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Connected Cars with PouchDB

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nearest it started there's not 10 today I would hope not metaclass comfortably and it's a great to see some comes to be followed to dozen committees new it's great that were actually 2 of catch was covered so as get started 2 little left them both to get elected to classes in the title prune didn't talk about fold a sexy uh in some detail of what actually has and was was a crane agreement was cut essential for doing that and we did for fault treatment is possible without actually which is offline Jason database and we're into some detail about that wasn't about cloud and how it's a bastard because a useful in a summary Bennett in some detail about how we put all together to create 2 car and then cut him you up on max and these are the 2 p misalignment the if I knew that this is all about the damage should like them at a criminal these data the and I'll tell you about places that were giving away the are the Irish but but 2nd cigars and and the thing is he has catecholamines Audi banditry reform lexis's that's the obvious ones is also it April when only more European it also tested on many many others is that he she emerging market right now what is it that a cop so there is no longer reliant on the import display In our mobile move things updating more the canadian concept they'd say changing your display the car you Scott during his theories of and underlies words could you find it so you have a centroid ci thing that can be reading data from this a mobile phone or tablet is not always a fine but if you know the routing of that come think example like a UPS or FedEx according to the type of the thing to make new tablets come from that achieving his even is driving because these little renders the same opportunities to build engagement axis system beyond the top they want to many did better veto metadata from a car to get back in the sector driving in a continually diving increas by fuel economy for example have legitimate rights that Greece would tire wear is a serving the interest so if you do the bacterial causations can is a very interesting data can I will lead to a metadata in some detail what is available you think things like miscast nowadays the GPS on that was a read if the position on the don't think we when you press the breaks when you like so many like this along the doors open in the setting where in the pre privative effect and it was a book after that so say emergency that's the obvious ones and you was obsessed lovers 1 of the things so that is a very strict rules of distracted driving pretty much if you find that Fourier credit you have developed made attention of visual display so you know things are able to you either very simple button presses the it's on a compared form more like intracervical commands in the so either your directing the final your invoices evil because that's back so overlaps is 1 of us was a can of lack on the voltage that is getting at is trading places that set up a template in music which made of a crazy idea accessible driver driving fast so fast and this a traffic and that's a them isn't the tournament about thoughts turned to just set the trap attainment London don't let when it can be problem ahead in real time not wanting to some and any culture and then benevolent and if I had a cops and they say we're looking for trouble spots you a much but when it crosses the daily it was results the the the people want to want to well on the vehicle unity pursue break about using way they that's i taking away after the break at Seville the atom also by some diagnostic on account is a very very useful on the other so that she dominated came about 18 months ago I was wrong when they're doing a match well weather data and discard data so when there's a the cool rain had it would light turn the lights on the top NATO Air Act applies he might be unconscious insists it with my it will turn that my mom 1 your family members can help and tracking of these guys EDU placed on each dry carefully basically is saying that the leasing companies initials kinds of fishing in the unit toxicity everyone drives hierarchized order in a it's not your class you try really quick and then we can mention when he try to carefully and they got your history try get your possible again probably wouldn't change my habits the and we also want to know about damage say say you're a local county and you gotta go read resurface rates where because when I have a lower speed abilities might bed again decide whether to reassess its generating went since without checking political problems so the the display and we test that there isn't much you can do in union out of the cut of and only the lotto always the commands and they say that's what she calls a problems was full active then all using donated make will pale using AppStore nurture deploying the supports that during over an 11 AppStore police had to get on that because that shows like validation process you happens is quite long and intensive of the track attainment even if they went through a process in which changes times the to bias that people detection assign items than the rest perceived by many leading it's not too bad that you like some vise companies of Texas stations of the 2 cars Linguateca the the because the demanded undefended stored the actual cycle of of taking the space when you get feedback from the users can be quite say I can't rights is a critical and they all at happening on that so that was not too bad at also cast because it necessary long reddish processes that take motorcycles development and the judgment that we don't realize quadratic off because it is connected with the times so it's this kinetic up if really have the interconnection of the protection at any maximize your journey the so it's formedness
and that is the website and history source and trying to knowledge of the Nantucket after it's it's source hardware software platform that sustain your vehicle custom maps and will modules that achieving their sitting in the middle which is the APT ABT to port of and will toward a internet from model we either direct Canarias they only can be and funding is these have been available full class for the last 10 years the normal thing get must inform about 2000 has in that Madison is interface last 18 months to years Cervantes then this attendance gives you quite credible the so I think educators again he sees held at the to policy building itself because that's the 50 bucks and integrate the so you want things like a kind of jumped out isolated stays the data coming after several devices Jason and edited and innovation Jason and about not some craft x amount this is jason and this is just a sample of some of the things that come off the coast a device that was the result was a readability GPS their if you would have to talk visuals was of things white lights in the setting where her yeah and to sense the car has it we must guarantee because the decelerated pedal brake and GPS for your final for you to get on the car was much much more a will the STK some followed in Mandarin Python but is a really good enough for we date because we wanted prior life as well so when the iPhone Android when established the margins to be right hedonistic and ask that which is it results in Dallas kinds can have page recorder let's see dashed s in would that's pretty complete this but it was just so what I claim that's slavery crashed because you want to be cross-platform onto on Windows Mac Android I think that j and also the deployment of really easy for us a time history Cromwell and key thing is Kramer woman in the background so it can be excited all nite as well In order has been giving us the quantity of its native API so it has an excellent text to speech engine which means it could eliminate the need for you I that she can and that because of his having with lot screen so we're running and then the key thing as additional fire patients with native API so freezing Michael David in going to place mobile so possibly isn't impossible wrap have beef for offline storage UniCredit's directly from the patch to the web page in doing injustice Apache HBase napisów stars that database inspired by Apache couch designed to run while within the browser the um is the key thing is it works offline as well as online and then you can sink it would have to be incompatible API said because singular can catch of anything as others collect loaded it down but the giant is the so it found the very brief is onto shape of use patch to be an count and countess instituted databases service so as we set up time will always available to you in a high volume of colony because of data because the service down only over vast GATE abilities and that's how we do our radius actually traffic damages of the containment and then differs on policing from have to be up to Collin Baker could just seize leasing from um Apache should be to capture the depends on your favorite equivalence
