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Js.Geo part Deux recap
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For those of you sad pandas who couldn't make JS.geo on Tuesday, we will give a quick intro as to why scheduling was so hard this year, a quick tour of some of the amazing demos, highlights of the discussion from the day, and wrap up with what we would like to do to see it go smoother next year. Be there or be square (actually all that would happen is you would miss out on the coolest tech demo'ed at FOSS4G)!
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so welcome to the summary of GAS TO 2014 at the subtitle for this is peril of a few schmooze putting on a conference so I mean this recent history in here so that we can often not repeat this history next year goes in the holds you all responsible for so how many went to jail geo 2013 to write and period that she would be about it was also on the court co-organizers that it is basically Chris Hellman here brand to many myself saying hey there's a lot happening with JavaScript and NGO we should have a conference just about that there's no were really talk about it so then Peter and Chris and Brian are all in the front range in the Denver area so peer did most of the organizing in 2013 and we have this really fun conference that was kind nonchalant you know we were just kind of like this person and have that person there doing cool stuff never happened so that we can do it next to that was so lots of everybody 1 day and like this to the San Francisco we need some of those institution like Oakland and San Francisco to come talk about the cool JavaScript's up there doing so lucky as did so I'm in the bay area that has a that putting that together so that I get somebody who gets a venue for us test the SFS you sentences to state university and so for those cases were all most of us all geography people here the where so imagine if you will see Francisco then fun part of San Francisco over here all the interesting stuff it's as as you all over here and no good public transit to get to it from the SFS you the stuff really that's OK it cheap then you the we don't have that much sponsors and world anew and love there's no money and which are the prices that this year was 20 bucks 1st the right and so it's not a big so it will have it there and then we started talking
really it straight cheap and then it turns out all of you want that whole you have to pay for the union to move all chairs 0 anyone bring India wall of the union and the caterer conserve the beer and just became this huge nightmare and is not like a lot of so we cancel that eventually then Chris says all nothing's happening dismissed schedule in Washington DC when no 1 else can make it and recurse come on really as we're also with about that now and were like OK we're having the fall who got time for the fall so then we're still searching around for and usage around the venue and then finally Darrell comes through and says he has had a phosphor G and part of what I'm telling you all this how many you track this event all year were somewhat all your energy what's the date move around right so chris DeVoney that well if you haven't met helm he's kind like a lab dog but the Labrador retriever but he's super excited to do stuff and really happy in all good and some messages gets a little overzealous knocks over the loss on the table so he's like left and right so yeah i this date work wholly locked in knowledge this they were told it was like 5 different times we said this is the date and as a Chris stop doing and that post up new duties so finally when Darryl came through the were of great will have on the Saturday we don't interfere with all the main talks will have on the Saturday after words and then Chris of we say that the date Crystal rank select node can have on saturday I can't make it on that Saturday and I can having trouble getting speakers find Miller have during the during the workshop on tuesday so I've got a workshop on that day but you know if you're gonna be there and hosted by but due on Tuesday and so this is all an Austin your what this is not jobs that but I wanna give you some history on this is so you understand what's the word tried before for next year so then Chris is told by his work you can't go the phosphor year anything so now Chris is no longer going on Tuesday and I'm doing the half-day because like I have a workshop at a scatter last changed the like it's book completely but you can change so then brine too much too many again step back in and the NCP today so that's also why the afternoon stuff on their reliance on the people who were there to talk about because I was just there for the morning right so that I'm going to get to the take home about what this means for next year or in the future later and so on the day be basically it was again and a pretty informal event you bought a ticket and you came in and the the squat you could people could squatters would get lunch 1st base it this event so now here's some reaction should pay attention to rather my rambling this event is not and so the eyebrows patent 9 I'll use your friend next this event is primarily about people who work interested and no JavaScript a red and want to see where the cutting edges going or actively working on the cutting edge this is not how use leaflet how to use a How do you know JS or a you don't come if you're in be over your head and jobs right and the other part of this is it's also to get the people who are on the cutting edge to go off in like all my gosh you're doing that I'm doing that you let the down together and figure out some way to do it so that the purpose of that and this is not like a beginner jobs so that we start off the day with
Vladimir the greater we suggested originator leaflet JS and he'd give me I ask for slides and stuff and can and so he basically spent the day showing all the new great things that are coming in leaflet JS 1 . 0 which is a big room for him right his biology is a bunch of basically what he did is they BBC
