhaul that the sometimes you don't want only to be able to play was reasoning and this stuff you you kind of want also to play we isn't it for the wisdom of the browser so with a would yell and solution so we aim to provide them so solution to be able to play with 3 D wisdom of some so you on and the ways to reduce the dead yes and would unification and is the application itself is called Cavanaugh and them
and we also have to do is a texture and so we have the and to add that input yeah yes a new type of and 2 important and we use them in an already existing application code for DCT in bottom the and able to deal with user and city GML and to load the balls our future and diction
a cardinal nominees and based on the anatomy of quite the most mathematicians the so I kind of a
way right now usable to deal with them in a web services clients and to triangulate clay inside them had to symbolize done and future also tune add the of the Taylor to play with picture on and to act like a user interface guy inside but the the have so
many ways would you obligation on you
already know load them and features and they show you I build to and they gate inside of
your city and the user next example is Bayes them with ball true and
the you have the right now is the user interface to interact with each but this
ball and to click on each
entry and retrieval your and the judge shipper at the view to all to click on
and then area and to
interact with the new and
action IAEA to open a new president and this the evil of
detail so when you zoom in future
at the other from that the 0 to read
to we stick the ability to play with
serotonin Iliya on on the honoring and Young's ability
to and automatic analysis and is based on have and frustrate
pollution right so you've got
some uh some of gorization and
based on the right of the pollution
on each building and from the city
and so long as the free good
to would teacher from the word free stuck with goods the several parts is a client part based on quantum GATS as a distance and use claim base that on the web browser a rendering tools was
ification all open source and you can retrieve eaten and play with it online an and as a new step as a next step we already home identified that we have to add the perfect uptight Kush several tools improve again before season and which we improve resistance go to Peru G and functions of the 2 to go for a further or then only treaty intersections and that's it
you for this the of that was impressing and what kind of data was behind you're you're original list of and and and then we use some help open that from the city and inference and we've got of tree kind of data we've got an in situ Bodine that and we've got and deletion innovation model and data and we were tossed so I'll atmospheric pollution data so this industry can influence and what was a precision at a digital this option it shows us something like recall of face images and the people the the give whole walls of a 4 months so between the 2 steps check check the how was the the performance of between the 2 sticks of they're like use 1 and the pleasure and once in it's quite scissors same mark as a rendering but and we use it on the web 1 you have to to add the something in the middle of the woods its and from the moment as there is not yet so the cash I'd still not exactly the same as the 1st point and the other point is unknown we use sadistic 1 as we don't yet on the picture that's potentially on the same to compare so if we don't add the user numbers 1 into would you want that picture and in each would improve again as since as we add on the talk time and in the middle between the seller and the would yeah education these you In is the 1st


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