so permute carriers the wanted to get quite quickly and the 4 to retain the challenge back in March and about 50 or 60 people entered the room and names reduce traffic congestion in London notion a kingdom we follow is to be a great way to go and talk to people like folders and BMW and Audi search through raising accommodates and it really has a prison doors out key to Canada defaults to traffic turned to secure because most you get me some very people here in years the the reason where a device that covers a source well because of talent because a pouch things so simple and is a crime at being incredibly easy to deploy so the payments the claimant which is what we have a Web Worker so we represent the background thread for wherever and that would work and will run in packs debates in the UI in this case the recall that's always active and will another Web worker because the people judging extraction wanted to drive around full title to land on the desktop will not find so I wrote a simulator for the next X JS so reading a trace file plane is this fact that you have rich but and about work so that's about it see the simulator again as a resource endowment of the that's the test error so that can have page the and then using cremated extensions we have a text to speech engine the courses patch debate so features the application is of life as and from the the cars being written off line sitting that and the pouch seeming connectivity that means you're valency access to store your data in enough to do a survey of his that unifying and the states thousand as laser laser 2nd up to cut of 100 is indicative of ice has inside out now icaps to be a review of mean for a whole day suggested as the fraction of third-party all costs because emerging people when the press the break so their the speed when that she stopped being Crassus data MapReduce on the server side faces as a traffic condition is hot spot can and that the user yeah it was management analyzing connectivity data pair is the key thing is this comical say that it was a contentious ad hoc Wi-Fi and that's again on the right you can have occasional quantity and through that we can go get a pair of a class and use them as a handshake service the but what see is going to be so that come to the floor I think for the amplitude cars but practices of particles paid paid for it represents a major breakthrough he is going to and one's offline um and of course as men's responses were terrific later in this car crash on the original 1 especially so it is natural wetland so you the simulator running tend to hundreds of events every 2nd miraculous patch to the reading dispensing but with the set of us too much data too much to be right and what I was saying if I may be offline you might be a really expensive french matching we secure data certain unit and a national event is completed sent to the server server the stop you obvious and we know you know part and that means the rejection we wanted a uses an absurdity and in society can't is a very simple query for traffic and as an area the against the radius such against conduit and in any event come comeback mn when user disconnects case cosine nigger in the gradual well again when y file 40 whole dataset that means that you have to have all your data the data because as the Commission issues and security issues it because I'm about data can be analyzed made so we can say things like the size you can contaminated unity that is a half so Seshadhri driving pattern so what
actually wanted in the 2nd type have the basic was using frame is excellent said debugging tone and sharing the results here in the web browser is it is actually being on the right-hand side you can see the duties objects and new states which I'm sorry to peddle engines the fuel consumed units as Henderson disease in then he pressing it a distorted encounters counselor crowd ensuring the events consent tradition that the In this case vertical vertical state and the virus population in 1 to 2 March process with sameness and traffic congestion to him so in an intuitively so continues
to run on your tab you find but inside
crimes Kramer exact geometry maps all the data that suggested yes you can find links information assurance debug made that we should avoid the so is GeneMapper London
system debug mode right now so Touche was going on the course on your screen is locked to driving the which is a trace file which is running inside a web worker and adjacent it is not a minute it will assume a across traffic slowly she is last so some query against against clever about found a Acadia that traffic and at noon they come back and enter Texas the changes to reach out to you if at the same time we stages being sink and approach to the city of animal Wi-Fi right now but it's in the whole of art current addressing this England is purchasing toward the again I can place my presentation don't have any questions and and so mention this is for the for the 4 of Annex a device that was
connecting between tablet and here you see 2 collections as the L the diocesan even make a similar device secure people did not support for have at the piece of equipment in the threat is also a as the case of the interview and the thing that's so in order to save this data from the um from the interface you are for you is the interface sending adjacent to the tablet or is it being store on the interface are on on that the bias and pull off the the Paul has no storage just reading in real-time search your primary tablets and storage of anatase wouldn't inside have talk the Bob what kind of data volumes are kind of the general kind answer your target and in terms of what the car companies are looking for and then what you can reasonably move around the other gun can store terabytes distributed across multiple nets and you blaring 10 10 to 100 events every 2nd then only 190 Jason which is what I vote this C is high volume which is why I need a high resolution digital database the back the actual 1 cause object annotators devoid of Kazakhstan data John missions and the thank you much I'll say a demonstration
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Formale Metadaten

Titel Connected Cars with PouchDB
Serientitel FOSS4G 2014 Portland
Autor Barker, Norman
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/31732
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produzent FOSS4G
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Produktionsjahr 2014
Produktionsort Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Connected cars are everywhere and writing apps for connected cars is an emerging space. OpenXC is an open JSON data API for Ford cars that enables developers to write custom apps for telemetry data in real time, this includes geographic location.Bandwidth and connectivity in a car is limited however and as such an app needs to be written to be offline first. This talk discusses the difficulties of connected cars and how to overcome this big data problem with PouchDB, CouchDB, Leaflet and Google Chrome Applications.
Schlagwörter PouchDB

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