has uh simple talk but that's the important part about tools he had been living that with leaflet the even basically taking code out of leaflets to make it smaller and more efficient and better to maintain right and it is also brings all nice feature what it's not even area I think it's in a couple weeks as yeah its goal is 1 . 0 releases in a couple weeks so you're all fools for HIV using a before this time it was a but the 1 that old hole stable and the next person that was having from his hobby into Hilbert copied from the UK RGB and they actually took part of the 7 million dollars at the close and share some of that will all of the audience was really great some stories and make it but I'm a rich man now but they actually talked about pork which is their JavaScript library for doing web John L. stuff in common like displaying rafters and updating over time but 1 that his use case was in use and slide of attention it the use cases like looking at deforestation over time that's a lot of data over large areas and view showing like these nice animations were the time thing would go across the bottom and you could watch the rafters update very quickly on the screen and show all sorts of stuff and they were doing vectors to like they had issued taxi cabs around all atoms so they were talking about the where geolibrary then Lord choose a new five-year and she's from that box and as she did she showed off map boxes where g and better tiles friends as she showed off some of the work that map boxes doing with where and she was talking about what is the name of the library to map that yes the think you and if the open-source library inches talking some and was going on and who's doing what on it and then there's a lot of questions and that want is is that that also what works for map part as well so there's a lot of questions about well how much of this is going to be in the Flynn you were going back and forth between the that with L some side there's no demos to show that they did talk but that's OK the theme for here was web here and here and talk about the big themes of the GS GO parts her it's 1 projections we're still talking about projections because Vladimir year at the leaflet 1 . 0 have a totally new projection library so actually really will handle productions much better now not some sort of huge sums contributed and then there is also this whole big discussion of with other people but projections and how we do them and then the other big when I would say was where GL it seems last year was the year when I Brian Denny from both writing from Google showed everybody where G L a GHG of the showed it to everyone in the audience members like and this year's going like 0 my gosh look at all the stuff people have with so we got up I would say is about 3 to 4 different web geolibraries being built all at the same time be is has all converges over time but none of them look particularly easy to get started using that maybe CIC cesium so I can talk about season'd it seems is also and you know it in an office and demos of that I'm not and then we had Jason that is that he doesn't have to end in his name it's only 1 precious to type on part the and he's doing good for America and he talked about everybody loves WebSockets right era WebSockets almost everybody and you heard of server side events almost nobody was you're at that show right and the difference was the server-side events kind like the forgotten child that actually way more powerful for most of our use cases so what server-side events is is you can do and this is supported almost all browsers you know WebSockets yet of a premodern browser server side events in go very far back you basically register an event handler and then the server can actually send events 1 way to the browser right you can't send anything back over from the browser right so if you need bi-directional real-time communication you WebSockets but with server-side events they can just push stuff directly to the browser the browser can update the Don based on so if all you wanna do is push points to the browser or push data to the browser in real time you can look at this I would look in the server side events and Jason sent some that users talked up with this all later and then I'll probably on the Jays geopage and also tweet about it and I'm the Steve 0 and so you'll see that we and I'm sure other people were retweeted and so here's the git repo this is the sad landed in the we kept changing over
time it ceases talked managers talks about how to run what's in it this slides and then what he did we chosen some really great demo so 1 agent is a demo of pins move around regions and that you were all to me so you show me the pills move around just using server-side events not WebSockets so we work in almost any browser and any it is other lake demo which is phenomenal but is no longer working and I don't know
why but he sent you out what it
basically he did is great mashup which is this is the map showing the bus you have to pick the bus and what actually happened up on the screen was you he was by using the Google street-view API to pull that like he knew the direction the orientation and the location of the bus so he was pulling down the street view picture and putting it in the window so as the bus moved down the street is windowed keep updating with street so like you with my bus drivers what his what the bus drivers looking at and then every if you follow the trees that are coming out of it it's got this realism slider which allows utilities to see how much is really wanna look like the boss my it really in blighted basically changes the opacity of the bus which but it's not working now and I don't so pain Jason and say you you're you're busses broken the so helping as well but that was so everybody's like wow megalopolis this it 1 everybody love learning about service events because must have heard and it's way easier than words they then fact were talk the after that
Brett camper from maps and up and this is another Web G 0 1 and I have to say he was the 1 who showed more at least in the morning session so more demos of what you can do like real live demos of the movies of what you can do with web GL also shows some of them off right now and they have this they release a library as a blog post a a bunch of other stuff the sampled but it's 10 grams which is the web geolibrary and so what that looks like it is the so here's 10
right n this is a web GL view on
on on this 1 but yeah this one's got this they
got this hard element on so I can click on so so I
can change the perspective to isometric
on the fly right so those are all extrusions of I think of Manhattan the man and the man and he will write so these are all extrusions all the client this all extruded would GL and so this is going to grow a ago that's kind of interesting when nice OK and then he showed changing lighting in real time
rights or updating the view all those in real
time and you can watch this tree the light change as you move around in the browser all script and then I think we get feature yeah we get feature and also so these are actually individual features what happened at the mall and here's some of the cost of he did so put this back to normal lighting used to him so then it is stuff like
this but rather so all those the things are in a meeting open and I'm not using the feature map but this is his latest version of Firefox running a of T 40 s from Lenovo the Intel graphics card integrated Intel graphics card right is doing all this really fun stuff and I think the amount of extrusion stuff depends on where were located it's like of lands the other 1 I think they got everybody was was a brilliant now was a brief the and I think of the 1 that you want with the 1 he only did things like this both pop up as well right so this 1 you love the lot we all of this 1 because it it you can see it on here he he's just popping up certain features and everything else is flat bread as I moved in real time it's going to change the lens but the she romance so
as I move it changes was popping up so it's a really good way off highlight a certain area give a lot of detail on then flatten the rest of not and then the other 1 did is you can also do stuff like this with rendering right so these are real renderers on
each object that is in India to
concede the this it out on the sides of the buildings or we can turn around the would
meaning that nice the or you can turn it
in the black might have to all apply depending on what visualization you 1 show and that's dynamically rendering it and try to think there is anything else the and no I don't never seen it others but let's see the customer anything else that he
did that was like while those at the sessions but I'm missing anything that he did was animated me wiser color 0 there goes bleeding of the colors are moving around in so just use a shot of all this kind of stuff you could do from theory of trees highlighting just
be the distance to highlight the environment
but any questions about this I don't know too much about this is going to basically be toward and may be of interest OK so that was that was a cool 1 this was also this is of a lightning talk so we we had someone cancel was supposed to be there and then we get we asked above lightning talks to fill in so this is 1 of and then we have another 1 after lunch which at 0 the other 1 after lunch this minimum or the 1 after lunch was it was something that he summoned radius Ri showed was like projections on the floor I don't know well no matter how 3 minutes so then the real talks that I remember because
I was there for them or I got people to respond that Rio after lunch talk about
workers and so how many of you heard of workers
rights of man actually showed up workers are basically you can set off asynchronous jobs from the practice spawned by the browser and they go do stuff as the browser all the rest of the page is doing other things right and so I'm not gonna go through so talk show some of his demos but so this is not box as on with this and in the 1st but this is
surely the man no matter what your sources
and stuff like could show the this guy as already code but it's work the but I don't know that
anybody see members 1 format what was doing basically matches sent me this show anyway so workers and that's
that's taking way too long to render on the network so I don't know what is actually doing but is doing something with workers maybe the colors or something more rendered behind the scenes in some sort of work of primary doing something behind of the I think most of the system is actually this demos from Calvin so the whole point with workers was to give people the idea of that you could you background
jobs with Java script the in the browser the source and the other examples he gave I
think the user here showing like M 5 password patterns the right it the next
other thing that came out of it and in part what this also was this is this talk that's and things like that were showing things that we don't usually used in job after we all about the fancy visualization stuff and the point of use was the show things as other cool things we can do without having to be just visualization related that we might want you jump for so the nite in the Calvin but Calvin's was about patch Spencer down which I think is a version of couch DB or related to account he be answered of database and browser and all I got from Calvin
was ir your lt's git
repo so if you wanna look at it sorry but
most of the 0 this is count so when on post-Christian trade so he's I database back ends quadtrees I don't know what he's doing with it they may wanna give a summary for that I wasn't there From the afraid to speak out I was therefore it some other people were you in the afternoon there's obviously always is the this is probably 1 of the ones so when so I got back from the back from other people as when Calvin and Max spoke it would really low level and there is a small group of like 20 people they got very excited about all this stuff and then they left and when did this stuff like works more on this together which is exactly what we kind of 1 of the shell right there some people were completely excited about this stuff left the room and then went to collaborate on something else don't I think is 1 over I think this 1 over a bunch people's heads more used to doing this stuff that's why can't I heard the exactly was great the
kind I wanna follow up on that more but and then we had the later afternoon we had to cesium sessions so Patrick put Patrick but it around but but the he talked about the human some initial patterns in the audience will correct me if I say anything on this which I
like action so this is the them on the home page she's
doing about it's another Web geolibrary on it by default there is I think Patrick was geared more toward doing a global like of its they can do flat stuff but I think it's use case mostly started with replacing Google Earth in the browser the principles of the you now this from the the man really studied pad you will so now you can see there's the whole
birds the right with satellites orbiting around it
in the browser in real time remember seeing this like 9 years ago years Orion you had to have like the high end of some they're building a special extension to do this and was taking advantage of the graphics card and also the fun stuff in the tracking stylized excited and now we can just you or browser with these library coming the yes I got another demo go like
this 1 actually made me happy you may be interested to
you Chris that in acts which he felt was and since I'm running the show is it was a joke do around no which 1 was it that use the was of D 3 and
easier so every node 3 is I hope
you're kind of image of the 3 is the be able to it was in both stock and other both stock have the keynote so both stock is the 1 we tried that that in 1 of the reasons we try to do the show in San Francisco's is we wanted might to speak at GHG he's like but here and then we also wanted them another person you should look into it is that can you was mainly because of a cold he does voxel j s which is likely basically of Minecraft in JavaScript so yes thank you max object does really cool stuff a JavaScript as well so I'm going to show this 1 no good I like this 1 a lot
and I think this is kind of like another holy grail kind of application like this is the stuff we've always wanted
to do an it's actually coming doable now so still learning stuff so there's it starts with a 2
D view and were still I think we're still waiting for something to come through that right yes were still transferring data start looking at UT wonderful the of so here is is also what's happening across the bottom this is time Brown December 18 something up until look for 2000 right and what's wealth were measuring wealth over time and then that's it could hooked up to 83 Visualisation Graph bubble wrap migrating bubble raft on the left the top right so the geographic but it's also you can track them in time if you wanna pay more attention to but it was moving where and so your balance chemicals the but now what's this tha birth that right the
3 cesium but if you go to the the cesium site it's under demos then he had you
publish the source code for that 1 that the
1st of the word the because that means I think that if you do 3 D view the bars there's still a bit too tall but still that is pretty phenomenal right like you show that anybody who really trying to hire you for consulting gigs and you need a job that's where you like but those users some IJS students but a premonitory collagen but a pre-mapping your PhD thesis and master's thesis instant past right so this is the exact same with this this mean that is model and it's in the browser or there's nothing to install so IT departments as long as they can put in new where
browsers they love their and their now but at the
back I even know it did that on
follow and it's hoped that together how do we what exactly will affect how it is used a moment gaps the this China so what will the welfare health no we must be looking at health so all that was a bad year for the was the history of although this was indicted on the same axis was pretty so this is life inspect and see how I just as the unit is this graph is this fact partly that my such a nice correlation you OK any right so that and I think then Vanessa when after you again the slides and Vanessa I think Vanessa with category what I wrote that acid here 0 wait equal or someone else why why do you know about the world as well as the hold on hold on I just cleaned off so they're building a rose state AP on top of cesium and it could lay down translucent geometries for a lot 2 city blocks and then you have a 3 D model for building you're interested in he goes on inside the the the building and take a look at it are the run into some issues onto mental cards but I did give them a work-around of student achievement but even as about and so the last thing I wanna talk about that several talks now for next year when we wanna do that we had a suggestion for doing in Philadelphia because of Patrick as a matter of theory is 1 of the reasons were thinking is is midway between New York and DC and we haven't done a gesture you on the east coast yeah and this way we may we both of those groups the other thing is I was thinking about timing-wise we could do it either on the beginning or the end of phosphor GNA which is and is not and you see next year word right anybody know but it's in DC Right I think is back in the DC again or is in Berlin December and game is a Burling and were members with its with location attack the it's Burlington the the case of the brilliance that doesn't tie into that there is something else that is happening in DC in an armor would the you know the Bay area out but the ain't a geography lesson San Francisco this is the whole peninsula now this is and it goes like this for economic looks like that sentences go this is San Jose this is important for the streaming people back on and this is seen as a early games like when at the airport nonsensical so that thinking but the thing is is that they don't ever trust the date until it's published 1st real and I publish it but was in the press this crystal say all sorts of things he's all excited and so I say it to go to and then the other thing is we could use help right is just as teach MOS doing stuff so if you want help spread about the torture you know a really good speaker you'd really like to hear speak basically is always most of you I think we did 2 days the 1st year we did and that didn't work out so often it's always going to be a one-day event for the most part that it seems to work out well we can always have to day spring-summer next people wanna hang out afterwards to get justification that they're going to write time this is so much more important cabins in the camcorder talked about what he did in the addition the size and what he did it a when actually not so that was marked because I think that's when gesture is but it that's in Berlin game that doesn't work well for Philadelphia and Philadelphia kind of sucks in March so that the October would be a good time in Philadelphia the but was the the so I keep at there's no there's no mailing list anything this is Chris Knight going back and forth every once in a while somebody so what suggest geopage a follower Twitter pouncer I'm sorry it's just really disorganized but a lot of fun the by Calvin once company in the GS GO Iousy channels so if you really wanted dominate Calvin feel sad get yes he's trying that makes everybody the the


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